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                         THE Mary ’s High School
                           Saint                                                                                                              V+J
           FRIDAY                        Charity is the sun that makes all things shine. ~ St. Francis de Sales NOVEMBER 18, 2011

    The Season of Giving, Love, and Hope
Cort Carlson

      Staff Writer

          Long ago, before our great
nation was forged, a group of pilgrims
stopped, came together and shared
a meal in thanks. This simple act of
gratitude has transcended through the
ages as a symbol of appreciation and an
expectation of thanksgiving.
          At St. Mary’s we continue
to honor the archaic tradition of
Thanksgiving. Students, parents, teachers
and faculty members have joined forces
to give thanks to God and each other, by
rewarding and catering to the needy and
victimized in our community and nation.
This upcoming canned food drive will
brighten the days and fill the stomachs of
the many who cannot afford the luxuries
a lot of us take for granted. It is time for
the student body of St. Mary’s to rise up The collection of canned goods in the Athletics Office, ready to donate for those in need. Of course, there is still
and meet our Christian duty by giving                         today to add on to the donations! Any non - perishable items are welcomed!
back to the community that we have                                                  Picture taken by Shareen Mann
grown up in.                                 abused women and children. This can Dining Hall to give a Thanksgiving feast and give thanks for the present.
          During this season St. Mary’s only happen if we all do our part and bring that homeless people would otherwise be            The    word    Thanksgiving
“adopted” the Haven of Peace homeless in supplies to Mrs. Yeager. If you are unable to have. We are constantly urged conjures a picture of a long white table,
shelter for women and children. Our unable to purchase items or canned food, to plan for the future, we are taught to on which rests a array of fine meats, and
hope is to bring in enough donated items there are other ways to say thank you. live life in the fast lane and tutored in the delectable desserts. We look forward
of clothing, toiletries, household items Write a letter to soldiers in Afghanistan art of staying in motion. Thanksgiving to dining among family and friends but
and school supplies to make a substantial for all that they have done and submit it calls for a whole new state of being. sometimes overlook the true meaning of
difference in their lives and sometimes to Mrs. Yeager. Volunteer at St. Mary’s Thanksgiving reminds us to slow down                     CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

                                                                                  Kasie Dike
    Making Strides
                                                                                                                              two-thirds of women over the age of 55
                                                                                        Staff Writer                          obtain this disease, a factor that cannot
                                                                                                                              be controlled. Also, having a parent
                                                                                           Did you know that so far in        or a sibling with this disease doubles a
                                                                                  2011, there were 230,480 new cases          woman’s chances of developing breast

    Against Breast                                                                of breast cancer in women and 39, 520
                                                                                  deaths from breast cancer? Did you also
                                                                                  know that the chance of a woman to get
                                                                                  breast cancer is about one in eight? Last
                                                                                                                              cancer. At Saint Mary’s, we are very
                                                                                                                              lucky to have the Pink Ladies Club to be
                                                                                                                              in full effect in order for students to learn
                                                                                                                              about this type of cancer. The advisor of
                                                                                                                              this club, Mrs. Giannini, was able have

    Cancer Walk                                                                   month, St. Mary’s raised awareness for
                                                                                  Breast Cancer Month. Breast Cancer
                                                                                  occurs almost entirely in women, and
                                                                                  possibly (but rarely) in men. About
                                                                                                                              people attend the Breast Cancer Walk,
                                                                                                                              also known as the Making Strides
                                                                                                                                           CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

            News                         Editorial                          Features                            Sports                          Art
        2~ Club News               3 ~ “Social” Network           4 ~ Book and Movie Review             8 ~ Football, Water Polo          15 ~ Short Story
       2                                         NEWS
      THE SEASON OF GIVING,                   MAKING STRIDES AGASINT                 people with breast cancer get well        $60 million through Making Strides
            LOVE, AND HOPE.                      BREAST CANCER WALK                  by providing information, day-to-         events - and by one donation at a
     CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1                     CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1                 day help, and emotional support           time. For Saint Mary’s, this was
                                                                                     to guide them through every step          our first year participating in this
this holiday. Give thanks through         Against Breast Cancer Walk, held on        of their breast cancer experience;        event, and we were able to raise
drives and community service, give        October 1st at Delta College. People       find cures by investing in and            $300 toward the walk. The Saint
thanks through letters and time, give     of all ages were invited to attend         conducting research that leads to         Mary’s Cheerleaders were able
thanks through prayers, smiles, hugs,     this free event to help raise money        groundbreaking discoveries into           to go out there and cheer on the
words and actions. Look back to the       for the American Cancer Society            breast cancer’s causes and cures;         runners and walkers in that event.
people who lived on this land even        so that they would be able to help         and to fight back by working with         Mrs. Giannini mentioned that “[i]
before it was a nation, before they had   people stay well by educating and          legislators to support laws that help     t is important for everyone to do
the slightest notion of the incredible    empowering women to live healthy           fight breast cancer and help all          what they can to help others. This
country they would one day build.         lives and reduce their risk for            women get access to screenings and        was just one small way we could
Look back on them with reverence          breast cancer, and to get screening        care. Last year, more than 800,000        help.” There was also a bake sale
for they are the true embodiment of       tests such as mammograms to                walkers across the country joined         on Thursday, Oct. 27th by the Pink
Thanksgiving. They are the ones that      find breast cancer early, when it          the American Cancer Society in the        Ladies Club to sell pink cupcakes
taught us to stop, show appreciation,     is easiest to treat. The walk also         united fight against breast cancer.       and cookies to raise additional
feel gratitude and truly give thanks.     helped in many other areas: helping        Together, they raised more than           money to donate; they will also be
                                                                                                                               making blankets to distribute this
                                                                                                                               holiday to SM families dealing

