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									                                    HR Solutions & Connections
                                    Resources and information for Carnegie Mellon Faculty and Staff

                                     Meet the New Director of Total Compensation,
                                     John Black
                                     In December, Human Resources welcomed a new Director of Total
                                     Compensation, John Black. We sat down with John to chat with him about his
                                     past experience, what drew him to Carnegie Mellon, and what his goals are
Get to Know HR                       for the Total Compensation group.

Our newsletter has a new name        What were you doing before joining the Carnegie Mellon HR team?
and new look. HR Solutions           I was the Director of Compensation and Benefits at the Penn State Hershey
and Connections keeps the            Medical Center for three years. Prior to that, I held the position of Director
faculty and staff of Carnegie        of Compensation and Benefits at West Penn Allegheny Health System, and
Mellon University connected          before that at the Western Pennsylvania Hospital. I’ve also held a variety of
with the information you             other compensation and benefits positions at places like Allegheny General
need. It focuses on the benefits     Hospital and the Allegheny Health, Education and Research Foundation.
and compensation, staffing,
employee relations, personal         What attracted you to Carnegie Mellon University?
development and workplace            The opportunity to make a contribution at one of the nation’s premiere
environment issues that impact       universities and return home were the main drivers. This is an exciting time to
you every day.                       become a member of the Human Resources team at Carnegie Mellon and I’m
                                     looking forward to addressing the many challenges as we continue to expand
Human Resources is led by            both nationally and internationally.
Barbara Smith, AVP and Chief
Human Resources Officer.             What do you see as the strong points of the Total Compensation group,
Under her leadership, HR has         and its challenges?
gone through many changes            The Total Compensation team is made up of some of the most knowledgeable,
in the past year. From new           hard-working and dedicated staff I have ever worked with. They genuinely
personnel to new strategic           care about helping the individuals and departments they work with.
initiatives intended to serve the                                                             Continued on Page 8
needs of campus employees
and managers, HR is partnering       Reading Ahead:
with the campus community.
                                                                                                  Spring 2007
                                     2  HRIT: Connecting People and Systems
How can we better serve you?         3  L&D: Developing the Potential of the University and its People
Read on to learn more about          4  HR Services: Your Staffing and Employment Relations Partner
who we are and what we do.           5  EOS: Growing Stronger Through Our Differences
Then contact us to let us know       6  MANAGER’S CORNER: Give HR a Seat at the Table,
how we can help:                        Recognize Your Administrative Staff
  412-268-HRHR (4747) or             8 The People of the Total Compensation Team              11 Administrative Professionals’ Day Luncheon - April 25, 2007
                                     11 LifeWorks Topic of the Month - April: Managing Money Across Ages

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HR Solutions & Connections

HRIT – Connecting People and Systems
The Human Resources Information Technology                    •   HR Connection (HRC): Almost every employee
Services team supports a wide variety of systems that             has seen or used HR Connection, the online
process benefits, salary, and personnel information               application that allows faculty and staff to perform
for the faculty and staff of Carnegie Mellon. This                some of the most common HR transactions on
includes systems that the Human Resources                         their own, such as changing their benefits at Open
department uses internally, as well the systems that              Enrollment or upon a life or family status change.
are used university-wide.                                         HRC can also be used to change contribution
                                                                  levels to a Supplemental Retirement Account,
The Systems                                                       change campus or home contact information,
HRIT is responsible for maintaining five major                    view current benefits, or designate/change life
systems, listed below:                                            insurance beneficiaries.
•   Talent Management System (TMS): TMS is                    • Benefits and Employee Self-Service
    used to maintain information about staff positions            Administration (BESSA): BESSA is the new
    throughout the university. It has three modules:              benefits administration system used by the
    Positions, Recruiting and Careers. The Position               Benefits Office to process benefits eligibility and
    Module is used to create or update position                   benefits transactions. It also records the benefit
    descriptions and generate job postings. Postings              elections that a person has made, and the cost to
    appear in the Careers@CarnegieMellon module                   the university and the employee.
    of TMS (which is administered through the third           In addition to these and other smaller systems, the
    party provider, Kenexa), where applicants can             HRIT team coordinates departmental network and
    maintain resumes and search/apply for jobs. The           computing support, HR web site support, and project
    Recruiting Module allows hiring managers to               IT support. HRIT is also responsible for data query
    review applicant credentials, record interview            and analysis, including assisting with the university’s
    information, and track the hiring process.                annual Affirmative Action Plan.
•   Human Resources Employee
                                                                                            The HRIT People
    Module (HREM)/Human
    Resources Information System                                                            HRIT is led by Lisa
    (HRIS): Departments use                                                                 Zamperini, Director of HR
    HREM to record faculty and                                                              Information Technology
    staff appointments. HRIS feeds                                                          Services. Lisa is responsible
    the information into the payroll                                                        for managing the staff of
    and benefits systems to ensure                                                          the HRIT group, acting
    that people are compensated                                                             as liaison with other
    correctly. HREM also maintains                                                          departments regarding
    demographic information about                                                           system requirements, and
    faculty and staff.                 Top (L to R): Linda Schmidt, Lisa Zamperini          strategic IT planning for the
                                       Bottom (L to R): Toni Betsill, Kelly Craig           HR group. Reporting to Lisa
•   Human Resources Data               Not pictured: Varvara Pyros                          are four IT professionals:
    Warehouse (HRDW): The
    HRDW is a repository of current employee                   • Toni Betsill, HR Systems Help Desk Analyst.
    information. It can be used to generate standard                  Toni manages the HRIT help desk, providing
    and customized reports that allow departments                     individual assistance and troubleshooting for
    to analyze trends and developments in their
    workforce.                                                                                       Continued on Page 9

