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Five Reasons Why Small Business Owners Need


If you were wondering if you should have a blog to promote your small business, here are some good reasons to get started

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									Five Reasons Why Small Business Owners Need a Blog

By Hannah du Plessis

If you were wondering if you should have a blog to promote your small business,
here are some good reasons to get started:

Reason 1: A blog is a powerful marketing tool.

In today’s online marketing world where social media rules, engagement with your
customers is expected online. Blogs are therefore an essential tool to marketing your

When you blog, your topics will be found in search engines, helping people to find
you. This enables you to connect with other people, which in turn make your
business more available to others and reaching more potential customers in the

Through blogging, you can write articles informing your customers about your latest
news, product offers, promotions, projects and other plans for your business.
Customers who are searching for your offers will find you and connect with you.

If you get a lot of questions or inquiries, you can also discuss them in your blog.

A photo or video blog is also possible, where you can display the best of your

Reason 2: Blogs allow you to share your company’s expertise.

If you publish good content in your blog and answer questions you can show people
that you are an expert in your industry. This will attract people to you. You can also
collect testimonials of satisfied customers and feature them in your blog.

Reason 3: Blogs build a community

A blog enables you to communicate with people, meet potential customers and start
a community.

People are able to comment and give their feedback on your products or services.
You can help them by commenting back. As your community grows, so does trust in
you and your abilities. Having such close contact with your customers will enable you
to understand them and their needs better, which, in turn, will help you give a better
service or develop a better product.

Reason 4: Blogs are an excellent way to drive targeted traffic to your site
through search engines.

Because of good content, your blog will help your website rank higher in the search
engines, which will in turn help your website to be found by your prospective
customers. You should make a list of all the keywords your customers will be
searching for and write an article or two on each keyword.

Reason 5: Blogs help build trust and credibility.

When you write you are sharing with your customers and relating to them on a
personal level. Because they get to know you, and can associate a face with a
business, they start to trust you. Building credibility like this is invaluable to you and
your business as it is a known fact that people buy from those they know and trust.

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