      Dear Fellow Club Members...
                                                                                                                               with cancer. By raising funds for
                                                                                                                               a Making Strides Against Breast
                                                                                                                               Cancer event, students and adults
                                                                                                                               alike will provide hope and help
                                                                                                                               to millions of people nationwide
Andrea Wright                             S.A.D.D. / INTERACT                        second place in Duo Interpretation.       whose lives have been forever
     Staff Writer                                                                    Senior and Forensics Captain Miranda      changed by this disease. Always
                                                   The S.A.D.D. (Students            Rowley took first place in Thematic        remember that even though October
                                          Against Destructive Decisions) just        Interpretation. Laura Becerra won         is Breast Cancer Awareness Month,
                                          completed a successful Red Ribbon          first place in Impromptu. Finally,         women and men everywhere are
                                          Week held during the week of October       Ryan Kilgore took second place in         facing with this cancer on a daily
         The CROP Canned Food
                                          24th - October 28th. The club’s plan       National Extemp.                          basis. Helping at any time will
Drive will run through this Friday,
Nov 18th. The staff and faculty           was to bring “awareness”, and worked                                                 benefit those in need of your
                                          with the Interact Club to accomplish       INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH                    support. For the rest of this year
at Saint Mary’s will be donating
turkeys, hams and chickens to the         their goal. S.A.D.D. will be selling                                                 and more to come, we hope that
                                          candy cane grams from the December                  The International Outreach       many more of St. Mary’s students
drive as well. Mrs. Baker says that
                                          5th to December 9th. There will be         club is starting to plan for their        and faculty members will come out
this year, the CROP club should
                                          a small candy cane available for 50¢       International Food Day whereby they       to support this event and others to
be able to pack at least 50 banana
                                          and a large candy cane for $1.00.          feed the school. They are hoping to       help raise even more money!
boxes full of goods. The boxes                                                       have one lunch on “Fat Tuesday,”
                                          Interact will be busy during January
will go to Catholic Charities’ Food                                                  February 21st and hope students
                                          and February hosting and serving Crab
Bank, to help them with the demand                                                   enjoy entertainment and fun as well.
                                          Feed Dinners. The proceeds from the
for food for both Thanksgiving and                                                   They are also discussing the walk-a-
                                          Crab Feed(s) have funded a senior
Christmas. The CROP Club is also                                                     thon for the Red Rhino Orphanage
                                          scholarship for a student’s community
holding its first Soup Sale of the         service. In February, Interact will also   Project which will take place in early
year this coming Thursday, Nov            be selling Valentine carnations.           April. In addition, they have started a
17th during both lunches. In January                                                 guest speaker symposium where guest
CROP plans to begin working on            FORENSICS                                  speakers come to the club meetings to
the CROP Giving Garden, which                                                        talk about international humanitarian
is a garden area planned for the                  At the Speech and Debate           efforts, especially involving helping
west side of Mr. Brehm’s portable         Tournament on November 15, the             children. They are soon to have a new
(Room 76). The proceeds of this           Saint Mary’s team won second place         activity called “Films on Fridays”,
garden would be donated to Catholic       in both Individual Event Sweeps and        where students will watch movies
Charities’ Food Bank to enable them       Debate Sweeps. Shareen Mann took           such as Hotel Rwanda and the Human
to give fresh produce to people who       first place in Original Oratory, and        Experience. The club opens its doors to
need help with food for themselves        second in Dramatic Interpretation,         anyone, and Mr. Traverso encourages
and their families.                       Shareen Mann and Jessica Cotta won         anyone who is interested to stop by.
             Editorial 3
                           Social Networking
Piper Thomasson                            inside jokes I’ve been left ouf of. Then             I think privacy is the biggest    companies that thrive on twitter. News
      Editor-in-Chief                      again, I realize it is a decision to have   issue here. I mean, what makes a           is allowed to spread; companies like
                                           an account, and if someone doesn’t          good friend just that? What is it that     NPR, and the NYTimes and how they
                                           like what he sees, he simply should         brings people closer together? Trust.      can make news so readily availiable
         Tweet. Tweet tweet. Tweet         not look.                                   My friends are close friends because       to the public so they can be caught
tweet tweet. Tweet. What’s that? No.                Now, not to say that Twitter       I trust them; they are the people that     up on world events and aware of a
It’s not birds. It’s your twitter feed     is something people shouldn’t or that I     have the privilege of knowing details      world bigger than themselves. There
filling up. Who are we kidding? No         discourage having an account; to each       of my life; the ones who get to hear the   are also the multitude of organizations
one is outside these days, just stopping   his own. It can be used very effectively    personal anecdotes and get to share in     that spread news of how to help others
to smell the roses and listen to the       in leading to social activities. Although   not only the bad, but the good as well.    and increase awareness of issues that
birds. We are all glued to our smart       the fact people are attached to their       Seeing everyone in such detail...I         need to be resolved. Even if it’s not
phones, laptops, and tablets updating      phones seems counterproductive to           almost felt like I knew too much, as if    an organization or a corporation, it
our statuses, checking current events,                                                                                            may be a regular American expressing
typing up that essay, or finishing that                                                                                           his first amendment right to free
college app.                                                                                                                      speech, taking the first step to making
         While it is true that a lot of                                                                                           a difference. What could be better
time is spent on technology in order                                                                                              than that?
to be productive; typing essays, doing                                                                                                     If tweeting is what makes
research, or working to complete                                                                                                  people happy, then it was a great
college applications, it is also worth                                                                                            invention. When used to laugh and
mentioning that out peers can spend                                                                                               have fun with friendly followers, (or
great amounts of time with technology                                                                                             to be lucky enough to communicate
for other reasons; “social networking.”                                                                                           with Kendra Wilkinson) it should be
I find that phrase ironic, becuase it                                                                                             enjoyed to the fullest extent because
seems so antisocial to be texting, or                                                                                             that is, truly, enhancing a person’s
tweeting, or facebooking when, for the                                                                                            own social network. It may not be for
most part, we could just actually talk                                                                                            everyone, but to the people that enjoy
to our friends.                                                                                                                   it: enjoy the sound of your tweeting,
         What happened to simply                                                                                                  non-bird followers filling up your
hanging out or...oh! using our                                                                                                    phone. Just don’t forget to let those
telephones for their original purposes;                                                                                           little followers out of their cellular
to make phone calls? Instead, we use                                                                                              cage and take the time to go outside
our phones to check our twitters and                                                                                              and enjoy the tweeting of the real birds
see what funny things our friends can      building real live friendships and          I was invading people’s privacy. Like      outside with them.
say in one hundred forty characters or     relationships with people face to face,     I didn’t have the right to know such
less.                                      it isn’t always. Twitter can be an          details.
         As a former twitter account       effective way of planning large get                  Perhaps it’s us as a culture;
holder, I can honestly say I do not        togethers and getting the word out          the way we view ourselves and others.
understand the allure. Yes, I said         quickly. And, for the people on the         Maybe it’s a good thing that we feel so
former. I find that the less I know,       inside of those inside jokes, memories      comfortable with our peers and open
the better. I mean, I love my friends      can be relived and enjoyed time and         to hear each other’s opinions. There
unconditionally, but sometimes seeing      time again, bringing friends closer,        are many views that can be taken on
the things they would say to other         enriching a relationship. There is          this issue, and none are any better nor
friends with their “@” conversations       even a chance that people reconnect,        any worse than others.
and their “#” inside was a      astonished that an old friend has a                  In fact, lack of privacy may
side that I didn’t need to or want to      twitter account and the two are able to     not be an issue, it may be just what the
see. Twitter, in my opinion, is too        reconnect; very condusive to personal       doctor ordered. Think, for a moment,
public for some of the things people       friendships.                                about all the great organizations and
tweet. Personally, I don’t want to see
        4 Features
           Weekly Rant: Occupy the Air
Gus Bernadicou
                    Waves                                                                                                         songs over and over and over. There
      Staff Writer                                                                                                                have been some amazing songs on the
                                                                                                                                  radio, do not get me wrong. “Pumped
         With its 38th anniversary in                                                                                             Up Kicks” is a stellar single by Foster
the biz, the People’s Choice Awards                                                                                               the People; BUT it is on the radio 24/7;
will be handing out awards on January                                                                                             WTF. Indie fans all over the world
11, 2012. The list was just announced,                                                                                            are turning to mainstream, how does
and no surprise, it features everyone                                                                                             that work!? What about that funky-
from Lady Gaga to, uh, Lady Gaga.                                                                                                 fresh tune “Moves Like Jagger?” That
Everyone who can be there will be                                                                                                 song is a good pop song as well, but
there and everyone else will be tuning                                                                                            the only time I don’t hear it blasting
on their TV to see what’s happening.                                                                                              out of some speaker is when I’m
Have you ever wondered about how            the record company can send over           cents to send a text and we will only      sleeping! ONE SOLUTION: boycott
bands get their song on the radio?          to ‘persuade’ the DJs to play their        count your vote if it’s a tie.             everything…!
Just like everything else in the world      clients’ tunes). It’s the same for music          Recently, more than ever, I have
it has to do with... MONEY (or who          awards. You can vote, but it costs 45      felt that the radio is playing the same