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                                                                           HR Solutions & Connections

Learning and Development:
Developing the Potential of the University and its People
Most faculty and staff at the university are aware                 manuals and quick reference user guides for
of the Learning and Development (L&D) programs                     many HRIT and university applications, including
offered each term. These excellent learning                        Oracle, the Financials Data Warehouse, and Talent
opportunities are presented at no charge as part of the            Management System.
university’s commitment to fostering the professional           • Distance and eLearning Training: In 2006, L&D
and personal development of its staff and faculty.                 created an online eLearning program for Oracle
In the past few years, the L&D team restructured                   Procurement Card and Expense Report training.
its offerings, and added new                                       This program guides users through a training and
programs, as part of the                                                            certification program at their
Leadership Development Model                                                        convenience, without requiring
(LDM). The LDM recognizes                                                           them to reserve space in an
that all staff and faculty at the                                                   instructor led program.
university can play a leadership                                                       In 2007, L&D also purchased
role, whether their job is as                                                       50 licenses for a collection
an individual contributor, a                                                        of Harvard Business School
first-level manager, or a key                                                       Publishing eLearning programs
university leader. The LDM                                                          on a variety of management and
matrix of programs allows                                                           leadership topics. Managers
individuals to develop their                                                        from across the campus are
leadership competencies in their                                                    participating in this pilot
current role, as well as identify                                                   program.
the skills that will be of use later L to R: Ron Placone, Robin Monroe, Lola Mason,    Our eLearning programs can
in their career.                             Karen Beaudway, Len Stellitano         be accessed by any university
In addition to the many public                                                      employee, in Pittsburgh,
offerings, the L&D team supports personal and                      California or the other side of the globe. In
organizational development in many ways. Below are                 addition, L&D staff (particularly Lola Komisin
some of the key activities of the L&D team that you                Mason) have traveled to off-campus locations
may be less familiar with.                                         to provide training sessions for those unable to
                                                                   come to our public offerings on campus. Lola
• System Training and Support: The L&D                             has traveled to Qatar to provide programs for that
     team, particularly Len Stellitano, provides                   campus.
     training support for administrative systems
                                                                • Customized and Departmental Programs:
     used throughout the university. In addition to
                                                                   L&D offers both established courses as well
     coordinating offerings led by HR Information
                                                                   as customized training for groups throughout
     Technology Services and Procurement Services
                                                                   campus. It can be particularly helpful for whole
     instructors, we also develop documentation for the
                                                                   departments to participate in the same training
     Oracle applications.
                                                                   seminar at the same time. For example, a Myers-
     In addition to ongoing system training support,               Briggs Type Indicator assessment program allows
     L&D also develops training plans in response                  team members to see the why’s and what’s of
     to major system upgrades (such as the upgrade                 different work and communication styles, while
     to Oracle 11i in 2006, or changes associated
     with globalization). Len also authors reference                                             Continued on Page 10

