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                                                          Vol. 2 No. 1 Summer 2008

Inside:                                Longtime chair
2        From the Dean                 announces retirement
                                       by Dabney Weems
4        Exemplary patient care

         delivered by WWII hero                 r. H. Joseph Byrd, associate dean of clinical
5        Distinguished alumni
                                                affairs and chair of pharmacy practice, is
                                                retiring June 30, after 37 years of service
                                       with The University of Mississippi (UM) School of
6        Endowment established to      Pharmacy.
         honor Henry Cecil Caldwell        A Biloxi native, he received his bachelor’s
                                       in pharmacy in 1968 and master’s in hospital
7        Scholarship honors            pharmacy in 1969 from UM, and his Doctor of
         family’s pharmacy graduates   Pharmacy degree from Philadelphia College of
                                       Pharmacy and Science in 1971. Byrd began his
                                       career at UM in 1971 as assistant professor of
        Dr. Barbara G. Wells           clinical pharmacy practice after spending a year as
               Dean                    an instructor in clinical pharmacy at Philadelphia
                                       College of Pharmacy and Science.
       Dr. H. Joseph Byrd                  “When I graduated from Philadelphia College of
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs    Pharmacy and Science, I planned on being a director
   Chair of Pharmacy Practice          of pharmacy at a hospital,” Byrd said. “Interim
                                       Dean Joe McCaskill called and offered me a faculty
     Dr. Charles D. Hufford            position at the university. The appeal and flattery of
 Associate Dean for Research and
                                       coming back to the institution where I received my
       Graduate Programs
                                       degree was strong.”
      Dr. Marvin C. Wilson                 At that time, the UM Department of Pharmacy
 Associate Dean for Academic and       Practice had relocated to the Medical Center campus
          Student Affairs              in Jackson, and Byrd was the lone faculty member.
                                       Dr. Michael Vinson and Dr. Rick Fischer were hired
        Dr. Stephen J. Cutler          shortly after to help build a department that now
    Chair of Medicinal Chemistry       includes 42 faculty members and 200 voluntary
                                       faculty members. The department has also grown
        Dr. Daneel Ferreira            from offices at the R&D Center on Ridgewood
      Chair of Pharmacognosy           Road to current offices at the Annex Building on
                                                                                                Dr. H. Joseph Byrd, associate dean for clinical affairs
                                                                                                and chair of pharmacy practice, retires with 37 years of
                                       the Medical Center campus, with a new building
       Dr. Michael A. Repka                                                                     service with the school.
       Chair of Pharmaceutics          planned.
                                           In addition to the growth of the department,
                                       Byrd has also witnessed many changes in the                  During Byrd’s tenure, the Accreditation Council
       Dr. Anthony J. Verlangieri                                                               for Pharmacy Education recognized the UM School
    Interim Chair of Pharmacology      profession during his career. He has seen the
                                       progression to the entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy        of Pharmacy’s curriculum as an innovative teaching
         Dr. Dewey D. Garner           degree and the increased emphasis on pharmacists in      model. The department also collaborated with
      Interim Chair of Pharmacy        medication-therapy management.                           the Japanese Ministry of Health, helping Japan to
            Administration                 “Dr. Byrd deserves our sincere thanks for            convert to a six-year pharmacy program. In 2003,
                                       building a department that is nationally recognized      the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
           Dabney Weems                for innovations in both teaching and practice,” said     recognized the Pharmaceutical Care Clinic, staffed
              Editor                                                                            by the school’s faculty and the medical center’s
                                       Dean Barbara G. Wells. “He has recruited the very
                                       best and brightest to join the faculty and encouraged    clinical practitioner faculty, as one of six Best
                                       them to develop novel and advanced practices. He         Practices in America, and, in 2007, the department,
                                       has integrated academic pharmacy practice as a           along with North Mississippi Medical Center,
                                       vital part of The University of Mississippi Medical      received the inaugural Crystal APPLE Award from
                                       Center campus and has worked with partners within        the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
                                       pharmacy and medicine throughout Mississippi. He         for patient-care teaching.
                                       has always been a strong advocate for the welfare of         “I am proud of building a vibrant department
                                       students and the improvement of patient outcomes.”       from literally nothing in 1971 to a well-recognized
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    Message from the Dean