              A Great and Terrible Beauty
Erica Wright                                couldn’t put it down, entranced by the     her mother’s past, the significance of      fantastic plot twist that will surely
      Staff Writer                          spell that Bray’s words irreversibly       the necklace, and realizes her duty to     make your jaw drop as you reread
                                            cast upon my mind and my heart.            make sense of it all. Only one thing       the page just to make sure you read
         You pick it up, flip through the             The first time I successfully      was certain: her life would never be       it correctly. Bray also works in the
pages, read the synopsis on the back of     read the book from beginning to end,       the same.                                  elements of intense action and romance
the book for the fifth time, and begin       I could not believe that it had been                I absolutely love not only this   without the novel becoming too
reading the first chapter. Again. Five       so difficult for me to begin. While         book, but the entire trilogy of novels     stereotypically cliché or predictable.
minutes later, you put it back down         it did start out somewhat slow, it         that Bray masterfully crafted using        Bray is an incredible author with an
and promise to read it later. It’s a good   also introduced some of the most           the combined elements of mystery           undeniable wit and cleverness in her
book, really. You know it is. And yet,      important pieces of the plot within the    and fantasy. Every chapter promised        style that takes her work to a level of
no matter what you do, you just can’t       very first pages. Bray takes the reader     a surprise, and A Great and Terrible       entertainment beyond what a good plot
seem to commit to reading it. I found       on a thrilling adventure that begins in    Beauty does not disappoint with a          can provide. I did get a very slow start
myself faced with this very dilemma         Bombay, India on the birthday of the                                                  on this book in the beginning, but in my
upon beginning A Great and Terrible         protagonist, Miss Gemma Doyle. Set                                                    opinion, slow starts aren’t necessarily
Beauty, the first novel in an enthralling    in 1895, the story follows the beautiful                                              bad. They’re better in relationships,
trilogy by Libba Bray. Despite my           Gemma who, after her mother’s                                                         when drinking Slushies, and especially
interest in the plot of the story and the   mysterious murder, is sent to a private                                               in races with jack rabbits (“Slow
incredibly entertaining writing style,      boarding school in London. Confused                                                   and steady wins the race!”). For this
I couldn’t seem to find my way out           and saddened by her mother’s death                                                    reason I wholeheartedly recommend
of the first chapter, let alone past the     and left only with her mother’s strange                                               this novel and its successors to Saint
first ten pages. Eventually, however,        necklace as a token of her loss, she                                                  Mary’s students. All it will take to
whether it was due to chance, perfect       attempts to make the best of the new                                                  steal your heart is for you to pick it up,
timing, the acute alignment of the          circumstances, soon realizing that there                                              no matter how many times, and allow
planets, or some other astrological or      were many things concerning her life                                                  it take you on a literary journey you
magical cause, I picked up the novel        that her mother had never told her. She                                               will not soon forget.
once more on a whim and suddenly            slowly begins to unravel the secrets of
              Features 5
    This                                                                            Movie Review
Month in History                                                              Matthew Rubio
                                                                                   Staff Writer
                                                                                                                         Grade: C
                                                                              J. Edgar                                   Unfortunately, the last month seems to
                                                                                                                         have been a letdown cinematically. The
                                                                                        A biographical film under the     one Oscar hopeful has fallen flat, and
                                                                              direction of Clint Eastwood (Million       other than that, we’ve had comedies,
                                                                              Dollar Baby), J. Edgar tells the story     comedies, and more comedies.
                                                                              of the federal bureau investigator         Hopefully, the holiday season can
                                                                              of the same name. While the story          bring some light to these dark movie
                                                                              itself is lacking in coherence and the     screens.
                                                                              technical side of the film is severely
                                                                              lacking, Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic)
                                                                              makes the film worthwhile with his
                                                                              fantastic portrayal of J. Edgar Hoover.
                                                                              Unfortunately, that seems to be the            Upcoming Hot
                                                                              only lure in the movie. The narrative
                                                                              is muddled, and the lines themselves             Tickets:
                                                                              seem to, at times, come out of a low-
                                                                              budget telenovella. Notably, seasoned      Hugo – A Martin Scorsese film (The
                                                                                                                         Departed) based on a novel about an
                                                                                                                         orphan boy’s uncanny adventure in
Angela Leal                           November           11,         1926:                                               Paris during the 1930s. (Nov. 23)
      Staff Writer                    Route    66       is     established.
                                                                                                                         The Artist – A silent, black and
November 1, 1611: Othello by          November 14, 1533: Spanish                                                         white film about the decline of silent
William Shakespeare is presented      Conquistadors     arrive      in                                                   pictures and the rise of talkies, as well
for the first time at Whitehall        Cajamarca, Inca Empire under the                                                   as a romance between a declining film
Palace  in   London,   England.       leadership of Francisco Pizarro.                                                   star and a rising actress. An Academy
                                                                                                                         Award frontrunner. (Nov. 23)
November 3, 1493: Christopher         November 15, 1966: Gemini
Columbus sights the island of         12 lands in the Atlantic Ocean.                                                    The Iron Lady – Meryl Streep (The
Dominica in the Caribbean Sea.                                                                                           Devil Wears Prada) plays British
                                      November 17, 1970: Douglas                                                         Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in
November 4, 1861: The University      Engelbart receives the patent                                                      this historical drama. (Dec. 21)
of Washington opens in Seattle        for the first computer mouse.
as  the   Territorial University.
                                      November 18, 1493: Christopher
November 5, 1872: Defying the law,    Columbus  sights  the    island
Susan B. Anthony votes for the first   today known as Puerto Rico.             actresses Naomi Watts (King Kong)
time in a presidential election and                                           and Judi Dench also help round out the
is later fined one hundred dollars.    November 18, 1963: The first             ensemble cast, but fail to add anything
                                      push-button telephone goes into         distinguishing to the movie due to
November     7,  1893:   Women        service,      eventually   replacing    the script’s downplaying of the roles.
in Colorado are granted the           the      rotary    dial  telephones.    Before the film’s release, J. Edgar was
right to vote for the first time.                                              seen as a frontrunner in the Oscar race.
                                      November 18, 1988: President            Now that it’s out in theaters, however,
November 7, 1929: In New              Ronald Reagan signs a bill into         it seems that the only category the
York City, the Museum of              law which would allow the death         movie has a hold on will be Leading
Modern Art opens to the public.       penalty  for   drug   traffickers.       Actor for DiCaprio’s impeccable
                                                                              performance. Only time will be able
November 8, 1889: Montana             November 22, 1975: Juan Carlos          to tell if the Academy feels the same
is admitted as the 41st state.        is sworn in as King of Spain.           way about the film as the critics have.
       6 Features
                         Campus Question
                                Lady Gaga or Katy Perry?
By Michelle Lacondeguy
          Staff Writer
Mathew Epler             Katy Perry. Lady Gaga has some
                         deceiving secrets.

