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    Focus                        “Transforming people for Christ in Ashland, in the world, one person at a time”

Vol. XXXI No. 30                                                                                       July 31, 2011

      Special points of                        Noteworthy News of the Week
•    Wednesday, August
                            ALPHA NEWS:
     3, “Health Fair” and   It’s time to put out the Alpha signs. We really appreciate your help. These
     Covered Dish Salad     signs are our best advertisement. For those who kept your Alpha signs
     Dinner in Ellis Hall   from the last session, please put them in your yards on August 8. For
                            anyone who does not have an Alpha sign but would like to put one in your
      We have an            yard, we will be handing out the yard signs on Sunday, August 7, after both
E-Newsletter that we        services. If you have any questions, please contact Ann Keller at 262-409l.
    send out every
 Wednesday. If you
                                                                               The Standing Rock
would like to receive        CCDC Musical                                   Reservation Mission Team
  it, please give the
 church office your          “Moses and the                                    left early Saturday
    email address.                                                          morning. Please pray for
                            Freedom Fanatics”                                       them daily!
One extra book available
   for sale - $10.00
                              Friday, August 12                             Also pick-up a Standing
    The Language of God                                                     Rock Friends prayer card
    (Summer Book Club)         7:00 PM in the                               from the rectangular table
     FBC Summer                  Sanctuary                                  in the Sanctuary hallway!
     “Calligraphy”           JULY 31 - AUGUST 06, 2011                     Tuesday - 02
   with Laura Ross                                                         6:00 / 8:00 a.m. Men’s Prayer Groups
                            Sunday - 31
    on Wednesday,           8:30 a.m. Worship                              Wednesday - 03
August 10 at 10:00 AM       9:30 a.m. Men’s Retreat Planning               10:00 a.m. “Chimes of Times” Choir
Call the church office to                                                  6:00 p.m. “Health Fair” & Covered
                                       Meeting in Thompson
        sign-up!                                                                      Dish Salad Dinner in Ellis
                            9:45 a.m. Sunday School                                   Hall
Please check to see if      10:45 a.m. Deacon-Led Prayer Time              6:30 p.m. “OK Chorale” Men’s Choir
you have any aprons         11:00 a.m. Worship                                        (#241)
that belong to the          5:00 p.m. “Praise in Motion”                   6:30 p.m. “Standing in Grace”
church’s kitchen! We                   Handbells (#244)                               Women’s Choir (#135)
are missing 3 black         6:00 p.m. Youth Duct Tape Fest                 7:30 p.m. Sanctuary Choir (#135)
and 1 green aprons.         7:00 p.m. Quarterly Business Mtg.              Thursday - 04
                            Monday - 01                                    6:00 p.m. Men’s Horseshoe
              Thank you,    9:30 a.m. Staff Meeting                                  Fellowship
    Christine McClintock
      VOL. XXXI NO. 30                                   THE FOCUS                                                        PAGE 2

A Word From Our Pastor
Quick, fast, short, hot, great,         Nurse, is doing a Health Fair. We           that this is just not a particular political
wonderful, good food, spectacular       begin with a salad covered dish             party issue. If you have feelings about
are all some words that describe our    dinner and then check out our health.       what is happening, write to your
week at the beach. We had a good        See elsewhere in the Focus for the          appropriate representatives. Let
week. Thank you for the time away.      details. Vacation Bible School              Washington know how you are
It was good to be with family and       begins Sunday evening, August 7 at          feeling. But above all, please pray.
friends. I managed to get three books   6:00pm. My thanks to Cynthia                This is a great country and I don’t
read and I recommend all three to       McCreary and Lydia Collins for              want to see it go the way of the Roman
you: The Sixth Man (David               leading this effort. Invite your family,    Empire centuries ago. The Roman
Baldacci), The Pastor (Eugene           neighbors and friends to the                Empire basically imploded. They
Peterson) and Unbroken (Laura           “Pandamania!”                               destroyed themselves. So pray.
Hillenbrand). Baldacci has written at   I ask that you keep in prayer those in      I have always been excited about the
least twenty one books. Eugene          our congregation who are serving this       church. I believe God has more in
Peterson is the writer of the Message   week at the Standing Rock Indian            store for us as the Body of Christ that
version of the Bible. Laura             Reservation in the Dakotas. Pray            has been named “First Baptist Church,
Hillenbrand wrote Seabiscuit. Read      that God will do great things through       Ashland.” We may have to work
all three.                              them and in them. I cannot wait to          harder and better, but we have a good
Good things are coming up in the        hear their reports when they return.        God to share who has given us His
next few days. Our Quarterly                                                        best through Christ. As we prepare for
Business Meeting is tonight at          Let me also ask you to pray for our         a new fall season, “join me with
7:00pm in Ellis Hall. You are           country. We seem to be in a political       excitement” in what God can do.
needed at this meeting. There will be   gridlock that affects not only              Welcome Visitors! Thanks for
a recommendation from our               individuals, but also the world. I          sharing your lives with us. We count it
Missions Committee about a very         cannot pretend to know the answers          a joy and privilege to do God’s work
worthwhile project. Other reports       that are needed to solve all the            together in this place.
will also be given. On Wednesday,       problems. Debt ceiling is beyond my
August 3 Betty Stadnick, our Parish     comprehension. It does seem to me           Robert