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HR Solutions & Connections

HR Services: Your Staffing and Employee Relations Partner
In the fall of 2005, HR Services introduced a number            In 2006, HR Services created a new group, Staffing
of new services to assist in staff recruitment and              Services. Staffing Services provides intensive
selection for Carnegie Mellon. On average the                   recruitment support and specializes in placing
university hires between 200-300 regular full-time              technical as well as diverse talent. They can also work
staff a year. Working hand-in-hand with their HR                with you to analyze your staffing needs and develop
Managers (formerly HR Representatives) hiring                   a plan to continuously recruit the kind of talent you
managers now have additional internet recruitment               need, important in particular to hiring technical
and sourcing sites to advertise positions, over 750             people. Ed Hey is the Manager of Staffing Services.
on-line assessment tools to evaluate a candidate’s              Working with Salome Venbrux, Diversity Recruiter,
software and technical skills and abilities, on-line            Staffing Services is making the hiring process easier
and classroom training in the hiring process, and               and more effective for the entire campus community.
background, reference
                                                                                                    The Talent
checking, and offer
                                                                                                    Management System
negotiation services
                                                                                                    supports the staff hiring
just to name a few.
                                                                                                    process at Carnegie
The HR Managers are                                                                                 Mellon. For hiring
Samuel Boyer (hired                                                                                 managers it provides
in February 2007),                                                                                  a quick and easy way
Gloria Gruber and                                                                                   to update position
Freida Williams. Amy                                                                                descriptions, post
Barry is the Director-                                                                              jobs, track applicants,
HR Services. For more                                                                               document interview
information, log on to                                                                              results and process                                                                              the hiring decision. It
resources/hrmanagers                                                                                also allows applicants
to see who serves your                                                                              to search for and view
                         Top (L to R): Yafit Heyman, Gloria Gruber, Mariela Bohannon, Allison
department.                                                                                         jobs online, to submit
                         Turner, Sam Boyer
                         Bottom (L to R): Freida Williams, Pat Schaller, Amy Barry, Salome Venbrux, an electronic resume
HR Services
                         Ed Hey                                                                     and cover letter to
also maintains           Not Pictured: Rochelle Koch
                                                                                                    apply for jobs, and to
the Temporary
                                                                  track the status of the positions for which they have
Employment Service (TES). The manager of TES
is Pat Schaller. Working with her is Yafit Heyman,
TES Coordinator. TES has a pool of over 150 talented              Hiring the best people, retaining them, and
employees, including many people who have worked                  encouraging them to perform at their peak potential
for the university before, and as a result, are familiar          is a challenge. Whatever your toughest staffing
with university systems and policies. In addition                 challenges, HR Services is here to assist you!
to administrative support, TES can also help with
temporary technical needs such as web designers.
Letting the TES know your requirements as far in
advance as possible allows the time necessary to
identify the perfect candidate for your needs.

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                                                                          HR Solutions & Connections

