Vicki Chandler Assumes ASPB Presidency October 1 by linxiaoqin


									                                                                                                                             Vo lume 28, Num b er 5
                                                                                                                             Sep tember/ Oct ober 2001

                              Vicki Chandler Assumes ASPB
Inside This Issue
                              Presidency October 1
Dan Bush Elected to Lead

Roger Han gart er to Se rve   Dr. Vicki Chandler is cu r-                                 lab or at or y has investi gat ed th e mech an isms o f t is-
a s Secre tar y; Ad rienne    rently p ro fesso r in th e                                 sue-specific gene reg ulation in plants. Currently both
Clarke Elected t o            Department of Plant Sci-                                    genetic an d bioch emical ap pro ache s are being used
Exec utive Comm ittee         ences , University o f Ari-                                 to det ermine how the regulatory gen es o f th e pa th-
                              zon a . She w as raised in                                  way, which encode transcription fact ors that act ivate
Plant Biology 2001
                              California and earned her                                   the biosynthetic genes, are themselves regulated by
High lig hts
                              bach elor 's degree in bio-                                 tissue-specific and enviro nme nta l signa ls. Mutant
                              chemistry at th e Unive r-                                  screens have identified at least one pr eviously un-
                              sity of Ca lifornia a t Ber-                                know n regul ato r of th e pathway and ide ntified pu-
                              kele y in 1978 . She re-                                    tative ca ndida te genes that regulate th e kno wn tran-
                              ceived her Ph.D . in bioch emistry in 1983 from the         script ion factors. An other maj or ongoing effort is to
                              Univ ersity of Ca liforn ia, San Franc isco. From 1983      use both forward a nd reverse genetic a pp roa ches to
                              to 1985 she wa s a N ati on al Science Foundation Plant     identify genes involved in chrom atin-level gen e regu-
                              postdoctoral fellow in th e la bora tory of Virginia        lation and determ ine how th ey modulat e transposon
                              Walb ot in the Department o f Biological Sciences at        activity and gene silencing. Using a genetic screen,
                              Stanfor d Uni versity. From 1985 to 1997 she mo ved         Vicki's lab oratory h as isolated mutation s in seve ra l
                              through the professorial ranks in th e Department of        genes th at affect multiple epigenetic ph enomena, such
                              Biolo gy and th e Institute o f Molecul ar Biolog y a t     as pararnutati on and transposon and tr ansgen e si-
                              the Un iversit y of O rego n in Eugen e. In 1997, she       lencing. Current exp eriments are to clon e th ese gen es
                              moved to the Dep artment o f Plant Sciences at the          an d determine how th ey are involved in chromatin-
                              University o f Arizona in Tuc son , w here she is a full    level gen e co nt ro l.
                              professor. She is also a memb er of th e Interdiscipli-       At the University of Oregon , Vicki tau ght intro-
                              nary Pro gram in Genetics and has a joint ap point-         du ctory geneti cs and biochem istry lectu re and la b
                              ment in th e M olecul ar Cell Biology Department at         co urs es to biology major s, as well as adva nced-level
                              U-AZ.                                                       und ergraduat e courses in gen etics and m olecular ge-
                                Vicki 's research focuses on gen e reg ula tio n in       net ics. At th e Univ ersity of Arizona, sh e has been
                              plants, using th e a nt hocya nin biosynth etic pathway     teach ing a gra d ua te-level course in genet ics for th e
                              in mai ze as a mod el system . In addition, she uses the    M olecular Cell Biolo gy Department and an advanced
                              easily assayed ph enotypes o f the anthocyanin genes        genetics course for plan t sciences grad ua te stude nts.
                              to study regul ati on of transposabl e element s and gene   She ha s served on nu merous comp etitive gr ant pan-
                              silencing mech an isms in plan ts. Vicki 's early work      els, includ ing the NSF Plant Biology Postdoctoral
                              on th e ep igenetic co ntro l of Mutato r transposa ble     Fellowshi p Panel; th e DOE Adv isor y Pan el Member
                              elem ents dem on st rated a stro ng co rre la tio n w ith
                              transp oson silencing and DNA methylation. Her                                                     c ontinued on pag e 3
                                                President                                            Vicki L Chandler                                  520-676-8725
Cha nd ler Assumes Presid ency
                                                Presid ent- Ele ct                                   Dan iel R. Bush                                   217-333-6109

President' s Letter                             Im m e diate Past Pre sid ent                        Dan iel J. Cosgrove                               814-863-3892
                                                Sec ret ary                                          Roger Hangarter                                   812-855-5456
New Officers
                                                Tre asure r                                          Ma rk R. Brodl                                    210-999-7246

History o f Agricul tu re Film Debuts           C ha ir, Board o fT ruste es                         Ken Keegstra                                      517-353-7874
                                                C ha ir, Publication s Com m ittee                   Krishna K. Niyogi                                 510-643-6602
Plant Biolog y 2001
                                                Cha ir, Women in Plan t Bio lo g y Com m ittee       Elizabeth Hood                                    979-690-8537

Researc hers Ma ke Key Plant Geno me            Minority AffairsCom mittee                           Robert Vellanoweth                                323-343-2148

Public on the Internet                          Ed uc aton Com mitt e e                              Eric Davies                                       9 19-515-2727
                                                Ele cted Members                                     Rebecca S. Boston                                919-515-2727
G M Cro ps & Food s Wo rksho p on                                                                    Joe Chappell                                     606-257-4624
Vid eo                                                                                               Adrienne E. Clarke                             +61-38-344-5043
                                                Sec tio na l Rep re sentative s
Bio ethic s                                           Mid w e stern                                  Steven Rode rmel                                  515-294-8890
                                                      No rtheaste rn                                 Carol Reiss                                       40 1-863-3075
Grad Student Perspec tives                            South e rn                                     Joyce G. Foster                                   304-256-2809
                                                      Washington , DC                                Janet P. Slavin                                   301-504-5629
Perspectives From Ind ustry                           Western                                        Dina Mandoli                                      206-543-4335

Tol o s
                                                Exec utive director                                  John Lisack, Jr., ext. 115                     jlisack@asp b ,org
                                                Exec utive assistant                                 Donna Gordon, ext, 131                     d g ordon@aspb ,org
July Exec utive Co mmittee Meeting
                                                Direc tor of fina nc e and administratio n           Susan K. Chambers, ext. 111               c ha
New Sta ff                                      Ac c o unta nt                                       Sondra A. Giancoll, ext . 140                gia
                                                Network administra to r                              Burton Nicodemus, ext. 146                     b urton@a
 Bio chemistry & M olec ular Biolog y o f       Webmaste r                                           Wendy Salhi, ext. 123                       we
 Plants: One Year Lat e r                       Membership and ma rketing ma na ge r                 Kelley Noone, ext, 142                      knoo ne@aspb .org
                                                Subsc riptio n an d fulfillment assista nt           Mary Bush, ext, 141                                    o
                                                                                                                                               rno rvbushes sp b .oro
 Pub lic Affairs                                Ac counts receiva ble specia list                    Stephanie Liu-Kuan, ext. 143                      sliu@asp b .o rg
                                                Accounts pa ya b le specialist                       Stefanie Shamer, ext . 144                   shamer@aspb ,org
 Educ a tion Forum
                                                Ad ministrat ive assistant                           Carolyn Freed, ext , 122                     cfreed @asp b .o rg
                                                Direc tor o f p ub lic a ffa irs                     Brian M. Hyps, ext. 114                       bh yps@a sp b ,o rg
Gath e ring s
                                                Edu c ati on Fou nd ati on direc to r                Robin Lempert, ext. 110                    rlem p ert@aspb .org
Jobs                                                               s
                                                Fo und a tion assi ta nt                             Paula Brooks, ext. 11 6                       paula @aspb .org
                                                Director of p ub lic a tions                         Nancy A. Winchester , ext. 117             nan c yw @asp b .org
                                                Publicatio ns assista nt                             Sylvia Braxton Lee, ext. 133               sbrax to n@aspb.o rg
 Deadline for January/February 2002             Managing editor. Pla nt Ph ysiology                  Melissa Junior, ext. 118                    mjunior@asp b .o rg
 ASPB News: December 10, 2001                   Scie nc e writer, Plant Ph ysioiogy                  Peter Minorsky, 914-437-7438            pe minorsky@aspb.o rg
                                                Produ ction man a ger, Pia nt Physiolog y            Lauren A. Ransome, ext, 130                lronsorneesosp b .o rq
                                                Manuscript coordina tor. Pia nt Physiology           Leslie Malone, ext. 124                          leslie@asp b ,org
                                                Manuscript coord ina to r, Pla nt Physiology         Leslie Csikos, ext. 125                        ic
                                                Ma na gin g ed itor, The Plo nt Ce ll                Beth Staehle, ext. 121                         be ths@asp b.o rg
                                                News a nd reviews edit or. The Pla nt Cell           Nancy Eckardt , 970-495-9918               neckardt @a spb .org
                                                Production ma nager, T Pian t Ce ll
                                                                       he                            Jennifer Fleet, ext. 119                       jftee t@aspb .org
                                                senior man uscript coord ina tor, T Plan t Cell
                                                                                   he                Annette Kessler, ext. 120                   a kessler@aspb,org

                                                                                        A SPB Ne ws is d istrib ute d t o a ll ASPB me m b e rs an d is p ub lished six
                                                                                        tim e s a nn ua lly, in odd-num b e re d m on ths, It is edite d a nd p repare d
                                                                                        by ASPB staff from mate ria l p rovided b y ASPB me m b e rs and o the r
                                                                                        Int ere sted parties.
                                            He a d q uart ers O ffice
                                                                                        Cop y d eadline is th e 10th day o f th e preceding even-nu mbered
                                            15501 M o nona Drive
                                                                                        m on th (for example, De c e mbe r 10 fo r January/ February publication).
                                            Roc kville, MD 20855-2768 USA
                                                                                        Subm it copy by e-ma il wheneve r p ossible; su b m it a ll other copy b y
                                            Pho ne: 301-251-0560                        m ail. not by fax.
                                            Fa x: 301-279-2996
                                                                                        Contact : Nancy A. Winc he ste r, Ed it o r, ASPB News, 15501 Mo non a
                                                                                        Drive, Ro c kville, MD 20855-2768 USA; e -m a il nancyw @a sp b .o rg: tele-
                                                                                        ph o ne 30 1·251-0560, ext , 117,
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                                                        President's Letter
Biological Energ y Research Program; NSF Eu-
karyotic Gen etics Panel Membe r; NIH Spe-              Old and New Challenges
cial Reviewer Genetics Stud y Section and
M ol ecular Cy to logy Stud y Sections, NIH
Stud y Section Gen etic Training Grants; NSF            T his is my last letter as ASPB president, so I'll   app ear to be furth er eco terro rist vandalism
N ati onal Youn g Investigat or Panel; USDA             take some mo men ts to review the pas t yea r        an d arson of plant biology lab orat ories. As
Plant Genetic M echanisms panel ; and the NSF           and consider future challenges for the Soci-         far as I know, no iJl effects of Sta rlink corn
Wat erman Award Committee . Vicki wa s a p-             ety. ASPB's miss ion is to foster the grow th        ha ve been reported (other tha n economic),
pointed this year to the NSF Biologica l Di-            and development o f plant biology, and th is         and the sca re a bo ut Bt co rn wi ping o ut th e
rect orate Ad visory Com mittee. She is cur-            has trad ition ally been don e via its pub lica-     M onarch butterfly was diminished by new
rently serving on the editorial boa rds of Plant        tions and ann ual meeti ng. These continu e to       studies. Still, fears a bout this technology con-
Physiology and Ge netics. She has been activ e          be maj or, successful act ivities of the Society,    tinue to ru n high in som e sectors of o ur na-
in several societ ies a nd wa s elected to ser ve       but we are a lso ex pa ndi ng in va rious o ther     tion as well as ab roa d. In a moving speech at
on the Gen etic s Society board of dir ect ors          wa ys to serve the gro wing comm unity of plant      the ASPB annu al meeting, In go Potrykus
from 1995 to 1997. She is currently on the              biologists. Th ese new effor ts include spon sor-    spoke a bout his ex periences deali ng with anti -
boa rd of dir ecto rs for the Intern ati onal Soci-     ship of undergraduate research opportun ities        GM O gro ups and em phasized the need for
ety of Plant M olecul ar Biolo gy. In 1994, Vick i      and a new meeting on plant gene tics, increased      scientis ts to tak e an ac t ive a nd in formed
chaire d the Plan t Molecul ar Biology Go rd on         outr eac h to the publi c via ASPB Edu cat ion       stance on th is issue. It is also pru dent tha t we
Co nfer ence and co -founded and co-chaired             Foundatio n activities (including an ho ur-lon g     keep a watchful eye fo r unanticipat ed conse-
the Epigenetics Go rdon Conference in 1995 .            film on agriculture and genetic engi neering),       que nces o f depl oying th is tech nology. Th e
She is o n the boa rd of tru stees for the Gor-         a new pa rtn ershi p w ith a co mmer cia l pu b-     ASPB Pu blic Affairs Co mmittee has been ex-
don Research Co nferences (1997-2003) and               lish er for future plant biology textbooks and       tremely ac tive in worki ng to present a sci-
is curre nt ly chai r of the board. H er awa rd s       monograph s (th e details are just now being         ence-based view of th e GM O issue, as well
include 198 3- 85, NSF Pl ant Biology                   finalized), an d more acti ve engagement of the      as in keep ing a watch ful eye on funding for
Postdoctora l Fellows hip; 1985-90, Presiden-           Society wi th Congress and fundi ng agencies         plant bio logy.
tial Youn g In vest igator Awa rd Recipient;            to help shape publ ic policy and prom ot e plant        Earlier this year I challenged yo u to think
1988-91, Searl e Schola r Awa r d Recipient;            biology research. We have negotiated mem-            about th e greatest succes ses and grea test fu-
and 1991-96, N SF Faculty Award for Wom en              bership discounts for elect ronic access to T he     ture cha Jlenges fo r ou r field of study. In the
Scient ists and Enginee rs.                             Plant Jou rnal. Our web site has been grea tly       end I rece ived a bo ut a d oz en repli es. N ot
   Vicki's vision for 2002 ? "One of the most           enha nced, thanks to new staff memb er Wendy         grea t, in a memb ership of nearly 6,000 . In
important rol es for our Society is to mak e an         Sahli, and we hope to bring you enhanced             case you are inte reste d, some of th e nomina-
impact on human resources by pro moting edu-            services th rou gh the we b site. Electronic bal-    tio ns for great (past ) successes include the
cation, mentori ng, and diversit y. A second area       loti ng was implemented th is year, and we've        mech an ism of ph ot osynth esis; the disco ver-
in whi ch o ur or gani zati on really makes a di f-     mad e grea t use o f the we b to have publ ic dis-   ies o f ph yt o ch r o me , h orm o n es, and
fere nce is throu gh p ub lic outreach. My goal is      cuss ions of important issu es, such as th e         ph ot ot ropi n; and the identity (T-DNA) of the
to continue exp anding our programs in these            change of the name of the Society. As I w rite ,     tum or-inducing principle of crown ga ll. Most
areas during the co ming year."                  \'~    we are plan n ing to ope n pub lic discu ssion on    respon dents focused on the (future) unsol ved
                                                        an issue that N at asha Raih kel, the edi tor-in-    p robl ems, and there was rath er little consen-
                                                        chief of Plant Physiology, has brought to the        sus on wh at the se arc . Some of th e nomina-
                                                        fore, namely th e name of this key journal. Thi s    tions included mech ani sms of cell differen-
 Corrections                                            issue is one in which the voices of th e mem-        tia tion , de d ifferent ia tion, a nd totipot enc y
                                                        bership , who ult imat ely own the journal, need     (this area go t the largest number of nom ina-
 Inthe article ''Three ASPB Members Elected to Na-
 tional Academy of Sc  iences" intheJuly/August 2001    to be heard , and full opportunities to hear all     tio ns, wh ich perhaps says som eth ing a bo ut
 issue of the ASPB News, we mistakenly nicknamed        sides will be possible via a web discu ssion         futur e d irections of resea rch by mem bers); the
 Clark Lagarias "Chuck" Lagarias. We apologize for      page. A me mbership d rive is curr ently und er      roles of secondary meta bolites; the regulation
 the error.
                                                        way, and I ask you to help us increase our           of cellulose asse mbly and secre tion of o ther
 In ''The Bioethics Imperative II" (July/August 2001,   memb ership so we ca n more effectively serve        extrac ellular biop olymers; late ral gene tr ans-
 page 12), the author didnot intend toimply that The    the plant biolog y community.                        fer; plant tolerance to envir onmenta l stresses
 Greens were an ecoterrorist group. The sentence           The public debate on genetically modifi ed        (especially co ld and freezing); the evo lution-
 shouldhave read".. .our interactionswith thepublic,
 especially The Greens and ecoterroristgroups."         p lants cont inu ed thi s year, fue led by t he
                                                        Starlin k corn debacle and agg rav ated by wh at                                   continued on page 4

                                                                                                                                 ASPS News. Vol. 28. NO.5· 3
Plant Biology 2001 . Crossing Borders with Knowledge
More than 1,400 att endees congrega ted at the           customiza tio n of a persona l meeti ng agenda.         Featured Luncheons and Speakers
Rhode Isla nd Co nvent io n Ce nter in Provi-            T hose who traveled to Providence received a            Th e con fe r e n ce al so fea t ur ed two w ell -
dence for Pla nt Biology 2001. This even t wa s          complete abstrac t s upplement and printed              received lunch eon pro grams. On Sunday, the
the q ua d rennia l jo int a nnua l meetings o f th e    progra m .                                              Co mmi ttee o n Minority Affairs sponsored a
America n Society o f Plant Biologists a nd th e                                                                 lu nch eon featu r in g Dr. C. S. Prak ash of
Ca nadian Socie ty of Plant Physi o logists. At -        Exclusive Afternoon and Evening Poster                  Tu skegee University. D r. Pra kas h's topic was
tendees enj o yed N ew Engla nd 's cha rm and            and Exhibit Sessions                                    " Bridging the Geneti c Divide : How Can Bio-
warm , sunny weather and part icipated in nu -           The for mat for Pla nt Biology 20 01 was mo d-          techn ology Serve th e Poor ?" The Wo men in
merou s scientific a nd soc ial events. Here a re        eled af ter the mo re dy na mic meeting sched -         Pla nt Bio logy Co mm ittee spo nso re d a lu n-
a few o f th e highlight s!                              ule th at de buted tw o yea rs ago and featured         cheo n o n M onda y th at fea ture d Dr. N an cy
                                                         18 mi nisyrnposi a. These minisym posia were            H o pkins of M IT. Dr. Ho pkins's p resen tat io n
Six Major Symposia Are Cornerstone of                    se lec ted by th e Progra m Committee fro m             w as title d "A Repo rt on the Status of Wo men
Meeting                                                  among the su bmi tted a bstracts, sugges tions          Fac ulty a t MIT Lead s to N ew Initiatives for
Sure ly a major hig hlight of Plant Biology 2001         fro m th e membersh ip , a nd hot to pics. In ad-       Faculty Diversity."
were th e six symposia focusing o n suc h d i-           di tio n, more th an 1,000 ASPB a nd CS PP
vers e ar eas as Me taboli te Signali ng a nd Gen e      pos ters we re on display in th e ex hibi t hall        Earlier Time and Spotlight for Awards
Regulatio n (ch aired by Jen Sheen), Intracellu-         fo r four full d a ys. An exclusive fo ur -ho ur        Symposium and Ceremony
la r Comm un ic ati on (c haired by Dann y               pos ter and ex hibi t sessio n featuri ng free beer     T he ASPB Awards Symposium and Ceremony
Schne ll), Pla nt Phsy iology 75 11> Ann iversa ry       an d snac ks was held o n Sunday af ternoon             w a s h ig h li g h te d a s t he openin g even t
Sym pos ium-2000 a nd Beyon d : Breaking th e            an d aga in M onda y even ing                           Sa t ur day a fte rnoon . ASPB Pr esid ent Da n
Mold (cha ired by Na tasha Raik he l), Strat e-                                                                  Cosgrove a nno unced th e 20 0 1 a ward wi n-
gies and M ech anisms for th e Develo pment of           Variety of Workshops                                    ners, an d CSPP President Grego ry Taylor
Pa tte rn (ch aired by Kath y Barton) , Signal           Plant Biology 2001 featured wo rk shops in              spo tl ighted the CSPP winners. T he ASPB
Tra nsd uc tio n M echa n isms in Pla nt Defense         seve ra l stra tegic areas . The Commi ttee on          H al es Pr ize Symp osium , "Envi ro n m ental
Ac tiv a tio ns (c hai re d by Andrew Ben t a nd         Pub lic Affairs sponso red o ne o n Saturday en-        Con tro l o f Plan t Growth as M ed ia ted by
Mic hele H eat h), a nd Ge ne Silencing (chai red        titled "P erspect ives of Science Leaders. " This       Hormo nes, " was given by Dr. Jan Zeevaart
by Dan Cosgro ve).                                       sess io n was very well attended a nd featured          of M ichi gan Stat e Univers ity.
                                                         the distinguish ed Dr. Ingo Potryku s, whose
Education Foundation Documentary                         lead ing research on gol den rice offers the            Plant Biology 2001 Undergraduate
Film Premiere                                            pro m ise of pr eventing blindness a nd dea ths         Networking Pre-Mixer/Poster Session
Plant Biology 2001 att endees were a mo ng the           for m illi on s in deve lo p ing n at ion s. Dr.
very first to see ASPB's new documentary film            Po try k us was also awa rded th e 2001 ASPB            This event wa s spo nso red by the ASPB M em -
on the his to ry of ag r iculture . T his film w as      Lea dership in Science Public Service Award.            bership Comm ittee an d was free for a ll un-
sponso red by the ASPB Educa tion Fo un da-                Two specia l careers w orks ho ps targeted to         dergrad uat e attendees. M any of th e parti ci-
tion. Foundat ion chai r Bob Go ldberg elabo-            pos tdoctora l associa tes an d gra d ua te stude nts   pants bro ught th eir pos ters and were ab le to
rated o n th e film's co nce pt, productio n, and        took place Mo nday eve n ing . T hese work-             network informall y with each o the r to get a
pur pose. See the Jan uarylFe bruary 2001 (pa ge         sho ps were organized by th e Wom en in Plant           broad or ienta tio n o n how to get th e most o ut
4 ), the Ma rch/A pril 2001 (page 3), and th e           Biology Committee. The participants chose               of Plant Biology 2001 . T his is the seco nd year
c urrent issu e (page 5) of the newsletter fo r          betwee n "Where Are the Jobs ?" an d "Sur-              fo r this event , wh ich has proved to be very
more ab out th e film .                                  viva l Skills." Bot h works ho ps wer e very we ll      wort hw hile for new atten dees.
                                                         attende d .
Online Abstracts, Schedule, and Program                    T he Educat ion Workshop w as also held               Exhibits and Internet Cafe
T h e electro nic s ubm issio n of abs tracts once       Mond ay evening. Spo nso red by the ASPB
aga in m ad e it poss ible for th e abs tra cts and      Educa tio n Commi ttee, it wa s led by Bob              An excellent selectio n of ex hibito rs presented
progra m schedu le to be avai lable in a full y          Beckma nn, Bota ny De pa rtme nt, North Caro-           th eir prod ucts and services to all atten dees in
searcha ble a nd print a ble PDF fo rmat acces-          lina Sta te Uni versity, w hose prese nta tio n         th e exhibi t hall fo r three da ys. Attend ees and
si ble through ASPB's web page seve ra l mo nths         focuse d on th e cons truction of a Teach ing           ex hibitors continued to enjoy the format th at
before the mee ting . Many atten dees used thi s         Portfolio (see page 24 of this issu e).                 fea ture d a n exclu sive af tern oon and even ing
fea t u r e , w h ic h a ll o w s th e crea t io n and

