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Website Design Budget Template


This Website Design Budget Template can help a company plan for all of the costs associated with designing a website. Typical cost components of website design include: domain name, hosting, template design, integration services, and content management system. This form comes with instructions on how to populate the spreadsheet. In addition to its budgeting function, by making a list of all costs and expenditures required to design a website, this budget form can help project managers create a tasks list for all necessary steps needed to complete the project.

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Definition: A Website Design Budget Template is a spreadsheet that can help an organization estimate the
cost of designing a Website.

Objective: The purpose of this template is to determine the total cost of website design by estimating
the cost of each of the necessary components. The components of website design generally include the
1. Domain name
2. Hosting
3. Template design
4. Integration services relating to integrating with hosted blogging services, database services, and social
5. Content management system
6. Logo design

The Spreadsheet:
The spreadsheet included in this document includes sample component fields where estimated costs are
entered and then totaled to arrive at an estimated website design budget. Each user must change the component
estimates according to their requirements.

Procedure to complete the spreadsheet (see "Web Design Budget" tab):
1. Enter the cost estimates of each component according to the requirements. Sample components and cost
estimates have been included for guidance.
2. Enter fixed cost components in the cells highlighted in blue.
3. Enter variable cost components as follows:
    a) - Enter rate/hr in the cells highlighted in saffron yellow.
    b) - Enter total number of hours in the cells highlighted in yellow.
4. Following entering the fixed and variable cost components, the total cost for each component and the total
cost of the web design project will calculate in the column titled "Total Cost".

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     S.#       Components                         Fixed Cost   Rate/hr   Hours    Total Cost
      A        Domain Name & Hosting
      1        Domain Name Registration               $10.00                           $10.00
      2        Web Hosting                         $1,000.00                        $1,000.00
      B        Web Design
      1        Template                                         $70       10          $700.00
      2        Static Pages (Cost Per Page)                     $40        7          $280.00
      3        Images (Cost Per Image)                          $15        2           $30.00
      4        Flash Banner Design                              $75       10          $750.00
      5        Content Management System                        $50       50        $2,500.00
      6        Logo                                             $45       10          $450.00
      C        Integration Services
      1        Blogs                                            $50       20        $1,000.00
      2        Database                                         $50       50        $2,500.00
      3        Social Media (FaceBook, Twitter)                 $40       10          $400.00
      D        Others
      1        Content Development (300 Words)        $20.00                           $20.00
      2        Application Licenses                  $500.00                          $500.00
      3        Other Costs                         $1,000.00                        $1,000.00
      4        Contingencies                         $500.00                          $500.00
               Total Cost (A+B+C+D)                                                $11,640.00

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