EOS – Growing Stronger Through Our Differences
The Equal Opportunity Services [EOS] team in               Climate for noteworthy contributions toward creating
Human Resources is a small group with a big job.           a campus environment that is supportive and diverse.
They work to ensure that all individuals, regardless
                                                           Everett has been a panelist and facilitator for many
of their race, religion, gender, nationality, physical
                                                           events related to diversity, and collaborates with
disability, or sexual orientation, are able to thrive at
                                                           departments to define the problem and challenge of
Carnegie Mellon. EOS recognizes that there is much
                                                           diversity. As the University Ombudsman, he is a
we all have in common, but that our differences also
                                                           confidential resource for faculty, staff and students
lead to a variety of perspectives, approaches and skills
                                                           and assists in resolving conflict involving university
that makes us stronger.
                                                                            policies, procedures and personnel.
The university has long
                                                                             Working with Everett is Larry Powell,
been committed to diversity.
                                                                             Manager of Disability Resources.
Carnegie Mellon began in
                                                                             Larry assists students, faculty and
1900 as a local technical
                                                                             staff with disabling conditions as
school for Pittsburgh working
                                                                             well as the departments with whom
class families employed by
                                                                             disabled individuals interact. With
Carnegie Steel. We have since
                                                                             the passage of the Americans with
grown into an internationally-
                                                                             Disabilities Act in 1990, the legal
recognized research university,
                                                                             requirements associated with disabled
with students from all 50 states L to R: Courtney Bryant, Everett Tademy,
                                           Larry Powell                      students and employees, as well
and almost 100 countries. We
                                                                             as visitors and participants in our
now have locations in Pittsburgh, Silicon Valley,
                                                            programs, became more complicated. Larry helps
Qatar, Australia, Japan and Greece.
                                                            individuals and departments to understand what
In 2001, President Jared Cohon issued a Statement           is required of the university and of the individual
on Diversity, and formed a President’s Diversity            in applying for assistance and making reasonable
Advisory Council (DAC) to explore ways to enhance           accommodations. In 2006, Larry created the
and increase diversity among students, faculty and          Disability Services Resource Guide (http://hr.web.
staff. The Council developed a Diversity Resource  to help individuals, managers and
Guide ( that contains             faculty understand disability access concerns and
guidelines on how to enhance diversity, as well as          their respective responsibilities under the ADA and
annual reports on the progress we have made in              university policy.
supporting this goal. In 2003, Carnegie Mellon filed
                                                            Courtney Bryant is the administrative coordinator
a friend of the court brief to the Supreme Court in
                                                            for EOS. She helps direct EOS services, including
support of the right of universities to use Affirmative
                                                            maintaining employment data for responses to
Action in their admissions process. In 2004, the DAC
                                                            governmental certification requests, scanning material
issued a monograph on the Benefits of Diversity for
                                                            for the visually/reading impaired, and working with
Education at Carnegie Mellon.
                                                            other administrative coordinators campus-wide to
The EOS team is charged with supporting this                deliver service where needed and on time.
university priority. EOS is lead by Everett Tademy,
                                                            Together, Everett, Larry and Courtney are working
AVP of Equal Opportunity Services. He works with
                                                            to help Carnegie Mellon be an institution large
departments, groups, DAC and individuals across
                                                            enough to ‘welcome-in’ all individuals from many
campus on issues of inclusiveness, tolerance and
                                                            backgrounds, but small enough to shut out bias,
diversity. In 2007, President Cohon presented Everett
                                                            prejudice and intolerance. Please join them.
with the Barbara Lazarus Award for Culture and
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HR Solutions & Connections - MANAGER’S CORNER

Manager’s Corner: Give HR a Seat at the Table
Do you need to review the position classifications             resources and solutions that may not have occurred to
and compensation levels of the personnel in your               you. We understand that every department is unique,
department to ensure that you can attract and                  and has varying opportunities and challenges. HR
retain the best talent? Are you going through a                will take the time to understand the complexities of
reorganization that impacts the satisfaction of your           your needs, and devise strategies that are uniquely
staff? Do you plan to add a significant level of               suited to your situation.
personnel to your department, and want to ensure that
                                                               Will Forrest, Director of Personnel and Development
they integrate well with your current staff? Are you
                                                               for the newly formed Campus Services Division,
having difficulty finding the right candidates for your
                                                               contacted Human Resources’ Learning and
open positions? Do you want to help your managers
                                                               Development for training and development support
to achieve maximum effectiveness in leading the
                                                               to address its diverse needs. “Ron Placone seemed
people who report to them? Do you want to help your
                                                               immediately interested in helping us out. After some
personnel to form effective teams that communicate
                                                               careful assessment of our needs and goals, Ron and
and work well together?
                                                               I defined a comprehensive series of development
All of these strategic needs and many more can be              sessions for our management over the entire year.”
achieved with help from the Human Resources (HR)
                                                               The different units of HR work together smoothly to
team at Carnegie Mellon. Human Resources is a
                                                               craft effective solutions. Our top priority is to make
department whose singular focus is to support the
                                                               your work easier, and to be a constructive partner in
people of Carnegie Mellon who make our success
                                                               your efforts. In the end, Will worked with a team
possible. Our staff consists of experts in training and
                                                               of HR professionals from our L&D, HR Services,
organizational development, staffing, compensation,
                                                               and HRIT teams. “Working with Ron, Len, Freida,
benefits, employee relations, and organizational
                                                               Toni and others has been easy and helpful. They
                                                               have a genuine interest in knowing and owning our
Many managers call on HR when they experience                  issues and how they can best aid our staff. They
a problem, need to resolve an issue, or require                offered resources and ideas we had not considered.
clarification on legal or procedural requirements.             (Human Resources) exists not only to help respond to
Increasingly, however, departments from across the             personnel issues, but quite importantly to pro-actively
campus are bringing Human Resources on board                   plan from and grow staff development and skills,”
early in their strategic initiatives, using our expertise      explained Will.
proactively to achieve change, reduce conflict,
reinforce strengths, address areas for improvement             As Much or As Little Assistance
and improve employee satisfaction. Giving HR a                 As You Need
seat at the table before questions or problems arise           There is no problem too small for HR to help you
may prevent or reduce conflict, help projects achieve          address, nor issue too large. Whether you simply
a successful conclusion more quickly and effectively,          want to brainstorm over the phone for a few minutes,
and bring to light issues than can arise further down          or bring HR in to complete a comprehensive review,
the line.                                                      our staff is prepared to offer the depth and breadth of
                                                               assistance you need.
New Perspectives Geared To
Your Situation                                                 Those who seek out our assistance often find that
                                                               bringing in HR in the planning stages pays huge
Because the professionals in Human Resources are
                                                               dividends in the end. A little extra up-front work
familiar with employment issues that you may not
                                                               results in a smoother implementation with fewer
anticipate, we can often provide you with ideas,
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                                        HR Solutions & Connections - MANAGER’S CORNER

