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Wednesday November 25, 2009

Young Claremont Students Pose Their Way Into Relaxation

   C     oncentrating on deep breaths,
         allowing every muscle in the
body to relax, meditating and becom-
ing calm: yoga. The beneficial effects
of yoga have influenced many athletes
at Claremont High School (CHS) to try
the activity. Regardless of what sport
a student may play, yoga has become
a wide spread phenomenon to help
student-athletes focus on their game,
relieve pain, become more fit and flex-
ible and most importantly experience a
decrease of pre-game anxiety.
    “Doing yoga has helped me a lot; my
body feels a lot better while I am play-
ing than it did before I did yoga. Yoga
is also very relaxing and it prepares my            Practicing yoga                                                                                                   Kay Dorn (center)
mind for the game, it helps me focus on             techniques, Kelyn                                                                                                 holds the warrior
doing my job right and winning,” junior             Hilt (top left) poses                                                                                             pose during a yoga
Steven Frazer said.
    For many physically active students
                                                    the reverse warrior                                                                                               session at the
at CHS, yoga has been known to help                 and Margaret                                                                                                      Claremont Club,
focus on upcoming trials. Yoga poses                Gallagher (top                                                                                                    where she regulary
facilitate an increase of oxygen to the             right) balances to                                                                                                practices. Yoga is
brain, which enhances the yoga-enthu-               perfect her tree                                                                                                  a form of stress
siast’s ability to focus.
    “As a result of yoga, I have found
                                                    position.                                                                 all photographs taken by Steven Watts
                                                                                                                                                                      relief for Dorn.
that before a game my body is more                 bench with an injury can often be short-        shown to be tiring. As told by stu-              “I believe that anything an ath-
relaxed and my head isn’t wander-                  ened for those who chose to do yoga to          dents, being able to have the neces-          lete does to enhance his/her ability
ing onto other things, like school;                relieve stiffness and pain.                     sary fitness level for a game or prac-        to concentrate, strengthen, perform
my mind-set is all on soccer,” senior                 “When I strained my hamstring in             tice becomes harder and harder if the         and relax will, most likely, allow the
Diego Ramirez said.                                the middle of the season I thought all          school day drains away energy. Along          athlete to perform at higher levels,”
    Torn muscles, sprains, and many                was lost for me starting back up again,”        with its meditative mental effects,           Athletic Director for CHS, Rick Dut-
other commonly felt ailments can be                sophomore Alina Guido said. “Along              yoga can greatly improve an athlete’s         ton said.
relieved by doing yoga on a daily or               with physical therapy, the expertise            fitness, flexibility, and strength to            From research and student inter-
weekly basis, as many athletes at school           that yoga offered me for recovering the         help him or her perform to their great-       views, the practice of yoga has bettered
have discovered. Students across cam-              injury was amazing: I was back within           est. Without the need of crunches             CHS athletes, both in school and out.
pus and in various sports have felt the            a month or so, completely unexpected            or push-ups, yoga also strengthens            Student-athletes across campus are
effects of the strenuous stretch and               but great!”                                     important muscles that are used in            now making yoga a part of their athlete
recovery that yoga has given them due                 After enduring a full day of classes,        everyday life, but especially when            regime, which has been proven to aid
to previous injuries. Time spent on the            a game or practice after school has             participating in a sport.                     the rest of their game.

Cross Country Stud: Moreno
                                                                                                     Great Season for X-Country
    Q: How and why did you decide to join                                                            By JOEL CHEN                                showing their team spirit.
cross country/track?                                                                                 REPORTER                                       Unlike the girls’ varsity team
    A: I joined because I wanted to try some-
thing new. I planned on playing football but
so many people were already on the team
                                                                                                        D    espite setbacks of team
                                                                                                             members becoming ill and
                                                                                                     therefore negatively impacting
                                                                                                                                                 that will not be competing in CIF,
                                                                                                                                                 the boys feel secure that they will
                                                                                                                                                 perform well, as many of the ath-
and I didn’t think that I was going to play                                                          competition in past months, the             letes are returning members who
that much. But in cross country, everyone                                                            CHS cross country Team has raced            have experience in the sport.
gets to participate.                                                                                 through a successful and victori-              “In addition to not losing any of
    Q: Why and what do you like about                                                                ous season. This season, the boys’          the top runners this year, all of the
cross country/track?                                                                                 varsity team placed third in Base-          new members are pretty talented
    A: I like it because it is very competitive.                                                     line League, thus qualifying them           also,” junior Khayree Jones said.
There is always someone better than you                                                              for CIF. The team feels confident              Regardless of the obstacles
and you want to push yourself to do the best                                                         that they will do well because of           that cross country has faced this
and try to beat that one individual.                                                                 the dedication of team members              season, Landers has led his team
    Q: How do you think sports activities                                                            and guidance of their coach, Rob            through a successful season imple-
have helped you as an athlete, student, and                                                          Landers, throughout the season.             menting various techniques, such
individual?                                                                                          The girls’ team placed fourth, but          as “visualization.”
    A: It has kept me busy as an individual,                                                         unfortunately did not qualify for              “He prepares us mentally with
and as an athlete, running helps me stay in                           photographed by Eunice Han     CIF because only the top three              a technique called ‘visualization’
great shape.                                                                                         schools were eligible.                      before every race. Before we run,
                                                   Name- Miles Moreno
    Q: What elements do you think al-                                                                    “This year, the girls had more          he tells us to picture ourselves
lowed you to do well? Do you think your
                                                   Grade- Freshman                                   dedicated people who wanted to              running the race in our minds. He
talents are natural or do you just put in a        Best Time- 15:34 (Woodridge)                      do well and improve, so that’s why          constantly reminds us that running
lot of effort?                                     you with the essentials that you need to          we placed higher up in our league           is 90% mental and 10% physical,”
    A: I think that my talents come from           perform to the best of your abilities?            compared to last year. However,             Jones said. “Coach [Landers] has
being a hard worker. I put in a lot of training       A: CHS helps me in many different              it’s somewhat difficult for CHS             had a really big influence on the
over the summer and during the season with         ways. It helps me stay busy and keep me           to compete in Baseline League               team this season. He gave us all
my teammates.                                      out of trouble. It provides me with a good        because we are the only Division II         the right workouts and supported
    Q: Currently, you are only a sopho-            coaching staff and competitions not only          school in the league, which means           us through the hard times.”
more. What are your plans with cross               from other schools but also from within           we are the smallest school,” junior            In the recent meet at Mt. Sac,
country/track with the rest of your high           my team.                                          Charlotte Selters said.                     the boys cross country team placed
school years?                                         Q: What do you learn from practices                The girls feel that they per-           first in their heat and third over-
    A: I plan on sticking with cross country       and competitions that you incorporate into        formed better than last year mostly         all, thus qualifying them for CIF
and track until I graduate. Hopefully I can        your daily life aside from running? How           because they had more dedicated             finals. They anticipate a quality
get colleges to look at me.                        do you think these skills will help you in        athletes on the team who were               finish to the season, and have high
    Q: How do you think the CHS track              the future?                                       willing to work their hardest and           hopes for a strong performance
team, in particular, helps you with your              A: I learned that if you work hard             raise the morale of the team by             at finals.
goals? How do the school and team provide          enough you can accomplish your goals.

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