6 • ASPB New s, Vol . 28, NO. 5
of exhibits and posters. An Internet Ca fe was     Plant Biology 2002
also available in the exhibit hall for attend-     T his stimulat ing and enjoyable meeting is now
ee s to chec k their e-mail thr ough out the       behind us, and the Program Co mmittee is a l-
meeting.                                           ready immersed in planning Plant Biol ogy
                                                   2002, which will be held August 3-7, 2002,
Special Functions                                  at th e Adams M ark Hotel in Denver, Colo-
Other functi on s at the meeting included the      rad o. We look forward to an interesting week
Small Colleges/Pr imarily Undergradu ate In-       of science and other diversion s at the ga te-
stitutions Break fast, whi ch enjoyed a success-   way to the Ro cky Mountains! Mark your cal-
ful turnout and discussion early on Sunday         enda rs and wat ch the ASPB News and the
morning; th e Plant Runne rs Stampede 5k and       Society 's web site for furth er details! \(~
10k Fun Run on Tuesday morning; and the
New En gland Clamba ke Tuesday even ing                                                Dan Bush
with live mu sic and plent y of good food and           ASPB Secretary and Program Ch air
                                                                Susan Chambers Rosenberry
libation s. Att endees dan ced the night away!
                                                    ASPB Program Co mmitt e e Sta ff Liaison         ASPS president Dan Cosg rove .

    Ma chi Dilworth and Govind C . Sharma at NSF-USDA-DOE exhibit                           CSPP p reside nt Gregory Taylor ,

                      ASPS Leadership in                                    ASPS sta ff members Kelley Noone an d Donn a Gord on a t
                      Science Public Service                                th e regi stration b ooth,
                      Award recipient Ingo
                      Potrvkus,                                                                         (m ore pictures o n pages 8 a nd 9)

                                                                                                                        ASPS News, Vol. 28, No. 5· 7
                                                    Plant Biology 2001 !

          Jan Zeevaart p resenting the Hales
          Prize Sympos ium .                                   Bran d on Stilb, Ro bert Grebenok, Da vid Koetje, and Gary Kuleck
                                                               a t the ASPB Education Booth.

                                                                            Pamela Weat hers (left) a nd Karen Hic ks (cente r) with
                                                                            incoming presiden t Vic ki Chandler.

ASPB sta ff me mbers Lauren Ransome, Melissa Junior,
Jennifer Fleet. a nd Beth Staehle at the Publications Booth.

    A busy ASPB Pub lica tions Booth.                                       Kristen M. Briggs, Am y Butler. Amy Helms, and Jill
                                                                            Mon tgomery with the ir poster "Undergraduate Experienc e
                                                                            w ith the Scientific Method ."
Researchers Make Key Plant Genome Public on the Internet

The follow ing is a press release from th e Uni-        orga nism a lso serves as a useful too l to st udy       Dr. Mayn ard O lson, prof essor o f medi cine
versity of Washingt on.                                 a n um ber of infectio us human dise ases in             and genetics, and his researchers at the Uni-
                                                        w hich the incitin g o rgan ism injects mat erial        versity of Was hington Ge no me Ce nte r; re-
Resear chers a t the University o f Washin gton         into a cell. O n a practic al side, Agrob act eri um     sea rchers fro m Du Pon t and its su bsidiar y,
School of Medicine, DuP ont, and the Univer-            is a basic tool for genetic engineeri ng of food -       Pioneer, w ho hav e a lar ge seq uencing fac il-
sity of Ca mpinas in Brazi l, with partial fund-        stuffs to produce crops that are mor e nutri-            ity; and the Brazil gro up, w ho had pre viously
ing from th e N at ional Science Foundation,            tiou s; less allergenic; and disease-, insect-, sa lt,   determined the sequence o f another org an-
have seque nced the geno me o f an important            and co ld-res istant, and Ith at display1a wh ole        ism impo rta nt to agr iculture . Th e geno me of
organism, Agro bac teri um, and made it freely          host of ot her pro mising traits.                        Agrobacterium is com plex, containing a to-
availabl e on the Internet. This informatio n is           The seq uencing of the bacterial geno me will         tal of mo re than 5.67 mill ion base pairs.
ava ila ble a t           provide insights into the uniqu e propert ies of            The UW re sea rchers sa y th at fro m a
Agrobacterium has the unique property o f               this organism, w h ich ena ble it to undertake           broader perspective, this work is part of an
inse rting sma ll pieces o f gene tic mat erial int o   the gene tic engineer ing of its host ce lls. Th is      ongoi ng seco nd Green Revolution in agric ul-
a plant , an im al, or fun gal cell th at it co lo-     work is th e culmination o f alm ost two de-              tu re. They say thi s revolutio n hold s the prom-
nizes. Th e bacterium ha s had great util ity in        cades of wor k at th e University o f Washi ng-           ise of meet ing the needs of an increasing world
mo lecular studies of bota ny, and has enabled          ton by a gro up of micr ob iologists includ ing           population-at a time w hen water, agri cul-
scientists to study the effects of plant genes          D r. Eugene Nester, Dr. Milt on Go rdon, and              tu ral land, and fo rests ar e becoming increas-
on vario us pro pe rt ies of plants such as gro wth     Dr. M ar y-Dell C h ilto n. Th e scale o f th e           ingly scarce.                                    ~~
ra te, matu ration, flower co lor, and yield. The       project was so large that the tea m included

                                                 More Pictures from Plant Biology 2001 !

  Henri Ba toko : Best Pape r Aw ard                    Thom as Girke: Best Paper
  Winner. The Pla nt Cell                               Award Winne r, Pla nt
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                                                                                                                                      ASPB News, Vol. 28, No, 5 • 9
Genetically Modified Crops & Foods Workshop Now on Video

With support from the ASPB Ed ucation Foun-         Berkeley, Department of Plan t and Microbial          abl e in eith er vi d e ocas set t e o r C D
dation, M aarten Chrisp eels, of the University     Biology, and chair of the ASPB Co mmittee             (Rea IMe dia) fo rm at to ASPB memb ers (one
of Ca liforn ia San Diego (UCSD), Division of       on Publi c Affair s; Carl Wint er, director, Uni-     free cop y per member; ex tra cop ies or no n-
Biology, condu cted an "outreac h wo rks ho p "     versity of C a liforni a Foodsa fe Progr am;          ASPB mem bers, $10 eac h). You may e-ma il
th at w as recorded as pa rt of UCSD-TV's           J oanne Chory, Salk Inst itut e for Biologica l       your re q ues t t o Paul a Brooks a t
" Frontier s of Knowledge" ser ies. The goa l of    Studies; M artin Yanofsky, Univer sity of Cali-       paul a@aspb .o rg or wri te to Pa ula Brook s,
the workshop, held Februa ry 2, 200 1, was to       forn ia San Diego, Division o f Bio logy; and         ASPB, 15 501 Mono na Drive, Rockville, M D
explain where aca demic scient ists st and on       Maarten Chrispee ls, director, San Diego Ce n-        20855-2768 USA (allow tw o to th ree wee ks
the issues surro unding genet ica lly modified      ter for Mo lecula r Agriculture at UCSD.              for shipping). Please specify the form at you
(GM ) foods. Th e workshop was first air ed            T his film is aime d at the no n-scient ists who   prefer. Th e CD for ma t co mes on one disk for
on local ca ble television in San Diego on July     wants to know the basics of GM foo ds: their          individualiz ed viewing on a com puter (in con-
4, 20 01, in a two -hour-l on g format.             histor y, their ap plication to the U.S. farming      densed form). You can view a segmen t of th is
  T he res ul ti ng film from th is w or ksh op,    ind ustr y, co ns umers' attit udes to ward con-      fil m by visi ti ng th e ASPB we b site a t
"Genetica lly Modified Crops & Foods," is           sumption, imp act on malnutrition in devel-           www.aspb. org.
an excellent reso urce for underst an din g the     oping nation s, and so me o f the mor al and              For mor e informati on a bo ut setti ng up the
cu rrent issues invol ving GM foods. Th e ex-       environmen tal issues cur rently under deb at e.      workshop, see the ar ticle" ASPP M em bers
perts expla in, in simp le ter ms an d with clear   It is a lso helpful for those ASPB mem bers wh o      Organi ze Worksho p fo r Pr ess, Legi slative
exam ples, the h ist o ry and p rogression of       wo uld like to plan a simila r works hop .            Aides o n GM Cro ps" in the M arch/April
mod ified foo ds . Presenters incl ude Peggy            A limit ed nu m ber of single cop ies of " Ge-    200 ] issue of the ASPP New s (vol. 28, no . 2,
Lema ux, fro m the Unive rsity of Ca lifornia at    netically M odified Crops & Foo ds" is avail-         p. 7).                                           ~~

                                                     A Special Collection of Articles from The Plant Cell
                                                     September 1999-January 2001

                                                     Plant Genomics:
                                                     Etnerging Tools
                                     A     s we enter the new millennium,
                                           the age of genomics is in full swing.
                                     Much more than the study of individual
                                                                                            approaches specially written for the plant
                                                                                            science community. Th ese articl es, togeth-
                                                                                            er with a numb er of research paper s on
                                     genes and their functions, genomics                    plant genomics published during this peri-
                                     implies the study of the interacting net-              od, have been bound into a volume called
                                     works of genes, proteins, and metabolites              Plant Genomics: Emerging Tools. This com-
                                     that make up a whole organi sm. Large-                 pilation provides read ers interested in the
                                     scale genom e sequ encing projects form                applications of genomic s to plant science
                                     the base of all genomics studi es, but radi-           with a single resource covering the most
                                     ating out from this base is a host of other            recent developments in this emerging field.
                                     tools that allow us to figure out the biolo-
                                     gy that is governed by DNA sequence.                   Plant Genomics: Emerging Tools
                                        Between September 1999 and January                  ISBN 0-943088-42-9. Item 30044. Price $25.00
                                     2001, The Plant Cell publish ed a serie s of           For ordering information go to
                                     articles on genomics technologies and                  www.a

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The Bioethics Imperative III

       Scenario : You meet a woman in a gro -       tions in her food sou rces, possible mutations               "So, you seen Ellen, thes e are no t simple
       cery store holding a new baby. You ad-       in her own body an d in that of her child ?! I             choices, even for me" I wound up sa ying.
       mire th e bab y. You cha t a while a nd      stood there lo okin g at the co rn in her bask et,           "Oh we ll, I trust yo u," she sm iled . " You
       she as ks what yo u do. She th en co n-      thi n k ing th at over h al f th is geno me a re           chose for me."
       fides that she is wo rried about the ef-     transposons, virus es th at can cau se mutations             Inwardly, I groaned . The clerk wa s wai t-
       fects of genetically modifi ed or ga nisms   and ca ncer !                                              ing for me to choose what thi s wo man and
       on her child 's health. She as ks yo u, as     I tal ked to myself. "Okay, Din a , think out            ch ild are going to eat. In th e end, the mother
       a scientist, to remove a II th e food from   th e o ptions." O pt ion 1: I initiate a long con -        and bab y left happy, and I scooted home w ith
       her basket that h as been gen etically       vers ation that mu st not turn into a lecture              a sigh of relief.
       m odi fied. Oh, and please take out any-     lest I be dismissed as a sno b and lose my au-               Later on, I reflected on the co re of the prob-
       thin g tha t contains a muta tio n, too.     dience . O ption 2: I trivialize th e pro cess and         lem : Societal evol ution ha s not kep t pace with
Unfo rtu nat ely, this scenario happened to         say, "Trrrr ust me, H y'm a scientist." Wh ere             tec hno logical cha nge. These things hav e been
me....                                              the perils of the for mer are evid ent, th e ethics        "rnokita " for too long . The result? We have
  My mind raced as I broke into a sq uirmy          of th e latter are dub iou s.                              a long way to go before student s in clas s no
sweat, and I thought to myself: In which cen-         As I wove my way th rough th e conv ersa-                lo nger ask, " If I ea t corn w it h all th os e
tur y did mank ind begin to modify food ? Do I      tion abo ut foo d a nd ge nes a nd mu tati on s            tran sp osons in it, will I get cancer?"
subject th is hapless woman to a long diat ribe     good -and-e vil, it daw ned on me th at th e real            Next issue: Ethics in D at a M an agement.      lr~
about the Fert ile Crescent or the breeding of      danger is that this co uld quickly become per-
maize in pre-Incan civilizat ion? Wh ere do I       sona l. Far from being remote and esoteric, as                                          Dina Mandoli
myself draw the line between "genetically modi-     I o nce th ou ght ethi cal iss ues were, issues such                University of Washingto n, Seattle
fied " a la the Greens and tra ditional breeding?   as this one tou ch our lives everyday if we th ink                      mandoli@u.washington. e d u
  And oh boy, what do I tell her about muta-        ab out them.

The Perspective of a Foreign Student:
What Are the Take-Home Messages from Science in a Developed Country?

ak a y, I rea lize th e                               Firs t of a ll, let 's talk abo ut the financia l sup-   must mak e every effo rt to secure increased
topic is very bro ad and                            port ded icated to science . Vastly more m oney            funding; oth erw ise it will be difficult to develop
I co uld writ e a book                              is spe nt on research in developed co un tries.            cente rs of research excellence in our own coun -
a bo ut it (well, maybe                             Since more funding mean s mor e an d bett er               tr ies. Let's face it, w ithout money we can't do
I could n't , but o thers                           eq uipme nt, mo re rapid access to chem icals              mu ch , even with the best of intenti on s.
could for sure). And I                              and techn ologies, and, perhaps, more quali-                 T he secon d diffe rence th at stri kes me is th e
know that space is lim-                             fied peo p le, there is a dir ect and posi tive cor-       nu mber of people trained and employed in
ited, so I w ill wri te just                        rel ati on betw een the amo unt of mon ey ta r-            science in developed versus developing cou n-
a bo ut the most strik- C lntia Coelho              geted to science and th e qu alit y of th at sci-          tries. In develop ing co untries only a sma ll
ing differences I have observed between sci-        ence. T herefore, my first tak e-home message              percentage o f th e total pop u latio n ha s th e
ence in develop ed countries an d scienc e in de-   is th at the money given to scienc e in develop-           opportu n ity to a tt end a uni versity, and of
veloping nat ions.                                  ing co un tries mu st increase. We, as scientists,         th ese people, relatively few comp lete th eir

12· ASPB News, Vol. 28. NO.5
un dergraduate ed ucation and even fewer pur-          ward in the righ t directi on an d at a ra pid pace.    couragin g individ uals to pur sue careers in
sue a mas ter 's or Ph.D. degree. I believe that       As an ex am ple of wha t I mean, let's take the         science and provi ding th em with th e fu nds to
with mo re people wo rki ng in science, there          study of maize in Brazil (my area of resea rch          com pl ete th eir trainin g an d carry out their
wi lJ be a high er pro ba bility of ha ving o ut-      a nd my cou nt ry of ori gin , st uff that I believe    resea rch.                                    \(~

standing individu als m ak ing a sign ificant          I know so meth ing ab out). In the 1970s, the
impact. So here is my second tak e-ho me mes-          Brazi lian gove rn me nt began to invest mo ney                            Cintia Marques Coelho
sage : We mu st incre ase the nu mber of people        in the creation o f a center to study maize and,                       University of A rizona-Tucson
                                                                                                                            Department of Plant Sc iences
who have th e op port unity to attend uni ver-         im mediately folJowing and as a dir ect result,
                                                                                                                                 coe lho@ag.
sity for tr aining in science at alJ levels (quan-     ma ize research adva nced sign ifican tly. Al-
tity may lead direc tly to good qu alityl ).           th ou gh we ca nno t do a nything ab out the late
  Fina lJy, th e last difference co ncern s the need   start, we in developing co untries ca n loo k to
for th e visio n req uired to move science for-        th e future and concentra te o ur efforts on en-

A Postdoc's Experience at TMRI

Early this year, I moved fro m Dr. Da niel             institutes, whereas others come from other in-          tute have th e legal resp onsibility to not make
Cosgrove's lab o ratory at Pen n State Univer-         du st ry lab orat ories. Second, the inst itute ha s    sc ien t ific d isco veri es pu bli c pr io r to the
sity to the Plant H ealth group o f th e Torr ey       a very good semi na r ser ies that brings in lead-      co mpletion of pa tent app lications. Indu strial
Mesa Resea rch Institute (TMRI) in San Di-             ing sc ien t is ts in t h e areas re la ted to the      la bs often project a sense of proj ect insta bil-
ego to continue my postdoctoral tra inin g. I          institute's resear ch. TMRI a lso foster s co llabo-    ity, since th e needs of th e co mp any may shift
would like to share wh at I have learn ed at           ra tion with academic scien tists. T hese colJa bo-     qu ickly in respo nse to dem and s of th e busi-
TMRI with th ose of yo u wh o are int erested          ra tio ns genera te new ideas an d make full use        ness. TMRI is not imm une to this typ e of p res-
in doing postdoct oral wo rk in industry in the        o f th e resou rces in the company.                     sure , but the ma nagement of the institute at-
future.                                                   One of the concerns I had before I joined            te mp ts to crea te a wo rki ng enviro nm ent
  TMRI was for merly the N ova rt is Agric ul-         TMRI was th e freedom to choose resea rch               w here lon g-t erm pr oj ect s a imed a t und er-
ture Disc overy Institute, Inc. (NADII), wh ich        top ics and to pu blish. I had been told many           stan d ing basic biological mecha nisms can
was esta blishe d in 1998 and now is a part of         times that indu stry lab orat ories ha ve lower         flou rish.
Syngenta. T he resear ch of th e Plant H ealth         priorities for pu blishing relati ve to aca demic         So far, several postdocs at TMRI have had the
gro up a t TMRI is focused on gene discovery           la bs. Surprisingly, TMRI encourages scientists         good fortun e of getting jobs in industry, in some
and esta blishing leads for Syngent a's ag ricul-      to p u blish th eir work. Th is is extremely im-        cases with less than a fulJ year's training atTM RI.
tural ap plica tions .                                 portant for postdocs, beca use o ur futu re ca-         Weexpect that current and future TM RI postdocs
  M y first impression of TMRI was tha t it            reers depend o n p ublications. In terms of re-         will be able to compete effectively for academic
offe rs   stat e -o f-the-art   gen o m ics    a nd    search freedom, it is not a big issue at TM RI.         positions as well.                                \'~
prot eomics facilities. In addition, it provides       In gene ral, p ostd ocs ca n choose the ir projec ts
alJ sorts of services and traini ng to its scien -     as lon g as they are in areas tha t ar e of inte rest                                   Yajun Wu
tists. It is o bvio us that these goo d fac ilities    to the supervisors.                                     Torrey Mesa Research Institute, Syngenta
                                                                                                                                San Diego, Ca lifornia
and services are aimed at ma x im izing the              T here are some differences between T M RI
                                                                                                                            Yajun .Wu@Syngen ta .c om
speed of mak ing scientific d iscoveries.              and an academ ic institute. First, the scope and
  Like acade mic lab or at o ries, TMRI is str iv-     foc us of th e semi na r ser ies are different from
ing for excelJence in science. First, it recru its     th e o nes in univ ersities. Ma ny semin ars at
outstanding scientists w ho have solid pu bli-         T MRI are tech nology and busines s or iented .
ca tion reco rds . Som e of th em come to T MRI        Second, a ltho ugh scient ific co mmunicatio n is
fro m we ll-estab lishe d posit ion s in acade mic     greatly enco uraged, emp loyee s of the insti-