                                                                          Staff Box
Yessenia Mendieta        Lady Gaga, hands down. She is a
                         beautiful person and my idol.
Chris Heli               Katy Perry, because she’s hot!
David Carranza           Lady Gaga, because she’s unique
               ’s see...who doesn’t like
                         “Poker Face?!?”
Madison Scott            Katy Perry has a voice of an angel,
                         but Lady Gaga...
Evan Smith               Katy Perry. I like her music better...
                         Gaga creeps me out.
                                                                  Editor-in-Chief             Piper Thomasson
Allie Hunefeld           Katy Perry. I identify with her a lot,   News Editor                 Shareen Mann
                         and she writes better songs.
Madison Wood             Lady Gaga. I like her music and how      Features Editor             Jessica Cotta
                         she is so original.
                         Katy Perry, because her songs are so
                                                                  Assistant Features Editor   Danilo Gayagoy
Breanne Velazquez
                         fun. Lady Gaga is so annoying.           Sports Co-Editor            Kris Vossmer
Adriana Contreras        Lady Gaga, because she has weird
                         costumes...but P!nk is the best.         Sports Co-Editor            Paul Borges
Nicolai Morse            Katy Perry, because she is better.
                         Lady Gaga, because she sounds
                                                                  Art Co-Editor               Nicole Rishwain
Sal Marzette
                         better.                                  Art Co-Editor               Dianne Alarcon
Florencio Bungalon       Katy Perry, because I like her music
                         better and her lyrics have more
                                                                  Copy Editor                 David Carranza
Nick Uota                Neither, because I don’t know them!
Paige Gordon             Katy Perry. I really like her original
Natalie Steinkamp        Katy Perry. Her music and lyrics are
                         more appealing.
Noor Halloum             Katy Perry, because her style of
                         music doesn’t get old as quickly.
Miranda Rowley           Lady Gaga! Like, duh!
DJ Gayagoy               Katy Perry. I have no reason why.
                         I guess I think Lady Gaga is pretty
                         weird. Especially her music videos.
Jessica Cotta            Lady Gaga is a cooler person, and she
                         sounds better live.
Nicole Rishwain          I have no idea. I don’t even listen to
                         that music. Uhh, Katy Perry.
Shareen Mann             Neither. Umm, Katy Perry. Lady
                         Gaga’s cursing is unnecessary.
Andrew Canton            Katy Perry.
Ryan Kilgore             I would say neither, but Katy Perry.
Frangelico Del Carpio    Both.
Piper Thomasson          Lady Gaga. She can actually sing.
Diane Roza               Neither! They both suck, big time!
Laura Becerra            Katy Perry. Um, I don’t know,
                         because she’s better.
Aidan Reed               Katy Perry, because she’s better.
Thomas Ravago            Katy Perry, because she’s hot!
Paul Borges              Katy Perry.
Dianne Alarcon           Um, Katy Perry. Lady Gaga is weird.
Dean Garcia              Lady Gaga. I have a secret love for
             Features 7

By Dianne Alarcon
                                                    By Nicole Rishwain

                                   The Kettle staff
                                  wishes everyone
                                  a happy holiday!
By Jessica Cotta

                                                                             By Piper Thomasson

                                                                                  Euro Trip
      By Kris Vossmer and Paul Borges                                          What are you doing this
                                                                               June? Would you like to visit
                                                                               several wonderous countries of
                                                                              Europe?We will be visiting Italy,
                                                                               Austria,Germany, Switzerland,
                                                                              and France and we have room for
                                                                              you. For more information please
                                                       DJ                       contact Mr. Luigi Gherardi in
                                                                                     Student Activities.

