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bizhub C550 Specification Sheet by Lucysiefker



TYPE:                                                MAGNIFICATION:                                          Glossy Mode                                         Mailbox (Private) Transmission/Reception
Full-Color Printer/Copier/Scanner                    Zoom range: 25% – 400%, 0.1% increments                 HDD Random Erase                                    Memory/Quick Dial
w/ Stationary Platen                                 Preset reduction: 79%, 73%, 65%, 50%                    Image Adjustments                                   Mixed Originals Transmission
                                                     Preset enlargement: 121%, 129%, 155%, 200%                      (Color Matching, Pure Black Auto ON/OFF,    Original Size Designation
PRINT/COPY PROCESS:                                                                                               Color Balance, Screen Setting, Image           Overseas Transmission
Tandem Process                                       COLOR MODES:                                                    Smoothing ON/OFF)                           Password Transmission/Reception
                                                     Auto Color Mode                                         Image Density Adjustment                            PC Fax
TONER TYPE:                                          Full Color Mode                                                 (Density, Background Removal)               Polling Transmission/Reception
Simitri® HD Color Polymerized Toner                  Black & White Mode                                      Image Preview (Job Finishing Image Display,         Priority Transmission
                                                     2-Color Mode                                                    Engine Configuration Display)                Print Setting for Overnight Reception
MONTHLY DUTY CYCLE: 200,000                          Single Color Mode                                       Interrupt                                           Program Dialing (400 programs)
                                                                                                             Job List                                            Redial
PRINT/COPY SPEED:                                    COPY EXPOSURE MODES:                                    Job Erase                                           Relay Broadcasting
Full Color: 45 ppm (letter, portrait)                Text (legible text)                                     Job Reserve                                         Relay Transmission
B&W: 55 ppm (letter, portrait)                       Text/Photo (clear text and halftones)                   LDAP                                                Remote Reception
                                                     Photo (optimized for gradations)                        OHP Interleaving                                    Timer Transmission
SCAN SPEED: Up to 70 opm                             Map (fine edges and legible text)                        Mixplex, Mix-Media
                                                     Dot Matrix (dot matrix originals)                       Program/Recall Jobs                                 FAXING (with fax option):
PRINT/COPY RESOLUTION:                               Copied Paper                                            Paper Size Selection (APS, Manual)                  Super G3 compatibility; JBIG
1800 dpi (equivalent) x 600 dpi                                                                              Paper Type Selection                                      data compression
                                                     MAXIMUM PAPER CAPACITY:                                         (Normal, Thick 1/1+, Thick 2,               33.6 Kbps modem speed
GRADATION:                                           6.650 sheets (total, with options)                              Thick 3,Thick 4)                            F-Code Support
256 color shades per pixel                                                                                   Proof Copy
                                                     Available Print/Copy Functions                          Secure Printing                                     FAX TRANSMISSION SPEED:
ORIGINAL SIZE:                                       Account Track (1,000 accounts)                          Separate Scan                                       Approximately 3 seconds/page
Up to 11” x 17” (scanning/copying)                   APS/AMS                                                 Sleep Mode
Up to 11” x 17” full-bleed                           Auto Duplex                                             Text Enhancement                                    FAX EXPOSURE MODES:
      on 12” x 18” paper (printing)                  Auto Reset                                              User Authentication                                 Text, Text/Photo, Photo, Dot Matrix
                                                     Auto Tray Switching                                              (Synchronize w/ Account Track)
COPY SIZE:                                           Bi-Directional Communication                            Utility (Meter Count, Environment Setting,          Emperon Print System
Tray 1 Universal Cassette: 8.5” x 11” to 12” x 18”          (Device Option Setting)                          Default Setting, OneTouch Setting,
Tray 2 Universal Cassette: 8.5” x 11” to 12” x 18”   Box Function                                            Check Consumable Life, Admin. Mode)                 PROCESSOR:
Tray 3: 4"x 6" or 8.5" x 11"                                (Store Copy Jobs, Print Jobs, Scans, Fax Data,   Watermarks                                          867MHz
Tray 4: 4"x 6" or 8.5" x 11"                         Print Stored Data, Route Scanned Data)                  Zoom Selection
Multiple Bypass: 4” x 6” to 12” x 18”                Color Modes & Functions                                         (AMS, Fixed Zoom Ratio, User Programmable   RAM:
                                                            Auto Color/Full Color                                    Zoom Ratio, Manual)                         1024 MB (shared scan and copier memory)
                                                            Black & White Mode
WARM-UP TIME: Less than 30 seconds                          Single Color Mode                                Available Scan Functions*                           HARD DISK DRIVE:
                                                            2-Color Mode                                     Scan-to-Email                                       60 GB (shared scan and copier HDD)
FIRST COPY:                                                 Color Adjustments (Brightness, Contrast,         Scan-to-FTP