                                                                                                                                    ASPB New s. Vo l. 28. No.5 · 13
The Mystery of the                                    ma tc hed a sam ple of the victim's blood that         392 ) in Berichte der D eutsc hen Botanischen
                                                      had been dra wn by her gynecologist. Motive,           Gesellschaft]" There was a collective look of
Red Primrose                                          o ppo r tunity, a nd met ho d had been esta b-         befudd lemen t. "Allow me to remi nd you,
by Talos                                              lish ed, but no body had been found.                   M ussack fo und th at the usua lly yellow flow-
Gaudin had just crack ed his first egg in prepa-         Gaudin poi nted to t he field, abo ut 10 hect-      ers o f Primu la auricula beca me red w he n
ration for one of his legenda ry omele ttes wh en     a res, as we appro ached. A doz en po licemen          gro w n on soil fertili zed with blood. "
the teleph on e ran g, Sitt ing in his living room,   arme d with shovels and pickaxes had already              " Incroyab le," exclaimed the spade ca rrier.
I half-heard his end of the conversation . Du ty,     asse m bled in advance of Ga udi n's a rr iva l.       "Do yo u mean to tell us that these little flo w-
it seem ed, was calling. As exp ected, Gaudi n        Ga ud in surve yed th e ro ugh terr a in as he         ers suck up blood like... like vampires? "
emerged from th e kitchen with the aw kwa rd          stepped o ut of the car and sighed, " Finding             "No, no , my dear cons ta ble. Wit hout fur-
look of a host abo ut to tell his ho useg uest        this bod y wi ll be neit her quick nor easy."          ther ex periments, of co urse, one canno t be
that there had been a decided dow nturn in               Gau d in's sus picions proved correct. Six          abso lute ly cer tai n of the exac t mech anism of
the events planned for the day.                       hours and a hundred sma ll excav ati ons later,        the red deni ng effect , bu t if I had to guess I
   " Bea ulieu has ma de a deathbed co nfes-          only a rusty cow bell had been revealed. "We' ll       wo uld hypoth esize tha t is related to the ex-
sion, " he said simply.                               have to hire a co ntracto r to systema tically         cess of iro n in the soil. Excess iro n in pla nts is
   "The mur derer ?" I asked.                         shave off the top soil a few centimeters at a          tho ught to lead to oxidative stress, a nd fla-
   Gau d in nodd ed. "Ye s . It seems th at           time until we locate the body. A da mnable             vo no ids , so me, such as the an th ocyan ins,
Beaulieu made friends in prison wi th the sa me       expense." Ga udin called the toiling genda rmes        w hich are red in color, are kn own to accu-
facility wit h whic h he ma de frie nds on the        over to inform th em of th e cha nge in plan s. I      mulate in respo nse to oxi da tive stress,"
outsid e. This morning he was knifed in the           bent down and plu cked a curious red Primula              "Ah bien oui, rnon ami ," sai d the jub ilant
pr ison shower. As he was dying he confessed          an d placed it in my lapel.                            Ga udin with a wink to the gendarme rie, "Silly
to the mu rder and indica ted to those present           I wa ited fo r Gaud in to finish his speech         of me not to think of tha t! Now, how can we
that the body of his victim coul d be found in        befor e I called out to o ne of the genda rmes         re pay you ? H o w a bo ut d inner in one o f
the field acro ss fro m the site of his planned       carr ying a shovel, " Ex cuse me, sir, but would       Z ur ich's fines t hotels?"
co untry esta te."                                    yo u indulge me by str iking your shove l w here          "I wou ld prefer a hard y dinner at the inn
   "T his is good news, Inspecto r Ga udi n! T he     I sta nd ?" Th e policeman deferred to Ga ud in,       up the roa d with all th e diggers."
case is no w closed, n'est ce pas?"                   w ho nodded h is assent. With a shrug of his              "An even better idea!" Gau din exclaimed as
   "No, there can be no closure-not for me,           sho ulders, the polic eman plun ged his shovel         we headed for the car, leaving the coro ner and
not for the family- un til the bod y is locat ed      in to th e so il. The first spade-full came up         her assistants alone with their grisly task .      ~~

and recovered . And I'm afraid, m on am i, that       empty; the seco nd revealed a wo ma n's shoe;
I must aba ndon you this afte rn oon whil e I         the thir d a human fibula.                               Natasha V, Raikhe l, ed itor-in-c hief of
orchestra te the search."                                Shou ts of " Void ' filled the va Iley, and all       Plant Physiology, is leaving the Michi-
  " Do n't be a bsurd . I'm co ming with yo u," I     present rushed to the site of the discovery. One         gan Sta te Unive rsity-Department of En-
                                                                                                               e rgy Pla nt Researc h La b oratory a t the
replied.                                              by on e, 13 pairs of eyes looke d up at me with
                                                                                                               end of th is ye ar, She isjoi ning the Uni-
   Gau din considered my proposal d ubio usly.        va rious expressions of pe rplex ity, astonish-          versity of Ca lifornia at Riverside as The
"Well ," he reluctantl y concl uded, " I sup pose     me nt, and even suspicio n " How, how .. .,"             Ernst a nd He len Leibache r Chair Pro-
                                                      Ga udin stam mered, " ho w did yo u know ?"              fessor in Pla nt Molecul ar, Cell Biology,
the more eyes the better."
                                                                                                               and Genetics; Disting uished Pro fessor
   As we drove, Ga udi n filled me in on th e             "This little flow er told me," I sa id , trium-      of Pla nt Cell Biology; a nd d irec tor of
details of th e case. Beau lieu, a wea lthy Zurich    phantly removing the red flow er from my la-             the Center of Plant Cell Biology , Start-
finan cier, had been carrying o n an affa ir with     pel for the ir ins pection . " It's un usual , is it     ing in January 2002. you can conta ct
                                                                                                               Na tasha a t the followinq a ddress:
the victim for several year s; he had been the        no t?"
last person to be seen w ith th e victim befo re          "Well , yes, now that yo u me nt ion it," said       Natasha V. Ralkhel
her disappearance; the victim had just discov-        Ga udin, " the wild pr imr oses in th ese parts          University of Califo rnia
ered th at she was preg na nt. Mos t importa nt,      are usu ally yellow,"                                    Dep artm en t of Botany and
                                                                                                               Pla nt Sciences
forensic scientists had found a trace of blood            "Pr ecisely, but yo u may remem be r A .             2109 Batchelor Ha ll
on on e of Beaulieu's golf club s th at precisely     Mussack 's 1932 paper led. note : Vol. 50:391-           Riversid e, C A 92521

14' ASPS News. Vol. 28. No.5
Executive Committee in Action at Plant Biology 2001

ASPB's Executive Committee met on Jul y 20,           • App roval o f gran ts totaling $35,00 0 for                • Ap prova l of a partne rs h ip wit h J ohn
20 01, a nd agai n on Jul y 24, 2001, during the    travel to the 20 02 annua l meet ing                          Wile y & Sons to develop an ASPB- Wiley
Society's an nual meetin g in Providence, Rh od e    • Funding of an exhibit booth at the an-                     book pr ogram
Island. President Da n Cosgrove opened th e         nual meetin g of the Society for the Advance-                   • Discussion ab out ASPB me mbers receiv-
meet ing by noting th e Society's man y acco m-     ment o f Chicanos and N at ive Amer icans in                  ing the on line version of Th e Plant j ournal,
plishments during the year, includi ng the name     Science                                                       t he premier publicat ion o f th e Socie ty fo r
change; th e dyna mic mem bers hip drive th at       • Approval of fundin g for 2002 for a Sum-                   Ex perime nta l Biology, at a subst an tial dis -
is now under wa y; the newl y redesig ned an d      mer Und ergraduate Resea rch Fellowshi p Pro-                 co unt (since the meet ing, this was approved
ex pa nded ASPB News; the new and improved          gra m as a co ntin ua tio n of last year's success-           at a mem ber price of $30)
web site; the initia tio n of electronic vo ting;   ful pro gram in w hich eight und ergraduates                   • Authorization to appoint a task force to
and th e Ed uca tion Fo un d a t ion's large st     participat ed.                                                wr ite an ethics statemen t for the Society re-
project to date-a film on the history of agri-        • Co ncurre nce with the Board of Trustees                  gardi ng biot echn ology
culture fo rmatted for television. H e also co m-   to adop t a rev ised inves tme n t policy an d                  • Invitat ion of Pacific Rim cou nt ries to ac-
mend ed staff for th eir help and de dication,      change the Society 's investment advisers                     tively participate in Plant Biology 2003 in Ha -
noting th at "ours is a com plex organizat ion."      • Ap pr o val of Pr esident - Elec t Vic k i                wa ii, similar to the arra ngement with Jap an
 Actions ta ken by the co mmittee included          Cha ndler's ap po intment of Lou Sherm an to                  a nd Austra lia for the 1997 a nnua l meeting in
 • Approva l of the 2002 opera ting budge t         the Board of Tru stees, Jan Z eevaart to th e                 Vancouver.
of $6, 032,353.                                     Constitu tio n and Bylaws Committee, and Bob                    In addition, it was noted that Robin Lem pert
  • Approval o f the digitiza tio n of back is-     Fischer to the Pu blicat io ns Committee.                     had been hired as th e directo r of the Educa-
sues of both journals, to 1989 for Th e Plant         • Referral o f the prop osal to cha nge th e                tion Foun da tion and that Wend y Sahli was
Cell and to 1993 fo r Plant Physiology              ASPB ad hoc Internat ion al Committ ee to a                   the Societ y's first dedi cat ed webmaster,  \:~
  • Fundi ng of an ex hibit booth at the N a-       standing com mittee to the Con st itu tion and
tion al Science Teach ers Associat io n's 2 002     Bylaws Committee fo r proper wording pr ior
con vention                                         to th e membe rsh ip vo te.

                                                                          Three m ajo r tec hnological adva nces sta nd o ut as
                                                                          crucial to plant science during the past 25 years:
                                                                          th e d evelopment of molecul ar tools, th e d evelopment
                                                                          of plan t transform ation, and th e wid esp read adoption
                                                                          of Arabidopsis as a m odel orga nism .

                                                                                  o celebrare rhe 75th anniversary of Plant Physiolo the flagship

                                                                          T       journal of the American Society of Plant Biologists, 42 sho rt com -
                                                                                   me ntar ies were featu red in the Jan uary 200 1 issue that arremp r ro
                                                                          summa rize t hese and ot her co nceptua l breakrhroughs. T he aut ho rs, repre-
                                                                          sent ing various fields of srudy, com piled a conci se overview of the im por-
                                                                          tant conce pts and parad igms rhat have eme rged during the past 25 years.
                                                                          T hese comment aries are fascinating raken onc at a time , but toge ther they
                                                                          demo nstra te jusr how far plant biology has com e in a relatively sho rt while.
                                                                              Along wirh analysis of the th ree breakth roughs mentioned above, the
                                                                          remaining arricles draw ITom research in the following areas: whole plant
                                                                          physiology and bioche mistry; signal transdu ction; developmental, cell, and
                                                                          molecular biology; genetics; and biot echnology. They have been repri nred in
                                                                          this specia l book to commemo rate the eno rmo us adva nces in plant science .

                                                                          Plant Physiology 7 5 th Anniversary
                                                                          Conceptual Breakthroughs in Plant Biology
                                                                          ISBN 0-943088- 41-0. Item 30050 . Price $25.00
                                                                          For ordering information, go to

                                                                                                                                          ASPB News, Vol. 28, No , 5 • 15
  After a long sear ch                               needs, and incorporating tech nol ogy with          Leslie Csikos, or Ash ,
  for th e " ideal" can-                             ed uca tion to its best adva ntage . Especially     as she is called by her
  d id at e, th e Ed uca -                           captiva ting was her abili ty to sta rt and build   friends and co-w ork-
  tion Fou nda tion has                              an endowment to over $4 million whil e wo rk-       ers, recen tl y gra duated
  a d irecto r. Robin                                ing with budg ets of just over $1.5 milli on .      fro m The R ich a rd
  Lempe rt      join ed                              She has worked in the not -for-pro fit sector       Sto ckton College of
  ASPB as its first per-                             for most o f her car eer-writing, mar ketin g,      Ne w Jersey wh ere she
  ma ne nt Ed ucat io n                              teach ing, and ma naging projects.                  received a B.A. in ph i-
  Foun da tion director on Augu st 13 . M an y          Rob in lives in M ar yland with her husband      losophy and religion.
  ASPB members met Robin at th e an nua l            and children. She is an active volu nteer at her    Alongsi de her majo r field of study, she to ok
  co nference in Providence in July. Ro bin          children's pre-school and, in her limited spare     several classes in art and stu died Japanese
  wants the mem bers to know, "The Educa -           time, tries to catch up on her readi ng and see     language and cul ture. O utside the academic
  tion Foun da tion has an exciting mission ,        a few good movi es. She st udie d ma th and         world, she devot ed a grea t deal of time to
  an d I am looking forward to wor king with         music at SUNY Bingh amton and the Univer-           learning ab out web des ign and served as
  ASPB's memb ers and the Educa tion Fo un-          sity of Mi chigan and traveled in Europe w hile     the vice president and gra phic artist for her
  dati on boa rd o n man y excit ing proj ects to    dir ectin g a folk dan ce troupe. Be sure to add    school's "Ga ming Guild."
  help increase the publ ic's und erstand ing of     Robin Lempert's nam e to your ASPB dir ec-             An unfortunate acc ident a t her previ ous
  the importan ce of pla nt biology. Th ere are      tory. H er ph on e num ber is 30 ]-25 1-0560,       place of employ ment, an eq uestrian learn-
  so many new and exciting developments              ext. 110, an d he r e- mai l a d dr ess is          ing center, bro ug ht Ash to us her e at ASPB.
  taking place, and it will be imp ort ant to        rlernpertwasp .                               Working with ho rses has been a ch erished
  presen t an accurate picture of this wor k to                                                          part o f her life since childhood, and al-
  many different audiences. As th e found a-                                                             though she ca n no lon ger spend long days
  tion charts its course, I would like to en-        Stefanie Sharner joined                             with these anima ls, she can still be found
  courage each one of you to contact me by           ASPB in June as th e                                riding every ch an ce she gets.
  e-ma il or pho ne to share yo ur ideas a nd        new acco unts pay a ble                                Ash joins ASPB as a manuscript coordi-
  thou ghts at any time. "                           specia list. In this posi-                          nator fo r Plan t Phys iology, where her ex-
     Rob in was fo rme rly the exec ut ive di rec-   tion she will be han -                              perienc e with the Intern et will prove useful
  tor of the Distributors Ed uca tion Founda-        dli ng vendo r invoic es                            as we prep are to laun ch Benchc- Press, our
  tion o f the Amer ican Wholesale M arketers        and payments. Prior to                              new we b- based man uscrip t man agem ent
  Associa tio n (AWMA) based in Was hingto n,        join ing ASPB, she was                              system . She works with Leslie M alon e in
  DC. As a vice p resident of AWMA, she was          th e administrative assis tant to the p resident    guidi ng the many ma nuscr ipts Plant Ph ysi-
  respo nsib le for planning, designing, and d i-    and CEO of Hartz & Co mpany, a men 's cloth-        ology recei ves th rough the peer revi ew
  rect ing fo unda tion operations and all as-       ing manufacturer based in N ew York, and an         process .
  socia tio n educa tion, training, research, an d   acco unting assistant at Alexu s Intern ational,
  member service programs. He r creden tials         an Internet-ba sed hu man reso urces software
  dem onst rat e streng th in creating success-      company. Stefanic was also emp loyed for eight
  ful program s, being resp on sive to mem bers'     yea rs as a florist. She replaces Don na Litman .

                     National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program
  All a p p lic a nts ore expected to use NSF's FastLa ne Gra d ua te I<eseorch Fellowship Pro g ram
                                  (GRFP) p roc ess (http ://www,fa sl-Iane,nsf,gov) to apply,
   The applicatio n must be submitted via Fast La ne by 5:00 p .rn. in the a p p licant's loc al trne
                                                      zone on November 7, 2001.

16 • ASPS News, Vol. 28, No , 5
Biochemistry & Molecula r Biology of Plants: The First Year!

Published just one year ago, Biochemistry &          pri ce is $49.95). Th e or igina l, 150-dp i ver-      pharm aceutical biology, and agriculture, as
Mo lecular Biology of Plants, by Bucha na n,         sion is still available for $29.95.                    well as th e food science and agribusiness in-
Gru issem, and Jo nes, is a Society success story.      The book itself is selling very well, too. Sales    dustries. It wi ll undo ub tedly find a very wide
It was the first major boo k publish ing proj ect    figures are approach ing 8,000 just 14 mo nths         readership."
undertaken by ASPB, and wh at a project it           after publication. Add to that nearly 1,500
was! With 1,400 pages, 1,100 full-color origi-       CD-ROMs, and you see a gra tifying sales pic-             Other reviews are equally glowing. Trends
na l drawing s, 500 photographs, and the con -       tur e, given the extraord ina ry cos ts of prod uc-    in Plant Science ca lled it
tribution s of 53 worl d-re no w ned plant bio lo-   ing th is to p-not ch textbook .                          "an essential reference for practicing plant
gists, this book's pu blicat ion is a ma jor tri-       If yo u're in Italy, Japan, or Chi na, there        biologists and for the increasing number of
ump h for the Society.                               ar e translations und er way into thos e three         scientists from other disciplines who are en-
   And the proje ct is still developing, with the    lan gu ages. Zanichelli ed ito re S.p.A. is wor k-   tering the field of plant biology. To exploit
recen t release of a new version of the CD-          ing on the Italian edi tion ; the J apan Scientif ic fully the wealth of new inform ation provided
ROM, th is one in 300-dpi resolution , wi th         Society Press is handl ing the Japanese tran s-      by the genome projects and to integrate the
user-friend ly Pow erPoint capability. Ju st like    lat ion; and Science Press is hand ling the Chi-     m etabolic, regulatory, and signal transduc-
the lower-res CD , this product conta ins all        nese trans lation and an English-language re-        tion path ways of complex organisms, biolo -
the book's illust rat ion s and is pro ving very     print fo r China.                                    gists will require a solid com ma nd of bio-
pop ular with facult y an d presenters wh o need        The reviews are still coming in. Ju st recentl y, chemistry and physiology. For th is reason,
top-flight plant biol ogy illust ra tio ns. M o re   the Journal of Plant Physiology had th is to the publication of Bioch em istry & M ol ecu -
int uitive to use th an th e or igina l, th is CD-   say:                                                 lar Biology of Plants could not have com e at
RO M helps yo u crea te dynamic, exci ting pre -        "Presently, there ex ists no other book that a more opportune and auspicious time."
sentations for students and coll eagues with         brings together so mu ch up-to-date informa-            Go to the book's web site to see the re-
no trouble at all. Intr oduced at th e ASPB an-      tion in such an ex tended and yet easily under- views that have appear ed in Cell an d Science,
nual meeting in J uly, the CD-RO M is off to a       standable form. [T]his appealing.. .textb ook can as well as those qu ot ed here, an d to view
strong start- he lpe d by a specia l offer for       be recommend ed to all students and scien- sample chapters. You can or de r the book or
th ose of you who boug ht the ori ginal version.     tists in plan t biology and biochemistry. It is CD via mai l, p hone, fax, e-mai l, or the web,
Purc hasers of th e previous CD-ROM ca n buy         also of in terest to researchers in many related using o ur sec u re onlin e o r de r form at
the upgraded release for just $24 .95 (the list      fields such as biotechn ology, cell biology,

                                                     Deadlines tor A5F/5 News
                         We invite!lou to submit articles andletters to the A5ff5 News.
                                     Deadlines for submission ofcO follow:

                                     Issue                                                                  Deadl ine
                        Januaro/Fe b rua rq 2 0 0 2                                               December            10 , 2 0 0 1
                        March/April 2002                                                          Fe.bru arq        10, 2 0 0 2
                        Mao/June 2002                                                             April 10, 2002
                        Ju1o/August 2002                                                          June 10, 2002
                        September/Octobe r 2002                                                   August 10, 2 0 0 2
                               /December 2002                                                     October           10, 2002

                                                                                                                               ASPB New s. Vol. 28. NO.5 · 17
~I-         - - - - - - - - ' - - - - - - - -

Senator Bond and Committee Boost Plant Genome
Funding to $75 Million

The Senate Appropriations Committee rec-         enacted level and $200 million above the            to environmental stresses. The committee also
ommended $75 million for the National Sci-       budget request.                                     supports the recent recommendations of the
ence Foundation plant genome research pro-         The committee recommendation of                   Interagency Working Group on Plant Ge-
gram for fiscal year 2002. This amount is $10    $3,514,481,000 for research and related ac-         nomes that significant funding be invested in
million higher than both the budget request      tivities is $171,851,000 more than the              high-throughput sequencing of the gene-rich
of NSF for FY2002 and the current fiscal year    FY2001-enacted level and $187,500,000               regions of economically important crops, such
funding.                                         above the budget request. The recommended           as corn, wheat, and barley. Recent advances
    Senator Bond Kit (R-MO) led efforts again    amount for the NSF Biological Sciences Di-          in technology have made it feasible and cost-
this year to provide funding for plant genome    rectorate is $529 million, which represents a       effective to sequence the gene-rich regions of
research significantly higher than the amount    substantial increase of 9 percent.                  large, complex plant genomes. The commit-
requested by NSF. ASPB voiced support for           The House of Representatives approved            tee expects NSF to fund such an initiative that
the plant genome research program and the        $4,840,160,000 for NSF and $529 million             invests in high-throughput sequencing, in-
overall NSF research budget in advance of        for the Biological Sciences Directorate. Con-       cluding full-length cDNA sequencing, of eco-
the report. If enacted, the committee recom-     gressman James Walsh (R-NY) led efforts in          nomically important crops, such as corn,
menda tion will bring to $290 million the        the House to support NSF.                           wheat, and barley. This initiative will help to
amount of funds that Senator Bond and his           Following is language from the Sena te           ensure that fundamental genetic information
colleagues have provided for the plant genome    Committee report on the plant genome                is publicly accessible to all public and private
research program over five years.                initia tive:                                        plant breeders and geneticists."
   ASPB President Dan Cosgrove credited             "The committee's recommendation in-                 There has been support within the maize
Senator Bond, Senator Barbara Mikulski           cludes $75,000,000 for the plant genome ini-        science and producer community for high-
(D-MD), and their colleagues for bringing        tiative, an increase of $10,000,000 over the        throughput sequencing of gene-rich regions
plant science forward into the exciting ge-      request. Over the last three years the plant        of maize. High-throughput sequencing of
nomic era. Cosgrove said the wealth of knowl-    genome program has generated massive                gene-rich regions of plant genomes of "eco-
edge gained from genomic and related basic       amounts of data on major crop plants and            nomic importance" is one of the recommen-
plant research will bring profound benefits      model organisms. The committee urges the            dations in the plant genome research program
to the lives of all Americans and our world      Founda tion to emphasize the use [of] these         progress report issued in November 2000 by
neighbors.                                       datasets and resources to identify, isolate, and    the White House-appointed Interagency
   In its overall recommenda tion for NSF,       investigate genes associated with plant pro-        Working Group on Plant Genomes.                ~~
the Senate Appropriations Committee pro-         cesses of economic importance, including
vided $4,672,520,000. This amount is             nutritional quality, production of industrial
$256,130,000 more than the FY2001-               chemicals, disease resistance, and tolerance

