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									A Confidential Information Policy is supplied to all employees within a company, either
as part of an employee handbook or on its own. This policy ensures that employees are
aware of their responsibility in the safeguarding and non-disclosure of confidential
company information, reducing the risk of confidential company information being
passed into the public domain or to competition. This document should be used by
information technology companies that want to minimize the exposure of their
confidential information to the public.
                 Confidential Information Policy for It Company
Employees may not be engaged in any other business or employment outside of _______ (herein referred to
as "Company") whatsoever without the previous consent in writing of the Company.

Employees shall not divulge or use any trade secret or other confidential information amounting to a trade
secret, acquired during their employment. This condition applies both during and following termination of

Exceptions to this condition are as follows:

        (a)        Disclosure is a job requirement

        (b)        Disclosure is required by law; or

        (c)        The information is already within the public domain

If an employee uses the services of sub-contractors, agents or representatives to undertake part of an
assignment, the Employee must ensure that such sub-contractors, agents or representatives sign a written
undertaking agreeing to abide by the same conditions of confidentiality as are set out in this Agreement.

Confidential information that is the property of the Company and/or its clients or subsidiaries includes
without limitation:

             business records and plans
             financial statements
             customer lists and records
             trade secrets
             technical information
             product design information
             pricing structure
             discounts
             costs
             computer programs and listings
             copyrights and other intellectual property
             marketing strategies and messages
             market research and customer demographic data
             competitive analysis
             product/technology development planning
             and other proprietary information.


The Intellectual Property in the documents, designs, applications, data and software provided by the
Company shall remain the sole property of the Company and the employee shall have a licence to use the
same solely for the purposes of employment while employment continues.

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The intellectual property in all designs, documents, software and data as developed or amended by the
employee for the Company shall belong exclusively to the Company. The employee shall not use or
permit the use of such intellectual property for its own or any third party purposes without the prior
written consent of the Company.

Intellectual property owned by the employee at the date of the Contract and used in relation to a project
shall continue to be the sole property of the employee. The Company shall have an irrevocable royalty-
free licence to use all such intellectual property for any purpose associated with the project before and
after completion.

The employee shall promptly notify the Company of any alleged infringement of the Company’s
intellectual property of which it becomes aware and shall take such steps at the Company’s expense as the
Company may reasonably require to rectify the situation.

The employee must ensure that all documents, data and information prepared for the Company in
connection with employment are kept confidential and not without the Company’s prior written consent
communicated or released to any third party.

All documents, data and information made available to the employee by the Company shall only be used
by the employee for the purposes of employment.

The employee shall not make public or issue any press release or information relating to their
employment without the prior written consent of the Company.

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