By David Carranza                       By Shareen Mann and Danilo Gayagoy
       8 Sports
                                               Varsity Football
Kris Vossmer                              like, each week, the reads are getting       second half and was
  Co-sports Editor                        easier.” Senior Scott Armolea was one        turned off for the rest
                                          of Parrish’s primary targets, catching       of the game but it
                                          three passes for 79 yards. McNair            didn’t bother Parrish,
          It’s playoff time for Saint
                                          gained just 164 yards. Junior safety         who took off on a
Mary’s varsity football after finishing
                                          Na’im McGee had an interception              66-yard         scramble
off the season strong in TCAL. Coach
                                          for St. Mary’s after recording three         to the end zone to
Tony Franks has prepared this team
                                          in last week’s win over Stagg. Senior        open up the third
to recover from early defeats and
                                          defensive end Trevor Carlson had             quarter. After Jamie
rebound greatly to get them to where
                                          two sacks and batted down a pass             Christopherson
they are now. The Rams (9-2) have
                                          behind the line of scrimmage.                intercepted        Tigers
been dedicated in practice to translate
                                                    Finishing out the year on the      quarterback        Kelse
that to the field and it has paid off.
                                          road, St. Mary’s Parrish scored two          D e p a u l i - Wi l t s e ,
The players have really grown up
                                          touchdown runs in the third quarter to       Parrish called his
and propelled this team forward with
                                          break open a tight game and a tough          own number from              Above, Kaleb Parrish finds room to run as he gets
strong momentum into playoff action.
                                          Rams defense forced five Tokay               10 yards out on the away from McNair defenders en route to a first down.
          Senior Night at St. Mary’s was  turnovers in a 34-3 win over the Tigers at   second play of the                      (Photo by Mr. Kozina Sr.)
highlighted by a vintage performance      the Grape Bowl. The Rams completed           drive to put the Rams
from an experienced running back          their fifth consecutive perfect season       up 34-3.          Parrish                 to beat on an earlier return but was
who will soon lead the                                                                 completed 6 of 12 passes for 40 yards tackled after a 30-yard gain by punter
Rams into the playoffs                                                                 and two interceptions and added 73 Peyton Lee. Senior defensive tackle
and the maturation of                                                                  yards rushing. Ward finished with 65 Marcus Brown and senior defensive
a young quarterback                                                                    yards and two touchdowns for the back Joey Mazzilli each recovered
who will lead them                                                                     Rams, who had 230 yards of total fumbles. “We had a lot of big plays and
into the future. Senior                                                                offense.                                  some turnovers that we don’t normally
running back Jalen                                                                               The Sac-Joaquin Section have,” Franks said. “I think that is
Ward scored a career-                                                                  Division II playoff opener was a close what caused kind of an explosion in
high five touchdowns,                                                                  football game that got out of hand the second quarter.” Antelope entered
sophomore quaterback                                                                   quickly. Fifth-seeded St. Mary’s held the game averaging 37.2 points and
Kaleb Parrish had a                                                                    a 7-0 lead on No. 12 Antelope after 254.4 rushing yards per game but was
perfect passing game                                                                   one quarter, then the Rams scored held to 118 yards on the ground and
and the Rams secured                                                                   24 unanswered points in the second was outgained on offense 366-203.
their fifth consecutive                                                                quarter en route to a 48-21 victory Running back Marquell Vines, who
Tri-City         Athletic                                                              at Sanguinetti Field. St. Mary’s averaged more than 100 yards rushing
League championship Above, Jalen Ward breaks off a tackle from a McNair                travels to No. 4 Vacaville (10-1) in per game, finished with 66 yards
with a 47-0 victory                   defender to continue down the field.
                                           (Photo by Mr. Kozina Sr.)                   the quarterfinals at 7 p.m. Friday. “I on 17 carries. Ward led St. Mary’s
over McNair. Ward                                                                      didn’t think it would be a game like with 82-yards on 20 carries and had
had 136 yards on 13                                                                    this,” St. Mary’s coach Tony Franks touchdown runs of 4, 7 and 10 yards.
carries for the Rams, who scored on in the TCAL. Tokay held Saint Mary’s               said. “Credit our kids for playing Parrish completed 11 of 19 passes for
their first six possessions and amassed to just 103 yards of total offense in          with great physicality and emotion 187 yards.
460 yards total offense. Ward had the first half, but the Rams got on the              tonight.” St. Mary’s was stopped on               So now the Rams move on to
touchdown runs of 5, 6, 5 and 29 scoreboard just 15 seconds into the                   downs at the Titans’ 5-yard line on       the second round and will have a key
yards in the first half and capped his game when senior Corey Mason took               its first drive, but the Rams scored addition to the team as Merin has been
night with a 47-yard score on his only the opening kickoff back 92 yards for           on their next four possessions of the cleared to play. It is great to see the
carry of the second half, giving St. a touchdown. Ward then scored on a                half. Ward put the Rams up 7-0 on a quick recovery process he made and
Mary’s a 41-0 lead early in the third 14-yard touchdown run for St. Mary’s             4-yard run. The next score came on puts Saint Mary’s in prime position to
quarter. Parrish, making his third start 90 seconds later for a 13-0 first-quarter     a 28-yard field goal by senior place continue to peak in the playoff race.
since replacing injured senior Bowe lead. After the Tigers’ Brett Rivers               kicker Jeremy Farnsworth with 10 The Rams hope to be legitimate state
Merin, completed 12 of 12 passes for connected on a 45-yard field goal to              minutes, 27 seconds remaining in title contenders, but it’s going to take
165 yards. He also ran for 42 yards on open the second quarter, Ward scored            the second quarter. Then it took the a lot of work and belief in themselves
four carries and scored on an 11-yard his second touchdown of the contest              Rams less than 10 minutes to score to get there. Make sure to go out to
run in the first quarter. “I think I’m on a 1-yard plunge as the Rams took a           three touchdowns, highlighted by Vacaville to support Saint Mary’s and
getting used to the plays with all the 21-3 lead at halftime. The scoreboard           sophomore Brian Pascual’s 50-yard give them the crowd they deserve.
reps in practice,” Parrish said. “It feels clock malfunctioned to start the            punt return. Pacsqual had one man Good luck on the rest of the season!
                               Sports                                                                                                                  9
                                J.V. Football
                                            star on both offense and defense.           on McNair’s offense, forcing them to        more responsibilities which have to be
Paul Borges                                 Continuous      practice of offense         execute poorly. Travis Rigsbee and          met. Next year the players will have
                                            created an oppurtunity for more             Anthony Aiello came off the edge            to get used to weight lifting sessions
      Co-Sports Editor
                                            efficiency. The mess ups and mistakes       to disrupt the backfield and make           after school, and many meetings to
                                            were limited throughout the year.           tackles. There was a ton of offense too.    process new information. Next season
         The J.V. football season has
                                            These improvements were shown               Lorenzo Grayson was the star of the         will be exciting, the Sophomore’s will
concluded. As I have previously
                                            on the field every friday. The first 3      game, scoring a rushing touchdown           have the opputunity to play under the
mentioned, the team got off to a slow
                                            game of the year, the team managed          and then later scored an amazing diving     “friday night lights’’ as Juniors. After
start but turned the tables and finished
                                            a meager 18 points per game. A vast         touchdown off of a screen-pass. Wesley      the playoff run ends, there will be a
very strong and in winning fashion. In
                                            improvement was made the rest of            Thompson pitched in with his own            2-3 month break and then offseason
the last 7 games, the Rams posted a
                                            the season, and the team avereged           recieving touchdown later on. Jaelin        weightlifting begins. This will be
6-1 record and finished 7-3. This was
                                            an astounding 34.2 points per game.         Ratliff scored on a run, and Jamaurie       beginning of a new season, and the
quite an improvement. The key to the
                                            Quite an improvement. Defensively in        Smith put 6 points on the scoreboard        start of a hopeful run to the state
winning run began at daily practice.
                                                                                        with a thundering touchdown run late        championship.Winning a state title is
When the team lost a game, it was
generally due to a stagnant week of             “As soon as your                        in the game. Because the score was
                                                                                        lopsided, lineman Peter Montesinos
                                                                                                                                    the ultimate goal of our program, and
practice. This means poor execution,                                                                                                this group hopes to accomplish this
the players not listening to the coaches,
                                               final game ends at                       was put in the game at runningback.         goal and bring glory to the St. Mary’s
                                                                                        This fired the up sideline. Peter did not
and lack of heart. However, a great             the Grape Bowl,                         dissapoint. On his first carry, a McNair
                                                                                                                                    football program. Congratulations on
                                                                                                                                    a great season!
week of practice almost always led to
a win. A commitment to winning is an            around 6 o’clock,                       defender came in for the tackle behind
                                                                                        the line of scrimmage. Peter did a spin
important ingredient, even when there
are setbacks. The main setbacks of
                                                 you are varsity                        move and slid off the tackler, gaining
                                                                                        5 yards on the play. This fired up the
the year were losing receiver Perrin                athletes.”                          Rams sideline even more. Against                     More Stats...
Boyd to a knee injury against Lincoln,
                                                                                        Tokay, the team hoped to finish the
and standout lineman Jonathan Keith                                                                                                 Home Record- 2 wins, 3 losses
                                                                                        season in a good way. The only way to
out for the season with a shoulder
injury. Losing two good players can
                                              Varsity Coach Tony                        do this was with a win. Running back        Home P.P.G.- 24.2
                                                                                                                                    Home P.A.- 23.0
damage team morale. And the Rams                    Franks                              Marcus Lomas broke off for 70+ yard
                                                                                        touchdown early in the game.The first
                                                                                        quarter was a close one, the score read     Away Record- 5 wins, 0 losses
        Team Statistics                                                                                                             Away P.P.G.- 34.4
                                                                                        14-3. In the second quarter, the offense
                                            the first 3 games, the Rams gave up         clicked and the team extended the lead      Away P.A.- 12.2
Team Offense- 293 Total Points
                                            34.6 points, and were outscored by an       to 21-3 thanks to a long touchdown run
Team Defense- 227 Points Allowed
                                            average of 16 points. In the last seven     by Wesley Thompson from the Wildcat
                                            games, the defense tightened up and         formation. Defensive-Back Riley
P.P.G.- 29.3
P.A.- 22.7
                                            allowed only 17.5 points on average.        Roe nearly returned and interception             Schedule and Scores
                                            In the second part of the season, the       for a touchdown and set up a score.
                                            Rams gave up only half as many              Additional scores made it a 34-9                Rams- 28 Granite Bay- 19
Team Record- 7 wins, 3 losses
                                            points as they did in the first half!       ballgame, and a Wesley Thompson                Rams- 20 Central Catholic- 42
                                            This was a great formula for winning,       interception on a late Tokay drive kept          Rams- 6 De La Salle- 43
                                            doubling the amount of points scored        in that way. The Special Teams unit               Rams- 27 Lincoln- 26
                                            and cutting in half the points that the     got active when Brock Warmerdam                     Rams- 55 Lodi- 7
did a great job of recovering. Second
                                            opposing team scored.                       made a crushing hit on his kickoff unit,          Rams- 15 Edison- 18
string players had to step up and were
                                                     In the last article, I mentioned   forcing a fumble that was recovered by              Rams- 28 West- 0
expected to execute immediately.
                                            that the team had two final games in        Jakob Roek. All of these great plays               Rams- 32 Stagg- 12
Despite the setback, the team attained
                                            the season. Both games resulted in          created a victory for the Rams. With              Rams- 48 McNair- 0
new offensive power when Wesley
                                            a Ram victory. The vicory against           the season concluded, it was time to               Rams- 34 Tokay- 9
Thompson returned from a pre-
                                            McNair resulted in in the second            become a varsity athlete for those
season injury. Wesley contributed
                                            defensive shutout of the year, a 48-0       players who were not involved in a
to both sides of the ball equally, a
                                            win. On defense, the Rams beat up           winter sport. Being a varsity player has
 10                                                        Sports