                                                            Recognize Your Administrative Staff
                                                            Administrative staff are often among the least
complications, which reduces the work and stress of
                                                            recognized personnel in a workplace. Yet their work
the project in the long run.
                                                            is invaluable. The administrative professionals
Bob Stock and Beverly Clayton, in the Pittsburgh            who support your department coordinate events and
Supercomputing Center, sought the assistance                schedules, keep administrate and financial records,
of HR Services in structuring a process that was            and are the point of contact for those contacting your
already occurring in an informal way. “While we             department. When turnover occurs, the disruption to
have always valued giving feedback to employees             the office can be very significant, and it often takes
on their job performance, we at PSC did not have            new personnel some time to get up to speed.
a documented procedure in place. Last year we
                                                            Taking the time to be sure that your administrative
decided to use a formal procedure for performance
                                                            staff feels valued and recognized pays great
feedback. As part of preparing for that, we sought
                                                            dividends in the long run. Some effective forms of
Gloria Gruber’s assistance. Among other things,
                                                            recognition include:
Gloria came to our center and gave very useful
presentations to our staff that explained the Partnering    •   Administrative Professionals Day. Whether
for Performance process and the reasons for it.”                you participate in the university celebration, or
                                                                do something different for your staff, be sure
Contact Us Today                                                to recognize the day. The Carnegie Mellon
Nearly everything you do will impact the people                 Administrative Professionals Day Luncheon is
in your department. When your challenges are                    on Wednesday, April 25 at 11:45 am. See the
particularly impacted by your human resources, HR               web at
can be a key player in achieving success with fewer         •   Professional development opportunities. As
complications. Please give us a call today to see how           you consider the opportunities for growth of
we can be your strategic partner.                               your staff, remember your administrative staff.
•   Barbara Smith, Associate Vice President and                 Encourage participation in L&D seminars,
    Chief Human Resources Officer, 412-268-5070                 use of tuition benefits for university classes,
    or                                      taking on special projects, or professional
                                                                training programs or conferences outside of the
•   Amy Barry, Director of HR Services,                         university. or 412-268-5081
                                                            •   Say “Thank you” publicly. During staff
•   John Black, Director of Total Compensation,                 meetings or other events, be sure to recognize or 412-268-5075                      the support personnel who have contributed
•   Ron Placone, Director of Learning and                       to projects. Invite the administrative staff
    Development, or                     who have coordinated events to the event
    412-268-4555                                                itself. Include their names in the list of
•   Everett Tademy, Assistant Vice President of Equal           acknowledgements on program brochures or
    Opportunity Services, or                web sites.
    412-268-1018                                            •   Show respect. Try not to hold conversations
•   Lisa Zamperini, Director of HRIT Services,                  in front of their desk. Include them in project or 412-268-5950                         planning, and ask them if they need assistance in
                                                                completing some aspect of a project.