             he faculty and I welcome the                  We believe it is essential to encourage and         for use in fall 2008. Fundraising continues for
             opportunity to update you on progress     support our students in their professional              construction of the new 26,000-square-foot
             at the School of Pharmacy. As I’m         development and in development of their                 clinical sciences building on the campus of
    sure you noticed, last year we renamed and         leadership skills. An important part of that is         The University of Mississippi Medical Center
    enhanced our newsletter with a more modern         encouraging them to attend meetings of the              (UMMC). As you recall, the importance of
    design and better use of color. I hope you         national and state pharmacy associations as             constructing this facility was underscored
    find this new format for our print newsletter,     time and resources permit. Our student body             by our accrediting agency in 2006. We are
    Pharmacy Focus, and our electronic newsletter,     had good representation at the APhA and                 beginning to experience progress in this regard
    E-Focus, to be appealing and informative. If       ASHP meetings during the school year, and they          and hope to begin construction of the first
    you are not receiving our electronic newsletter,   will also be well represented at the MPhA and           phase of this vitally needed building in 2009.
    please contact Dabney Weems (dweems@               MSHP meetings this summer. At these meetings            This building will include a classroom, small
    olemiss.edu) to give her your e-mail address.      they learn about the key issues and challenges          group learning rooms, offices, and research
        Once again, our graduation was a grand and     facing our profession and how important it is to        space to meet the needs of our Jackson based
    inspirational event. More than any other event     work together to address them. These students           students and faculty, and allow us to vacate the
    throughout the year, graduation charges our        truly are the future of our profession; they will       Jackson Medical Mall. Lastly, we have received
    batteries and reinforces the importance of our     be the force that moves our profession forward          initial funds from the federal government to
    work for the young people we serve and for our     in a way that enables us to have maximal                support construction of the second research
    profession. On May 10, Shepard Smith was our       impact on the health of our patients.                   building for the National Center for Natural
    speaker for the commencement in the Grove. At           We ultimately hope to be able to increase          Products Research on the Oxford campus,
    our School of Pharmacy graduation ceremony         our enrollment by 28 percent over the next              which also will be constructed in phases. We
    in the Turner Center, we graduated 90 students     three to four years, and we take the first step in      are extremely encouraged and excited about the
    with the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical     that direction this fall, as we have accepted 100       prospect of making this much-needed research
    Sciences, 74 with the Doctor of Pharmacy           students into the P3 class. Although we have            building a reality over the next few years. We
    degree, two with the Master of Science, and        no commitment of additional state funding,              are very grateful to Sen. Thad Cochran and
    10 with the Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences.      we feel it is our obligation to do everything in        his staff for their essential help in identifying
    We are extremely proud of the academic             our power to increase the number of graduates           sources of federal funding to support our
    and professional accomplishments of these          from our school. It is critical that we continue        facility expansion.
    graduates. We have                                 to increase the amount of scholarship dollars                The new national rankings for schools of
    complete faith that                                available to our students. Our scholarship              pharmacy based on research productivity were
    they will make                                     disbursements have not kept pace with the               released recently by the American Association
    meaningful                                           escalating costs of living and increasing costs       of Colleges of Pharmacy. These rankings are
    contributions                                          of higher education, and our increase in            based on extramural funding dollars. Your
    to their                                                enrollment further magnifies the need to           school of pharmacy ranks No. 3 for total
    profession,                                              grow our scholarship endowments. Thus,            extramural funding for research and 14th
    their                                                     one of the highest priorities in our capital     for funding from the National Institutes of
    disciplines,                                              campaign is to do just that.                     Health. These rankings are clear testimony to
    and to                                                         This summer we begin the renovation         the dedication and extraordinary ability of our
    patient                                                   of the third floor of Faser Hall, which will     faculty to generate important new knowledge
    care.                                                       likely require about one-and-one-half          and bring their discoveries to the marketplace.
                                                                    years to complete. This undertaking             I also want to report to you some
                                                                      will create disruption for our           leadership changes within the School of
                                                                        faculty, staff, and graduate           Pharmacy. Dr. Noel E. Wilkin has moved to the
                                                                          students working there, but the      Lyceum to serve as interim associate provost,
                                                                            impact on our professional         working with our new interim provost, Dr.
                                                                             students should be minimal.       Morris Stocks. We have complete faith in
                                                                              The unrenovated parts of         the inspired leadership of both Dr. Wilkin
                                                                               Faser Hall remain in a          and Dr. Stocks. We will very much miss Dr.
                                                                                dire state of repair, and it   Wilkin’s leadership within the Department of
                                                                                is critical that this space    Pharmacy Administration and the Center for
                                                                                 be improved as soon           Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management
                                                                                 as possible. The new          (CPMM). Dr. Dewey D. Garner has kindly
                                                                                 pharmacy auditorium,          consented to serve as interim department
                                                                                which was constructed          chair in pharmacy administration and as
                                                                                with federal dollars for       interim director of the CPMM. In addition,
                                                                              the National Center for          Dr. Anthony J. Verlangieri has agreed to
                                                                          Natural Products Research            serve as interim chair of the Department
                                                                         and the school, is nearing            of Pharmacology. We appreciate so much
                                                                           completion. It will be ready        the willingness of both Dr. Garner and Dr.
Barbara Wells

Verlangieri to serve the school in this way.
Lastly, as was previously announced, Dr. H.
                                                    Blogging used as a learning tool
                                                    by Dabney Weems
Joseph Byrd plans to retire effective July 2008.
We very much appreciate his leadership over the

past 37 years. A search is currently underway            n recent years, blogs have become popular     ideas” are provided to help prompt them. Ideas
for a new associate dean for clinical affairs and        tools to distribute information quickly       included identifying communication barriers
chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice             across the Internet. Journalists use them     in a situation, how the practice environment
to step into this critical leadership position      to update stories, political groups use them to    affects pharmacist and patient communication,
vacated by Dr. Byrd.                                communicate with supporters, and everyday          observations from daily interactions with
     It has been such a pleasure to host six        people use them to share thoughts and activities   classmates or roommates, and how silence is
alumni receptions this year as part of our          with friends.                                      interpreted as a nonverbal message.
centennial celebration of the school. The faculty        Now, a University of Mississippi professor         Students creatively identified
and I immensely enjoyed having a chance to          is using blogs as a tool to teach pharmacy         communication scenarios in television shows,
talk with alumni at these receptions. The faculty   students to communicate more effectively.          song lyrics, and comic strips, applying them
and staff of the School of Pharmacy have the        Alicia S. Bouldin, associate professor of          to relevant course content. In some cases,
best jobs in the world. What better job could       pharmacy administration, has incorporated          students were assigned a specific topic for a
there be than contributing to the professional      blogging into her pharmacy communications          week’s entries, such as responses to sample job
development and dream fulfillment of young          class.                                             interview questions or reflection on a guest
people? It is our honor to provide a pharmacy            A blog, short for Web log, is sort of an      speaker’s comments.
education that is among the very best available     online journal, a Web page on which users               By identifying and reflecting on
in the world. I hope you will drop in to visit      produce a narrative that is updated regularly.     communication situations in various aspects
with us in Oxford and in Jackson when your          In Bouldin’s class, students comment on            of their experience, students deepen their
schedule permits. We love to host our alums         their real-world communication experiences.        knowledge of concepts that may be applied to a
on both campuses, and we welcome your               The objective is for students to identify          pharmacy care setting.
comments and questions at any time. •               communication observations, self-assess                 “Blogs allow us to assess a level of
                                                    communication performance, and apply course        understanding of material that is difficult to
Sincerely,                                          concepts outside the classroom.                    assess with exams,” said Dr. Erin Holmes,
                                                         “Maintaining a Web log or course journal      who assisted with the class. “Students have
                                                    actually offers opportunities to foster several    to explain their answers in words, and it
                                                    of the abilities that are educational outcomes     demonstrates to us that they have a better grasp
                                                    for PHAD 490: communication skills, social         of the information.”
Barbara Wells                                       skills, self- and social awareness, critical            The students find they enjoy and learn from
                                                    thinking, self-learning, empathy, sensitivity to   the experience, as well.
                                                    cultural differences, and probably even more,”          “Not only was [blogging] effective in
                                                    Bouldin said. “Thinking about communication        learning class material, but it [also] was a
                                                    issues and situations outside the classroom        chance to truly process the information and
                                                    will certainly improve one’s communication         apply it in the blogging exercise,” said Mary
                                                    skills and may even influence one’s attitude       Claire Crowson, a fourth-year pharmacy
                                                    toward certain aspects of communication by         student from Oxford. “I actually miss blogging
                                                    enhancing understanding of the implications of     this semester because I did not realize how, at
                                                    communication in practice.”                        the same time I was learning communication
                                                         Bouldin chose blogging as an instructional    skills, I was also relieving stress by writing.”
                                                    tool because of its advantages over hard copy           Students often do not get writing practice
                                                    papers.                                            in pharmacy school, and blogging offers a
                                                         “Using blogs takes advantage of this          way to practice writing skills in a nonscientific
                                                    current interest in using technology as a major    manner, Crowson said.
                                                    means of communication,” she said. “Plus,               “I believe the ability to communicate in
                                                    for the instructor, blogs have added benefits      a nonscientific way is critical to improving a
                                                    not possible with paper assignments, such as       pharmacist’s interpersonal communication
                                                    passworded accounts to assure independent          skills, and these skills are of utmost importance
                                                    authoring, and automatic date and time stamps      in pharmacist/patient relationships,” she said. •
                                                    on blog entries to help me see that they were
                                                    done consistently across time and not all the
                                                    night before a set was due.”
                                                         During the semester, students are assigned
                                                    to submit two entries each week. Most blog
                                                    entries can be on communication-related
                                                    topics chosen by the individual, but “bloggable