Jenna Munoz
               Cross Country               Barlupo, Justin Burks, Chris Clark,        course was long and challenging but        (sophomore) with a time of 16:31,
   Sports Writer                           Anna Donaldson, Danilo Gayagoy,            that did not deter St. Mary’s. Senior      and Hannah Rosato (freshman) with
                                           Matt Gipaya, Adam Helms, Marcus            Derrick Tisher finished his season         a time of 16:37. Sophomore Boys
                                           Lopez, Taylor Newman, Celia                coming in 43rd with 18:42. Varsity         finished off the day taking 1st place by
         After long, hard months of        Olivas, Aiden Reed, Jack Rogan,            Girls came in 5th in the team ranks.       one point! They were lead by Kayvan
tiring workouts, the season for St.        and Alex Ryan, good job sophomores!        They were lead by Marissa Reyes            Mahdyoon with a time of 12:30,
Mary’s Cross Country is coming             And freshman Alyssa Alonzo,                (junior) with a time of 21:41, followed    followed by Aaron Sackschewsky
to a close. They had their league          Martin Atienza, Angelica Dwyer,            closely by Taylor Pablo (senior) with a    with a time of 12:35, Darius Stansil
championship on October 27, 2011           Gabby Guillen, Max Martin, Nick            time of 21:45. They were followed by       with a time of 12:38, Joey Novara
and when all was said and done, the        Mayorga, and Jasmine Stansil hope          Andrea Barrameda (senior) with a time      with a time of 13:50, Jonel Ednalino
team had to say goodbye to some of         to run with you all next season!           of 22:24, Kristi Tekerlek (senior) with    with a time of 13:59, and Christian
the runners. On November 5, 2011 the              After the TCAL championships        a time of 22:29, Samantha Sambado          Candelaria with a time of 14:28.
remaining runners rallied together and     top runners in each division continued     (senior) with a time of 22: 35, Kristina            A sincere thank you to Coach
ran at sub-sections. Each team ended       on with practice in preparations for       Lisitsin (sophomore)with a time of         Felicia, her husband Ross, and Coach
up having at least one runner advance      sub-sections. When they came on            23:07, and Megan Nomellini (senior)        Hohn for all their help in coaching
to sections on November 11, 2011.          11/5/11 everyone was ready to race.        with a time of 24:03. Freshman Boys        our team this year. Thank you to the
       At TCAL league championships        Varsity Boys were the first to race and    were soon after and finished 3rd in team   parents as well as those who supported
Saint Mary’s was two for four, Varsity     the team had to say good-bye to more       rankings. They were lead by Anthony        the team and drove the runners all over.
Girls and Frosh/Soph Girls both took       runners, Daniel Thiel (sophomore,          Parrino with a time of 13:19, followed     Since the Cross Country team first
home first place trophies. Varsity Girls   18:45), David Pina (junior, 19:24),        very closely by Aaron Hipolito with        started their practices at the beginning
had a nail-biting close race with Tokay.   Curtis Ericcson (senior, 19:47), Tyler     a time of                                                              of summer,
In the end, St. Mary’s came out on top     Peppard (junior, 20:15), Jesse Toy         13:21. Next                                                            m a n y
by one point and managed to grab first     (senior, 20:40), and Kevin Nguyen          to come in                                                             things have
place. Frosh/Soph Girls were also proud    (senior, 21:13). Their teammate            was      Gus                                                           happened.
that they went undefeated in league        Derrick Tisher (senior, 18:39) was the     Burlington                                                             N      e     w
meets. For much of the team this was       only one who advanced to sections.         with a time                                                            freshman
their last race and many of the seniors    Varsity Girls were next and they           of     13:37,                                                          have come
will be missed next year when they         advanced as a team but only seven          J o s e p h                                                            in        and
have graduated. The team would like        could go on. So they said farewell         R e y e s                                                              showed their
to congratulate Andrea Barrameda,          to Deanna Hibbard (junior, 24:47).         with a time                                                            dedication
Maryanne Caras, Leanne Cutler,             Varsity Girls had an alternate runner      of14:42,                                                               and      skill,
Curtis Ericcson, Mark Fitzgerald,          in case one of the runner’s is unable to   R o b e r t                                                            experienced
Kendall Green, Julian Haddad,              race at sections but Audrey Tekerlek       Rodriguez                                                              runners
Katlyn Johnson, Kendrick Ladao,            (sophomore, 24:58) did not race at         with a time                                                            have       ran
Jessica Leal, Britnie Martin, Megan        sections. Freshman boys were the next      of     15:01,                                                          their hearts
Nomellini, Kevin Nguyen, Taylor            to race, and the entire team advanced,     S t e v e n                                                            out and left
Pablo, Heather Quinones, Samantha          no alternate or cuts. Sophomore            Va s q u e z                                                           it all on the
Sambado, Nicole Samson, Lexi               boys raced after and came in 2nd,          with a time of 15:07, and John Rine        course in their final season, and many
Sepulveda, Kristi Tekerlek, Derrick        missing 1st by only four points! The       with a time of 15:33. Frosh/Soph           runners improved immensely. Many
Tisher, and Jesse Toy on a great last      boys also had no cuts or alternates        Girls raced soon after and took 3rd        people think cross country is not hard
season! And other runners who did not      as well. Frosh/Soph Girls managed          in team rankings, missing 2nd by 2         or not even a real sport, but it is. The
qualify for sub-sections were missed       to advance but had to cut Brenna           points! The team was lead by Sarah         team has worked as hard as any of the
as well. Mallory Budesa, Jared             Joe (sophomore, 17:56), Bernadette         Armstrong (sophomore) with a time          other sports teams to get as far as they
Bulahan, Samantha Charles, Emma            Kaehler (sophomore, 18:20), and            of 15:30 followed by Maria Ramirez-        did, and it shows in their results. The
Dentoni, Sydney Flores, Michelle           Nellie Zapien (freshman, 18:20).           Riesch (sophomore) with a time of          team even has fun at their practices
Lacondeguy, Emily Lasiter, Matt            Their alternate was Sofia Sepulveda        15:56, Jenna Munoz (freshman) with         and meets The team is done for now
Martini, Bianca Orsi, Jenae Ross,          (sophomore, 17:23) who was also not        a time of 16:01, Christina Uribe           but they will come back next season
Samantha Wood, and Anthony                 needed to run at sections.                 (sophomore) with a time of 16:23,          rested, improving even more, and
Zerka. Hope to see you all next                     Another hard week of practice     Christina Herrera (sophomore)              ready to race.
season! To Athena Alcazar, Jimmy           before sections came on 11/11/11. The      with a time of 16:27, Dani Dwyer
                                         Sports 11
Jenna Munoz
      Sports Writer
The volleyball teams have been          tent to California State, Fullerton,
working hard throughout the sea-        where she will continue to play and
son. After all their hard work,         further her education.
many goals the team set have been                 In her first year of coach-
achieved. Varsity Coach McShane         ing at St. Mary’s Coach Buhr has
and J.V. Coach Buhr and their           accomplished a lot. Her J.V. team
teams have much to be proud of.         was able to go undefeated in league
 Varsity finished their league with a   and 26-9 when including tourna-
perfect 10-0 record. They are cur-      ments. Coach Buhr is extremely
rently playing in the Sac-Joaquin       happy with her team this year. “The
sections play offs where they are       team did extremely well this year
third seat of sixteen teams. Their      and worked through some tough
first game was against fourteenth       situations. I am so proud of every
seed Franklin Elk Grove. They won       single one of them,” Coach Buhr
with scores of 25-13, 25-15, and 25-    said about her team. She believes
22. In their quarter final match-up,    the team will have another solid
they faced sixth seed, Pitman. St.      year in 2012, even with most of the
Mary’s blasted through the matches      older players going on to varsity.      Angel Smith blocks a shot aginst Franklin during Round 1 of the play-
with scores of 25-8, 25-10, and 25-     The team works very cohesively          offs. Photo by The Stockton Record.

