Vehicle Body/Mechanical Repair Estimate Template

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									This is a template form a company can use to provide customers with an estimate of the
cost to repair a vehicle. This form can be used to provide either an estimate for body
repair or mechanical repair. This form includes all of the required information, such as:
the vehicle's specifications, the insurance company, the repair to be performed, and the
total estimate. This form can be used by small businesses that offer vehicle repair
services and want to provide their customers with an estimate of repair costs.
                     Vehicle Body Repair/Mechanical Repair Estimate
Date Estimate Prepared ________________

Customer’s Name         ________________

Customer’s Address      ______________________________________________________________

Make/Model/Year of Car to be Repaired _________________________________________________

Color   _____________________________

Registration Number     ________________

VIN Number      ______________________

Insurance Company Information if Applicable (including contact name and address)

Quantity      Item to be Repaired                    Repair to be Performed             Price Estimate

Total: _______________________________

Estimated Time (or Date) of Completion:         ________________________

The above estimate is based on our inspection and does not include any additional parts and/or labor
which may be required after work has commenced, nor does it include any additional parts and/or labor
required for any requested changes or additional work requested beyond the scope of that stated
above. Occasionally, additional work beyond the scope anticipated which may become evident only
after work has begun. As a result, the above quote is an estimate only, and the final total may be more
or less than that quoted above. Quotations on parts and labor are subject to change.

Authorization for Repair:

______________________________ ___________
Name:                                   Date:
By signing above, you are authorizing and agreeing to pay for the above-referenced repairs.

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