Pra kash, Scie nce G roup Protest Sri Lan kan Biotec h Ban

The AgBioWorld Foundation called on the          professor of plant genetics at Tuskegee Univer-
Sri Lankan government August 16 to rethink       sity and president of the AgBioWorld Founda-
its ban on biotechnology food imports im-        tion. "And it will prevent the Sri Lankan people
posed earlier this month. "This was a reckless   from benefiting from this safe and promising
decision," said ASPB member C. S. Prakash,       technology."                                   ~~

18 • ASPB News, Vol. 28, NO.5
                                                                                                                                           I ~I

Senate Committee Seeks 30 Percent Increase for NRI

T he Senat e Appropriations Committee is rec-            In the House, Representative Eva Clayton           th e amendmen t in flo or debate. They pre -
ommending an increase of more tha n $31                (D-NC) offered an amendment Ju ly 11 tha t           sented a chart that ind icated tha t 0.5 percent
million for the National Research Initiat ive          wo uld have tran sferred fun ds from the N RI        of N RI funds goes to 1890 co lleges. Repre-
Co mpetitive Gra nts Program (NRI ) for fisca l        to the 1890 inst itutions. She withdrew the          senta tive Lee sa id th ey were not tr ying to
yea r 2002 . Th e comm ittee-approved bill (Sen-       amen dment after nearly 20 minutes of de bate.       " tak e over" what the 1862 ins titutions win
ate Bill 1191) an d committee-app roved ac-            She sa id that she exp ects the App ro priations     in awards fro m the NRI. The ma jority of peer-
companying report (Sena te Repo rt 107-41)             Co mm ittee's fut ur e conferees to wo rk with       reviewed NRI award funds are won by scien-
reco m mend providing $13 7 million to th e            her in the eventu al H o use/Senate Conference       tists at 1862 institutio ns.
NR I in FY2002 .                                       to add ress her co ncerns.                              Subco mmi ttee Cha ir Henr y Bonilla (R-TX)
  T he N RI is rece iving $ 105 .7 mi llio n in           Represe nta tive Clayton acknowledged that        led the successful opposition to the amend -
FY2 001. T he U.S. Department of Agriculture           "many people have trouble o n wh ere the             ment in floo r debate. He and his colleagues
requested $105. 7 million for FY2002, which            money would com e from " in her am end ment.         also prot ected the NRI earlier this year fro m
the House of Represe n tatives approved .              A nu mber of ASPB ca mp us con tacts and th eir      attempts to redu ce fundin g for the com peti-
  T he co mmi ttee rec-                                co lleagues co ntac ted th eir co ngressional of-    tive gra nts progr am in the co mmittee report .
o mme n datio n fo r                                   fices in the days leading up to Jul y 11 , w hich      Inst ead of sup po rting a tte mp ts to t a ke
FY20 02 rep resents an                                 helped prompt calls from members of Co n-            money from one research program to move
increase of 29 .5 per-                                 gress to Clayton 's off ice concern ing problems     to an other, ASPB ha s been sup po rt ing a
cen t for the NRI, by                                  w ith ta rgeting the NRI for a red uctio n o f       bro ad -b ased coa lition initia tive tha t is seek-
far t h e h igh es t in-                               funds. Indicati ons of lack o f sup po rt by co l-   ing increased fun di ng for all USDA resear ch
c rease see n for th e                                 leagu es for a pr ovision in an amendme nt can       programs includ ing the NRI, form ula funds
N R I in a co mmi ttee                                 help lead to the eventual withdrawal of the          for 1890s an d 1862s, Agric ultural Res earch
report. Sen at or H erb Senator Herb Kohl              am endment. If ASPB members had no t con-            Service (ARS), Initiative for Futu re Agri cul -
Kohl (D -WI) , cha ir                                  tacted their mem bers o f Co ngress, their rep-      tur e an d Foo d Systems (lFA FS), and other
of the Appropria tio ns Subc o mmittee on Ag-          resent ati ves mig ht no t have been aware of the    agric ultura l researc h p rogr am s.
riculture, led effo rts for this increa se. ASPB       effect of the proposed amendment o n the NRI            T he Senate bill p ro vides $120 million in
ca mp us con tacts in Wiscons in an d other key        a nd NRI-suppo rt ed researchers in their state      fund ing for IFAFS. Th e House bill would pr e-
sta tes sen t timely lette rs in supp ort of the NRI   and district. T he Clay to n amendment wo uld        clude fundi ng IFAFS. Fundi ng for ARS is
to Congress. The bill is exp ected to be con -         have cut $10 milli on or nearly 10 pe rcent          $1.004 billion in the Senate com mitt ee rec-
sidered by the full Senate in Septem ber. Fol-         fro m the NRI.                                       om mendati on . T he H ou se bill ca lls for $971.3
lowing the Senat e vo te, a H ouse/Senat e Co n-          Represent ative Sheila Jac kso n Lee (D-TX)       million for ARS, w h ich is $74 .5 million higher
ference will reco ncile diff erences betw een the      joined Represent at ive Clay ton in support of       than th e curren t year.                          t~

two bills.

Senate Votes for Increase for DOE Energy Biosciences
The Senate has voted to pro vide $3 4.4 mil-             The House has ap pro ved $32.4 million for         30,000 memb ers, and th e Ame rican Phy to -
lion for basic plant and micro bial research           the Energy Biosciences program, the same             pathological Society, representing 5,000 sci-
sponsore d by t he Department of Ener gy               am o unt as DO E req ueste d. Differences be-        ent ists, in su bmitt ing comments on April 9
(DO E) Ene rgy Bioscienc es program for fiscal         tween the two bills w ill be reconciled in a         and Apri l 30 to the H o use and Sena te Ap-
yea r 2002. T his is $686,000 high er than the         H ou se/Senat e Conference expec ted after the       propriat ion s Su bcomm itte es on Energy and
FY2 00 1 amo unt and $2 million high er tha n          summer recess.                                       Wat er Development in support of basic plant
the department's request.                                ASPB was joined by the Nation al Corn              and microbi al research sponsored by the En-
                                                       Growers Associ at ion, representing more th an       ergy Biosciences pro gr am in FY2002.       t~

                                                                                                                               ASPBNews. Vol. 28. NO. 5· 19
Dr. Ingo Potrykus Accepts Leadership In Science
Public Service Award

The ASPB Leadership in Science Public Ser-         been more vexing. Despite encountering some       careers working at something they like, they
vice Award was presented July 21, 2001, at         initial resistance, Dr. Potrykus has been able    should feel obliged to provide service to less
Plant Biology 2001 in Providence to Dr. Ingo       to gain agreement from firms holding patent       fortunate people, he reasoned.
Potrykus in recognition of his outstanding         restrictions that could apply to golden rice to     Committee on Public Affairs Chair Peggy
contributions to science and humanity.             make the rice availa ble to poor farmers.         Lemaux moderated the question-and-answer
   Dr. Potrykus has pioneered efforts in engi-        One of the most persistent challenges to       session after Dr. Potrykus's presentation.
neering an enhanced variety of rice known as       bringing golden rice to the developing world      ASPB members responded with sustained and
golden rice that could revolutionize health and    has been from non-governmental organiza-          standing ovations to his talk and his responses
nutrition efforts for mass populations in the      tions such as Greenpeace. Dr. Potrykus la-        to various questions.
developing world. His research offers the          mented the chilling effect resulting from mis-      See page 20 for a story from the July 22
potential to save millions of children from        leading rumors circulated by anti-biotech in-     edition of The Providence Journal on Dr.
being stricken blind from nutritional deficien-    terests that have convinced many farmers and      Potrykus's research on golden rice and his
cies. ASPB President Dan Cosgrove presented        others in India, for example, that they will      acceptance of the ASPB Leadership in Science
the award to Dr. Potrykus.                         suffer fearful physical maladies if they eat      Public Award.                              ll~

   In a stirring presentation given during the     genetica Ily engineered rice. Dr. Potrykus re-
Perspectives of Science Leaders Program, Dr.       marked that Greenpeace appears to have a
Potrykus addressed the scientific, legal, and      financial stake in the GMO debate: Raising
political obstacles he has tried to overcome       concerns among the public serves to raise
in his work with golden rice. After years of       funds for Greenpeace. He said there is a need
research, he has addressed many of the most        for more investigative reporting into
challenging science questions faced in engi-       Greepeace and its sources of substantial
neering higher levels of ~-carotene in rice to     contributions.
counter vitamin A deficiencies in the human           In discussing why he has dedicated several
diet. Vitamin A deficiencies reportedly lead       decades to his plant research to meet the nu-
to the deaths of at least 1 million children       tritional needs in developing nations, Dr.
and nearly 500,000 cases of blindness among        Potrykus noted a sense of obligation. He said     Dan Cosgrove presents Ingo Potrykus with
children each year in the developing world.        scientists are fortunate to conduct work that     the ASPB Leadership in Science Public
                                                                                                     Service Award during Plant Biology 2001
   Legal and especially political obstacles have   they enjoy. If scientists can lead rewarding

                                                                                                         ASPB Undergraduate
Sied ow Ad d resses Sa fety of G MOs ot                                                                  Research Fellowships
Major Food Service Meeting
                                                                                                        Deadline for applications is
ASPB Committee on Public Affairs member              Siedow also gave a presentation March 26                 March 1, 2002,
James Siedow spoke July 15 on food safety          on modified foods at the American Commod-             For details contact Paula
issues associated with genetically modified        ity Distribution Association annual meeting
                                                                                                       Brooks at paula@aspb,org or
foods as part of a symposium on food safety        in Greensboro. He is joined by many ASPB
                                                                                                        see our web site at http://
at the ann ual meeting of the American School      members who are active in conducting edu-
Food Service Association. The meeting, which       cation outreach activities concerning plant          www.ospb.orq/eoucotlon/
draws a huge number of attendees, was held         biotechnology and modified foods.         c~          surnrnerunderqrod.cfrn.
at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville.

20· ASPB News, Vol. 28, No, 5
Golden Rice Goes Against the Grain

PROVIDEN C E, Jul y 22-A Swiss scie n tist                Usin g DNA mat erial from daffodi ls and            Potryku s said his research gre enh ou se in
who spent more than a deca de developin g ge-          from bac teria , he and a colla bor ator, Peter        Z ur ich has been built to protect his plants
netically altered rice that may help ma lno ur-        Beyer of th e Univ ersity of Freiburg in Ger-          from an attack.
ished chi ldren in poor countries was hon ored         many, finally succeeded in 1999. T hey devel-             There is a bitte rness in his voice wh en he
for his ac hievement last night by a gro up of         oped a plant that prod uced rice that was pale-        talks about those w ho wan t to sto p his re-
pla nt scientists .                                    yellow in co lor, thanks to beta carot ene. T ha t     sea rch. "They are not willing to discu ss de-
   Ingo Potryk us, 67, modifi ed a rice plant to       ora nge-yellow pigment is normally found in            ta iled qu esti on s. T hey a re, by p rin ci pl e,
pr oduce "Go lden Rice," a yellowis h-co lor ed        vegeta bles such as carrots and sq uas h, but not      aga ins t the use of tran sgenic plants ."
grai n th at co nta ins beta carotene, one of the      in pr ocessed rice. T he tasteless nut rient is used      There is already wid espread use of gene ti-
building blocks of vitamin A. T he American            by the bod y to mak e vitamin A.                       cally altered plants in this co untry. This year,
Society of Plant Biologists, wh ich is holding            "It was of cou rse, very pleasing, very ex -        more than 51 million acres, or 68 percent, o f
its an n ual co nference here, pres ent ed Po trykus   citing," Pot ryku s sa id. The scientific co mm u-     soybeans grown in the United States are ge-
with its Leadership in Science Pu blic Service         nity didn't believe it was possible, he said . H is    net ically engineered, according to a sur vey by
aw a rd.                                               work landed him on the cover of Time maga-             the Department o f Agricultu re. About one in
   H is resea rch, acco rdi ng to Brian I-Iyps, a      zine last summe r.                                     four co rn plant s growi ng on U.S. farms are
spo kesma n fo r the society, co uld help save            Gold en Rice is still severa l years away fro m     genetically altere d.
the lives of mi Jl ions of child ren w ho die every    being distribut ed. It still faces at leas t four        Cosgro ve, president o f the American Soci-
yea r in developing nations from a lack of vi-         years of breeding experiments and safety stu d-        ety of Plant Biol ogist s, sa id biotechnology
tamin A. It co uld also help avert blind ness          ies. It could take even longer, Potrykus said,         research has given us cro ps that are more re-
for ano ther half-million children each year.          if groups opposed to genetically mod ified             sistant to insect s. Th at means farmers can use
   Potryku s's wor k, however, has not esca ped        organisms, suc h as Greenpeace, ar e a ble to          less insecticid es and get a grea ter yield fro m
the con troversy tha t has sur rounded the sci-        derai l his plans.                                     the plants. "T hose w ho have stud ied this are
enc e of gen eti call y alt ering plants. Severa l        Oppo nents say th at such genetic ta mper-          co nfide nt there are no hidd en mon ster s tha t
gro ups oppo se such tink erin g, ar guing that        ing co uld pr od uce plants that create unfore-        are goi ng to be unleashed on the world using
we ca n't be sure that the genetica lly mo dified      seen pr ob lems. Th ere is a fear tha t some co uld    this technology," Cosgrove said.
or gan isms won't create mo re pro blems than          harm ani mals or the enviro nment. They of-               Potrykus said he rema ins focused on mov-
th ey so lve. Potr ykus, a form er pr ofessor at       ten cite a 1999 ex pe riment involving " Bt"           ing ahea d with getting th e rice in the hands
the Swiss Federa l Institute of Tech nology in         corn-geneticall y modified corn plants-that            o f those who need it the most. "The ma jor
Z ur ich, Switz erland, spent much of the 1990s        were design ed to produ ce a tox in that wa rds        task is to make sure Go lden Rice reac hes the
trying to deve lop a better r ice th at wo uld help    off the Eur o pean co rn borer. In a lab or at ory     poor far mers in rice-growing co untries," he
alleviat e some of the maln ourishme nt suffered       sett ing, poll en from Bt co rn was du sted o n        said, "as Gr eenpeace an d other radical op-
by those living in co untries where rice is the        plants popul at ed by monarch butterfly ca ter-        pone nts [of genetically modi fied organisms]
main source of food . He wa nted to give the           pillars, and so me of th e insects died. Even          are doing everything to try to pr event it."
seeds away to poor farmers.                            so, it is not yet clear wh ether Bt corn pos es a         Digital Extra: Read mo re on the opposing
   H is person al experience may have moti-            danger to thes e ca te rp illa rs outside of th e      views in the debate over genet ica lly modified
vat ed him. H is father, a doctor, died in the         la bora tory.                                          rice: http://pro jo.comiext ra/r ice/.        ~~
final da ys o f World War II, and Pot ryk us, at          Some oppo nents have gone to ex tremes to
age 11 , fled eas te rn Ge rmany. H e and his          sto p such resea rch . Las t month , "ecoter-          Reprinted with permission of The Pro viden ce
br others were forced to stea l for fo od . " I        ro rists" destro yed a field of pea plants con-        Journal 2001.
wanted, as a scien tist, to con tribu te to th e       ta ining transpl anted genes on the West Coast.
food securi ty of poor peopl e," Pot ryku s said       Last summer, opponents cut down $10,000
in an inter view yesterday.                            worth of exp eriment al poplar trees in M ain e.

                                                                                                                                 ASPB News. Vo l. 28. NO.5· 21
Plant Researchers Eligible for NSF Graduate
Fellowships and ITR Awards

NSF recently announced th e N SF Awa rd s            reinforce its diversity. It offers about 900         pubs/2001/n sf0114 9/n sfOI14 9.htm/. In
Program on Graduate Research Fellow ship s           gra duate fellowships each year. Fellowships         the current yea r, the progra m w ill expa nd
and the NSF Awards Program for Info rma-             provide thr ee years of support for graduate         to enab le rese a rch a nd ed uca t io n in
tion Technology Research.                            study leading to research-based master's or          mu ltidisciplina ry areas, focusing on emerg-
                                                     docto ral degrees in the fields of science, math -   ing o pportunities at th e int erfaces betwe en
NSF Awards Program on Graduate                       ema tics, and engineering su pported by NSF.         inform at ion techn ology and other discipline s.
Research Fellowships                                 Fellowships a re intended for students in the        Th e types of projects that are enco uraged in-
N ew 2002 Gu idelines for Subm ission of Ap-         ea rly stages of th eir graduate study. Awards       clud e a reas st udied by plant scientists. Small
plication s for Nation al Science Fo unda tio n      incl ude a $2 0, 500 stipend for a 12 -month         pr o ject awa rds ra nge up to $500,000. Me -
Graduate Research Fellowship s are availabl e        tenure plus $10,5 00 cost-of-education allow-        dium project awards are up to $5 million with
at the follo wing web site: http://www.nsf.go v/     anc e per tenure year.                               no more th an $ 1 milli o n per year. Large
pubs/2001lnsf01146/nsf01146.pd f. T his pro-                                                              proj ect awa rds are up to $15 million with no
gram is open to gra dua te stude nts in plant        NSF Awards Program for Information                   mor e than $3 million per year.
biology and ot her science pro grams. T he pro-      Technology Research                                     We apprecia te the hel p o f Dr. Machi
gram aims to ensure the vita lity of th e hu-        T he p ro gr am anno uncemen t for the NSF           Dilworth in providing this information .       l:~

man resource base in science, ma thema tics,         Awards Pro gram for Information Technology
and engineering in the Unit ed Sta tes and to        Research can be found at

Agricultural Biotechnology Offers an Invaluable
Tool for Humanity
The following perspective o n agricultural bio-      PERSPECTIVE                                          th ey were in 1961. Likewi se, far mers will
technology is offered by ASPB Co mmittee o n         Agricultural Biotechnology-                          pro sper th rough the use of mor e eco no mical
Public Affairs mem ber Dawn Luthe of M is-           An Invaluable Tool for All Humanity                  and efficient production pr actices, million s of
sissippi State Universit y. He r co mmenta ry was                                                         malnourished people could benefit fro m ge-
first published in the Spring 2001 issue of the      O ver the past century, science has made amaz-       neticall y enr iche d food s up plies , and th e
Research Highlights publicati on of the M is-        ing ad vances- ma ny beyond wha t we may             world 's natu ral resources co uld be sus ta ined
sissippi Agricultural and Forestry Exp erim ent      ha ve believed possibl e. Techn ology has a f-       despit e its ever-gro wing population .
Station. Colleagues in o ther science disciplin es   fected a lmos t every as pect of daily life, and        Farmers ben efit fro m biot echn ology be-
are amo ng the imp ortant a ud iences plant sci-     its imp act is particularl y evident in the field    cause it improves yields, eases their workload ,
entists can add ress in edu cati on outreac h ef-    of ag ricu ltu re . Today, bio technology and        reduces th e need for pesticides, and co nser ves
forts. (As with other perspectives pr inted in       gene tic eng inee r ing are revol u tionizing        soil quality by reducin g tillage. M any of these
the ASPB News, the opinions expressed are            th e way we farm and feed a growing world            benefits are as good for the enviro nment as
those of the author and not necessarily of           popul ati on.                                        they are for the farm er. For example, Bt cot-
ASPB or the ASPB News .)                                Research and other indicators show that           ton and corn with built-in pest co ntro l have
                                                     biot echn ology is an invaluable tool for the        significantly reduced insecticide use. Rou ndup
                                                     benefit of all hum anity. U.S. consumers ben-        Ready soybeans allow mor e efficient weed
                                                     efit from imp rov ed product quality and food        control. Crops that a re mo re to lera nt o f
                                                     cos ts th at are 53 percent lower today than         environmental stress a nd that can mo re