                                                                                 Women’s Water Polo
11. Lauren Kissell lead the Rams        and all of the players show a lot of
in this game with eleven kills and      promise. The younger J.V. team is
4 ½ blocks. At the end of the game      shaping up to be a great team and a
Melissa Brum had contributed            great future Varsity team.              Ico Del Carpio
nine kills and 1 ½ blocks. Elizabeth            With so much accomplished              Sports Diner
Hoover had thirty assists and ten       this season, both teams should be
                                                                                Hey everybody! Well as a lot of       theless, we are proud of what all of
digs, and Gianna Gotterba added         very proud. Varsity is in good stand-
                                                                                you may know our women’s wa-          our Lady Rams have accomplished
seven digs and five aces to the mix.    ings to once again call themselves
                                                                                ter polo team has made it to the      this year and we thank them for an
At press time, the Rams’ next           the Sac-Joaquin sections champi-
                                                                                San Joaquin Section Champion-         unforgettable season.
match-up is against second seed,        ons. J.V. is showing their skill and
                                                                                ships with them being the 1st seed            Now reflecting back on the
Oak Ridge. Best of luck to the en-      promise to become a killer future
                                                                                for TCAL. They have had a great       Women’s Water polo 2011 season,
tire team as they seek to once again    Varsity team. Next season prom-
                                                                                season going into the tournament,     they ended the year with a 15-5-1
gain the sections championship          ises to be an interesting and all of
                                                                                but unfortunately their season has    record and also being 9-0-1 in their
title. Congratulations to Lauren        the student body is encouraged to
                                                                                ended with a loss to St. Francis in   league. This led to them becoming
Kissell who signed a letter of in-      come and support the teams.
                                                                                the semi-finals. The Rams made        TCAL champions. Ari Ghavami
                                                                                it to the semi-finals with a win      had this to say on becoming TCAL
                                                                                over Modesto in the preliminary       Champs, “It’s awesome to win
                                                                                round, with a score of 17-2, and a    TCALs once again, because we
                                                                                win over Vintage High School in       know our training paid off and we
                                                                                the quarterfinals, with a score of    really worked hard.” Ari Ghavami
                                                                                8-5. The semis were held at Tokay     along with Megan Torre helped
                                                                                High School on Friday November        the Rams during the quarterfinals
                                                                                11. The game was close with St.       when they each scored 3 goals in
                                                                                Mary’s having a score of 4 and St.    St. Mary’s win over Vintage with
                                                                                Francis with 6. What made it re-      the final score being 8-5. St. Mary’s
                                                                                ally difficult for the Rams was the   would like to once again thank the
                                                                                fact that they were playing without   2011 Women’s Water Polo team for
                                                                                Gracie Smith who has a torn me-       a great run in the playoffs and for
                                                                                niscus and she is arguably one of     an awesome season. We hope to
Megan Torre attempts a goal. Photo by Allara Uota.                              the best players on the team. None-   see you all again next year!!!
 12 Sports
Men’s Water Polo Women’s Tennis
Daniel Valdez                             and the game-winning goal in sudden        Ico Del Carpio
  Sports Writer                           death overtime. Cole Williams also            Sports Wtter
                                          had 11 saves that match as well. In
                                          the Rams second-most recent victory
         The Rams Water polo team                                                             Well I hope everyone is en-
                                          the Rams defeated Merced 18-10, and
this year has performed terrifically                                                 joying sections because St. Mary’s is
                                          during this first playoff game, Derek
and has promises of going very far                                                   one win away from becoming section
                                          Clappis scored 6 goals, David Ring
in the Section playoffs. After a close                                               champions!!! Their only obstacle is St.
                                          scored 4 and Ian Lamond scored 3.
game with the Flames which result-                                                   Francis who has the number one seed
                                          Cole Williams also had 5 saves during
ed in Junior Derek Clappis scoring                                                   in the DRL (Delta River League). Be-
                                          this match.
the game winner late in the game, to                                                 fore talking St. Mary’s Vs. St. Francis
                                                    Throughout the season the
rocket the Rams forward in the tour-                                                 let’s breakdown how our Lady Rams
                                          Rams have displayed passion and ath-
nament, ending that thriller of a match                                              made it to the finals. At the end of
                                          letic ability which has attributed to
which ended in a final score of 11-10                                                the season the Women’s Tennis team
                                          their dominance as a team. They most
in favor of that Rams, propelling them                                               had finished with a record of 16-3 and
                                          importantly have shown that they can
into a match against Davis. Before                                                   also being 10-0 in their league, which
                                          pull out the win in the clutch and rise
that the Rams were 22-4 and 9-0 in                                                   gave them the title of TCAL Cham-          Kate Precissi beat the Blue Devils’
                                          to the occasion of excellence when the
TCAL (Tri-City Athletic League). On                                                  pions. Now by being TCAL Champs            Cat Paw U 6-3, 6-4 at No. 4. The
                                          game was on the line. These attributes
the season, David Ring and Derek                                                     they earned a bye, which gave them         Rams No. 2 doubles tandem of Sierra
                                          are necessary in any championship
Clappis were named TCAL co-MVPs,                                                     a break during round one of the play-      Zeiter and Sam Shwe earned an early
                                          team and the Rams have displayed
they won a close victory of 7-6 over                                                 offs. In the second round they had         point against Davis’Layla Hansen and
                                          these skills time and time again show-
the Tokay Tigers, and in the Delong                                                  to play Pleasant Grove, which they         Jasmin Mould 6-3, 6-4. St. Mary’s
                                          ing to everyone that not only can they
Tournament they finished 5th overall                                                 passed by easily with a score of 8-1.      Makenna Wilkinson dropped a 6-3,
                                          perform when its easy, but when the
after rebounding from the 10-9 loss at                                               In the quarterfinals the Rams had to       6-2 singles decision to No. 5 Kailynn
                                          victory becomes hard they muster the
the hands of El Camino the Rams re-                                                  play Turlock and again the team did        Yang, while freshman standout Mack-
                                          will to win and shine brightly as cham-
sponded with an overtime victory over                                                great by sweeping the Bulldogs with a      enzie Basso lost a three-set thriller
San Marcos, which resulted in David                                                  score of 9-0. Lastly, in the semi-finals   6-4, 7-6 (7-5), (7-4) to No. 6 Ceci Ca-
Ring gaining five goals, one assist                                                  St. Mary’s played Davis Senior High        jandig in a seven-point tiebreaker with
                                                                                     School. This was the closest match