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HR Solutions & Connections

Meet the New Director of Total Compensation, John Black                                             Continued	from	page	1

                                        One of our biggest opportunities                people.” You have a question?
The People of the Total                 for improvement is in the area                  Come to us. Right now, I
Compensation Team                       of our IT systems. We need to                   don’t know that we have that
John is fortunate to have a team of     invest more into our IT solutions               reputation. People think of us
caring and extremely knowledgeable      to increase the efficiency and                  as the bureaucratic arm of HR
benefits and compensation experts       accuracy of our work. We                        – saying yes or no based on the
working with him. They are happy        also need to better define our                  policies or the law.
to help you understand your options,    processes and procedures – this
                                                                                        But we are really here to answer
answer your questions or resolve        goes hand in hand with the
                                                                                        your questions, anticipate the
your concerns. They include:            technical systems we use.
                                                                                        follow-up, and help you make
•   Gemma Green, Manager of             How do you see the role of the                  good decisions based on your
    Benefits                            Total Compensation group, and                   needs and plans. I want to see us
•   Lori Bell, Benefits Specialist      how we are positioned within                    better anticipate people’s issues
    (health and medical benefits,       the campus community?                           and the complexities of their
    reimbursement accounts, child                                                       questions. I want us to probe
                                        The primary role of the TC group
    care benefits)                                                                      more so that we can be a more
                                        is to act as a resource for the
                                                                                        effective partner to individuals
•   Bea Mitchell, Benefits Specialist   campus community to help them
                                                                                        and departments.
    (retirement accounts, retiree       resolve issues, answer questions,
    health benefits, international      and make strategic decisions. I                 How does the work of Total
    benefits)                           also see us as an educational                   Compensation support
•   Chris Pohuly, Benefits Specialist   resource, helping people and                    individuals and departments at
    (tuition benefits, part-time        departments understand more                     Carnegie Mellon?
    benefits, COBRA, life insurance)    about pay and benefits strategy,
                                                                                        Obviously, we want to provide
                                        and how it relates to them
•   Gayle Ritenbaugh, Benefits                                                          the most comprehensive benefits
                                        personally and to the university.
    Specialist (disability benefits,                                                    package that we can, in a way
    leaves of absence, workers’         I really want people to think
                                                                                                         Continued on Page 9
    compensation, PTO)                  of our office as “the answer
•   Raphael Kelly, Benefits
    Administrative Coordinator
•   Lou Lamanna, Financial Manager
•   Kris Ziolkowski, Senior Total
    Compensation Analyst
•   Kim Hudak, Compensation
    and Benefits Analyst
•   Debbie Scheerbaum, Total
    Compensation Administrative

                                        Top (L to R): Chris Pohuly, Gayle Ritenbaugh. Debbie Scheerbaum, Raphael Kelly, Lori Bell,
                                        Gemma Green
                                        Bottom (L to R): Bea Mitchell, John Black, Kris Ziolkowski, Lou Lamanna, Kim Hudak

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                                                                         HR Solutions & Connections

HRIT – Connecting People and Systems	                                                     Continued	from	Page	2

    users of HR systems. In addition, Toni also           System Upgrade Highlights
    conducts training sessions (through the Learning      Below are some of our recent/current projects:
    and Development group) and maintains user
    documentation for our systems. If you have an         • New Benefits Administration System (BESSA):
    HR System user question, please contact Toni at          We are designing a new system to replace our or x8-3487.                          current system (BeneBase) in Summer 2007 for
                                                             use by our Benefits Office. We expect to release
•   Kelly Craig, HR Information Analyst. Kelly               upgrades to HR Connection in the Fall.
    works on many projects to help automate systems
    and make processes more efficient. She is             • Globalization: A full, system-wide upgrade is
    working on our Equal Employment reporting                taking place to better manage and account for
    (Affirmative Action, Compliance Reporting), as           international employees. We will be incorporating
    well as on electronic document management and            benefits and allowance administration,
    other issues that have been identified to make our       international payroll support, multiple currencies,
    processes more effective.                                international phone numbers and addresses, etc.
                                                             into the systems.
•   Varvara Pyros, HR Information Analyst.
    Varvara is working on a number of major system        • Talent Management System: We have simplified
    upgrades. Her primary focus in the next few              the interview appraisal process in TMS and
    months is to upgrade systems in response to              modified the workflow to streamline the hiring
    the university’s globalization and rolling out           process for those involved.
    the rewrite of our benefits management system,        • Web site ( Redesign: We
    BESSA.                                                   will be redesigning the web site in the Summer.
•   Linda Schmidt, Manager of Process and                    We will be incorporating the new university
    System Improvement. Linda is charged with                design templates, as well restructuring the content
    examining existing systems with an eye toward            for more intuitive navigation and usability.
    making them more effective and efficient. In
    this capacity, she has worked to get the HR Data
    Warehouse up and running, and is working to
    make our HREM/HRIS system compliant with
    our international needs.