22 • ASPB News. Vol. 28. NO. 5
efficiently use fertilizer s w ill fu rth er re d uce
production costs. Research is being co nd ucted
that will lead to the de velopment of pl ants
resistant to fungal and vir al di seases.
  Biotechnology and genetic mod ificati on o f
foods seem the best hope to feed th e wo rld 's
gro w ing population and sustai n environmen -
tal resources. Malnutrition aff ects mo re th an
800 million people, 40,000 of w ho m d ie each
da y. Biotechnology ha s helped produce such
promising devel opments as gold en r ice, a
vita min A--enriched cro p th at may help pr e-
ven t blindness in m aln ou r ish ed chi ldre n .
Plants with incre ased iron co nte nt w ill alle vi-
ate iron deficiency, o ne of th e most pre vale nt
nutritional disorders. Usin g gene tic eng inee r-
ing, it will be possible to improve th e q ua lity                 Dawn Luthe of Mississippi Sta te University. Photo by Fred Faulk, MSU
                                                                   University Relations.
of starch, protein, and oil in seeds that are
used for human and animal co nsum ption.
  The world's population is escalat ing mo re           to precisely insert a single gene   to   prov ide ad-      Despite the efforts of biote chn ology ad vo-
an d more rapidly, but th e amo unt of ara ble          vantageou s characterist ics   to   a cro p va riet y    ca tes, th e de cision   to    use gene tic mo difica-
land will not inc rea se. The use o f biot echnol-      and is a much faster proce ss than con ventio na l       tion is ultimat ely up        to   co ns umers . The de-
ogy to devel op cr op s th at grow w here poor          breedin g. For example, it has tak en mor e th an        mands of everyday peopl e will determine how
so il a nd clim ate co ndi tio ns lim it producti on    20 yea rs to develop high-lysine co rn, a n ac-          biotechn olog y is inc o rp o rat ed into ag ric u l-
w ill be essen tial for th ose w ho rely o n th is      co mplishment that co uld have been ac hieved            tu ral pr actices. The key         to   ea rni ng an d main-
marginal land for fo od prod uction .                   much qu ick er us in g ge ne tic engi neeri ng.          taining consumer con fidence is carefu l test-
  There are oth er health and eco no mic ben-             Despite the benefits, no new tech nology is            ing and open communication. Th e role of sci-
efits of agricultural biot echnol ogy. For ex -         fre e of risk. We must weigh all th e bene fits of       en tists in this exchange is to provide accura te
ample, the vaccine for hepat itis B, a lead ing         ge ne tic modification against a ny poss ib le           inf ormation that allows the public to ma ke
cause of cancer, is bein g pr oduced in ba na nas       drawbacks. To me, the risks are far o utn um-            go od, informed decisions.
so that it can be given or ally a t low cos t to        bered by the positive health, envi ron mental,             Through this public exchange, the world
children in developing countries. In th e fu-           and economic implications of biote chnology.             will better understand that agr icultu ral bio -
ture, other vaccines and ph ar maceuti cals ma y        Some concerns that hav e been ra ised include            tec hno logy has many significa nt posi tive im-
be produced in tobacco and o t her crops. Bio-          food sa fety, cross-pollinati on w ith ne a rb y         plica tio ns . As more pe ople learn a bo ut th e
technology could make possible the pro d uc-            w ild species, and devel o pment of pes ticide-          science of biotechnology and weigh th e ben -
tio n o f completely ne w pr od uct s, suc h as         resistant insect s. So und , sc ience- based test-       efits fo r themselves, I believe most will acce pt
plants that make biod egrad able plast ics or           ing is essential to evalu at e th e levels o f these     th is technology and va lue its posit ive imp act
no vel fiber s.                                         r isks and to add ress an y significa nt probl em s      o n thei r lives.                              I~~
   Genetic modifi cati on is ce rta in ly not a new     identified. While science ca nno t rule ou t all
phenomenon . All o rga nis ms are gen eti call y        possible disadvantages, it ca n be used to regu -                                           Dawn Luthe
m od ified throu gh th e natural ac t of breed-         lat e and help pre vent biot echnology-related                              Mississippi Sta te University
                                                                                                                                     dsluthe@ra .msstate .edu
ing. Intentional genetic modi ficat ion th ro ugh       problems.
classical selective breeding tech niq ues is as old       Years of rigorous testing by the USDA, EPA,
                                                                                                                 Reprinted with permission fr om MA PES
as civilization. Conventional breeding brings           and FDA indicates that gen etically mo dified
                                                                                                                 Research Highlights.
a multitude of additional genes a long with a           foods are as safe as conventional food s. In fact,
single beneficial gene; the se of ten include un-       one advantage of biotechnology is th e abi lity
desirable traits that require yea rs to elim ina te .   to elim ina te some food allergens and      to   mo re
Biotechnology, on the o the r han d, ena bles us        eas ily monitor food safety.

                                                                                                                                    ASPB News, Vol. 28, NO. 5· 23

Teaching Portfolios and Their Significance
Compi led and edited by Gary Kuleck, Biology Department, Loyola Marymount University,
7900 Loyola Blud., Los An geles, CA 90045, e-mail gkuleck@lm

Dr. Rob ert Beckm ann of the Botany Depart-           improve your teach ing and help yo u esta b-            d irect ion s in science a nd techn ology and to
ment at N orth Caro lina Sta te University led        lish co ntac ts with o ther ed uca tors . Th e po rt-   develop modules a nd tool kits for bringing
the Teac hing Portfolios Worksho p at the ASPB        fol io is prepared in cons ulta tion with this peer     those advan ces into the und ergraduat e learn-
ann ual meet ing in Pro vidence this pas t Jul y.     gro up, thu s pro vidin g a non -threa ten ing en-      ing environment in co urses and la bs for stu-
T he main message: The teachi ng po rtfo lio          vironment in which yo u can both receive and            dents at all levels. O ne goa l is that a ll pa rt ici-
sho uld be considered seriously as a major cur-       provide constructive cr iticism .                       pants leave with specific ma teria ls to ada pt
riculum vitae component for facult y at all in-          Dr. Beckmann believe s th at al tho ug h the         in bringing cutting-edge science to their own
stitution s but especially those wh ere teachin g     teaching portfolio is rel ativel y new on th e          ca mpuses, with special atte ntion to issues re-
is a primary component of evalu ation .               scene , its use is growing. Its repu ta tio n as an     lati ng to ethics, writing, un dergra dua te re-
   Dr. Beckmann emphasized th at the teach-           effective tool is increasing, and it is now used        searc h, and technology. Part icipants leave
ing po rt fo lio is a relative newc om er to the      by mo re th an 800 colleges and universities in         with an actio n agenda for th e com ing months
aca de mic co mm un ity at la rger inst itutions.     the United Sta tes. It is an asset th at will pro-      and year focusing on opportun ities and cha l-
No t surprising ly, it en genders co nsiderable       vide valua ble returns th rou gh out one's aca-         lenges of integrating resea rch and ed uca tion
disc ussio n, o ften marked by skepticism, as to      demi c career. Co nsider ing the high tu rnou t         int o the ir scho larly age nda .
bot h its mer it and its use. Beckm ann posed         at, and vigoro us participati on in, the work-             If yo u are int erested in attending the meet-
three qu est ion s that frequ ently are asked by      shop , we believe o ur membership is interes ted        ing or becoming a PKAL facul ty, please visit
both cur re n t an d p otenti al members of           an d we enco urage the co nsidera tion of suc h         the web site at http://www.p kal.or g for more
aca deme :                                            a portfo lio . For additional infor mat ion on          inform ation.
   1. Wh at is a teaching portfolio? Beckmann         teac h ing portfolios, cont a ct Dr. Ro bert
reiterated th at a teaching portfolio is a personal   Beckma nn, Botany Department, Box 7612,                 CUR National Conference 2002
representation of not only content and presen-        N orth Carolina State University, Ra leigh, N C         The C o uncil on Undergr ad uat e Researc h
tat ion but, more important, your mo tiva tion        27695-7 612 ; telephone 91 9-51 5-5 024 , fax           (CUR) N ational Conferenc e will be held at
for teaching in your particular style. Second,        919-51 5- 75 19.                                        Co nnecticut Colle ge, New London, on Ju ne
the portfolio is not simply an iterat ion of the                                                              19-22, 20 02 . The theme is " Und ergrad uat e
annua l faculty report becau se you maintain          2001 PKAL National Assembly                             Resea rc h for All, " wi t h d iverse works hop
control of the content . The content an d source      The 200 1 Project Kaleidoscop e (PKAL) Fac-             activities covering to pics such as the nature
of the essentia l elements can be as diverse as       ult y for the 2 1" century (F2 1) N at ion al As-       o f und ergr adu at e resear ch, interna l a nd ex-
the format of the portfolio itself.                   sem bly will meet at the Un iversit y of Wiscon -       tern al funding and sup po rt , resear ch respon-
   2. W hy tak e the time to prepar e the po rt-      sin-Ma diso n Octo be r 19-21 , 200 1. Th is            sibi lities, an d assess ment. There will be plenty
folio? T he p ortfoli o is th e ve h icle for         year's asse m bly, "Sc ience a t t he C utt ing         for everyo ne at CUR 2002: Administrat or s,
presenting yo ur accomplishm ent s in the most        Edge ," will emphasize bringing cutt ing-edge           fac ulty, gra d ua te students, and pa rticularl y
fa vora ble and effective manner. From the            ad va ntages to the undergraduate learni ng             those seeking employment at primarily un-
grad ua te student seeking employment , to the        environment. Three of the tracks of pa rt icu-          dergradu at e institutions are all welcome .
ass ista nt professor seeking prom oti on and         lar interest include biotechnology, infor ma-           Ad ministrat or s will be especially interested in
tenu re, to the full professor interest ed in         tional technology, and environmental science.           sessio ns on assess ment and research ethics.
awards and recognition, the po rtfolio en -              T he an nual PKAL National Assembly is a             T his conference is a grea t opportun ity for
hances yo ur competitive status.                      key opportuni ty for F21 mem bers to exc ha nge         th ose doing researc h w hile wo rk ing to im-
   3. W ha t is the role of the teaching portfo-      ideas a nd exp er iences w ith peer s an d wit h        prov e unde rgrad ua te education.
lio in the scho lars hip o f teach ing ? T he port-   seasoned age nts of cha nge w ithin the nat ion al         For furt her inform ation , on line registra tion,
fo lio requi res profound reflect ion o n your        Science, Ma thema tics, Enginee ring Techn ol-          and detai ls o n how to sub mit a wo rks ho p pro-
teachin g, an d the outco me of this is a lmos t      ogy (SM ET) co mm un ity. Th e Nat ion al As-           posal or pos te r a pp lica t io n, visi t http ://
invariably posit ive. Such reflectio n ca n help      sembly prov ides oppo rtunities to ex plore new         www!conferences.html.                     l~~

24 • ASPB News. Vo l. 28. NO.5

ASPB News publishes date s, titles, locati ons, and contact names and addresses for meetings, courses, seminars, and the like
that are of interest to ASPB memb ers. Su bmit announcements via e-mail to or mail to Sylvia Braxton Lee,
ASPB News, 15501 M on ona Driv e, Rockville, MD 20855-2768 USA. Faxed transmissions are not accepted.

                                                                                                                   info@keysto nesym posia .o rg or JI Schroeder@
                                                                                                          Visit Web site a t www.
              2002: Denver, Co lorado                               2003: Honolu lu, Hawa ii
                                                                                                                   ke yst o ne sympo sia. o rg .
           Saturd a y, Augusi" 3, throug h                         Saturday, July 26, throug h
               Wednesday, August 7                                     Wednesday, July 30
                                                                                                                   J'vIARC H

                                                                                                                   Marc h 2- 4
                                           2004: Orlando, Florida                                                  So uthern Section 's An n ua l M eet ing
                                         Sa turd a y, July 24, through                                             Georgia C en ter for Co n tin uing Ed uca tio n
                                                                                                                   Un iversity of Geo rg ia C a m p us, Ath ens
                                               Wed nesd a y, July 28                                               Ruth Grene (forme rly Alsche r) is th e orga nizer,
                                                                                                                   worki ng w ith Sco tt M e rkl e, local host . Fo r
                                                                                                                   informa tion co n tac t Ruth Gre ne, Depa rtmen t o f
                                                                                                                   Plant Path ol og y, Ph ysiology a nd Weed Science,
                                                                                                                   Virgin ia Tech, Blacks burg , VA 24 061-0330 ;
2001                                                                                                               teleph one 540- 2 31-67 61, fax 540-2 31-5 75 5 ,
                                                                                                                   e-m a il ralsche r@vt. edu.
                                                         DEC EM BE R
                                                         De cem ber 4-6                                            M arch 2 3-2 6
October 2 7- 3 0                                         In terna t ion al Sympo sium                              6t h Intern at ion a l Conferenc e on Plasma
X N a tio nal Co ng ress of Biochemis try a nd           Irr igation and Water Relatio ns in Grapevine and         M em br ane Red ox Systems and T heir Role in
M o lecu lar Biology of I'la nts a nd                    Fr uit Trc cs                                             Biological Str ess and Di sea se
-lth Symposium M exi co-U SA                             M end oza , Argentina                                     Ravenna, Italy
La Paz, Baja Cali forni a Sur, M ex ico                  For inf o rmati on, con tact Facultad de Ciencias         For information contact Pao lo T ro st , Depa rt -
Deadline for poster abstract s is Jul y 3 0th , 20 01.   Agr a rias-UN Cuyo, Alte. Brown 500, Casilla de           ment of Biology, Universit y o f Bo logna,
For more information on th e aca dem ic program,         Co rreo N ° 7, Chacras de Coria, Mendoza-                 telephon e +39 -051 -209 132 9, fax +3 9- 051-
a bstract forma ts, costs, lodging, et c, visit o ur     Argentin a CPA M5528AHB. Telephone +54-                   242576, e-m ail trost @al m a.un ibo. it. or visit th e
Web page at              26 1-4 96-0004, ex t. 2023 or 1019, fax +54-261-          web site at http://www.u nibo .itl redox2 002.
bioplanta. For questions, conta ct cib-                  4 96- 04 69, e-mail sec reta ria t@ or Dr. ]. L. Di az De Leo n a t            irriga tionsymposi um .co m .ar, Web site http://                                       www.i rrigat io nsymp osium.                      AP RIL

                                                                                                                   Apri l 8-1 2
N O VEM BER                                              Dece m ber 8-12                                           :'o ciety fo r Ex peri m enta l Bio logy
                                                         4p t ASC B Annual Meeting                                 Annual Ma in M eeting
November 11- 15                                          Washi ngton Co nvent ion Ce nter, Was hing to n , D C     Swan sea , Wa les, Uni ted Kingd o m
6 th ISSR Sym posiu m R oo ts: The Dyna m ic             Fo r info rma tion , co ntac t us a t teleph on e 30 1-   Co ntac t th e SEB offi ce a t: telephon e, +44 -207-
Interfa ce Between Plants a nd th e Ea r th              347-9300, e-ma il asc bi nfors'asc b.o rg, we b site      4 3 9- 8732, fax +4 4 -207-7287-4786, e-ma il
N agoya, Ja pa n                                         http://w w w.a scb .or g .                                c. trim mer@s ebio logy.o rg/. See we b s ite a t
Orga n izers: Japanese Soc iety for Ro ot Research                                                        bio
(JSRR) a nd Internation al Soc iety o f Root
Resear ch (ISSR). For informati on, e-m ail Dr. S.       2002
M orita at an a to my@ mai l.ecc .u-tokyo .ac .jp o r                                                              Apr il 11-1 4
vis it th e Web site a t http://www.soc.n                                                             5 th Workshop on Sulfur Assim ila tion in High er
jsrrlisr r/.                                             JA N UARY                                                 Pla n ts: "Sulfur Tr ans por t an d Ass imil a tion-
                                                                                                                   R egula tion, In teraction, Signa ling "
                                                         january 22 -2 7                                           M on tp ellier, Fra nce
N o vem ber 19-21                                        Keyston e Sym p osium on Specificity and                  For mo re in for ma tion on progra m and h ow to
"O xygen , Free R ad icals and Oxidative St ress in      Crossta lk in Plant Signa l Tr a nsdu ction               register, visit th e web site a t h ttp ://cost 829 .
Pla n ts"                                                Gra n libakkcn Resor t, T ahoe Cit y, California _meet ings/ . Wor ksho p limited to
N ice, Fran ce                                           O rgan ize rs: Julian I. Schroed er, Mark A. Estelle,     120 participants. Co ntac t Prof. Jea n-Cla ud e
Information can be obta ined on ou r Web site a t        M asa ki Furuya . Ab stract Deadline: September           Davidian, ENSA -M / INRA (UMR 50 04) 2,
http://www. unice. fr/Pla ntRa dicals200 1/. For         2 1,2001. Early Registration Deadline: Novem-             Place Viala, 34060 M ontpellier, Fr a nce,
additional information contact Ala in Puppo at           ber 20, 2001. Fo r info rmation contact 800-253-          davidian@ensam.inra .fr.                                          068 5 , fax 97 0-26 2- 1230 , fax 970-262-1525,

                                                                                                                                        ASPB News, Vol. 28, No.5· 25
April 15-1 7                                         JULY
17th Long Ashton Interna tio nal Symp osium
" N ew Fron tiers in Plant Develop ment: Fro m
Genes to Phenotype"                                  Ju ly 7-12
Bristol, Un ited Kingdo m                            XX Ist Intern atio nal Carbo hydrate Symposium
For infor mation contact Christine Co oke at +44-    Cairns, Qu eensland, Australia
1275-54 934 1, fax +44- 1275-5493 97, e-mail         For infor mat ion, cont act T he Secretariat,
Chri stine.Cooke@BBSRC.AC.UK.                        Congress West, 12 T helma Street, PO Box 124 8,
                                                     West Perth , Western Aust ra lia 6872; fax +61-8-
                                                     9322- 1734, e-ma il,
April 23-27                                          we b site http://www.ics200 2.u .au/.
VI Intern ational Meeting on Biology a nd
Biotechnology of the Plant H orm on e
Eth ylene                                            July 28-August 1
Murci a, Spain                                       Plant Gr owth Regulatio n Society of America
For informat ion contact Dr. M. Vend rell, e-ma il   Westin No va Scotian , Ha lifax, Nov a Scotia, or Dr. F. Rom ojaro, e-ma il     Contact Dr. Wayne A. M ackay, Program Chair,
eth Meeting Secretariat :       Texa s A&M Universit y, 17360 Co it Road ,
CEBAS-CSIC, Ca mpus Universitario de                 Da llas, TX 75252-6599; telephone 972 -231-
Espina rdo, Aparrad o de Correos 4.1 95, 30 100      5362 , fax 972-962-921 6, e-mai l w-macka y@
Murcia, Spain; teleph one +34-968-396 328, fax , Web site http ://www.griffin .
+34-96 8-396 213.                                    peac /pgrsa.

MAY                                                  AUGUST

May 20-22                                            August 3-7
Ur ban Agriculture: Emerging Op port unities in      T he Annu al M eeting of the America n Society of
Science, Ed ucation, and Policy                      Plant Bio logists
Dallas, Texas                                        Adam s M ark Ho tel
Call +972-231-5362 for more inform at io n or        Denver, Colorado
visit htt p://ur ban ag.tamu .edu.                   For info rmation see http ://www.asp
                                                     meetings/p b-2002/index.efm.

June 23-28
11th Intern ational Symposium on Iron N utrition     Sept ember 1-6
and Intera ctions in Plants                          13'h Int ern at iona l Co ngress of the Federat ion of
Udine, Italy                                         European Societies of Plant Physiology (FESPP)
Co ntac t: Rob erto Pinton , Department              Heraklion , Crete, Gr eece
Prod uzione Vegeta le e Tecno logie Agra rie,        For info rmation please co ntact Pro fessor Ka lliop i
University of Udine, Via Delle Scienze 208 1-        A. Roubelakis-Angelakis; telephone +30-81-
33100 Udine, Italy; telephone +39043255864 1,        394073; 304 459, fax +30-8 1-394459, e-mail
fax +3904 3255 8603, e-mail iron.sym p@    ; fespp@biolo;
dpvra. uniud .it, Web site http://www.               Website www p.
irons ym p2

26 • ASPB New s, Vo l. 28, No, 5
                                           ASPB Placement Service
                        This form ma y be used on ly by members of the Am eric a n Society of Plant Biologists.
       Please print or typ e your p la c ement information on th isform (cu rric ulum vita e wiil not be accepted) and send t o
       Donna Gordon, ASPB Headquarters, 15501 Monona Drive, Rockville, MD 20855 -2768 USA; e-mail dgordon@aspb,org

LASTNAME                                                 TITLE                               TNAME
                                                                                          FIRS                     INITIAL


CITY                                            STATE            ZIP                      COUNTRY

TELEPHONE                                       FAX                                       E-MAIL

I am seeking the following position (check all that apply):
            (   ) Permanent           ( ) Temporary              ( ) Postdoc toral                     ) Industrial
            (   ) Academic            ( ) Government             ( ) USA on ly                         ) Outside USA
UScitizen? (       ) Yes              ( ) No             Date ovcllcble.,                   _

Fields of inte rest, specialties, and publ ications titles:

Thesis, dissertation topics, professor:

Professional societies and honors:

Degreejyear            Major              Minor                             College/university and location

Postdoctoral study (specialty and with whom , where, and         when1~:                                                          _

Employer and location                 From     To                                Position, title, and duties

References (names, addresses , and telephone numbers):
I. Registering with th e ASPB Placement Service and                               •   Academic/GovernmentlIndust ry Perm anent Position s (Ph.D. level):
   Ob taining Placement Files                                                         Fee: $15 0. Includes listing in one issue of the A SPB News and 12 weeks
                                                                                      on the ASPB online j ob Bank.
   ASPB operates a placement service in whi ch are kept active
                                                                                      Word Limit: 200 for print ad; no limit for online ad .
   two files of resumes of indi vid uals who are seeking employ-
   ment. Emp loyers are urged to surv ey the resume files for                     • Postdoctoral Position s
   those seeki ng permanent posi tio ns a nd t hose seek ing                        Fee: N o charge for universities, non- pro fit organiza tions, and gove rn -
   pos tdoc toral or similar posi tions. The files cos t $25 each                   ment installati ons; $150 for commercial com pani es. Include s listin g in
   and may be or dered from Donna Go rdon, ASPB Placement                           one issue of the ASP B N ews and 12 weeks on the ASPB on line job Bank.
   Service, 15501 Monona Drive, Rockville, M D 2085 5-2768                          Word Limit: 200 for print ad; no limit for online ad.
   USA. Th ose seeking employment should com plete the Place-
                                                                                  • Research/Technical Positions (non-Ph.D.)
   ment Service For m on the prev ious page to be included in
                                                                                    Fee: No charge for un iversities, non-p rof it orga nizatio ns, and gove rn -
   the service.
                                                                                    ment installati ons; $150 for co mmercial com pani es. Includ es listin g in
                                                                                    one issue of the AS PB News an d 12 weeks on the ASPB on line job Bank.
II. Placing a Position Ad in the ASPH etas and on the
                                                                                    Word Limit: 200 for print ad; no limit for online ad.
    ASPS H omep age
                                                                                  •   Assistantships, Fellowships, Internship s
   Submit a ll ads bye-mail to Sylvia Braxton Lee at sbraxton
                                                                                      Fee: No charge; ad will ap pear in tw o issues of the ASPB N ew s-the
   @aspb.o rg (or by mail to Sylvia Brax to n Lee, 15501 Mon ona
                                                                                      first time a t full length and the second time in a n ab breviated form-
   Dr ive, Rockville, MD 20855-2768 USA). If yo u are submit-
                                                                                      an d 12 weeks on the ASPB online j ob Ban k.
   ting a chargea ble ad, please include billing information when
                                                                                      Word Limit: N one.
   you send the ad.