       Women’s Golf
                                                                                                                                dusk falling. The Rams’ No. 1 duo of
                                                                                     that the Rams had in the entire play-      Megan Doe and Dakota Valensin lost
                                                                                     offs but we barely passed by the Blue      6-2, 6-0, and St. Mary’s No. 3 tandem
                                                                                     Devils with a score of 5-4. Christiana     of Jillian Dougherty and Nina Garib-
                                                                                     Ferrari defeated Ines Guinard 6-3, 6-4     aldi lost on deuce point of the third set
Daniel Valdez                                                                        in No. 1 singles match against Delta       6-1, 3-6, 7-5 to Cat Archer and Valerie
                                          the Masters Tournament the qualifying      Valley Conference champion Davis
  Sports Writer                           Rams shot a combined team score of                                                    Hurst. Nonetheless the Rams made it
                                                                                     (16-2, 8-0 DVC). Lindsey Williams          to section finals and we all like to wish
                                          479 earning ninth place overall. Dur-      won at No. 3 for the Rams (16-3, 10-0
                                          ing this tournament Claire Burke got                                                  them the best of luck in beating St.
         After a spectacular season of                                               Tri-City Athletic League) against Ca-
                                          a hole in one and shot a final score of                                               Francis.
great matches, and superb display of                                                 ron Miller 6-1, 6-2, while teammate
                                          82. Even though this season is ending                                                          On a side note we would like
skill, the Women’s Golf team should
                                          and new sports begin to emerge in the                                                 to acknowledge Christiana Ferrari for
have no regrets. After an undefeated
                                          forefront, the Women’s Golf team per-                                                 winning her second Sac-Joaquin Sec-
regular season, and finishing with a
                                          formed extremely well this year and                                                   tion Division I singles title in four
10-0 TCAL record the Rams went on
                                          has the promises of delivering excel-                                                 years. This is the second title for her,
to play in the Divison 1: South tour-
                                          lence next year as well. With numer-                                                  only one of two that have competed in
nament at Creekside Golf Course in
                                          ous stars ready to return next year, the                                              four section Division 1 Singles Cham-
Modesto. The Rams played well as
                                          Rams are looking not only to perform                                                  pionship Matches. Christiana has had
they normally do finishing third over-
                                          much like they did this year, they are                                                an amazing run during her high school
all and having a team total of 459.
                                          ready to build on this momentum and                                                   years. She has also earned The Re-
Claire Burke finished with a score
                                          take the experience and skill of a great                                              cord’s Girls Tennis Player of the Year
of 80 and Angelica Orino finished
                                          year and turn it into an even greater                                                 three times.
with a final score of 89. Both golfers
                                          year next year so we all should hope                                                           Once again we hope everyone
qualified for the Masters Tournament
                                          that next year they exceed all expecta-                                               comes out to support the Women’s
at The Reserve in Spanos Park, along
                                          tions that we can formulate.                                                          Tennis team as they play for the sec-
with Alexis Maciel and Dylan Wood-
                                                                                                                                tion crown against St. Francis. Best of
bury. In the season ending match of
                                                                                                                                luck to all of our players!!!
Student Art
13 StudentArt

 by Maria Ramirez-Rieschick

                                                   by Leanne Cutler

                              by Alexandra Brink
by Paige Denton-Harvie
    Student Art
14 Student Art

by Wylee Risso

                         by Robert Olagaray

  by Marcus Gilliland   by Tori Case
    Student Art 15
      Student Art
                            Wrong Place Wrong Time
                                               By: Steven Vasquez
I felt the cold marble floor     out my wallet to get out my      start    shooting    hostages,   man      surveyed the room,
under my knees, I could feel     identification and the checks,   After     about    twenty-five   my phone went off; it was a
the sweat running down the       ready for when the teller        minutes the phone rang,          text message from the guys
back of my neck, and my          called, “Next customer.”         the negotiator said SWAT         asking where I was. The
heart was pounding so hard       Little did I know I would not    has been cleared. Then the       timing could not have been
I thought it would explode.      make it to the front of the      leader’s cell phone rang, and    any worse; the noise had
The last sounds I remember       line that day.                   then he was informed by his      drawn the man’s attention
were the click of his gun and            “Everyone down on        contact outside that SWAT        to me. He swiftly came
a lonely gun shot breaking       the ground!” was the next        had only been told to take       towards me and lifted me
the silence.                     thing I heard, people dressed    cover out of sight. The first    off the ground by the front
        This weekend was         all in black wearing masks       demand was to have SWAT          of my shirt and dragged me
going to be great I was going    seemed to appear out of          cleared from the premises;       into the bank lobby.
with a group of old friends to   nowhere. Then I realized the     the negotiator was informed              Thoughts          were
watch our favorite baseball      bank was being robbed and I      that this demand was not met     flashing through my mind so
team play in the playoffs. But   was smack dab in the middle      within the timeline. A bank      fast I could not keep track,
first there were a few errands   with nowhere to go. I stood      executive was dragged out        was my life supposed to flash
that had to be taken care of.    there in utter shock, one of     from the conference room to      before my eyes? Thoughts of
I had made arrangements to       the masked men shoved            the bank lobby and executed      my childhood flashed by, my
have Chase, my black lab,        me down to the ground,           in full view of surrounding      parents do they know I love
spend the weekend at Allen’s     everything appeared to be        crowd. The phone rang            them? Who would take care
Pet Resort. I could not leave    in slow motion and voices        again and the lead robber        of Chase? Random thoughts
him at home alone again, last    sounded muffled.                 calmly answered and in a         of decisions I should have
time he almost ate my couch,             I had unwillingly        deep-menacing voice said         made differently circled in my
remembering the image of         become a hostage and was         to the negotiator,”Do not        head. Would I feel the bullet?
my living room covered in        being herded along with the      lie to me.” He informed          Would I suffer or would it be
foam pieces made me laugh.       rest of the hostages away        the negotiator of the next       like in the movies, quick and
With a quick pat on his head,    from the doors and windows,      request, an uninterrupted        painless? Oh God, I hope it’s
I left Chase with his favorite   into a conference room. The      exit from the bank to the        painless I thought to myself.
toy in the good hands of the     men in black were loud and       Canadian border.                 He quickly shoved me to my
pet resort employees.            rough, at times shoving or               I looked around the      knees in plain view of the
        Last stop would be       hitting people, there were       conference      room,    some    negotiator and surrounding
the bank, I had some out of      women and men crying. The        people were crying, others       public.
state checks that I needed to    bank executives were singled     were in complete silence                 I felt the cold marble
cash for my big weekemd.         out and taken out of the         as if in shock, but all of us    floor under my knees, I
As I walked into the First       room. Sirens could be heard      were in complete terror of       could feel the sweat running
National Bank of Oregon,         in the distance getting louder   what would happen next.          down the back of my neck,
I tried to remeber the last      and louder as the police got     All I could think of was how     and my heart was pounding
time I had been there. Had       closer and closer.               did I get here, what were the    so hard I thought it might
the bank floor always been               It was obvious the       robbers going to do next,        explode. The last thing I
marble? Was the ceiling          bank robbers had done this       and would I get out alive?       saw before I closed my eyes
always vaulted? I made my        before; they seemed to know      The negotiator and the lead      was a slight glint coming
way to the back of the line,     how the police would act,        robber argued back and           from the rooftop across the
which was about fifteen          from the squad cars circling     forth ober his most recent       street, my hopes soared as
people deep and thought to       the front of the bank, to        demand, until informed that      I realized what was causing
myself this is going to take     SWAT being deployed and          it could not be met. The         the glint. But those hopes
hours.                           setup in the buildings across    robber slowly said,” Wrong       were quickly dashed as I
        Much to my surprise      the street, to the hostage       answer,” and hung up the         felt the cold hard metal of
after about ten minutes I        negotiator calling in on         phone.                           the barrel on his gun against
was second in line, I had        the bank line. The leader                One of the masked        my temple. The last sounds I
been distracted by watching      slowly rattled off a list of     men entered the conference       remember were the click of
funny Youtube videos on          demands and stated that if       room;      people     huddled    his gun and a lonely gun shot
my phone. I started to pull      the first demand was not met     together, possibly thinking      breaking the silence.
                                 within 30 minutes, he would      safety in numbers. As the
16 Student Art
    Student Art

 by Nina Garibaldi

                     by Jenaé Ross

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