Meet the New Director of Total Compensation, John Black                                  Continued	from	page	8
that is cost-effective for both individuals and the       and retention strategies. I want to work closely with
university. Of course, I wish we could offer the moon     them to ensure they accomplish those goals. By
to everyone, but that is not always feasible. But I       getting us involved on the front end, we can help
am confident that we now offer - and can continue to      departments craft effective compensation strategies
provide - solid, meaningful benefits that are socially    that should help them achieve their staffing and
responsible and maintain a competitive advantage in       performance priorities.
the marketplace.
                                                          I really hope that people will contact our office and
I would like to see us work more closely with             me personally, to start building those relationships. I
Department Heads and HR Managers to better                can be reached at or
understand what departments need in terms of hiring       412-268-5075.

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HR Solutions & Connections

Learning & Development: Developing Potential	                                              Continued	from	Page	3

   a program on dealing with change can help                  Development, Ron Placone. He provides strategic
   individuals during a time of departmental shifts.          direction for the group, leads numerous seminars, and
• Organizational Development: L&D supports the                conducts many departmental programs.
   growth and functioning of departments through              Lola Komisin Mason, PhD is an organizational
   a variety of OD programs. Some of our OD                   development consultant with L&D. She has a
   programs have included 360o assessments of the             background in leadership development and coaching,
   managers and leaders in the group, departmental            and is certified to conduct Myers Briggs assessments
   morale and practices surveys, and personality              and to teach 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
   assessments, or simply                                                                  She teaches many public
   facilitating feedback                                                                   seminars, and works
                                    Advancing Team Building
   and dialogue. Often,                                                                    with departments to
   the personal and climate         Lola Mason administered the Myers Briggs
                                                                                           provide organizational
   assessments are followed         Type Indicator with University Advancement’s
                                                                                           development training
   by other learning and            Major Gifts team in July 2006. She returned to
                                                                                           and assessments. Len
   development programs.            PPG Place in October to further enhance their
                                                                                           Stellitano is a Business
                                    understanding of the preferences and styles they
• Interactive Theater: IT                                                                  Training Specialist
                                    indicated on their individual surveys.
   is the award winning                                                                    who provides training
   experiential program             Lisa Drake, Director of Major Gifts for                on administrative
   facilitated by Learning          University Advancement found the experience            applications, maintains
   and Development to bring         to be extremely valuable. “The explanation             user documentation, and
   awareness to issues that         and facilitation of the results of the MBTI were       manages the eLearning
   challenge us every day in        not only a positive learning experience from           function.
   the workplace. Using a           the individuals’ perspectives, but also a great
                                                                                           L&D is supported
   team of professional actors, team building activity. Everyone benefited from
                                                                                           by Robin Monroe,
   a scenario is played out for knowing a little more about themselves as well
   the audience. Staying in         as their colleagues. From my perspective as a
                                                                                           Coordinator, who
   character, the actors then       supervisor, it helped to increase my awareness
                                                                                           schedules and coordinates
   answer questions from            and appreciation of each person as an individual
                                                                                           programs and special
   the participants about the       with unique preferences and behaviors, and
                                                                                           events (such as the
   motivations, reasoning,          deepened my understanding of what it takes to
                                                                                           Leadership Symposium
   feelings and behaviors.          be a successful manager. As importantly, it was
                                                                                           and Administrative
   IT is not prescriptive,          a fun experience and one that I would highly
                                                                                           Professionals Day).
   but is rather a vehicle for      recommend for any team – new and old.”
                                                                                           Karen Beaudway,
   exploring difficult issues as                                                           HR Communications
   varied as respect, diversity, coping with change,          Specialist, provides communications support
   and dealing with conflict. In 2006, recognizing            to Human Resources. She writes and edits this
   that many staff and faculty may not have                   newsletter, the Benefits Bulletin, and benefits
   opportunities to see IT in their departments, L&D          materials, such as the Open Enrollment workbooks,
   began offering public performances of Interactive          and maintains the HR web site. An eLearning
   Theater as an L&D seminar.                                 Instructional Developer will soon be added to the
The L&D team is led by Director of Learning and               L&D team.