Sunday(07/31): Duct Tape Fest, 6:00 - 8:00 PM
July 31 Duct Tape Fest: Attendees should show up with some sort
        of duct tape accessory or outfit. Award prizes for Most creative
        & Most functional. 6:00-8:00 PM

August 07         VBS
       14         Welcome Upcoming Youth Party                                           Items needed for VBS:
       17         Bowling at Hanover Lanes 2:00 - 4:00 PM
       21         Kidnap Gnomes 6:00 - 8:30 PM                                   Multiple Panda Bear Stuffed Animals
       28         Volleyball                                                     (Any Size)
                                                                                 Large Slingshot
Young Adult (ages 18-26)                                                         Empty Paper Towel Rolls
 thEDGE: Every Day God Empowers: Sunday Nights, 8:00 PM                          Wrapping Paper Rolls or Toilet Paper
                           FOOD PANTRY                                           Place items in marked blue tub in
Thank You! A huge thank you to those who went shopping for the                   Commons Area.
Food Pantry. Without your support we could not help a community
in need. This month we have assisted 64 families (the highest month              For further information contact Lydia
to date). To those who give a monetary donation thank you so much                Collins (550-1930) or Jim Townsend
for this allows us to shop for the pantry when stock becomes low. To             (798-9014).
volunteer or any questions, call Carolyn Bivens at 550-3836.
VOL. XXXI NO. 30                                    THE FOCUS                                            PAGE 3

                   Parish Nurse                                                           VBS
The Sunday morning of the             chair massage, education on
Blood Drive 16 people had             heart health, information on
signed up, but the final              organ donations and
total was 33. What a                  teaching the Heimlich
GREAT JOB thanks to all               maneuver will be available.          This year at VBS we will
                                                                           collecting food for the needy
of you. God is good all the           Come out and have a good             instead of money.
time.                                 healthy supper and learn a
                                                                           Please bring the donations as
Wednesday August 3 after              few health tips.                     follows:
the Healthy Salad Supper                                                   Sunday - Canned Meats
we will have a Health Fair.                                                Monday - Green Beans
Checks for blood pressure,                                                 Tuesday - Pasta
                                                                           Wednesday - Spaghetti Sauce
measure body fat, get a                                                    Thursday - Regular Jelly

Grace Sightings . . .
  “We must be relentlessly creative and intentional about taking our faith outside of the church walls .”
                                                                                     - Bill Slater

       CCDC News                       Senior Adult News
Because of the extreme heat,          Wednesday, August 10
                                      Senior Adult Council Meeting at
Water Day had to be cancelled!
                                      2:00 PM
But the children brought their
favorite games to share with          Thursday, August 11
their friends.                        Hill City Chop House at 11:00 AM

Thompson Hall was filled with         Thursday, September 8                Our deepest sympathy and
laughter and fun!                     Quarterly Luncheon                   love to Walter Barlow in the
                                      Thursday, September 22               death of his brother, Paul
            Linda Ficklin, Director   Shirley Plantation Tour              Barlow; AND to George and
                                      Thursday, October 13                 Toni Smith in the death of
                                      Green Valley Book Faire              his brother, Tommy Smith.

STATISTICS: Financial - Budget Requirements - Attendance
Budget Requirements          $ 17,453.00    Memorial Garden          $75.00     WEEKLY ATTENDANCE
Budget Receipts (07/24/11)   $ 13,215.25    Bus Fund (TD)          $7,159.50      Sunday, July 24, 2011
                                            Partnership Missions   $ 100.00
Building Fund (07/24/11)        $ 600.00
                                            World Hunger             $ 50.00
                                                                                     8:30          113
Future Building Fund (TD)      $ 7,029.00                                            11:00         205
                                             2011 Budget Requirements          Sunday School:
Endowment Fund (06/30)          $ 85,508
                                              Needs to Date: $523,590.00             Members       239
Benevolence Fund                 $ 40.00                                             Visitors       10
                                             Gifts to Date: $514,963.67              Total         249
                                                                                 VBS - Pandamania
                                                                            Learn how much God loves you!
 800 Thompson Street                                                        August 7-11 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM
 Ashland, VA 23005                                                          in Ellis Hall
 (804) 798-9014                                                             Snack Supper at 5:30 PM, $1.00
 Fax: 804-798-9043                                                          donation
 Email:                                              Preschool (Age 3) - 6th grade
 Website:                                           Adult Bible Study at 6:00 PM
                                                 The Church Picnic is
                                                 scheduled for              Join FBC and bring a friend.
 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH STAFF                      Saturday, September        Volunteers still needed.
                                                 17 at the Stone’s Farm
 Robert E. Thompson, Pastor                                                 Drop by the VBS table in the
                                                 from Noon to 3:00 PM.
 James F. Townsend, Associate Pastor                                        commons area to register your
 Frederick D. Horn, Minister of Music            More details later!        child for a week of Fun!
                    and Family Life
 Barbara A. Hollowell, Minister of Youth
                       And College Ministry
                                                                         Dear Loving Church Family,
 Betty F. Stadnick, Parish Nurse                                         For more than 40 years, I have
 Linda M. Ficklin, CCDC Director                                         experienced your love, support and
 Joanie L. Tompkins, Administrative Asst.                                prayers through many difficult
 Lisa B. Reckley, Administrative Asst.                                   times. I can never thank you
 Ken R. LeFevre, FOCUS Editor                                            enough!
 Evelyn Castle, Organist                                                               Much love,
 Dack Axselle, Pianist                                                                 Catherine Painter

