Payment Past-Due Reminder Letter Template

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									This Payment Past-Due Reminder Letter Template sets forth an initial, friendly reminder
to a party that a payment is past due and owing on an invoice. The letter could be sent
by any individual or business who has previously sent an invoice to a person or
business, and such invoice has not yet been paid. This document contains the
essential information that should be included in such a reminder letter, including the
account number, the original due date, the amount due, and payment instructions. It
may be customized to fit the specific needs of the user. This should be used by
companies when its customers' payments are past due.
                              [Instruction: Insert company letterhead.]

_____ [Instruction: Insert date.]

_____ [Instruction: Insert addressee.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert addressee address.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert addressee city, state, zip code.]

                                Re: Payment Past Due-Reminder notice, account _____
                         [Instruction: Insert account number.]

Dear Sir or Madam:

A review of our records indicates that your account (numbered as referenced above) is past due.
This notice is a reminder that your payment was due on _____ [Instruction: Insert due date.] in
the amount of _____ [Instruction: Insert amount due.]. Please submit this payment promptly.
Be sure to include your account number on any payment instrument you submit in order to
facilitate proper processing.    Acceptable payment methods are _____ [Instruction: Insert
accepted forms of payment.] and may be made to _____ [Instruction: Insert payment
address.]. Our office hours for accepting payments are ____ [Instruction: Insert office hours,
including days and times. If no office hours are provided, delete this reference.]

If you have already sent your payment to our processing center, then please disregard this notice.
If your payment has not been sent, however, then please submit it immediately.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


[Instruction: Insert signature block.]

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