    Exemplary patient care delivered by WWII hero
    by Sonia Thompson

             he storefront sits empty now, but                “I’d tell the girls in medical school that
             Ben Quintana remembers the days             I had a purple heart, and they would ask
             when Rayner Drugs & Gifts was the           what they could do to help me,” he laughed,
    centerpiece of downtown Meridian.                    remembering how no one in Oxford had
         For more than 60 years, Quintana chatted        heard of his decoration.
    with his regulars over the phone, filling orders,         He graduated from the Ole Miss School
    and telling stories. His wife, Sarah, oversaw the    of Pharmacy in 1947 and went to work
    gift section, taking special care to stock only      for H.S. Rayner in Meridian. It was there
    the finest collectibles. In the summers, his three   he fell in love, not just with pharmacy but
    children helped out.                                 also with Sarah. They met (where else?) in
         “It was known as a family establishment,”       the pharmacy, introduced by Rayner. The
    said Quintana, 86. “We gave our customers            couple married in 1949.
    the best of care. We would deliver even at night          In 1973, the Quintanas bought the
    after we closed if people needed medicine.”          drugstore from the Rayner family, electing
         The road to Rayner Drugs from his               to keep the Rayner name because of its
    hometown of McComb wasn’t a straight one.            good reputation and longevity.
         In early 1942, Quintana left home to serve           “I’ve always said that Rayner’s was like
    in the 1st Marine Raider Battalion, which took       no other store in the state. It’s always had
    part in an offensive attack against Japanese         that reputation,” Quintana said.
    forces at the Battle of Guadalcanal during                Rayner Drugs officially closed its doors
    World War II.                                        in 2006, but Quintana’s dedication to his
         “When we took Guadalcanal, it was the           chosen profession never waned. He made
    first offensive the U.S. led                                             sure all of his customers

    against Japan,” he said. “If                                             were placed with other
    the Japanese were able to                                                pharmacies before his
    develop an airstrip in the                                               last day in business. He
    area, they could have easily
    taken Australia and New
                                              Spotlight                      still owns the building on
                                                                             Front Street. And he still
    Zealand because they had                                                 goes in every day, filing
    no defense. It was an emergency situation.”          paperwork and doing what he can to restore
         During the attack, his unit came under          the building, which is a bit bruised from
    heavy fire; the blast from an enemy hand             Hurricane Katrina. He dotes on the place
    grenade broke both his legs, both arms, and          just like he did his customers. It’s part of
    resulted in the loss of his right eye.               who he is.                                         Ben Quintana
         He was discharged and awarded a Purple               “I would recommend pharmacy for
    Heart and a presidential citation. After a long      students today looking for a good life,” he
    recovery, Quintana returned to Mississippi and       said. “It’s changed so much, but it’s still a very
    became the first WWII veteran to enroll at Ole       rewarding career. You feel good when you see
    Miss.                                                that you helped a person.” •

    Alumni Updates
    Professional Update                                  Stan Williams (89) was promoted to director of       Kathryn, born March 12, 2007. She was
    Randle House (97, 99) of Greensboro, N.C.,           sales for the central United States with Abbott      welcomed home by big brother Charles Reece.
    was promoted to regional pharmacy vice               Vascular’s Endovascular Group, a division of         Cara Pumphreys Scott (99, 01) and Shea S.
    president with the Rite Aid Corporation in June      Abbott Labs.                                         Scott announce the birth of a son, Cooper
    2007.                                                                                                     Aubrey, born August 14, 2007.
    Lyanne St. Laurent (80, 87) of North Carolina        Births
    is retiring after 20 years as Medical Service        Eric McKinley (99, 01) and Jamie H. McKinley         In Memoriam
    Corps officer in the U.S. Air Force.                 (99, 01) announce the birth of a daughter,           David I. Bridgers Sr. (48), Aug. 23, 2007
    Jo Ellen Sullivan (96) of Taylorville was            Sarah Crawford, born Aug. 13, 2007.                  W. Lewis Nobles (48, 49), May 25, 2007
    appointed to the Mississippi Autism Task Force       Patricia McNeil King (97) and Justin Warren          Frank D. Sticht (48), July 5, 2007
    by Gov. Haley Barbour.                               King announce the birth of a daughter, Emma