ACA DEL'vUC/GOVER N ME1 'T/I DUSTRY                        cu lture a nd transfo rmati on . Experience in plant     fac ulty, spec ialists and far m advisors , a nd will
PERMANENT                                                  physio logy a nd hort icult ure is preferred. A Ph.D .   pub lish find ings in peer-reviewed media. Th e
POSIT IOJ S (Ph.D.)                                        in plant molecu lar biology, plant ph ysiology,          incumben t will also develop and dissem inate
                                                           bo tany an d related areas is required. Good             educational ma terials, will pro vide leadership
Two Resear ch Scientist Positions                          com munication skills an d the ability to int erac t     and coord inat ion for Uni versity of Cali forn ia
Phy raf- cnics, Richla nd , Washi ngto n                   wi th techn ical peers are necessa ry. Please send a     land scap e horticulture ad viso rs, and will be a
(Received 07/06 )                                          current cur ricul um vitae, a lett er of research        resou rce for the sta tew ide Master Gar dener
PhytaGenics is a new ly founded plant biotec h-            interes ts and ex periences, an d the nam es,            program . Applicant s must hold a Ph.D . degree
nology co mpany for novel plant gene discovery,            teleph on e nu mbers, a nd e-mai l addresses of th ree   in horticultu re, urban forestry, plant biolog y or
pro tein production for ph ar maceut ical and              references bye-ma il to Dr. Bria n H ook er,             ecol ogy, or related fields with a researc h area
ind ustrial applica tions , and meta bolic engine er-      D irector of Resea rch at PhytaGenics,                   relevan t to co ntemporary ur ba n landscape
ing for phy tochem ical manufacture.                       brian. ho o ker@phytagen                        issues. Dea dline for submission of ap plication
Position I: molecul ar biology/prot ein purifica-                                                                   materials is Oc tobe r 1, 200 1. For further
tion.                                                      Land scape Horticulture Specialist                       appl ication informat ion, con tac t Dr. Alison M .
Can didates shou ld have demon str at ed expertise         Unive rsity of Ca lifornia, Davis                        Berr y, Department of Environ mental H orticul-
in sta nda rd molecular clonin g, vector co nstruc-        (Received 07/13)                                         tu re, University of Ca liforn ia, One Shields Ave.,
tion for tran sgcne ex press ion, and mo lecuJar and       This is a career track appointment in th e               Da vis, CA 956 16-8 5 87 ; telephone 530 -752-
biochemical analyses of expressed protei ns in             Department of Environ menta l Horticulture               7683, e-mail am
transgenic plan ts. Previous exp erience in large-         (80%) and the Land scape Architecture program
scale pro tein puri fication is pr eferr ed . A Ph.D. in   (20%) in the Depa rt ment of Environmenta l
(pla nt) mo lecula r biology, bioch emistry, or a          Design, at the University o f California, Davis.         Assistan t Professor Positi ons
closely re lated area is requ ired .                       This is a cooperative ex tens ion pos ition (IOO%),      Purdue Univers ity, West Lafayette, Indiana
Position II: plant molecul ar biology/plant                with em phas is on ur ban land scap e ho rticulture.     {Received 07/17}
ph ysiolog y.                                              The land scap e ho rt iculture specialist will develop   T he Dep artment of Botan y and Plan t Pathology
Can didates should have demonstr ated expe rtise           a statewide program in landscape ho rt icult ure         at Pur due Un iversity is seek ing outsta nding
in standard molecu lar cloning, p ro tein expres-          foc using on issues cr itica l to the general p ublic,   applic ants with stro ng reco rds of research
sion in transgenic pl ants, molec ular and                 la ndsca pe management ind ust ries, and relevant        accom pl ishment for two tenure-track assista nt
biochemical cha racte riza tion of transgene               government agencies. The appointee wi ll                 profe ssor pos itio ns in the area of function al
expressed products in plants, an d plant tiss ue           estab lish a coo pera tive research program wi th        genomics, T hese aca dem ic year {10-mo nth}

                                                                                                   i              ob
                             Ch ec k ASPS's Web site (htt p :/ /www.a sp b .org/job ba nk/) every Fr day for new J listings.
                     Jobs with early a pplication deadlines are listed on the Web site but might not appear in the ASPB Ne ws,

28 • ASPB News, Vol. 28, NO. 5
                                                                                                                                                   .. ..      ..

appointm ents will ex pa nd a nd stre ngthe n basi c         The USDAIARS, H ilo , H awa ii, invites a pp lica -           Un iversity of Tennessee is an EEO/AAIT itle Vl/
plant path ology in the departm ent a nd support             tion s for the p osition of cente r d irector o f th e        Title IX, Sect ion 50 4/ AD A/A DEA institution in
Purdu e's overa ll in itia tive in p lant ge nornics. The    Pacific Basin Agricul tural Resea rch Ce nt er, GS-           the provision of its ed uca tion a nd em plo yme nt
s uccessful app lica nt s wi ll be ex pec ted to de velop    15 ($79,71 0-$ 10 3,623 per a nn um (+ 16.5 %                 programs and ser vices.
strong, ex terna lly funded resea rc h programs that         COLA ), sal ary co mmensura te w ith ex pe rience ).
address rel evant q uesti ons regardi ng plant-              The center d irect or has overa ll resp ons ibility for
pa thogen int eracti o ns, su ch as molecular and            formulating a nd guiding a broa d -sca le                     Assistant Professor
genetic mech a nisms of diseas e resistance in crops         multidisciplinary research p rog ra m coverin g               Mississippi State Univ ers ity, M ississip pi Sta te
or model systems, o r mech anisms of pathogenic-             crop production, fu nd am ental and applied plant             (Received 08/17)
ity and virul ence in plant p athogens. Teaching             sciences, plant protecti o n, pr e-h ar vest an d post-       A tenure-track position w ith 12 -month
responsibiliti es wi ll incl ude und er graduate and         harvest plant physi ology, plant ge ne tics/p la nt           appointment is availa ble. Candida te is ex pec ted
graduate courses in plant patho log y as w ell as            germplasm co nser vation a nd en ha ncement, and              to develop and susta in an interna tionally-
me ntoring gr adu ate stu dents. A Ph .D . in plant          entomology. The inc umbent will a lso co nd uct a             recognized a nd extramurall y-fund ed resea rch
pathology or rela ted d iscipline is required and            personal research p ro gr a m with in o ne or more of         p rogr am in pla nt molecular bio logy. Preference
po stdocto ra l experience is des ira ble . Applicants       the program missio ns. A Ph.D . or equ iva lent in            g iven to ca nd id ates ha vin g int erd iscipl inar y
sh ould submit th eir curricul um vitae, a short             plant gen etics/pl ant p hys io logy /p lant pa t ho logy     interest s in conducting co lla bo ra ti ve resea rc h o n
st at ement o f research int er ests, a sta te me nt of      or a clos ely rel at ed field is d esired . This is a         eco no mica lly-im po rta n t cro ps. Appo int ee w ill
teaching inte res ts a nd p hiloso phy, an d the n ames      competitive, permanent a p po int me nt a nd U.S.             devel op and tea ch gradua te co ur ses in his/her
and co nt ac t info rm at ion o f four references to Dr.     citi zen ship is req u ired . ARS is a n eq ua l opportu -    a rea of spec ia lty. M SU ranks 8t h amo ng U.S.
Ra y Ma rt yn , H ead , Dep a rtment of Bot an y a nd        nit y provide r a nd em p loyer. Women an d                   uni versities in total agri cul tu ral researc h
Plant Pathol ogy, 1155 Lilly H all , Purdu e                 minorities are encou raged to a pp ly. App lica tions         expend itures a nd has a co m mi tmen t to
Uni versit y, West La faye tte, IN 4 7 90 7-11 55 .          mu st be marked " ARS-X 1W-14 5 1. " Fo r speci fic           a dvan cing biotechnol ogy. Co mmercia l app lica -
Application s s ho uld be recei ved by O ctober 3 1,         a pp lica tio n p ro cedu res a nd req uire me nt s, please   tio ns of biotechno logy are encouraged. A Ph. D .
2 00 1, to ens ure full co nsi dera tion . D epa rt mental   ca ll Ms. Lor ett a O kam ot o, 808 -9 59 -430 1. You         in plant molecular biology or relat ed field is
web site : http ://www.b tny.p urd ue .ed u. An EO           may obtain a co py of th e vaca ncy anno unce me nt           required and postdoctoral ex perience desira ble.
em p loyer.                                                  from Ms. Okamoto or from th e ARS home page                   Send letter of intent, curriculu m vitae, sta teme nt
                                                             (http://www. ars. usd a.go v/a fm /hrd/res j0 bs/             of research and teaching interests, an d name s o f
                                                             index.html) under a nno unceme nt ARS-X1 W-                   three references to Search Com mitt ee, Plant an d
Assistant or Asso ciat e Profes so r                         1451. Applications mu st be p ost mar ked by                  Soil Sciences Department, Box 9555, Mi ssissippi
Colorado Stal e U niversity, Fort Co llins                   September 28, 2001.                                           State University, Mississippi State, M S 39762.
(Received 07/1 8)                                                                                                          Applications accepted until Octo ber 1, 200 1, or
A tenure-track resea rch and teaching assistant or                                                                         until position is filled. For further inf ormat ion
associate professor pos ition is a vai la ble in plant       Professor and Head                                            co n tact Dr. Alan Wood, Director, Life Sciences
genomics/proteomi cs. Res po ns ib ilities include           The University o f T en nessee, Knoxvi lle                    a nd Biotechnology Inst itute a t 662-325 -9208 .
fundame ntal resea rch relevant to qu alit y a nd            (R eceived 0 8/ 10 )                                          ANEEO Emplo yer.
va lue o f flow eri ng plants; o bta ining ex te rnal        The Uni ver sity of Tenn essee, Knoxv ille, invites
fund ing ; a nd co ntribut ing to int erd iscipli n ary      nominat io ns a nd a ppl icat ion s for th e po sition o f
research wi t h em p has is o n top ics such as flower       professor and head o f the De partment o f Plant              Assis ta nt Professor
development , em bryogenesis, seed biology, etc .            Scienc es a nd Landscape Systems (see                         Universi ty o f N ebrask a, Omah a
C and ida te will tea ch o ne to tw o co urses per yea r The head will pr ovide                (R eceived 0 8/21 )
and ad vise graduate st udents . Q ua lifica tio ns:         leadership to a d iverse de partment having                   The Biology Depa rtment, Uni versit y o f
Ph.D. in plant biol og y or relevant field .                 resea rch , ex ten sion a nd aca de m ic mission s            Nebraska at Omah a, a nno unces a tenu re-t rack,
Postdoctor al ex perie nce p referr ed . App lica tion,      in vol ving produ cti on of orna me nta l, food ,             assi stant professor p osition in pla nt p hysio logy,
curr iculum vita , transcripts, d escripti on o f            forage, fiber a nd turf crops; biot echn o logy; w eed        st arting August 2002. A co mp leted Ph.D . in
research and teaching interests, a nd four                   scien ce; landscap ing; p u blic horticulture; and            pla nt physiology or closely related d iscipli ne is
p rofe ssion al reference letters sho uld be sent to         en vironmental sustainab ilit y. Qu a lificat ions            req uired . Postdoctoral research and/or teaching
Dr. Steph en J. Wall n er, H ea d, De pa rtment of           include a Ph.D. in plant biology or closely                   ex pe r ience is desirable. Applicants with research
Horti cultu re and Land sca pe Architecture,                 related field, administrative ex perience,                    int er ests in any area of plant physiology will be
Colorado Stat e Univers ity, Fo rt Co llins , CO             appreciation of the Land Gr ant mission , and                 co ns ide red . Teaching responsibilities include an
80523-11 73; teleph on e 970-49 1-70 18 , fax 9 70-          nationally recognized accomplishments in                      upper-division/graduate plant physiology course
491-7745, e-m a il sw all ner @agsci.col ost at .      teaching, research, and/or ext ensi on . Ap pl icants         with a laboratory and participation in introduc-
Applications and no mi na tio ns will be co nsidered         should have a commitment to equ al emp lo yment               tory bio log y survey courses. Graduate courses in
until th e position is filled ; how ever, applicants         opportunity and affirmative act ion . Send for ma l           th e area of specia lizatio n may be developed . The
should submit applicati o ns by N o vember 1,                letter of application, re sume , and names, pos ta l          su ccessful ca nd id a te is expected to esta blish an
2001. Colorado State Un iver sit y is an eq ua l             and e-mail add resses, and telephon e num be rs o f           ac tive research progra m . The uni vers it y a nd
opportunity em plo yer.                                      five professional ref erences to Dr. Rob ert Auge,            de partme nt are st ro ngly committed to achi evin g
                                                             Chair, Pla nt Sciences an d Landscap e Syste ms               d ive rsity amo ng facult y an d sta ff. We ar e
                                                             Department Head Sea rch Co mm itte e, 2 52                    particul arl y in terested in receiving applicati on s
Interdiscipl ina ry                                          Ellingto n Building, The Uni ver sit y of Tennessee,          from members o f underrepresented g ro ups a nd
Sup er visor y Research Gen eticist (Plants )                PO Box 1071, Knoxville , TN 3790 1-1 071;                     strongly enco urage women a nd people o f co lo r
Sup er visor y Plant Ph ysiologist                           telephone 86 5- 974 -7324, fa x 86 5-974- 19 47,              to appl y. For more informati on a bo ut th e
Supe rvisory R esear ch Plant Pathol ogist                   e-mail au . Re view o f appl ica nts '             dep ar tment, see the web site at ma ha .
USDAJARS, Hil o , H awa ii                                   cred entials will begin o n N ovem ber 10 , 2001 ,            eduz--wwwbio/, Screen ing of application s will
(Rece ived 0 7/25 )                                          and w ill co ntinue until the position is filled . Th e       begin Oc to ber 1, 2001, and continue until th e

                                                                                                                                                 ASPB News, Vol. 28, NO.5· 29
position is filled. Send curriculum vitae,                  accessible peer-rev iew ed internationa l jou rn als.          background wor k see Physiolo gia Plantarum
statements of teaching and research objectives,             Please send complete curriculu m vitae a lo ng w ith           10 9, 225-2 31 , 20 00; a nd Plant Physiolo gy 126,
and three letters of recommendation to Chair,               names of three references to peter.b rodelius@                 124 1-1246,200 1. Ca ndi da tes sho uld ha ve a
Biology Department, University of Nebraska at               hik .se or to P. Brodelius , Dep artment of                    Ph .D . in a ny area o f plant bio logy. Stro ng skills
Omaha, 6001 Dodge St., Omaha, NE 68182.                     Chemistry a nd Biomed ical Sciences , Uni versity              in mo lecular clo ning a nd bioc hem ist ry, as
                                                            of Kalm ar, 391 82 Ka lmar, Swe den .                          dem on st rat ed by th esis wor k a nd publications,
                                                                                                                           a re requ ired. Sala ry a nd sta rt d at es a re nego-
In teg ra tive Ph ysiologist                                                                                               tiab le. To a pp ly send a copy o f yo ur c urr iculum
Unive rsi ty of Colorado, Boulder                           Po stdocto ra l Po sition                                      vitae (prefe rably by e-ma il) a nd co nta ct
(Received 08/31 )                                           Un iversity of Kentu cky, Lexing to n                          infor ma tio n fo r th ree refere nces to Dr. Bala
Th e Department of En vironmental, Population               (Received 0 7/ 05                                              Rath inasab ap athi , Assist ant Professor, H orticul-
an d Organi sm ic Biolog y (htt p ://w w w.C olora do .     One postdocto r al posit ion is avai lable imm ed i-           rural Sciences Dep artment, Universit y o f Flo rida,
EDU/epo b/) at the Un iversity of Colorado,                 atel y in th e De partment o f Agr on om y, Un iver sity       G a inesville, FL 3261 1-069 0; teleph on e 352-392-
Boulder (h tt p:// lo rad o .ed u/), inv ites         of Kentucky, Lexington . Th e success ful ca nd idate          192 8 . ex t. 32 3 , fa x 352-392-5 653, e-ma il
app lica tio ns for a tenure-trac k integra tive            w ill join a ver y active resea rch team focu sing o n         b ra th@ma il.i fas .ufl.ed u.
ph ysiologist who a pplies molecular and/or                 (l) development o f nov el mol ecul a r ge ne tic tools
biochem ical appro ach es to th e st udy o f cellular       and germ plasm fo r molecul ar ph a nn inglfarm ing,
fun cti on within a compar ative a nd/o r envi ron -        and (2 ) molecul ar reg ulatory mech ani sm s                  Po stdoctoral Positi on
mental cont ex t. Individu als w orking with a ny           underlying leaf senescence in Ara bid opsis (for               Un iversit y o f Ari zo na, Tucson
ta xa and/or model sys tem are encouraged to                more inf o rmation , please visit y.             (Recei ved 07/12 )
a pp ly. The department anticipates hiring at the           cd uz--sga n/ ). While th e incumbent is ex pec ted to         Appli cants are invited for a n NSF -funded
ass ista nt professo r level. H owever, a p plica tions     co ncentr a te o n (l), the ca nd ida te is a lso ex pec ted   postd o cto ral position in the a rea o f plant
a t o ther levels ma y be considered. The tentative         to use modern molecul ar geneti c tec h niq ues to             fun cti on al geno mics a t the Uni ver sity of Arizona.
sta rt date is Augu st 19, 20 0 2. Tea ching duties         a na lyze a geneti c insul at or tha t we hav e iso lated      Th e respo nsibilities of this positi on, fund ed for
will include a n undergraduate core course in               from Ara bid op sis. Appl icants sho uld have                  tw o yea rs, invo lve the production of maize
cellul ar a nd integrative ph ysiol og y and upper          received their Ph .D . degree in bioche mis try,               cD NA /EST mic ro ar ra ys, including on e fo r a
level co urses in a reas o f specia lty. Applicants         genetics, bacteriology or a closely rela ted field             ma ize uni ge ne set, a nd using th ese for analysis of
sho uld sub mit a current curr iculum vitae,                with in past tw o yea rs. Appli cant s ho uld be               gene ex p ressio n. We ar e looking for en thusiastic,
sta tement s of research and teaching interest s,           highl y m otivated a nd career-o rient ed. Ex tensive          hard-work ing, a nd di ligent applica nt s to help
a nd have three indi vidu als send letter s of              w o rkin g exp eri ence in molecul ar biology is a             lead o ur interdiscip linary team, which also
recommendation under separate cover. Su bm it               mu st, a nd experience with Ara bid op sis is a plu s.         inte rfaces with o ther rn icro arra y-based projects
ma teri als by October 15,2001, to Integrative              To ap ply, p lease fax or e-m a il your ap plica tio n         in pl ant fun ctional gen omics. Applications and
Physiologist Search Committee, Dept. of EPO                 with cur riculum vitae , and nam es, teleph on e               enq uiries shou ld be directed to Drs. David
Biology, Campus Box 334, University of                      num bers an d e-mai l ad dres ses o f three references         G albraith a nd Vick i Chandler, University of
Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309-0334. Queries                   to Dr. Sushe ng Gan at 859-323 -1077 (fax) or                  Arizona, Dep artment of Plant Sciences, 303
about the position can be sent to cynthia.                  sga n@pop .uky.ed n. EO£.                                      Forbes Buildi ng , Tu cson, AZ 85721. Applica- The University of Colorado                                                                             tion s sho uld includ e a curriculum vitae and the
at Boulder is committed to diversity and equa lity                                                                         names of three references to David W. Galbraith,
in education and employment.                                Po stdoctoral Po siti on                                       Profe ssor o f Plant Sciences, Department of Plant
                                                            Texa s A&M Uni versit y, Co llege Sta tion                     Sciences, Uni ver sity of Arizona, 303 Forbes
                                                            (Rec eived 07/06 )                                             Building, Tuc son, AZ 85721; telephone 520-621-
POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS                                      A postdoctoral po siti on is avai la ble to study th e         9153 , fax 520-621-7186, e-mail galbraith@
                                                            functional genomics of pl ant resp on se an d                  a rizona.ed u, Web site
Postdoctoral Fellow                                         adaptation to advers e environ ments using                     ga lbra ith. Plant-Insect Interaction program:
Universiry of Kalmar, Kalmar, Sweden                        microarrays. The per son hired will join a                     http://ag. arizo na .ed u/pii-rtg.
(Received 07/03)                                            dynamic team of resear ch er s w o rkin g o n tw o
A postdoctoral position for up to two years is              NSF sponsored gen om e pr oject s focus ed o n th e
available from October 1st to study the                     environmental stress tolerance o f pl ants usin g              Po stdo cto ra l Positio n
regulation of sesquiterpene biosynthesis in                 sorghum as a model spec ies. Please send a                     IN R A, Versaill es, Fra nce
plants. Of particular interest is sesquiterpenoid           curriculum vit ae an d list o f refer enc es to Dr.            (Rec eived 07/13)
phytoalexins induced as response to pathogenic              John Mullet (jmu llcrwr amu .edulau d Dr. Pat ricia            T he foll owi ng postd oct or al fellow ship position is
attack (elicitation). Both wild-type and                    Kle in (pkl ein @tamu .edu), Ins titute fo r Plant             ava ila ble im medi at ely a t INRA (h ttp ://
transgenic plants/cell cultures expressing key              Genomics and Bio tech nology (ipg b@ta mu.ed u),               www. inra. fr), Versa illes, France, a nd is restri cted
biosynthetic enzymes under the control of                   Texas A&M U nivers ity, College Sta tion, Te xas.              to no n-F ren ch a pplica nts . App lica nts a vailable to
inducible promoters (e.g. tetracycline) will be                                                                            sta rt in Janu a ry 20 02 a re a lso enco uraged to
used in these studies. The successful candidate                                                                            a pp ly. We requi re a m oti vat ed an d experienced
should possess a Ph.D. with a strong emphasis in            Po stdoctoral Pos ition                                        po stdoctoral fello w to work on mole cul ar
molecular biology and demonstrate experience                University of Florida, G a ines ville                          ph ysiol ogy a nd gene tics o f br an chin g in pea a nd
with plant molecular biological techniques. The             (Received 0 7/1 2 )                                            Medicago, Th e a p plica nt sho uld hav e a Ph.D .
ca nd id ate should a lso p referably have experience       A postdoctora l pos ition in plant molecular                   an d sho uld dem on strat e ex per ience in pl ant
with vari o us biochemical methods such as                  biology is a vaila ble at th e H ortic ultural Sciences        gene tics, molecul a r biology, particul arl y gene
enzym e isolation and characterization as we ll as          Department , Un iversit y o f Flo rida , Ga inesville.         ex pressio n techniques, ge nera tion, and a na lysis
met a bol ite a na lysis (G C-M S). Add itio nall y, th e   The pr oject focu ses o n the synt hetic pathways o f          o f tr an sgeni c plants. Ex perience with plant
cand ida te sho uld ha ve publ icat ions in gen erally      beta -alanine an d beta-alan ine beta ine . Fo r               ph ysiology is highly desir abl e. Th e postdoctoral