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                                                                       HR Solutions & Connections

                    2007 Administrative Professionals Day
Wednesday, April 25 at 11:45 am in University Center - Rangos Ballroom
The administrative staff of Carnegie Mellon University are an invaluable resource.
Without them, the work of the university could not be accomplished. Administrative
Professionals Day is our annual opportunity to recognize these dedicated professionals,
to thank them for their contributions and to celebrate their dedication to Carnegie Mellon.

•   Speaker: Samantha Bennett, an award-winning Lifestyle columnist for the Pittsburgh
    Post Gazette online. She is also vice president of the National Society of Newspaper
    Columnists. In addition, Ms. Bennett is a Carnegie Mellon alumnus, having earned a
    Master’s in Professional Writing.
•   Opening remarks: by Barbara Smith, AVP and Chief Human Resources Officer and
    Robbee Baker Kosak, VP of University Advancement.

Go to for more information, to
see the delicious menu planned, to register and to see our list of generous
sponsors and contributors. Registration is open through April 18.
           Join us in honoring our Administrative Professionals.

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Whether you’re concerned about saving for                Visit the LifeWorks Web site to access informative
retirement, managing your debt, or teaching your         articles for various ages and life stages. You can
children better spending habits, LifeWorks can help.     also check out LifeWorks’ financial calculators, in
You can call to speak with a professional consultant     the areas of Budgeting, Credit and Collections, and
who can answer your questions, help you assess           Investing for Retirement. Let LifeWorks help you
your financial situation, and work with you to           get your finances under control.
develop reasonable financial goals.
                                                         To order your free materials or to speak with
This month, LifeWorks is featuring the                   a consultant, call LifeWorks at 888-267-8126.
recording Taking Charge of Your Money. It’s so           You can also access This Month’s Feature, order
easy to lose control of our money—to let credit          additional free materials or email a consultant
card balances swell or to be knocked off track by        online - go to
unexpected expenses or a sudden drop in income.          work-life/lifeworks/ to access the LifeWorks site.
On this recording, financial expert Amelia Tyagi
                                                         Also see the financial education articles and
offers practical tips that work for anyone, whatever
                                                         videos available from
your income. She explains how to take charge of
                                                         current/work-life/retirement/programs/. While
your money, rather than letting money worries and
                                                         you’re there, sign up for a free one-on-one
overspending sink you deeper into debt.
                                                         financial consulting session with a representative
                                                         of TIAA-CREF or Vanguard.

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                                                                                                 Published by Human Resources, Carnegie

HR Solutions & Connections
                                                                                                 Mellon University, Editor: Karen Beaudway,
                                                                                                 HR Communications Specialist

                                                                                                 HR Solutions & Connections is published each
                                                                                                 semester and is distributed to university faculty
                                                                                                 and staff members. Questions or comments? Call
                                                                                                 412-268-4747 or email

Whitfield Hall
143 North Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Carnegie Mellon University does not discriminate and Carnegie Mellon University is required not to discriminate in admission,
employment, or administration of its programs or activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap in violation of
Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of
1973 or other federal, state, or local laws or executive orders.
In addition, Carnegie Mellon University does not discriminate in admission, employment, or administration of its programs on
the basis of religion, creed, ancestry, belief, age, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity. Carnegie Mellon does not
discriminate in violation of federal, state, or local laws or executive orders. However, in the judgment of the Carnegie Mellon Human
Relations Commission, the Presidential Executive Order directing the Department of Defense to follow a policy of “Don’t ask, don’t
tell, don’t pursue” excludes openly gay, lesbian and bisexual students from receiving ROTC scholarships or serving in the military.
Nevertheless, all ROTC classes at Carnegie Mellon University are available to all students.
Inquiries concerning application of these statements should be directed to the provost, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Ave.,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213, telephone 412-268-6684 or the vice president for enrollment, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Ave.,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213, telephone 412-268-2056. Obtain general information about Carnegie Mellon University by calling 412-268-
Carnegie Mellon University publishes an annual campus security report describing the university’s security, alcohol and drug, and
sexual assault policies and containing statistics about the number and type of crimes committed on the campus during the preceding
three years. You can obtain a copy by contacting the Carnegie Mellon Police Department at 412-268-2323. The security report is also
available online.

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