Flow Sheet for Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy For by Lucysiefker


									      Flow Sheet for Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy
             For Children Aged Three Through Grade Twelve
O.T. or P.T. Referral Received   •   O.T. or P.T. Request for Screening form received
                                 •   Referrals can come from SPED team members,
                                     SPED teachers, General Education teachers,
                                     parents, etc.
O.T. or P.T. Screening           •   Therapist makes appointment with teacher and
                                     goes to screen student
                                 •   Therapist may see the student in the classroom
                                     or in other places in the building depending
                                     upon the concern. (Example: playground, in
                                     music class, in the cafeteria, etc.)
                                 •   Therapist should observe student while doing an
                                     activity related to the area of the concern for the
Documentation of the             •   Therapist completes the O.T. or P.T. Screening
Screening                            Report
                                 •   Screening report is distributed to the parent, the
                                     teacher (SPED and/or General Education), the
                                     AEA team representative, the building principal.
                                     Copies can be given to other team members, if
Results of the Screening         •   No therapy recommended or needed
                                 •   Therapist may provide suggested interventions
                                     and/or modifications to be tried with the student
                                 •   A General Education Intervention or GEI may be
General Education Plan or GEI    •   A team writes a General Education Intervention
                                     Plan for student
                                 •   Therapist may design interventions and work
                                     with general education teachers to implement
                                     and monitor those interventions.
                                 •   Data will be collected by the teacher and
                                     reviewed with the therapist.
                                 •   Changes are made to the GEI as needed.
Results of the General           •   Problem is solved—no further intervention or
Education Intervention Plan or       therapy is needed
GEI                              •   Progress has been made—changes may be
                                     needed to the GEI
                                 •   Progress has been made—interventions seem to
                                      be working—team should meet and decide
                                      whether or not an evaluation is needed or not
O.T. or P.T. Evaluation           •   Therapist provides the evaluation using the
                                      RIOT—Review, Interview, Observe, and Test
Documentation of the              •   Therapist completes the O.T. or P.T. Evaluation
Evaluation                            form—copies are provided to the parent and a
                                      copy is kept with the therapist’s file. Copies are
                                      NOT sent to other team members.
                                  •   Therapist will cut and paste pertinent
                                      information from the O.T. or P.T. Evaluation into
                                      the Educational Evaluation Report. Copies of the
                                      EER will be shared with other team members.
O.T. or P.T. Evaluation Results   •   No further therapy is needed or indicated.
                                  •   Therapy is recommended.
                                          o Direct—therapist works directly with the
                                              student (expertise of the therapist is
                                          o Integrative—therapist works with the
                                              student and also works with the teacher
                                              to incorporate interventions into the
                                              student’s program
                                          o Consultative—therapist consults mostly
                                              with the teacher; may see the student to
                                              monitor progress
                                          o Episodic—therapist will be available for
                                              the teacher/student’s needs periodically
                                              throughout the school year; NO GOAL is
                                              needed; Must be less frequent than once
                                              a month
Other Forms of Documentation      •   Therapist will document each visit and contact
                                      on the O.T. or P.T. Progress Note or O.T. or P.T.
                                      Service Record. These are to be kept in the
                                      therapist’s file.
                                  •   COTA Supervision Forms will be completed by
                                      the Occupational Therapist when they provide
                                      supervision for the COTA.
                                  •   At a visit the therapist may document the visit
                                      on the O.T. or P.T. Activity Suggestions form.
                                      Copies are: (1) kept in the therapist’s file, (2)
                                      given to the parent, and/or (3) given to the
                                      teacher. This form can also be used to document
                                      any equipment or material loaned to the
                                      student, family, or classroom.

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