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Definition: A budget spreadsheet is used by organizations to calculate the cost or budget associated with the development of a
website or other project along with all of the associated components.

Objective: The Purpose of this template is to account for all the components and the associated costs for developing a website.

The Spreadsheet:
The spreadsheet has a number of different fields that must be completed to arrive at the total cost of the website's development. The
fields of this excel sheet are prepopulated with dummy data and the user is requested to add the item description and the associated
cost as per their requirements. The worksheets in this excel file have been grouped under the following categories:
1. Summary Sheet
2. Table A - Selection Process
3. Table B - COTS
4. Table C - Hardware & Networking
5. Table D - Hosting & Data Cost
6. Table E - Implementation Cost
7. Table F - Project Team & Office
8. Table G - Training Cost
9. Table H - Miscellaneous Cost

Procedure to complete the spreadsheet:
1. Before entering anything into the spreadsheet, make a list of the components/item description that will be part of your project. All
website development projects may not need hardware or networking components.                                                               `
2. Populate the fields in tables A through H.
3. Based on the values filled under tables A through H, the Summary Sheet tab will automatically update.
4. Cell B13 in the Summary Sheet tab includes a contingency of 10%, but users should adjust it to match their requirements.
5. Please note that any tax calculations are not included while calculating the cost, so users should add tax as per their requirements.

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Project Name: <XYZ> Project
Summary Sheet
 S.# Item Description                     Total Cost
   1   Table A - Selection Process                $68,950.00
   2   Table B - COTS                              $6,050.00
   3   Table C - Hardware & Networking            $68,950.00
   4   Table D - Hosting & Data Cost             
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Description: This Website Budget Template can help a company plan for all of the costs associated with developing a website. This form consists of the following worksheets: budget summary, selection process, commercial off the shelf software, hardware and networking, hosting and data cost, implementation cost, project team and office, training cost, and miscellaneous cost. This form comes with instructions on how to populate each worksheet. In addition to its budgeting function, by making a list of all costs and expenditures required to develop a website, this budget form can help project managers create a task lists for all necessary steps needed to complete the website.