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DRAFT - New Faculty Listing 2011-2012


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									                       DRAFT - New Faculty Listing 2011-2012

Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Ms. Tienne Anderson               Assistant Professor  
Ms. Angela Laughlin               Visiting Associate Professor
Mr. Boris Mamlyuk                 Assistant Professor  

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Anthropology
Dr. Michael Duke                  Assistant Professor  

Department of Computer Science
Dr. Karen Hovsepian               Post- Doctoral       
Dr. Scott Fleming                 Assistant Professor  
Dr. Timothy Hnat                  Assistant Professor  

Department of Earth Sciences
Dr. Anzhelika (Angela) Antipova   Assistant Professor  

Department of English
Ms. Terry Ansbro                  Instructor           
Mrs. Gregory Barlow               Instructor           
Dr. Darryl Hanrahan-Domingo       Assistant Professor  
Ms. Sonja Livingston              Assistant Professor  
Ms. Courtney Miller Santo         Instructor           
Dr. Brandy Wilson                 Instructor           

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Dr. Robert Fagley                 Instructor           
Ms. Julia Shapiro                 Instructor           
Ms. Araceli Trujillo              Instructor           

Department of History
Ms. Courtney Luckhardt            Instructor           
Mr. Andrew Dailey                 Instructor           
Mr. Colin Chapell                 Instructor           

Department of Mathematical Sciences
                           DRAFT - New Faculty Listing 2011-2012
Dr. Dale Bowman Armstrong                        Assistant Professor    
Ms. Nataliya Doroshenko                          Instructor             
Ms. Samantha Russell                             Instructor             
Ms. Lei Wang                                     Instructor             

Department of Philosophy
Dr. Ayca Boylu                                   Visiting Assistant Professor
Dr. Shaun Gallagher                              Professor/Moss Chair of

Department of Political Science
Ms. Michelle Bliss                               Instructor             

Department of Psychology
Dr. Philip Pavlik – Institute for Intelligent    Assistant Professor    
Dr. Bonny Banerjee - Institute for Intelligent   Assistant Professor    

Division of Social Work
Dr. Maria Delavega                               Assistant Professor    

Department of Sociology
Dr. Seth Abrutyn                                 Assistant Professor    
Ms. Anna Mueller                                 Assistant Professor    

College of Communication and Fine Arts
Department of Art
Ms. Coriana Close                                Assistant Professor    
Ms. Julie McGee                                  Professor/ Chair of Excellence
                                                 Art History

Department of Communication
Dr. Leroy Dorsey                                 Professor/Chairman     
Dr. Gretchen Norling Holmes                      Assistant Professor    
Mr. Nicholas Simpson                             Instructor             
                    DRAFT - New Faculty Listing 2011-2012
Department of Journalism
Ms. Erin Willis                   Assistant Professor  
Ms. Pamela Denney                 Instructor           

Department of Theatre and Dance
Mr. Mark Davis                    Assistant Professor  

Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Mr. Jeffrey Izzo                  Assistant Professor  
Mr. Daniel Kalantarian            Visiting Assistant Professor
Mr. Kyle Millsap                  Assistant Professor  
Mr. Quintus Wrighten              Instructor           

College of Education
Center for Research in Educational Policy (CREP)
Dr. John Burgette                 Research Assistant Professor
Dr. Carolyn Ransford Kaldon       Research Assistant Professor

Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research (CEPR)
Mr. Alan Lenz, Jr                 Assistant Professor  
Dr. Huaping Sun                   Assistant Professor  

Department of Health and Sport Sciences
Mr. Cody Havard                   Assistant Professor  
Mr. Yuhei Inoue                   Assistant Professor  

Instruction and Curriculum Leadership
Dr. Mary Keller Boudreaux         Assistant Professor  
Mr. William Hunter                Assistant Professor  
Mr. James Meindl                  Assistant Professor  
Dr. DeAnna Owens                  Assistant Professor  
Ms. Leslie Peeple                 Instructor           
Dr. Robert Williamson             Assistant Professor  
Dr. Nicole Thompson               Assistant Professor  
Dr. Yeon Sun (Ellie) Ro           Assistant Professor  
                     DRAFT - New Faculty Listing 2011-2012
Ms. Carmen Weaver                     Instructor             

Department of Leadership
Dr. Mitsunori Misawa                  Assistant Professor    

Fogelman College of Business and Economics
Department of Accountancy
Mr. Darryl Poole                      Instructor             
Dr. Naomi R Rothenberg                Assistant Professor    

Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management
Dr. Baichun Feng                      Instructor             
Ms. Adrienne Zaitz                    Instructor             

Department of Management Information Systems
Dr. Insu Park                         Instructor             

Herff College of Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering - Intermodal Freight Transportation Institute
Dr. Dincer Konur                      Post-Doctoral          

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Bashir Morshed                   Assistant Professor     

Loewenberg School of Nursing
Ms. Judy Cole                         Clinical Assistant Professor
Ms. Felesha Perry                     Clinical Assistant Professor

School of Public Health
Dr. SangNam Ahn                       Assistant Professor    
Dr. Jeffery Foran                     Associate Professor    
Dr. Sunil Mathur                      Associate Professor    
Dr. James Daniel Gentry, Jr           Professor/Associate Dean
DRAFT - New Faculty Listing 2011-2012

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