Alumni honored for service to alma mater and communities
by Dabney Weems

         he University of Mississippi (UM)          him the only
         School of Pharmacy honored                 person to receive
         three graduates for their career           the award twice.
accomplishments and professional service.           He received the
     Burnis Breland of Columbus, Ga., Sam           2005 Innovative
Daniel of Orange Park, Fla., and Gene               Pharmacy Practice
Hoover of Deerfield, Ill., were named 2008          award from the
Distinguished Alumni of the Year during             Georgia Pharmacy
Pharmacy Alumni Weekend activities on Feb.          Association and
9 in Oxford. Selection for the honor is based       received the ASHP
on professional achievements and service to the     Best Practices
pharmacy school, including its students, faculty,   Award in 2002.
staff, and alumni.                                  In 2006, he was
     “These three individuals have served           the recipient of
their alma mater, their profession, and their       the John W. Webb
communities in extraordinary ways,” said            Lecture Award
Dean Barbara G. Wells. “They are exemplary          from ASHP and
role models for their colleagues and for those      Northeastern
who follow them into the profession. We are         University.
extremely proud of their accomplishments,                A native of
and we are inspired by their vision and selfless    McComb, Daniel
service.”                                           is regional segment
                                                                           Dean Barbara G. Wells congratulates the 2008 School of Pharmacy Distinguished
     Breland is director of pharmacy for the        manager for
                                                                           Alumni: Sam Daniel (left), Burnis Breland, and Gene Hoover.
Columbus Regional Healthcare System and             Amgen’s senior care
affiliate clinical professor of pharmacy practice   department. He
                                                                                                           UM Pike County Alumni Association and the
at Auburn University. He received his bachelor’s    received his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy in
                                                                                                           Pharmacy Alumni Chapter.
in pharmacy in 1974 and master’s in hospital        1972 and served as president of the pharmacy
                                                                                                               Hoover is divisional director of pharmacy
pharmacy in 1976, both from UM, and his             student body. He is a recipient of the Wyeth-
                                                                                                           operations for the Midwest Division of
Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of           Ayerst Bowl of Hygeia and Syntex Preceptor of
                                                                                                           Walgreens. In his position, he oversees the
Tennessee. He worked at the UM Medical              the Year Award, and is a member of the School
                                                                                                           pharmacy operations of nine states and more
Center in Jackson from 1979 to 1984 before          of Pharmacy Hall of Fame.
                                                                                                           than 700 stores. He received his bachelor’s
joining Columbus Regional.                               Daniel has served as a preceptor for the
                                                                                                           degree in pharmacy in 1985 and serves on
     During his career, Breland has been            pharmacy school and is a member of the
                                                                                                           the Dean’s Advisory Committee for the
active with the American Society for Health-        Florida Pharmacists Association and the
                                                                                                           pharmacy school. He has more than 34 years
System Pharmacists (ASHP). He has served as         American Society of Consultant Pharmacists.
                                                                                                           of experience in pharmacy, 23 with Walgreens.
chairman of the ASHP Practice Management            He has been a member of the dean’s advisory
                                                                                                           While at Walgreens, Hoover helped open the
Group, member and chair of the Council of           boards for pharmacy schools at the University
                                                                                                           company’s Jackson market and has served as
Professional Affairs, and member of the Council     of Texas, Texas Tech University, University
                                                                                                           the key contact to the UM pharmacy school
on Administrative Affairs.                          of Florida, Nova Southeastern University,
                                                                                                           during the last five years for the company.
     In 1991, he was recognized as a fellow of      and UM. He also has served as a trustee
                                                                                                           He also coordinated Walgreens’ relief effort
ASHP. The Georgia Society of Health-System          on the Florida Pharmacy Foundation and
                                                                                                           in Mississippi during the Hurricane Katrina
Pharmacists recognized him as Pharmacist of         the Mississippi Pharmacists Association
                                                                                                           aftermath. •
the Year in 1990 and again in 2002, making          Foundation. He is also a former president of the

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and accomplished unit,” said Byrd. “I was              Upon retirement, he hopes to continue work       making it even better over the last 37 years,”
happy to be able to make a difference in the        in pharmacy practice as a pharmacy consultant       Byrd said. “I will miss the staff and faculty I
profession with the Mississippi Medicaid            to nursing homes and also in geriatric drug         have assimilated over the years, being in the
amendment, which allowed pharmacists to be          therapy and drug safety. He also wishes to          medical-center environment and [part of] the
paid for their cognitive service as opposed to      continue to be a legal expert witness for medical   everyday events that occur in a large health-
their product. I’ve been part of the development    and pharmaceutical cases. Retirement plans          science center. I also will miss the students,
of the problem-based learning curriculum and        also include spending time on the golf course.      who are always intellectually stimulating and
assisting Japan in converting to a six-year            “The school was and is a prestigious one,        challenging.” •
degree program.”                                    and it has been a privilege to be a part of

    Endowment established to honor                                                                              School ranks 3rd
    Henry Cecil Caldwell                                                                                        in extramural
    by Sonia Thompson
                                                                                                                research funding

                                                                                                                by Dabney Weems
            ike most little girls, Cecilia Caldwell
            adored her daddy. From the time she

