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					                                        Loan Pre-qualification Certificate                                                                                                          Pre-Qual No: MCPRD000000006245630
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Lead ID #:
Certificate Generation Date:                    6/27/2011                                                          Certificate Expiration Date:                              07/27/2011

Customer:               Roget          Farrar

                Congratulations - you have been pre-qualified by Prospect Mortgage, LLC !
                                    Your home financing has been pre-qualified based upon the following loan terms
Purchase Price: $143,000.00                                                                                        Property Type: Detached

Down Payment: $5,005.00                                                                                            Occupancy: Primary

Loan Term: 360 (in months)                                                                                         Payment:
                                                                                                                    X Principal & Interest                                              $791.35
Loan Type:                                        Payment Type:                                                        Interest Only
FHA Loan                                        Fixed Payment
                                                                                                                   If ARM Loan:
            Other                                            Other
                                                                                                                    Index: 0.000                                             Annual Cap: 0.000
                                                                                                                    Margin: 0.000                                            Life Cap: 5.500

Maximum Qualifying                1st Mortgage                         $139,374.00
                                                                                                                   Mortgage Insurance: Yes
Loan Amount:                      2nd Mortgage                         $0.00
                                                                                                                   ** This is the maximum interest rate for which you qualify under the loan program
** Maximum Qualifying Interest Rate:                             5.500%                                            reflected on this Certificate.
The terms of this mortgage loan pre-qualification are SUBJECT TO:
       Final underwriting determination and verification of the information that you have provided to us; includes but is not limited to, an acceptable appraisal and title report, executed purchase /
       sale agreement, and standard closing conditions applicable to the borrower and local community area.
       NOTE: This qualification is contingent upon borrower's ability to obtain and verify acceptable closing funds (i.e. Sourced and seasoned Savings, Down Payment Assistance,
       allowable gift funds and/or Seller paid closing costs.
       If there are any changes to your pre-qualification application information or your credit profile, this certificate may be invalidated.
       ** This is not an interest rate commitment. Interest rates are subject to change until the interest rate has been locked. This Certificate reflects the interest rate currently in effect and not
       necessarily the rate you will pay at closing.
       This Certificate is exclusive of any and all fees and costs incidental to the processing and closing of the transaction.
       "Subject To" A Quality Control review as determined necessary by an Underwriter and/or Processor based upon loan underwriting and/or processing guidelines and policies.

Name:                             Paul Hart NMLS Number: 203610
Branch:                           Prospect Mortgage, LLC 600 Galleria Parkway, 1st Floor, Suite 170, Atlanta, GA                                                                               30339
Contact Info:                     Phone: (404) 444-4003 email:
                         Equal Housing Lender. Prospect Mortgage is located at 15301 Ventura Blvd., Suite D300, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. Prospect Mortgage, LLC is a Delaware limited liability company licensed by the CA Dept. of Corps. under
                         CRMLA and operates with the following licenses: AZ Mortgage Banker License #BK0903027, #BK0909362, #BK0908046, #BK0908050, #BK0908056, BK#0908057, #BK0908058, #BK0908731, BK#0903112, BK#0903912,
                         BK#0906650, BK#0906913; To check the license status of your CO mortgage broker, visit <> ; GA Residential Mortgage License
                         #16984; IL Residential Mortgage Licensee #6424; MA Mortgage Lender/Broker License #MC2011; MS Licensed Mortgage Co.; MT Residential Mortgage Lender Licensee #120; Prospect Mortgage operates under Metrocities
                         Mortgage, LLC in NY and OH. Licensed by the NH Banking Dept.; Licensed Banker-NJ Dept. of Banking and Insurance #9932415; OH Mortgage Broker #MB803629; OR Mortgage Lender Licensee #ML-2006; PA Dept. of
                         Banking license #1740; RI Licensed Lender #20021343LL, Broker #20041643LB; licensed by the VA State Corp. Commission as MC-2195. This is not an offer for extension of credit or a commitment to lend. All loans must satisfy
                         company underwriting guidelines. Information and pricing are subject to change at any time and without notice. This is not an offer to enter into a rate lock agreement under MN law, or any other applicable law.

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