Full color: less than 6.5 seconds (letter)                        Saturation, Sharpness, Red, Grn, Blue,     Scan-to-SMB (Scan-to-Desktop)                       PAGE DESCRIPTION LANGUAGE:
B&W: Less than 4.3 seconds (letter)                               Prortrait, Hue Density, Color Balance,     Scan-to-HDD (Scan-to-User Box)                      PCL 6 (XL version 3.0) Emulation
                                                                  Copy Density, Sample Copy)                 Network TWAIN                                       PS3 (Version 3015) Emulation
COPY QUANTITY: 1 - 9,999                             Copy Modes
                                                            (Simplex/Duplex, 2-in-1, 4-in-1, 8-in-one,       Available Fax Functions*                            FONTS:
PAPER SUPPLY:                                               Book, Booklet, Booklet + Bind)                   Autodialing (2,000 one-touch keys)                  PCL Resident Fonts: 80 outline
500-sheet multi-purpose cassette                     Cover Mode                                              Auto Memory Reception                               PS3 Emulation Resident Fonts: 137 outline
     (17 lb. bond . to 140 lb. index)                Creative Functions                                      Auto Reduction Printing
500-sheet universal cassette                                (Mirror Image, XY Zoom, Image Center, Base-      Border Erase Transmission                           PRINT DRIVERS:
     (17 lb. bond . to 140 lb. index)                       Color, Neg./Pos. Reverse, Image Repeat)          Broadcasting (maximum 600 locations)                PCL 6:
1,500 sheet letter-size cassette                     Criss-Cross Sorting                                     Bulletin Board                                             Windows 2000, Windows XP (Home/
     (17 lb. bond . to 140 lb. index)                Distribution No. Printing                               Density Adjustment                                        Professional)
1,000 sheet letter-size cassette                     Energy Save Mode                                        Duplex Transmission/Reception                       Windows Server 2003, Windows XP
     (17 lb. bond . to 140 lb. index)                Enlarge Display                                         Exposure Mode                                           Professional x 64, Windows Server x 64,
150-sheet bypass                                     Erase (Border, Frame, Edge) Mode                               (Text, Text/Photo, Photo, Dot Matrix)               Windows NT 4.0
     (17 lb. bond . to 100 lb. cover)                Finishing (Group, Sort, Staple, Punch, Half-Fold,       Group Dialing                                       Vista Compatibility (please see
                                                            Center Staple and Fold and Tri-Fold)                    (up to 500 one-touches per group)                 for the latest information)
                                                     Form Overlay                                            Image Rotation Transmission/Reception
Emperon Print System (con't)                                          PROTOCOLS:
PRINT DRIVERS:                                                        TCP/IP
PS3 Emulation:                                                        IPX/SPX
      Windows 2003, Windows XP (Home/Professional),                   AppleTalk (EtherTalk)
      Window Server 2003, Windows XP Professional x 64                LPR
Mac OS9.2 (PPD)                                                       SMB
  Mac X 10.2, 3, 4                                                    LPD
Linux                                                                 Netware (4.x, 5, 6)
TWAIN Driver:                                                         Pserver
      Windows 2000/XP/XP 64-bit or later                              N Printer
STANDARD INTERFACES:                                                  IPP 1.1
Ethernet 10/100/1000 BaseT, Hi-Speed USB (2.0)                        SMTP
STANDARD DOCUMENT FEEDER:                                             LDAP
DF-611 Automatic Document Feeder                                      SSL
Paper Capacity: 100 sheets                                            SNMP
Paper Size: 5-1/2” x 8-1/2” to 11” x 17”                              HTTP
Paper Weight: Single-sided: 9.25. bond to 55.75 lb.
Double-sided: 13.25 lb. bond to 34 lb. bond                           APPLICATIONS:
                                                                      Network & Device Management
POWER REQUIREMENTS: 120 V, 60 Hz                                      PageScope NetCare
                                                                      PageScope NDPS Gateway
POWER CONSUMPTION:                                                    PageSocpe EMS Plug-Ins
Less than 1.92 KW                                                     PageScope Network Setup
                                                                      PageScope Data Administrator
DIMENSIONS: (W x D x H):                                              Driver Packaging Utility
25.5” x 30.5” w/o control panel)                                      HDD Backup Utility
36" (with control panel) x                                            Log Management Utility*
45.25” (standard configuration)                                        PageScope Web Connection
                                                                      Plug-In for WebJet Admin*
WEIGHT: 418.5 lbs.
                                                                      User Tools
OPTIONS:                                                              PageScope Direct Print
AU-101 Biometric Authentication Unit                                  PageScope Box Operator
EK-602 Local Interface (USB 2.0 Host, for AU-101 only)                PageScope Print Status Notifier
FK-502 Fax Kit                                                        Font Management Utility
FS-517 Staple Finisher                                                Copy Protection Utility
FS-608 Booklet Finisher                                               Print Utility for Unix*
LU-301 Large Capacity Unit
ML-501 Fax Multi Line                                                 Management Tools:
OT-503 Output Tray                                                    bizhub Vcare capable
PK-512 Punch Kit Unit
SA-501 Scan Accelerator Kit                                           Optional Software
SC-503 HDD Encryption Kit                                             PageScope Workware
SP-501 Stamp Unit (For DF-611)
Spare TX Marker
WT-502 Working Table

* Some functions may require options, which may or may not be available at time of launch.

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