            was a 2-year-old sitting beside him as                                                                      he University of Mississippi (UM) School
    he drove, to fishing with him and her brothers                                                                      of Pharmacy ranks third in the nation
    on Wissahickon Creek, Cecilia could usually                                                                         in total extramural funding awarded
    be found by his side. He was her hero.                                                                      to pharmacy schools and No. 14 in funding
         “He is still my hero,” she said. “He always                                                            awarded by the National Institutes of Health
    will be. Over all these years, my love and                                                                  (NIH), according to a report from the American
    admiration for him and my appreciation of                                                                   Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP).
    him have steadily grown. I am so thankful that                                                                   The school received $17.8 million in total
    he was my father.”                                                                                          extramural funding, which includes $5.99
         Now, because of a scholarship in his                                                                   million from research funding awarded by the
    name, Caldwell’s legacy will live on. Cecilia,                                                              NIH. All of these funds are granted for specific
                                                       Marty Beasley (left), a Caldwell family friend, Bettye
    along with her mother, Bettye, and other           Caldwell, Cecilia Caldwell and her husband, Paul         research projects.
    family members and friends, have created the       Scavotto, help establish the Henry Cecil Caldwell             “We are blessed to have faculty members
    Henry Cecil Caldwell Pharmacy Scholarship          Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment.                          who are not only exceedingly bright
    Endowment to honor a man they love and                                                                      and competitive but also committed to
    dearly miss.                                        career, working for much of it at SmithKline            commercialization of their discoveries,” said
         “Dad always encouraged people to do            & French labs (now GlaxoSmithKline)                     Dean Barbara G. Wells. “Our No. 3 national
    their best. That’s what he was all about,           in Philadelphia, Pa., and later at AAI in               ranking for extramural funding for research
    encouraging people and building them up,”           Wilmington, N.C. He published many                      and No. 1 ranking for student pass rate on
    Cecilia said. “That’s why we thought this           significant technical and scientific papers and         the national licensure exam speak volumes
    scholarship to assist pharmacy students from        held 23 U.S. patents.                                   about The University of Mississippi School of
    Mississippi with financial need is a fitting way        “All who knew him felt he was the                   Pharmacy. Our research programs improve
    to honor him. Dad achieved great academic           kindest, most supportive person they could              health worldwide, and our educational and
    and professional success in his field, and we       ever meet,” said Marty Beasley, a colleague             patient-care programs develop leaders in
    hope to make that level of success possible for     and family friend. “He was humble even                  pharmacy who not only improve the health and
    future generations of deserving students.”          though his career was very fruitful, and he             quality of life of patients but also advance the
         Recipients of the Caldwell Scholarship         held many important patents in his name.”               profession that we love.”
    will be full-time pharmacy students who are             All three of Caldwell’s children have                    The University of California at San
    Mississippi residents.                              connections to pharmacy. After attending                Francisco took the top spot with $27.6 million,
         Henry Cecil Caldwell, a Walnut Grove           pharmacy school, Cecilia worked in the                  followed by University of Utah, Ole Miss,
    native, earned a bachelor’s degree from The         pharmaceutical industry before going to                 University of Illinois at Chicago, and University
    University of Mississippi (UM) School of            medical school. She practices as an obstetrician        of North Carolina. UM is the only Southeastern
    Pharmacy in 1952 and a master’s degree              and gynecologist at the Maine Medical Center            Conference school listed in the top 15.
    in pharmaceutical organic chemistry from            in Portland. Brent is a chemist in Germany                   Receiving extramural funds from agencies
    UM in 1954. He later earned his Ph.D. in            for Boehringer Ingleheim, a pharmaceutical              such as NIH is vital to the accomplishment of
    pharmaceutical organic chemistry from the           company based in Connecticut. Mark is an                the research mission and critical to the national
    University of Kansas. In 1954, he married           architectural engineer who does a great deal of         reputation of the university and School of
    Bettye Sue Caldwell, a native of Lena and an        consulting with pharmaceutical companies.               Pharmacy. The awards garnered are highly
    alumna of Mississippi College.                          “My dad was an enthusiastic supporter of            competitive and are used to gauge a pharmacy
         His family remembers him as a hard             education,” Cecilia said. “He believed strongly         school’s research program.
    worker and devoted family man. From his             that all deserving students, even in the face                “All competitive research funding requires
    humble beginnings on a chicken farm in              of economic obstacles, should have access to            a hard-working and dedicated faculty with
    rural Mississippi, he became the first in his       higher education.”                                      innovative solutions to important and complex
    family to graduate from college. He instilled           To give to the Henry Cecil Caldwell                 research problems,” said Associate Dean for
    in his children a love and appreciation for the     Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment, send a                  Research and Graduate Programs Charles D.
    outdoors, and they recall happy days walking        check so designated to the UM Foundation/               Hufford. “The School of Pharmacy has an
    in the woods, canoeing, tubing, fishing, and        H.C. Caldwell Endowment, P.O. Box 249,                  extremely talented faculty [who] competes very
    rock collecting.                                    University, MS 38677. For more information              effectively at the national level.” •
         “His Mississippi roots were a big part of      about the scholarship or giving to the School
    him,” Cecilia said. “He loved this place.”          of Pharmacy, contact Sarah Hollis at shollis@
         Caldwell had a long and successful             olemiss.edu or 800-340-9542. •

Scholarship honors family’s many pharmacy graduates
by Sonia Thompson

           ne of Allen Linton’s favorite            possible in his store in the
           childhood memories is of visiting        Humphreys County town of
           her grandfather’s drugstore in Isola     Isola. Sometimes he didn’t
and watching as he stood behind the counter,        charge at all and routinely
carefully compounding prescriptions with a          waited for payment until the
mortar and pestle. It’s an image that has defined   Delta cotton was picked,
the Linton family.                                  baled, and sold. In some
     Pharmacy school at The University of           ways, with this gift from his
Mississippi (UM) brought together Allen’s           family, that legacy of giving
mother and father; they met there in 1946 and       lives on.
were married in 1948. Pharmacy is the career             Family members say they
many others in the family chose. And it’s the       believe he would be humbled
reason Allen and her mother, Sara LeMaster          and honored to have a
Linton, have given $25,000 to the UM School         scholarship bear his name.
of Pharmacy to seed the Linton Family                    “He was an
Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment.                     extraordinary, humble, and
     “We have such pride in our family’s            gracious man,” Allen said.
pharmacy background,” said Allen, who works         “This is such an appropriate
as a cancer navigator at Baptist Centers for        way to honor his legacy. He
Cancer Care-North Mississippi. She earned           valued education, and he was
both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing     always trying to help people
from Ole Miss.                                      better their lives.”
     “Ole Miss is very dear to all of us,” she           It was a lesson passed
said. “It’s a big part of our family. We feel a     to future generations. His
lot of loyalty to the school. Having the gift of    son, Anderson Maltruverse
an Ole Miss education is a treasure, especially     “A.M.” Linton Jr., attended
if passed on to future generations. My mother       Ole Miss on the GI Bill after
wanted to do this to help enrich the lives of       serving in the U.S. Army Air
others.”                                            Force, flying transport supply
     The scholarship honors the notable number      missions in the China-Burma-
of Linton family members who attended UM’s          India theater during World
pharmacy school. It is to be awarded to full-       War II. He graduated from
time students from Mississippi enrolled in the      the pharmacy school in 1948         Anderson Maltruverse Linton Sr., a 1911 graduate of The University of
school, with preference going to students from      and devoted his entire 33-year Mississippi School of Pharmacy, compounds prescriptions in his Isola
Humphreys, Lee, and Panola counties, where          career to pharmaceutical            drugstore.
most of the Linton family members call home.        service as a Parke-Davis
     “I am deeply appreciative of this generous     representative. He passed away
                                                                                                         Miss and in the profession.
gift from the Linton family,” said Barbara G.       in 1988 at age 65.
                                                                                                              Allen’s first cousin, Camille Shofner
Wells, dean of the pharmacy school. “The                 Sara LeMaster Linton, originally from
                                                                                                         Roberts (B.S.Ph. 65), originally from Isola,
example provided by their wonderful family is       Batesville, graduated from Ole Miss with a
                                                                                                         is a pharmacist at Forrest General Hospital
an inspiration to pharmacists and pharmacy          pharmacy degree in 1948, when pharmacy was
                                                                                                         in Hattiesburg. Camille’s son, Robert R.
educators everywhere. Their dedication to help      considered a nontraditional career choice for
                                                                                                         Roberts III (B.S.Ph. 94), works for Compound
those who follow them into the profession will      women. She was one of only four women in her
                                                                                                         Pharmaceutical Technologies, a new
make a meaningful difference in the personal        class.
                                                                                                         compounding-only pharmacy in Daphne, Ala.
lives and academic experience of deserving               After graduation, Sara began working retail
                                                                                                         Robert’s wife, Julie Giddings Roberts (B.S.Ph.
pharmacy students.”                                 at various drugstores in and around Tupelo.
                                                                                                         95), works for Mobile Mental Health as the
     The tradition began with Anderson              In 1967, she was the first pharmacist hired at
                                                                                                         director of pharmacy for BayPointe Hospital
Maltruverse Linton Sr., Allen’s grandfather. In     North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo.
                                                                                                         in Mobile, Ala. She was also instrumental in
1911, he became the first member of the family      She worked there for 33 years before retiring at
                                                                                                         starting and managing the pharmacy at Mobile
to graduate from the UM pharmacy school. A          age 73.
                                                                                                         Mental Health’s inpatient division. Allen’s
dedicated student, he served as president of his         “I can honestly say that every day I went
                                                                                                         first cousin, Samuel Cook “Sandy” Sugg Jr.
pharmacy class.                                     to work I enjoyed it,” Sara said. “This was
                                                                                                         (B.S.Ph. 76), also originally from Isola, works
     He established a reputation of treating        definitely the right professional career choice
                                                                                                         in Memphis at Delta Medical Center. •
his work as a calling rather than simply a job.     for me.”
He was known for keeping prices as low as                The family traditions continue both at Ole