 Prayer Concerns
OUR MEMBERS: Mike Powell, Kathy Powell, Hazel Worsham, Bill Belcher, Durwood Stone, Jeannie Garris,
Steve Owens, Virginia Thompson, Maxey Slater, Cecile and Cecily Clemons, Carolyn Bivens, Pat Messina,
Barbara Hollowell, Lucille Haley, Margaret J. Caudle, Charles Baltz, Doris Yowell, Bill Chisholm.
FOR OUR RELATIVES         AND FRIENDS: Diane Bush (Tom Ficklin); Jason McCallister and Vonna Lewis (Wendy
Farmer); Larry Martin (Bernie Marsh); Dick McGrew and Buddy Norton (Peggy & Bob Dillard); Andy & Estee
Summers and family (Mick Outten); Fred and Polly Raines (Venetia Redd); Virginia Crisp (Dorothy Busic); Harriet
Bledsoe (Jennifer Thompson); Bob Smiddy; Michael Nelson (Jim & Eleanor Smith); Joyce Draxinger (Geri Gleeson &
John Kuniak); Robert Eggleston (Crystal Hopper); Mike Saettel and Virginia Webster (Hope & Roy Saettel); Betty
Whatman (Sharon Chidsey); Melissa Chapman (Judy Futch); Peggy Perry, Miles Coleman, Donna Martin and
Janice Doughty (Kit Taylor); Tim Lhota (Ezra Marsh); Tommie Beales (Amy Mackay); Aidan McGann (Linda
Bateman); Kendall Brooks (Janice Miller); Aaron Fish (Christine McClintock); Diane Harris-Lewis (Jane
McAlexander); Dan and Julia Miller (Glenn Davis); Rebecca Hall (Carol Norman); Edward Quarles (Harold and
Ellen Brooks); Roger Hartman, Scott Towne and Jennifer Hueston (Randy & Maria Howard); Carroll Harris
(Russell Buchanan); Elke Cremer and family (Ariel Vital); Earl Conkling (Martha Dooley); Allen Miller (Judy
Lingenfelter); Barbara Ann Hendricks and Wade Williams (Ruth Marks); Patty and Lynn Wray (Pamela Stiles);
Linda Platt (Jackie Dougherty); Bobbie Masters (Karen Pennington); Tommy Mayer (Tommy & Brenda Eggleston);
Kelly Kindle & Jack Peoples (Susan Glisson); Charles “Robbie” Robinson (Ken Olive); McCullen Family (Jane
Wait); Dr. Richard Lee (Susan & Keith Robertson); Margaret Oberholtzer and Kevin Cauthorn (Gail Dail); Peggy
Ganoung (Marlene Ward); Paul Pico and Trudy Hutcheson (Kim Hutcheson); Conley and Maxie Booth, Charles
Mabrey, Gracie Mabery and Joe DeLuke (Charolette DeLuke); Kathleen Jennings (Kelly Jones); Stephen Walsh
and Mike Apel (Elaine and John Mallory); Larry Horner (Mark Horner); Lavelle Sheffield (Roy Haley); Jerry
McGraw, Evelyn Smith, and Lee Grant (Pat Ross); Sherri Pollick (Geri Gleeson); Elizabeth Sarna (Kay Rooke); Jim
Hilton (Sara Hilton); Julie Chapman & family and Clara Phillips (Wilma & Travis Edwards); Chanel Hobbs (Tricia
Dalton); Richard Bagby (Jim & Betty Ellis); Vera Lee Leigers (Caroline Jablonski); Scotty and Dottie Scott (Ginger
Collison); Rose Parsley (Joyce Parsley); Karen Snyder (Beth Mallory); Tommy Clemons (Alison Clemons); Our
military personnel and our country.

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