DRAFT - New Faculty Listing 2011-2012 by suchenfz


									                       DRAFT - New Faculty Listing 2011-2012

Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Ms. Tienne Anderson               Assistant Professor            tlndrson@memphis.edu
Ms. Angela Laughlin               Visiting Associate Professor   mlughlin@memphis.edu
Mr. Boris Mamlyuk                 Assistant Professor            bmamlyuk@memphis.edu

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Anthropology
Dr. Michael Duke                  Assistant Professor            Mrduke2@memphis.edu

Department of Computer Science
Dr. Karen Hovsepian               Post- Doctoral                 kshvspan@memphis.edu
Dr. Scott Fleming                 Assistant Professor            sdflming@memphis.edu
Dr. Timothy Hnat                  Assistant Professor            twhnat@memphis.edu

Department of Earth Sciences
Dr. Anzhelika (Angela) Antipova   Assistant Professor            antipova@memphis.edu

Department of English
Ms. Terry Ansbro                  Instructor                     tansbro@memphis.edu
Mrs. Gregory Barlow               Instructor                     gebarlow@memphis.edu
Dr. Darryl Hanrahan-Domingo       Assistant Professor            dphnrhnd@memphis.edu
Ms. Sonja Livingston              Assistant Professor            Slvngst2@memphis.edu
Ms. Courtney Miller Santo         Instructor                     cmsanto@memphis.edu
Dr. Brandy Wilson                 Instructor                     btwilson@memphis.edu

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Dr. Robert Fagley                 Instructor                     rmfagley@memphis.edu
Ms. Julia Shapiro                 Instructor                     jpshpiro@memphis.edu
Ms. Araceli Trujillo              Instructor                     trjillo2@memphis.edu

Department of History
Ms. Courtney Luckhardt            Instructor                     cllckhrd@memphis.edu
Mr. Andrew Dailey                 Instructor                     amdaily@memphis.edu
Mr. Colin Chapell                 Instructor                     cbchpell@memphis.edu

Department of Mathematical Sciences
                           DRAFT - New Faculty Listing 2011-2012
Dr. Dale Bowman Armstrong                        Assistant Professor              ddbowman@memphis.edu
Ms. Nataliya Doroshenko                          Instructor                       ndorshnk@memphis.edu
Ms. Samantha Russell                             Instructor                       slrssell@memphis.edu
Ms. Lei Wang                                     Instructor                       Lwang4@memphis.edu

Department of Philosophy
Dr. Ayca Boylu                                   Visiting Assistant Professor     aboylu@memphis.edu
Dr. Shaun Gallagher                              Professor/Moss Chair of          Sgllghr1@memphis.edu

Department of Political Science
Ms. Michelle Bliss                               Instructor                       mbliss@memphis.edu

Department of Psychology
Dr. Philip Pavlik – Institute for Intelligent    Assistant Professor              ppavlik@memphis.edu
Dr. Bonny Banerjee - Institute for Intelligent   Assistant Professor              bbnerjee@memphis.edu

Division of Social Work
Dr. Maria Delavega                               Assistant Professor              mdlavega@memphis.edu

Department of Sociology
Dr. Seth Abrutyn                                 Assistant Professor              sbbrutyn@memphis.edu
Ms. Anna Mueller                                 Assistant Professor              Smeller1@memphis.edu

College of Communication and Fine Arts
Department of Art
Ms. Coriana Close                                Assistant Professor              clclose@memphis.edu
Ms. Julie McGee                                  Professor/ Chair of Excellence   jlmcgee2@memphis.edu
                                                 Art History

Department of Communication
Dr. Leroy Dorsey                                 Professor/Chairman               lgdorsey@memphis.edu
Dr. Gretchen Norling Holmes                      Assistant Professor              gnorling@memphis.edu
Mr. Nicholas Simpson                             Instructor                       njsimpsn@memphis.edu
                    DRAFT - New Faculty Listing 2011-2012
Department of Journalism
Ms. Erin Willis                   Assistant Professor            enwillis@memphis.edu
Ms. Pamela Denney                 Instructor                     padenney@memphis.edu

Department of Theatre and Dance
Mr. Mark Davis                    Assistant Professor            Mdavis21@memphis.edu

Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Mr. Jeffrey Izzo                  Assistant Professor            jsizzo@memphis.edu
Mr. Daniel Kalantarian            Visiting Assistant Professor   dklntran@memphis.edu
Mr. Kyle Millsap                  Assistant Professor            kmillsap@memphis.edu
Mr. Quintus Wrighten              Instructor                     qfwrghtn@memphis.edu

College of Education
Center for Research in Educational Policy (CREP)
Dr. John Burgette                 Research Assistant Professor   jeburgtt@memphis.edu
Dr. Carolyn Ransford Kaldon       Research Assistant Professor   cransfrd@memphis.edu

Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research (CEPR)
Mr. Alan Lenz, Jr                 Assistant Professor            aslenz@memphis.edu
Dr. Huaping Sun                   Assistant Professor            hsun@memphis.edu

Department of Health and Sport Sciences
Mr. Cody Havard                   Assistant Professor            chavard@memphis.edu
Mr. Yuhei Inoue                   Assistant Professor            yinoue@memphis.edu

Instruction and Curriculum Leadership
Dr. Mary Keller Boudreaux         Assistant Professor            mkbdraux@memphis.edu
Mr. William Hunter                Assistant Professor            wchunter@memphis.edu
Mr. James Meindl                  Assistant Professor            jnmeindl@memphis.edu
Dr. DeAnna Owens                  Assistant Professor            dgish@memphis.edu
Ms. Leslie Peeple                 Instructor                     lpeeple@memphis.edu
Dr. Robert Williamson             Assistant Professor            Rwllmsn1@memphis.edu
Dr. Nicole Thompson               Assistant Professor            nlthmpsn@memphis.edu
Dr. Yeon Sun (Ellie) Ro           Assistant Professor            ysro@memphis.edu
                     DRAFT - New Faculty Listing 2011-2012
Ms. Carmen Weaver                     Instructor                       cclndsey@memphis.edu

Department of Leadership
Dr. Mitsunori Misawa                  Assistant Professor              mmisawa@memphis.edu

Fogelman College of Business and Economics
Department of Accountancy
Mr. Darryl Poole                      Instructor                       dvpoole@memphis.edu
Dr. Naomi R Rothenberg                Assistant Professor              nrrthnbr@memphis.edu

Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management
Dr. Baichun Feng                      Instructor                       bfeng@memphis.edu
Ms. Adrienne Zaitz                    Instructor                       azaitz@memphis.edu

Department of Management Information Systems
Dr. Insu Park                         Instructor                       ipark@memphis.edu

Herff College of Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering - Intermodal Freight Transportation Institute
Dr. Dincer Konur                      Post-Doctoral                    dkonur@memphis.edu

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Bashir Morshed                   Assistant Professor               bmorshed@memphis.edu

Loewenberg School of Nursing
Ms. Judy Cole                         Clinical Assistant Professor     judycole@memphis.edu
Ms. Felesha Perry                     Clinical Assistant Professor     frperry@memphis.edu

School of Public Health
Dr. SangNam Ahn                       Assistant Professor              sahn@memphis.edu
Dr. Jeffery Foran                     Associate Professor              jaforan@memphis.edu
Dr. Sunil Mathur                      Associate Professor              skmathur@memphis.edu
Dr. James Daniel Gentry, Jr           Professor/Associate Dean         Jdgntry2@memphis.edu
DRAFT - New Faculty Listing 2011-2012

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