    Graduates celebrate Commencement

     Doctor of Pharm
                       acy graduates po
    mencement cere                         se together befo
                       monies. Front ro                       re morning com
    Meredith Kay Gr                       w: Rachel Leigh                     -
                     oss, Emily Ann Fr                       Camburn (left),
    Darren Lester Hi                      ye, Alyssa Jill Braw
                     llis (left), Grant Ha                     ner; second row
    Christopher Eric                       milton Smith, Jam                    :
                     Ables, John R. W                          eika M. Stuckey,
                                         elborn, Douglas
                                                            Evan Kormondy

    2008 Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduates
     Jessica Michelle Allen                       William Anthony Frost             John Austin Mabry             Jerry Delbert Vaughn
     Emily Kristen Anderson                       Keisha Kristopher Fulcher         Alexandrea Dawn Martin        Courtney Lane Wimberly
     John Patrick Ballard                         Abby Elizabeth Furr               Justin Bradley Marx           Erin Elizabeth Woo
     Mary Anastasia Ballas                        Jessica Nicole Gibbs              Elizabeth Brooks Matthews     Daniel Hal Wright
     Amanda Kaye Bennett                          Andrea Malone Green               Robert Garrett McInnis        Tracy Chunyu Xie
     Mary Beth Boler                              Amanda Emmeline Griffin           Dustin Joseph Meyers          Laura Caples Yonker
     Amanda Hope Boozer                           Daniel Nathan Hamil               Tera M. Minshew
     Stephanie Ann Bosarge                        Amanda Rayner Harper              Neeley Rachelle Moore
     Lindsey Elizabeth Bowen                      Anna Claire Heindl                Jonethan Michael Morris
     Jana Leigh Brand                             Tamisha Nekedra Hendrix           Candace D. Morrison
     Andria Brook Budwine                         Daniel Wayne Hinton               Lance Christopher Newlon
     Matthew Allan Ceasar                         Viola Hreish                      Vishal Maganbhai Patel
     Robert Justin Clark                          Terri Lynn Humphreys              Constance Wheatley Payne
     Cassie Jayne Cole                            Lindsay Jane Humphries            Jena N. Perry
     Adriane Lea Compston                         Quint Laroy Hunt                  Breanne Fern Peters
     Phillip Brian Conn                           Jon Grant Jackson                 Natalie Anne Petersen
     Jennifer Carrie Crane                        Tristen Harmon Jackson            Lauren T. Pickering
     Jennifer Louise Crowley                      Melissa James                     Wesly Adam Pierce
     Mary Claire Crowson                          Amanda Grace Johnson              Kayla Dawn Plunk
     Krystle Eve Darnell                          Raymond William Joyner            Corey L. Reeves
     Stephanie Marie Davis                        Mollie McGinnis Kidder            Brock James Smith
     Kathryn Darden Dimos                         Ronald Sungwon Kim                Megan Renee Smith
     Alicia Gail Donald                           Lauren Ann Kimmons                Cleora Katherine Sturdevant                                     rshal
                                                                                                                                          class ma
     Alan Vinson Dukes                            Samuel Travis King                Rebecca Ellen Taylor                    r of Science           and
                                                                                                                   Bachelo               en (left)
                                                                                                                                lone Gre               hal
     Elizabeth Robbins Edwards                    Sean W. Laird                     John Huu Tran                  An  drea Ma rmacy class mars
                                                                                                                    Doctor  of Pha                 carry
     Amanda Jane Feldhaus                         Amber Lewis                       Bryan Matthew Treanor                              Crawford orning
                                                                                                                              Candice            gm
     Candace Michelle Frazier                     Matthew Louis Loftin              Adam Jeffrey Turbyfill          Brittany       ban ner durin s in the
     Michael David French                         Andrew Peyton Lohrisch            Tara Ann Tutor                   the school’s       cere monie
Dr. Brand
          i Au
Dean Barb toria Wise is hood
            ara G. We        ed by
                                                                                                                     eutical Scienc
                                                                                                        e in Pharmac
                                                                                    Bach elor of Scienc          ons is co ngratulated by
                                                                                                   en Ann Kimm
                                                                                    graduate Laur          ls.
                                                                                                    G. Wel
                                                                                    Dean Barbara