30 • ASPB Ne w s. Vol. 28, NO.5
fellow wi ll co nt ribute to the un ders tand ing of         synt hes ize D-chiro-inos ito l an d tran sfering th ese     a pp roac hes to study th e d yna mics and fun cti on s
bra nch ing in plants by st udying genes contro lling        gen es int o t ran sgenic pla n ts for prod uction to        o f mem bra ne lipid tu rn o ver a nd to identify the
tw o no vel lo ng-d ist a nce sig na ls speci fica lly       treat Typ e II D ia betes . App lica nts shou ld ha ve a     mo lecu lar a nd ce llular mach inery th at generates
invol ved in branching an d by charac terizi ng new          Ph.D . deg ree in biochemis try or biolog y or a             and reg u lates th e membrane fun ct ion s. In
m uta nts in co llaboration with C. A . Bever idge           related filed wi th em phas is o n molecul a r bio logy.     a dd ition to having a so lid background in
(The Univ ersity of Q uee ns lan d, Brisba ne ; see          Virginia Tec h has a strong commi tment to t he              bioc hemistry a nd m olecular biology, w orking
Beveridge C. A., Long-distance sig na lling and a            principl e of di versi ty an d , in t har spirit, seek s a   experience in mass spe ct ro metr y a nd stre ss
mu tation al an a lysis of branching in pea. Plant           broad spectrum of candi da tes inclu ding women ,            physiology is desired. Interest ed applicants
Growth Regul 32, 193-203 , 20 00) . Interest ed              minori ties, and people with disabiliti es. Send             sh ould sen d curriculum vit ae and arr a nge to
app licants sh ou ld sen d a curr iculum vit ae , list of    curri cul urn vitae and contact inform at io n for           have three letters of referen ce sen t to Dr. X uemin
publications , brief sta teme nt of experience, skills       three references to Dr. Glenda Gilla spy,                    Wang, Professo r, Departm ent of Biochemistry,
and qu alific ations, an d the names of two referees         Department of Bioc hem istr y, Vir ginia Tech,               Kan sas Sta te University, Manhattan, KS 66 50 6;
to Catherine Ram eau, Station de generiqu e                  Blacskbu rg, VA 2406 1; e-ma il gillasp y@vt. ed u.          telephone 785-53 2-6422, fax 785-532-7278 ,
IN R A, Rou te de Sa int- Cyr, 78 02 6 Versaille s                                                                        e-mail wangs@ksu .ed u.
cede x, Fra nce; telephone +33- 1-3 0833 289, fa x
+33-1-30833 31 9, e-ma il rameau@versa illes.                Postdo cto ra l Re search Position
inra .fr.                                                    Vienna Bio cen ter, Vienna, Aus tria                         Po stdoctora l Posi tion
                                                             (Received 0 7/27 )                                           Un iversity of Flori da, Gai nesv ille
                                                             A pos tdoctora l resea rc h pos ition is av a ilab le a t    (Received 07/31)
Postd octoral Positio n                                      the Institute of Microbio logy and Genetics a t the          A two-year pos tdoctoral research po sit ion is
Un iversity o f Flo rida , G ainesville                      University of Vien na . T he research program is on          available for the st udy of mi tochondrial
(Rece ived 07/17 )                                           sign al tra nsd uctio n of a bio tic and bio tic stresses    biogenesis and function in p la nt s. Resear ch
A pos td octora l position is avai lable in biochem -        (Cardina le et a I., ]. BioI. Chern. 275, 36 734-            expl oits the S system of cytoplasmi c rna Ie
ist ry, gen omi cs and eng ineer ing of p lant one-          36740, 2 000; Hirt Proc. Na t!. Acad. Sci USA 97,            ster ility (CMS) in maize, in whi ch a novel
carbon and fola te metabolism (see J Biol Chern              2405-2407, 2000; Kiegerl et aI., Plant Ce ll 12,             mi tochondria l ge ne initiates progr ammed ce ll
274, 3 608 9 , 1999; Tren ds Pla nt Sci 5, 20 6,             22 47-2258,2000; j on ak et aI., 12, 1467-1475,              death lead ing to pollen collapse and male
2000; Plan t J 25,575,200 1;                2000) and incl udes ge n om ic, proteomic, a nd in           sterilit y. Res torer-of-fertilit y (R f) alle les at many
metengl 1Cpage l .hrml), A stro ng background in             vivo cell bio logy st udie s in Arabidopsis.                 different n uclear loci suppress or compensate fo r
mo lecu lar bio logy a nd biochemistry is essent ia l.       Experience in p lant an d molecu lar biology is              t he exp ression of the mitoc hondria l CMS gene to
Applicants mus t hav e good scien tific w riti ng            required . T he successfu l cand idate wi ll become a        co nd it io n male fertili ty. T he pos tdoctora l
ski lls and be able to work ind ependently. Please           Wi ttg enstein fellow an d wo rk on the tea m of             associate wi ll use trans poson displ a y and/or
send curriculum vit ae, cover letter descr ibing             Pro f. I-Ieribert Hirt who was recen tly awarded             TAIL PCR to clo ne nuclear Rf a lleles recovered
resea rch inte res ts and experience an d names of           this prize. The Hirt lab is locat ed in the Vienna           from C M S-S plants wi t h ac ti ve AdDs or En/Sp m
th ree reference s to Andrew H an son , University           Biocenter, a Cent er of Exce llence, in the cen ter of       systems and wi ll ha ve th e o pportuni ty to deve lop
of Florida , H o rt icul tu ral Scie nces Dept.,             Vienn a . Vienna is one of the most a ttractive              a re late d project addressing th e ro le of mit o chon -
Ga ine svi lle, FL 3 26 11 -06 90 ; teleph o ne 3 52-3 92-   places in the wo rld, offering socia l an d cu ltura l       dr ia in p lant progra mmed ce ll de a th or the
192 8 ext. 33 4; e-ma il a d ha@ma il.ifas .ufl.ed u.        h ighl ight s a nd a bea utifu l environment.                m o lecu lar mechanisms of fertili ty restoration by
                                                             Emplo yment wi ll inclu de a n a ttractive sa lary,          nu clear genes . Applica nts should send via e-mai l
                                                             includ ing socia l sec uri ty an d hea lth insurance .       a cu rricul um vitae, a st ateme nt of scientific
Postdoctor al Pos itio n                                     Applicants sh o u ld submit a cur ricu lum vitae,            inte re sts and career goals, and th e names and
Johns H opkins U n iversity, Ba ltim ore, Mary land          resum e, GR EIT O EFl. scor es, and th ree letters of        con tac t informa tion (including e-ma il) for t hree
(Receiv ed 07/2 0 )                                          reference to Prof. Dr. H . Hirt, Inst, of Mi cr o biol -     references to Dr. Christine Chase, Horticu ltural
A postdoctora l position in the Department of                ogy and Gen etics , Vienna Biocenter, Dr.                    Scienc es Department , Box 11 0 690 , Universit y o f
Biology will be avai lab le September 1, 2001. The           Boh rgass e 9, A-103 0 Vienna, Austria; e-mail               F lorida, Gainesville, FL 32 611 -06 90; te lephone
subject o f resear ch will be the chloro p last ATP          hehi@gem .un ivie .ac.a t .                                  352 -39 2 -192 8 ext. 3 16, e-mail ctdc@ma il.
synthase. In pa rti cular, we are interested in the                                                                       ifas.u fl.ed u, web site http://w ww.hos.ufl.ed u/
regula tion o f activity and in the struc ture of this                                                                    ctd cw eb/index .hrm .
complex enzyme (see McCarty et a I., Ann u. Rev.             Pos tdocto ra l Po sitions
Plant Ph ysiol., 5 1, 83-109; 2000) . Please sen d           Kansa s Stat e U niversity, Ma n ha tta n
your curr iculum vit ae a nd names an d contact              (Received 07127)                                             Po std octoral Research Associates
information fo r two references to Dr. Rich a rd E.          Two NSF-funded pos tdoctora l positi on s a re               Washington Sta te University, Pu llm an
McCarty, preferably via e-mai l (rem l@ jhu.ed u).           av ailable imm ed iately to st udy signaling                 (Received 08/02 )
Ma iling a dd ress: 23 7 Merge nt haler H a ll, Joh ns       pro cesse s in plant me tabolism and stress                  Tw o well-tra ine d, eager and imagin ative
Hopki ns University, 34 00 N . Charles St.,                  resp onses. Po sition one is to inves tigate                 m ole cu lar geneticists are so ug ht to join a
Ba ltim or e, MD 2 1218.                                     ph osph olip ase -me dia ted sign a ling processes. Tile     mu ltidisciplinary program to un dersta nd and
                                                             incum bent will characterize no vel phosph ol i-             manipulate tile pathways of lip id synthesis in
                                                             pase s, identify cell ular targets of lipi d messen-         oilseeds, One pro ject involves scre en ing for
Po std o ctoral Po sit ion                                   ger s, and determi ne physiological fun cti on s of          des irable mo d ifier mutations in tra nsgenic
Virgin ia Tech, Bla ck sbu rg, Virginia                      lipid-based signa ling cascades. Candid at es must           Ar abidopsis an d clon ing the affec te d genes. A
(Received 0 7/25)                                            have a strong backgro un d and demonstrat ed                 second project is to al ter the expression of
A postdocto ra l position is ava ila ble to study the        ability in molecu lar bio logy and biochem istry             spe cific genes in transgen ic pla nts. App licants
genes inv olv ed in synt hesis of D-chiro inos itol.         techniq ues. Ex perience in plant stress physiology          sh ou ld hav e experience in genetics and/or
The pr oje ct w ill focus on isol at ing pla nt              is a plu s. Po sit ion two is to partici pa te in a          mole cu la r biolog y bu t pr io r work w ith pla nt s is
(Arabidopsis thaliana) genes req uired to                    mul ti-di scipl inar y pro ject t hat uses me tabolomic      not essentia l. My la bor at o ry of 15 gradua te

                                                                                                                                                ASPS News. Vol. 28. No .5 · 31
students and postdocs alre ady ha s pro jects o n        th ree refere nces to Dr. Lee Pratt, Department of     University of H on g Kon g, Pok fulam Road, Hong
fatty acid and lipid synthesis, and th e Inst itute of   Bota ny, University of Georgia, Athens, GA             Kong; e-ma il ericL89@ho m . Closing
Biological Chemistry at Washington Sta te                30602; telephone 706-542-1841, fax 706-583-            date for appl icati on s is December I sr, 2001.
University is an excellent research env ironment         02 10, e-ma il lecpratrs'uga.cdu. For the
for the work that is planned. Th e position will be      bio infor ma tics position respond similarly to Dr.
available from November (but th e sta rt date is         Alan Gingle, Offi ce of the Vice President for         Postd octo ral Pos itio ns
flexible) for up to three years po ssibly. Sa lary       Research , University of Georgia, Athens, GA           N orth Ca ro lina Sta te Universi ty, Rale igh
will be commensurate with experience. Review             30602; teleph on e 706-5 83-0226, fax 706-58 3-        (Received 08/09)
of applications will begin immed iat ely, an d           0210 , e-ma il aging le@arches.uga.ed u.               Two post doctor al posi tions are ava ila ble
continue until the positio n is filled . Send                                                                   O ctober 1, 2001 , to study brassi nos tero id signa l
curriculum vitae, a statement of resea rch                                                                      transduction in Ara bido psis .
interests and car eer goals, rep resent ativ e           Postdoctoral Fello w                                   Position 0 105
pu blications, and three lette rs of referen ce to       T he Samue l Rob ert s N obl e Foundation              Th e primar y ex perimenta l objectives will be to
Joh n Browse, Institute of Bio logical Chemistry,        Ard mor e, Ok laho ma                                  identify the in vivo auto phos phorylario n sites of
Washington Stat e University, Pullm an , WA              (Received 08/06)                                       the Ara bido psis BRIl receptor kinase and
99164-6340, USA; teleph on e 509-335-2293; fax           A NASA-funded postd octoral fellowship is              determine if a uto phos phory latio n events are
509-33 5-7643 , email jab @wsu .edu EOFJAN               avai lable to investigate the cellular mech ani sms    brass inos tero id -de pendent . Techn iqu es emp loyed
ADA .                                                    und erl ying gra vitro pism in plant ro ots. Th e      will includ e irnmunoprecipiration of BRIl from
                                                         researc h will employ ad vanced optical micros-        purifi ed mem bran e preparations followed by
                                                         co py an d cell biological techniques to help define   advanced ana lysis by mass spec trometry in
Postdoctoral Position                                    the dynam ics and ro le of the cytos keleton and       colla boration with exp erts in th at field (Oh et
State Uni versit y of N cw York , Sto ny Brook           other ce ll regula tors suc h as pH and auxin          al., Plant Physiology J24, 751-765,2000).
(Received 08/02 )                                        d uring root growth and gravitropism. A Ph.D. in       Position 0106
A postdoctor a l position in the Departm ent of          cell a nd molecul ar biolog y or plant biology is      Role of TRI P-J in BR signa ling (Jiang & Clo use,
Biochemistry and Cell Biology is avai lable              requ ired. Ex perience in fluorescence/confocal        Plant J 26, 35-45, 2001). Th e prima r y experi-
starting immediatel y. Th e research pr ojects wi ll     microscopy, molecular techniques, the cytoskel-        mental ob jectives wi ll be to determin e if the
focus on identification and charac teriza tio n of       eto n, an d/o r gra vitro pism would be advanta-       TGF -beta Recept or Int eracting Prot ein homolog
Arabidopsis proteins th at int eract w ith               geo us. Interested candidates are encouraged to        in plants is a substrate of th e BRIl receptor
Agrobacterium virulence proteins an d o n th e use       review the job description and download an             kinase in Ara bidopsis. Minimum requirements
of a genetic assay to identify Arab idop sis             applica tio n at and send a       include a Ph .D . in biochem istry, genetics ,
mutants with altered cell-to-cell pr ot ein              com plete curr iculum vitae (position number           mole cular biology or plant ph ysiology, and
transport. Required qualifications: experience in        must be included) and names and contact                exp erience with recombin an t DNA tech niqu es
molecular biology, biochemistry a nd Ara bido psis       informa tion of three professional references to       and pr otein bioch em ist ry. Exp ert ise in imrnun o-
biology, record of publications. Eligibility fo r        H uma n Resources - #PBlPD-EB191, The Noble            prec ipit ati on of prot eins and kinase bioche mistry
outside funding is preferred. For m ore det ails 01'     Found ati on, PO Box 2180, Ardmore, OK 73402;          would be parti cul arly relevant . App ly to pos ition
applications (curriculum vitae and th ree letters o f    telephon e 5 80-22 3-5810, e-mail NFHR@Noble.          num ber by send ing cur ricu lum vitae and e-mail
reference), please contact Dr. Vitaly Cito vsk y,        org . Infor mal inquiries can be directed to Dr.       add resses of th ree references to Dr. Steve Clou se,
Department of Biochemistry a nd Cell Bio logy,           Elison Blancaflor, telephone 580-221-7364,             Box 76 09, N orth Carolina Sta te Uni versity,
State University of New York, Ston y Brook , N Y         e-mail eb lanca flor@nob le.or g.                      Ra leigh, N C 27695- 76 09; e-ma il steve_clo use
11794-5215; telephone 631-6 32- 95 34 , fax 631 -                                                               @ncs u.ed u. Eq ual o ppo rtu nity emp loyer.
632-8575, e-ma il vitaly.c itovsky@sun .
The Un iversity at Ston y Bro ok is an eq ual            Pos tdoc tora l Fellow Positions
o ppo rtunity/a ffirmative acti on employer.             Un iversity of H on g Ko ng, C hina                    Postdocto ral Resear ch Position
Applicatio ns from wo men, peopl e o f co lor,           (Received 08/07 )                                      Th e Samuel Rob ert s N obl e Fo undation
disabled per son s, and/or specia l disabled or          Two position s are available immediatel y in the       Ard more, O klaho ma
Vietnam era vete ran s are espe ciall y welcom e.        De part ment o f Bot an y for o ne yea r (rene wable   (Received 081J6)
                                                         for up to thr ee yea rs) in the areas of plant         A postd octor al po sition is imm ediately ava ilab le
                                                         geno mics a nd bio techno logy at the Univer sity of   in the Fo rage Biote chn olo gy Grou p of the Nob le
I' ostdocrora l and or Resear ch Positions               H on g Kon g. App licants sho uld ha ve a Ph .D. in    Foundation . The successf ul can dida te will work
U niversity of Geor gia, A thens                         plant biology-related discip lines a nd must have      on geneti c manipul ati on of flowering time in
(Received 08/02 )                                        demon strated sk ills in mo lecular biology. We        forage crops. Applicants sho uld have a Ph.D .
Th ree new positio ns rema in avai lable in an           seek interactive and self-motivated indi viduals to    with a strong background in plant developm en-
ongoing genomics program. Effort wi ll focus o n         man age developing pro jects in plant genomics         tal biology/molecul ar biology. Th e project is
microarray evaluation of geno me express io n            and biot echn ology. Salary range is on a four-        supported by the Noble Found ati on and th e
utilizing our >14,OOO-member uni gene set and            point scale at HK $ 30,78 5, $33,705, $36,940,         position is initially available for tw o years with
continued development of our current O racle             $4 0,500 per month (current excha nge rate:            the possibility of renewal for an addi tiona l year.
database and methods for mining it. Th e                 1US$-7.8 HK$), co mmens urate with experience.         Annual salary is in the range of $31 ,090-
postdoctoral position is dedicated prim arily to         H on g Kon g is o ne of th e major gateways into       $46,630 depending upon qualificati on s and
the wet-lab aspects of microarrays, whil e a             Asia a nd is an exc iting cosmopolitan city that       experience. Application and jo b descript ion
second position is dedicated to bioinformati cs.         offers diverse modern conveniences as well as a        obtainable from our Web site, www.nobl,
For further details see http://www.botany.               rich cultura l herit age. Int erested applicants       For details of the project, co nta ct Dr. Ze ngyu For the wet-lab position, send        sho uld send th eir vitae and thre e letters of        Wang at zywang@noble. or g o r 58 0-224- 6830 .
curriculum vitae with contact inform ati on for          reference to Dr. Eri c La m, Ch air of Botany,         For application, send a cov er lette r, detai led