2008 Doctor of Pharmacy Graduates
Christopher Eric Ables               Jesse Alan Johnson         Charles Nathan Smith                  Virginia Luke Wallace
Wesley Evan Adams                    Deven Spell Johnston       Grant Hamilton Smith                  Lindsay Haskins Ware
Wendie Rose Baggett                  Richard Ray Kennedy        Mary Kim Sneary                       Jennifer Johnson Warrington
Stephanie Strayham Baker             Brandi South Kent          Amanda Renee Stockton                 Amy Rebecca Waycaster
Jennifer Gail Beach                  Heather Michelle King      Lisa E. Stuart                        John Renfro Welborn
Thomas Eric Boone                    Douglas Evan Kormondy      Jameika Meshay Stuckey                Natalya S. Wigginton
Kimberly Elizabeth Bradley           Brandie Lynn Lapikas       Laura Ann Summerford                  Brandi Autoria Wise
Alyssa Jill Brawner                  Jennifer Nobles Lynch      Donald Andrew Sweeney                 Raymond Lee Young
Robert G. Bullock                    Natalie Celeste Makamson   Lee Anne Mathena Tadlock
Rachel Leigh Camburn                 Daniel Bradley Marlar      Kayla Danielle Travis
Brian Warren Carter                  Holly Genevia Massey
Jennifer Faith Chadwick              Raymond Lafayette Mathis
Mary Elizabeth Chambers              Amber Caitlyn May
Cassie Henderson Clark               Benjamin Andrew May
James Daniel Clark                   Lillian Paige McBride
Eric Reid Cornell                    Mark Travis McPherson
Brittany Candice Crawford            Amanda Legg Neese
Jenny Patricia Claudi Davis          Hoai Tien Nguyen
Kristy Ann Davis                     Loren Renee Parham
Brooke Feazell Emmons                Bradley Hamlin Paulk
Karen Marie Fleming                  Mark Samuel Pearson
Emily Ann Frye                       Haley Michelle Peel
Lara Ann Garrard                     KimAnh Thi Pham
Jennifer Rotenberry Grantham         Stephen Francis Pisarich
Meredith Kay Gross                   Julie M. Reuther
Kaitlyn Williams Hendrix             Pooja Tiffany Rutland
Darren Lester Hillis                 Tristan Patrice Seagrove           Doctor o
David Spencer Hudson                 May Wilson Shackelford             commen harmacy gradua
                                                                                cement          tes take
                                                                                       program             a minute
                                                                                               before li             to look o
                                                                                                         ning up               ver the
                                                                                                                 for the p
                                                                                                                                    nal.    9
     Donors                                     Robert H. Read III                            Clayton K. Whitehead                       Kenneth N. Barker
                                                William S. Reese                              Catherine M. and Travis W. Yates           Emery A. Battle Jr.
     The School of Pharmacy gratefully
                                                Staci L. and Michael A. Repka                                                            Misty D. and Richard H. Beasley Jr.
     acknowledges the generous gifts of         Cindy and John M. Rimoldi                     Pharmacy Senior Partner:                   Jerry D. Beech
     alumni and friends who support             Louise A. and James A. Rutledge               $250-$499                                  Deborah A. and Charles A. Boggan
     and enable the school’s success.           Rita M. and Max P. Sanders                    William L. Abdo Jr.                        T.M. Booth
                                                Jane B. and Tommy R. Shields                  Carmelo Azcuy                              Ralph T. Bourn Jr.
     Private support is the essential           Jimmie L. Valentine                           Sandra I. and John P. Bentley              Everette W. Bowie
     element necessary in maintaining           Tommie and I. Wade Waters                     Julia H. and J.R. Booth                    Mary E.R. and Kendall O. Bowlin
     the school’s commitment to                 Wilma J. and Robert P. Wilbanks               Edward S. Bopp                             Virginia and James A. Boyd Jr.
     excellence. The following donors           Millicent and Charles L. Wilkinson            Cathy C. and James W. Bowles Jr.           Joseph W. Bradley
                                                Rebecca and Marvin C. Wilson                  Sally S. and John M. Boyles                Edward S. Brewton
     made gifts to the school during the        Nathan Wright                                 Renee Labossiere and Howard P. Broisman    William S. Brinigar
     2007 calendar year.                        William E. York Jr.                           Otis Buckley                               Betty M. and D. Ward Brister
                                                                                              H.B. Caldwell                              Tina P. and Oliver E. Brock
     Pharmacy Patron: $25,000 +                 Pharmacy Steward:                             Marilyn R. and R.F. Canada                 Shirley and Calvin W. Brown
     Sarah L. Linton Rev. Trust                 $500-$999                                     Mavis J. and McKinley R. Clark             Jayne T. Broz
     Vicksburg Medical Foundation               Kathryn S. and Phil Ayers                     Donald L. Comfort Jr.                      Oliver M. Burch
                                                Sheila A. Baker                               Sue M. and Richard W. Dabbs                Thomas S. Burrell
     Pharmacy Benefactor:                       Sue and Brandt L. Baker Jr.                   Kathryn L. Davis                           Inez O. Cameron
     $10,000-$24,999                            Harold B. Blakely                             Robert E. Davis                            Charles A. Canova Jr.
     Burdock Group                              Joellyn C. Brelsford                          Grace L. and Dennis R. Feller              Karen A. Carr
     CVS Charitable Trust Inc.                  Laci G. Brown                                 Margaret L. Forrester                      W.H. Cave Jr.
     CVS Corporation Foundation                 Jeanette and H.J. Byrd                        Gloria Gottlieb                            Carolyn H. and Tony Chan
     Mary O. and Henry A. Frazer                Susan A. Cantrell                             Lee V. Griffin                             Rickey L. Chance
     Ellen C. and Clinton Johnson Jr.           Cardinal Health Foundation                    Frank G. Gruich Jr.                        Frances S. Chandler
     Preclinical Safety Consulting              William A. Carroll Jr.                        Patty S. Hackett                           Donald P. Chin
     Janet F. and Robert C. Speth               Stacey D. Carter                              Jackie E. and Carter G. Haines             Alice and Audric H. Chow
     Walgreens                                  Rhonda K. and Paul Clark                      John W. Hancock                            Judith P. and Larry E. Clark
                                                Imelda C. Coleman                             Camellia K. and Lynwood Hightower          Rebecca L. and Peter J. Cleary
     Pharmacy Executive:                        Jill A. and Stephen J. Cutler                 Sarah S. Hollis                            Kenneth W. Clowers
     $5,000-$9,999                              Samuel E. Daniel Jr.                          Judith W. and William R. Hurt              Carman W. Cochran
     Allergan                                   Susan P. and G.T. Davis                       Seongbong Jo                               Barbara and Robert R. Collom
     Bettye Caldwell                            Billy W. Elkins                               Keith A. Johnson                           Colonial Discount Drugs
     Cecilia L. Caldwell                        Bonnie and John R. Ellison                    Catherine S. and William D. Kidd           Paul B. Cook
     ElSohly Laboratories Inc.                  Heather A. and David W. England               Deborah S. and David G. Lawrence           Janet L. and Chris S. Cornelison
     Experimur                                  Diane B. and James W. Eubanks Jr.             Marian W. and Charlie M. Loftin            Mayme M. and Thomas J. Couch Sr.
     Gladys S. Garrett                          Excellerx Inc.                                Karen L. and Michael A. Marquis            Christine C. Cox
     J. Keith Shelly                            Larry T. Fortenberry                          Melinda L. Mathews                         Wanda W. and Robert E. Crowe
     Jaime S. and Tim Threadgill                Karen A. and Joseph P. George Jr.             Jackie D. McCormick                        Shonda M. and Jay A. Cumberland
                                                Bertha M. Groves                              Leigh A. Montgomery                        Peggy A. and Howard M. Curry
     Pharmacy Advocate:                         Paula A. and Mike L. Gunn                     David J. Moore                             David B. Davis
     $2,500-$4,999                              Kenneth D. Harrelson                          Elizabeth L. and G.T. Morgan               Benny F. Dedmon
     Alice M. Clark and Charles D. Hufford      John E. Haynes                                Bonnie and N. Steve Nichols                Alton R. Delancey
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Cinda N. and Joseph W. Huber III             Sandra K. Stroehman                   J. Todd Dear                          Betty T. and Thomas E. Neal
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Students help nonprofit’s clients with medication needs
by Dabney Weems

         he University of Mississippi (UM)              the programs available to low-income and
         pharmacy student body is teaming up            uninsured patients,” she said. “The feedback
         with Interfaith Compassion Ministry            I get from the students has overwhelmed me.
(ICM) in Lafayette County to make a difference          It seems the students are more understanding
in the lives of others.                                 of the patients. They seem to empathize
      ICM is a nonprofit organization that              more.”
provides financial and referral assistance to                For some students, the experience has
needy residents in the county. The two groups           been eye-opening.
came together when ICM board member                          “I think every pharmacy student
Suzanne Wilkin realized that a number of                should work with these patients and see
clients needed assistance paying for their              just how some people have to struggle to
medications. She knew of programs, such                 choose whether to use their small incomes
as Partnership for Prescription Assistance              to buy food or medication,” said Kimberly        Suzanne Wilkin (third from left), board member for
(PPA), that help patients pay for prescription          Steinman, a P6 student from Senatobia. “It       Interfaith Compassion Ministry, accepts a check from
medications but did not know how to go about            made me appreciate my circumstances even         Jessica Gibbs (left), Jon Jackson and Ronald Kim.
getting help for the clients.                           more. Also, it feels good at the end of the day
      She contacted Sandra Bentley, director of         to know that you have helped someone.”               provided samples. The pharmacy students
UM’s Student Health Center Pharmacy, to see if               Besides helping as pharmacists-in-training,     helped the client obtain the medications
students on rotation could assist ICM. The two          the pharmacy student body also sponsored the         regularly at little to no cost. Through the
groups worked together to develop a system to           ICM as its philanthropy project for the year.        pharmacy student body’s financial support, the
help ICM clients receive their medications at                “We were looking for a way to create a          client is able to pay for visits to a neurologist
little to no cost.                                      lasting legacy at Ole Miss,” said Jon Jackson,       and is doing much better, Wilkin said.
      “Students will meet with client[s] and            president of the pharmacy student body.                   The pharmacy students are also focusing
go over their medication history and what               “Around that same time, Dr. [Marvin] Wilson          fundraising efforts to help the ICM. Besides
medicines they need,” Wilkin said. “The P6              heard about an opportunity to help the ICM.          collecting donations, they are selling red polo
students then go back to the pharmacy and               The P6 students were already working with the        shirts embroidered with the pharmacy school’s
research what kinds of discounts are available          ICM, so it seemed like a good fit for the student logo. The shirts are $55.95, with all profits
through the pharmaceutical companies                    body to support the ICM financially, as well.”       benefiting the ICM.
and what the requirements are to apply for                   The pharmacy student body has already                “It is hard to put into words what the
assistance. The students then work with the             donated $3,000 to the ICM this year. The funds students have done for some of our clients,”
client[s] and their physician[s] to fill out the        will be used to help provide medications for         Wilkin said. “Literally, some people would not
necessary forms; then it all goes in the mail,          those who do not qualify for PPA and to help         have their medicine at all if it had not been for
and, usually, within six to eight weeks, the            pay for physician visits, Wilkin said.               the students. This program has really helped
clients get their medication in the mail.”                   The help from the students provides an          to improve people’s lives and in some cases, I
      Besides the financial benefits for the clients,   all-around better life for the clients. Wilkin       believe, saved them.”
the pharmacy students themselves are receiving          recalled a client who suffered from seizures,             To purchase a shirt, contact Jon Jackson at
invaluable real-life training, Bentley said.            lupus, anxiety, depression, and diabetes but was jgjackso@olemiss.edu. For more information
      “I wanted the students to be exposed to           able to take medications only when a physician       about the ICM, call 662-281-1002. •

                                                                                                                                                 Nonprofit Org.
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                                                                                                                                                  Permit No. 6
                                                                                                                                                 University, MS
             School of Pharmacy
             P.O. Box 1848
             University, MS 38677


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