32 • ASPB News, Vol. 28, No. 5
                                                                                                                                        .. ..      ::

curriculum vitae, and arrange for three letter s of      Postdoc tora l Position                                  fungal pathogens. PAP recogn izes the ca p
reference to be directly sent to Human Resources         Universi ty of Ca lifornia -Riverside                    structure on cellula r an d viral RNA s and inhibits
Department, Attn: Job# FBGIZW86, The                     (Received 08/24)                                         translati on by de pur inati ng the capped RNA. A
Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, PO Box                  A postdocto ral position will be availabl e starting     pos tdocto ral resear ch associa te is sought to
2180, Ardm ore , OK 73 402; e-mail                       in Octo ber 2001 to investigate the regulation of        characteri ze the mechan ism by which PAP
NFHR@noble.o rg.                                         prot ein synthesis in plant s. M olecular studies        interacts with the cap str uctur e a nd destabi lizes
                                                         wi ll include prot ein-p rot ein and prot ein-RN A       mRNA. Qualificat ion s include a Ph.D . in a
                                                         analysis between the po ly(A)-binding protein and        related field, expe rience with RN A biochemistr y
Pos tdocto ral Positions                                 translat ion initiati on facto rs using yeas t two-      a nd molecular biolog y, and demon str ati on of an
Boyce T ho mpso n Institute at Corn ell Univ ersit y     hybr id, immunop recipita tio n, and GST pull-           ac tive publi cat ion record. Please send the na mes
Ithaca, N ew York                                        down assays. Genetic a na lyses of their develop-        a nd addr esses of three references to Dr. Nil gun
(Received 08/1 7)                                        ment al ro le will a lso be stu died using transgenic    Tu rner, Biote ch Center, Fora n Hall, Cook
Two postdoctoral positions are ava ilable                plants ex hib iting altere d expr ession profiles.       College, Rut gers Universi ty, New Bru nsw ick, NJ
immed iately, to study nuclear gene produ cts            Fur ther research descr iption is available at           089 01- 8520; e-mai l tumer@aesop
requ ired for plant organelle biogenesis. One            www. biochemistr y.uc r.edulfaculty/ga llie.html.
project will focu s on phage-like RNA pol y-             Ca ndida tes must have a stro ng background in
merases and associated factors, using bioch emi-         molecular biology and/or bioch emistry. Salary           Postdoctor al Positions
cal, genetic and genomic approaches (Chang et            will be com mensura te with experience. Appli-           Donald Dan forth Plant Science Center
aI., 1999, Plant Cell 11,911-926; 1999). The             ca nts shou ld send a curr iculum vitae bye-mail,        St. Louis, Mis so uri
ot her project will utilize Chlamydomonas                sta teme nt of research accomplishments, and             (Received 08/31)
reinhardtii as a model system to investigate             th ree lett ers of recommenda tion to Dr. Daniel R.      Postdoctoral position s are anticipa ted at the
global and gene-specific regulation of chloroplast       Ga llie, Department of Biochemistry, University          Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in a
RNA stability (Esposito et al, Curro Genet., 39,         of Ca liforn ia, Riverside , CA 92521; fax 909-          variety of scientif ic disciplin es including
40-4 8; 2001). Familiarity with molecular                78 7-35 90, e-ma il             biochemistry, co mputati onal and structura l
techniques and prior exposure to genetics are                                                                     biology, cell biolo gy, virology, immu nology,
preferred, but not essential. For consideration,                                                                  molecul ar pathology and physio logy, and
ap plicants should have publications in peer-            Facult y Research Assistan t/Pos td octor al             genetics. Successful cand idate s will ha ve good
reviewed journals and be able to travel to Ithaca        Researc h Associate                                      publication reco rds an d co mma nd of the English
for an interview. The initial appointments will be       Or egon State University, Corva llis                     langua ge. Descript ion s o f op enings and co ntac t
for tw o years , with poss ible renewal. Please send     (Received 08/27 )                                        inform at ion ca n be fo und und er Job O ppo rt un i-
a letter outlining research goals and experience,        A full-time faculty resear ch ass istant!                ties at www.da nforthcent . T he Donald
a cu rriculum vitae, and the addresses o f th ree        postd oct oral resea rch associat e position is          Danforth Plant Science Center is an equa l
references to Dr. David Stern, Boyce Thompson            availabl e to stu d y th e interaction between           oppo rtunity/a ffirmat ive act ion empl oyer and
Institute at Corne ll Universit y, Tower Rd ., Ith aca   toma to and Bot ryt is cinerea , the caus al agent o f   encourages app lica tio ns fro m underrepresented
NY 14853; telephone 607-254 -1306, e-mail                gray mold . A Ph.D. (resea rch associate) or M .S.       groups, including minorities, wom en and people
ds28 @cornell .edu . Information about Dr. Stern's       (research ass ista nt ) in molecul ar biology,           with disa bilities.
laboratory can be viewed a t antbio.              biochemi st ry, microbi ology, or gene tics; strong
corn ell.ed u/faculty.php?fid=43 . The Boyce             training/experience in molecula r and biological
Th omp son Institute is an equal opportunity             techni que s; lab manager/supervisory experience;        Postdo ctoral Posi tio n
emp loyerlrecr uiter.                                    and experience wr iting grant proposals are              Un iversit y of Z uric h, Switzerla nd
                                                         req uired. For furt her information contact Henrik       (Received 08/ 31 )
                                                         Sto tz, 54 1-737-54 68; sto Send      A postdoctoral position is currently available in
Postd octor al Position s                                lett er of resear ch interest, professional resume,      my group at th e Institute of Plant Biology to
Un iversity of Nebraska, Lincoln                         ph ot ocop ies of academic transcripts, and three        study the molecul ar phy siology of ra ffinose
(Rece ived 08/20)                                        refere nce lett ers to Viki Freeman, OSU Horticul-       family oligosacch arid es (RFO s) in plant s. RFOs
Postdoctoral positions are available October 1,          tur e De part ment , 4017 ALS, Corvallis, OR             are primary photosynth et ic products th at fulfill
2001, to study the signaling pathways and                9733 1-7304; teleph on e 541 -737-5475, fax 541-         many vital physiolo gical funct ion s such as
structural proteins in drought and salt stress in        737- 34 79. For full con sideration, apply by            storage, tran slocatio n, an d meta bolic utili zati on
Arabid opsis and rice. The experimental                  September 20, 2001. O regon State University is          of carbon as well as protect ion aga inst environ -
approa ches include microarrays, proteomics,             an affirmative ac tion/equa l opportunity                mental stre sses. T he successful ca ndida te w ill be
genetics, transient assays and transgenic plants .       em ployer an d has a policy of being responsive to       using a phys iolo gica l, bioch emical, and
Par ticular emphasis will be on protein.protein          the needs of d ual-ca reer co uples.                     molecular-genetic a pproa ch to furthe r explo re
interaction s and protein phosphorylation using                                                                   compartmentation , regulation, and ph ysiological
UN L's sta te-of-the-art proteomics facilities and                                                                roles of RFOs in Ajuga reptans (common bugle)
on genet ic screens using RNA-suppressi on               Postdoctor al Research Associat e Posit ion              and Arabidopsis thalia na as th e model systems.
st rategies in single cells. Minimum requ irem ent s     Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N ew Jersey           Qu alifications: a Ph.D . in plant biology,
include a Ph.D . in biochemistry or molecular            (Received 08/2 9 )                                       molecul ar biology, biochem istr y, o r a relat ed
biology. Send cur riculum vitae a nd e-mail              A postdoct oral resear ch associa te position is         area; cDN A cloning and plan t tran sformatio n
addresses of thr ee references to Dr. Mich ael           ava ilable at the Biotech Center at Rut gers             experience is essential. T he position is ava ilab le
Fromm , N300 Beadle Center, Universit y of               University to study the effects of poke weed             imm edi atel y or as soo n as possible an d is offered
Nebraska , Lincoln, NE 685 88-06 60; teleph on e         antivira l prot ein (PAP) on mRNA sta bility in          for a term of two to three years. Please send a
40 2-4 72 -2968, e-mail mfromm@unln otes.unl.            yeast. PAP is a rib osom e inactiva ting prote in        letter of inter est, curric ulum vitae, and na mes
ed u, Eq ual op port unity empl oyer.                    with broad- spectrum activity against viral and          and e-ma il addresses of th ree references to Dr.

                                                                                                                                      ASPB News. Vol. 28. No.5· 33
IJo b   Pla c em en servic e I

Felix Keller, Institute of Plant Biology, Universi ty       A graduate research pos ition to pu rsue a Ph .D .         Danforth Plant Science Ce nter, 893 N . War son
of Zurich; telephone +41-1-634- 8225, fax +41-1-            in molecular genetics at the Institute of M icrobi-        Rd., St. Louis, MO 63 141. T he Dona ld
634-8204 , e-mail fkel@boti nst. unizh .ch. web site        ology and Genetics at the Univers ity of Vienna is         Danforth Plant Science Center is an equ al                available. The research program is on signa l              oppor tunity/affirma tive ac tion empl oyer and
kcllerfhome.html .                                          transduction of abi ot ic and biotic stresses              enco ura ges ap plication s from underrepresented
                                                            (Ca rdina le et al., ]. BioI. Chern. 275, 36734-           grou ps, including minorities, women, an d people
                                                            36740 , 200 0; Hi rt, Proc. Na tl. Acad . Sci USA          with disa bilities.
RESEARCH/TECH N ICAL PO SIT IO N S                          97, 2405-2407, 2000; Kieger et a I., Plant Cell
(N o n-Ph. D .)                                             12,2247 -2258 ,2000; Jonak et al., 12 , 1467-
                                                            1475,2000) and includ es gen omic, prot eomic,             ASSIST ANT SH IPS, FELLOWSHIPS,
Research Assistan t                                         and in vivo cell bio logy stud ies in Arabidopsis.         IN T ERN SH IPS
Ru tgers Uni versit y, N ew Bru nswick , J ew J ersey       Preference will be given to students hold ing a
(Received 07/18 )                                           master 's degree or eq uiva lent wit h experience in       Grad uate Research Assista ntship
A Ph.D. resea rch assista nt posi tio n is ava ila ble to   plant a nd molecular bio log y. T he successful            Clemso n Universi ty, Clemson , South Ca ro lina
wo rk o n turfgrass tra nsfo rmat io n. Expe rience in      ca ndid ate w ill become a Wittgenstein fellow and         (R eceived 07 /05 )
tissue cul ture and molecular biology is req uired.         work in the team of Prof. Heribert Hirt who was            A co mbined research/teaching assistantship is
Please send curricu lum vitae by mail or e-m ail            rece ntly aw arded this pri ze. Th e Hirt lab is           ava ilable January 2002 for studies leading to the
(bela nger@aesop .ru tgers.e du) to Dr. Faith               located in the Vienna Biocenter, a Ce nter of              M.S . or Ph.D. degr ee in the newly for med
Belanger, Biotech Center, Foran H all, Cook                 Exce llence, in th e center of Vienna . Vienna is one      Department of Genetics an d Biochemis try at
Co llege, 59 Du dley Road , New Brun sw ick, NJ             of the most attractive places in the world,                Clemson University. Th e student will be involved
08901.                                                      offering social and cultural highlight s and a             in the study of aux in transport involvement in
                                                            beautiful environment. Emp loyment will inclu de           nodulation using the model leg ume Medicago
Research Assistant                                          an attractive salary, incl udin g social security and      tru ncatula. A B.S. wit h a strong back gr ound in
T he Ohio State Uni versity, Woo ster                       health insurance. Applicants sho uld submit a              mo lecula r biology, biochemistry or genetics is
(R eceived 07120 )                                          curriculum vitae, resume, GREITOEFL scores,                req uired. Studen ts will use molecu lar biolog ica l,
App licatio ns are so ugh t to fill a research              an d thr ee lette rs of reference to Prof. Dr. H. H irt,   biochem ical and gene tic techn iq ues to study
assis tan t 1 position in the Depa rtment o f               Inst. of M icrobiology and Genetics, Vienn a               auxin muta nts and their nodul at ion phenotypes.
Horticulture and Crop Science a t T he Ohio Stat e          Biocen ter, Dr. Bohrgasse 9, A-I030 Vienna,                Further det ails can be fou nd at htt p://www.
University R &D Cen ter locat ed in Woos ter,               Austria; e-mai l hehi @gem.un                  clemson.ed u/- jfrugo l. T he assistantship ca rries a
Oh io. Th e successf ul ca ndida te will be in volved                                                                  co mb ined resear ch/t eachin g stipend of $ 15,000.
in ma nagi ng a lab o rat o ry th at investiga tes the                                                                 T he Department of Genetics and Biochemistry is
molecul ar regul atio n of flower senescence by             Facu lty Research Assistant/Postd octoral                  com mitted to et hnic an d gende r diversity;
plant ho rmon es. T his is a per manent, ha rd              Research Associa te                                        therefore w omen and minority candida tes are
money- funded posi tion with a star ti ng salary            Oregon Sta te Un iversity, Corva llis                      enco uraged to apply. Clemson University is an
range of $19 ,011-$25,000. Minim um q ua lifica-            (Received 08 / 27)                                         eq ual opportunity/affir mat ive ac tion em ployer.
tio ns arc a B.S. deg ree in hor ticulture, biology,        See co mplete descrip tion on page 33 .                    Int erested applicants sho uld contact J ulia
bioche mistry, mol ecular biology, or re la ted field .                                                                Frugoli, Department of Genetics and Biochemis-
Lab exp erience with molecular techniqu es and a            Technical Positions                                        try, 122 Long Hall, Clemson, SC 29634;
desire and willingness to learn new tech niqu es is         Donald Danforth Plant Science Centel'                      telephone 864-656-185 9, e-ma il jfrugol@
essential. Experience with tissue culture, plan t           St. Louis, Missouri                              
tra nsfor mation, and plant-hor mo ne interac tions         (Received 08/31)
is desired. Responsibilities will include ser ving as       F ull time positions ar e availa ble for research
a technical resource and assisting in cond ucting           ass ista nts or research associa tes in the areas of       Graduate Assistan tship
resear ch in molecul ar biology a nd phy siology in         plant membran e transpor t/st ress physiology (D.          University o f Lou isiana, Lafayette
a floric ultur e biotechno logy lab . Specific duti es      P. Schachtrn an) and the mo lecula r manipu lation         (Received 07/09)
will include co ndu cting lab and greenho use               of the pheny lpro pa no id pathway (0. Yu). For            A grad ua te resea rch & teachin g ass istan tship is
experimen ts; per form ing tissue culture and plant         more deta ils o n the pro jects co ntact Dr. Yu o r        avai lable at the Biology Depa rt men t, University
tran sfo rmat ion s; conductin g dai ly lab op era-         Dr. Schac htman or visit our we b site. M .S. in           of Lo uisia na, La fayette. Th e assista ntship is for a
tio ns; supervising and assisting stu de nts; and           biochemist ry, genetics or plant physiology is             Ph.D. ca ndida te with a masters degree. Research
assisting with data ana lysis, manu script                  pr eferred a nd ski lls in molecul a r biology a re        work will focu s on nove l plant proteins invo lved
pre pa ra tion, a nd literature searches. To apply,         essentia l. Candida tes with a B.S. and stro ng            in microt ubu le and acti n microfilament
send cove r lett er, a detailed curric ulum vitae or        expe rience in molecular and biologi cal tech-             organizatio n, including ana lysis of At[(55, a
resume, an d the names and con tac t inf ormation           niques will be cons idered. Salaries offer ed w ill be     plan t ka ranin homologue [recen t wo rk ha s been
of three referen ces to Dr. M ichelle L. Jones, T he        comme nsura te wi th degree and year s of                  pu blished Pro rop lasrna 216, 18 1-1 90, 2000.
O hio State Un iversity/O AR DC, Depar tme nt of            experience. All positions includ e a fu ll benefi t        Research methods include fluo resence and
H orti cu lture and Cro p Science, 1680 M ad iso n          packa ge (health, dental, life insur ance, retire -        confoca l microscopy and basic mol ecular
Avenue, Wooster, OH 44 691; e-ma il jo nesl 96 8@           ment contributions, sick leave and vacation                biology techniques. The ideal candid at e will be
osu.ed u. The Ohio State University is an eq ual            time). Relocation expenses are negot iable.                mo tiva ted in plant cell development al an d
opportunity/ affirmative action empl oyer.                  Da nfort h Center is a new state-of- the -art plant        physio logy research. The assistantsh ip req uires a
                                                            science research facility in St. Lo uis (see               min imum total of 1,000 in ver ba l and qu ant ita-
                                                            www.da nfor Subm it letter of               tive par ts of the GR E. Reci pient s must be U.S.
Ph.D. Graduate R esear ch Position                          interes t an d res ume to Daniel Schach tman or            citizens o r hold a green card. Information on
Vienna Bioce nter, Austria                                  O liver Yu at dsc ha or          gra d ua te studies a t the Universi ty of Louisia na ,
(R eceived 07127 )                                          o yu@danforthcen or by ma il to Do na ld           Lafa yette , can be ob tained fro m http://

34 • ASPB New s, Vol. 28, NO.5
                                                                                                                                            .. ... -       :

www .ull.ed u/D ep artments/BIO L. To apply,              project , ap plication requirement s, and ma terials,       bio logical science. Texas A& M Grad ua te Schoo l
please mail curr iculum vitae to Reg ina                  please con tac t Dr. Jyot i Shah , Assistan t Professo r,   admission requi rement s are descr ibed on the web
M cClinton, Assistan t Professor, Depa rtm ent of         Division of Biology, Kan sas Sta te University,             site (http: //vpr.ta mu.ed u/). Th e Department of
Biology, PO Box 42 45 1, Un iversity of Loui sian a,      M anh attan , KS 66506; teleph on e 78 5-532-636 0,         Soil and Cro p Sciences (http://soilcrop )
Lafayette, LA 70504-245 1; teleph on e 33 7-48 2-         e-ma il shah@ksu.ed u. Th e KSU Web site is http:/          and the Molecu lar a nd Environmental Plant
5 15 3, fax 337-4 82-5834, e-ma il rsm124 1@usl.          /www.ksu .edu . Ka nsas State Universit y is an             Sciences (http://soilcro p .ta mu.ed u/me ps/
ed u. App lica tio n mat erials ca n be d o wnl oad ed    eq ua l oppo rtu nity emp lo yer a nd actively seeks        inde ml) web sites pro vide additi onal
from htt p:// artments/BIO U               diversity a mong its employees.                             infor matio n. Informa tion a bo ut the TAM U
mcclinton.htrnl.                                                                                                      Center at Beaumo nt can be viewed at its web site
                                                                                                                      (http ://agresea rch. ta mu.ed u/pu bs/bea umont/
                                                          Grad uate Researc h Assistantship                           rice. htrnl; see also http://aesrg.t, and
Grad ua te R esearch Assistantship                        Texas A& Ivl U niversity, College Stat ion                  the USDA research at the Beau mo nt Center is
Kansa s State U niversity, Manhattan                      (Received 08 /27 )                                          introd uced at its web site (http ://usd a-a rs-
(Received 07/25)                                          A grad uate res earch assistantship is available in         beaumon t.tamu.ed u/). For add itio nal infor ma -
A grad ua te resea rch assistantship is availabl e in     the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences at                 tion a bo ut the assistantshi p and the researc h,
th e Division of Biology for a qualified studen t         Texas A&M University to pursue an M .S. or a                please co ntact Dr. Lee Tarpley, Assistant
fo r stu dies lead ing to Ph.D . Research will be in      Ph.D . in agro nomy or in m olecul ar an d                  Professo r of Pla nt Physiology, Texas A&M
the ar ea of signa l tra nsduct ion in plan t defense     enviro nmenta l plant sciences. Th e ob jective of          Agricultural Research and Extension Center,
(Shah et aI., Plant Cell 11, 191-206, 1999; Sha h         the research in rice cro p physiology is to imp ro ve       150 9 Aggie Dr., Beaum ont, T X 77 71 3; teleph on e
er al., Plant Jo urnal 25 , 563 - 57 4, 200 1; Kachro o   management to en ha nce the co mbined yield an d            40 9-752 -2 74 1, ext. 2235 , fax : 409-752-5560, e-
et al., Pro c. N atl, Acad. Sci, USA, in press,           q ua lity of the first (or main) cro p plu s the seco nd    ma il Itarp ley@tamu .edu . EEO /AA.
2001). Students will have the op portunity to             (o r ra too n) crop . A co mb ina tio n of cellular- and
ap ply the co nce pts of genetics a nd techni qu es of    field- level approaches is anticipated. Th e Texas
molecular biology, bioch emistry, and physiology          A& M Center in Beaumo nt is well eq uipp ed to              Gra d ua te Resear ch Assista nt ship
to ward developin g a better un derstand ing of           co nd uct rice research with a large research farm          West Virginia Univ ersit y, Mo rg ant own
plant defense responses. Th e ass istan tship is          pri mar ily ded icated to rice, sa tellite researc h        (Re pea t)
ava ilab le beginning spring 2002 and carri es an         centers representi ng the diver se rice-gro w ing           Co nt act Sven Verlinden, Division of Plan t a nd
annua l stipend of $ 15,000. Stud ents with an            regio ns of Texas, and a faculty of state and               Soil Sciences, PO Box 6108, M or gant own, WV
M. S., a B.S., o r a B.A. in plant physiology, plant      USDA scient ists with interests in rice ranging             26506; telephone 304-293 -6023, e-m ail
path ology, genetics, biochemistry, mol ecul ar           from the ecological to the genomic levels.                  sverlindts'wvu.ed u; division off ice telephone 304 -
biology, o r relat ed fields are encouraged to            Applicant s sho uld have a strong backgro und in            293- 4 817 . (Details Jul y/August 2001 ASPB
apply. For mor e information about th e resea rch         agro nomy , plant physiology, or a relat ed                 Ne ws)

                                                                                                                                          ASPB News. Vol. 28. No . 5· 35
    For your conv enience, keep this
    listing of ext ension nu mbe rs and                                                                                                                         .....
    e-mai l addresses hand y wh en yo u                                                                                                                                   xOJ 0.0
    contact ASPB headquarters so th at                                                                                                                                    --  '-<
                                                                                                                                                                           OJ 0

    you can reach the person best able                                                                                                                                    8 ci.
                                                                                                                                                                          o 0..
                                                                                                                                                                           'J>   'J>

    to assist you.                                                                                                                                                        ~@
                                                                                                                                                                          OJ 0
    Our office telephone nu m ber is                                                                                                                                       '-<
    301-251-0560                                                                                                                                                          '" '"

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