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									This is a form a company can use to evaluate the performance of a vendor and
determine whether the vendor is meeting expectations. This form evaluates a wide
variety of vendor operations, such as: the quality of products, timely shipments, proper
deliveries, competitive pricing, accuracy of billing, helpful customer service, and much
more. This form can be used by small businesses to evaluate vendors in order to
ensure satisfactory performance.
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                                      Vendor Performance
(Instructions: The Vendor Performance form is used to document and communicate to the vendor either
exceptional or unsatisfactory performance. The form submitter will check the appropriate box(es) within
the “Exceptional Performance” or “Unsatisfactory Performance” sections and complete the rest of the
form. Resolutions for unsatisfactory performance should be documented in the “Resolution” box, and the
form should be reviewed and signed-off by the vendor.)

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                                            Exceptional Performance

    Excellent Customer Service                  Exceptional Product Quality              Product Availability

    Accurate Deliveries                         Invoice/Billing Accuracy                 Other (explain below)


                                           Unsatisfactory Performance
    Poor Customer Service                       Inferior Product Quality                 Product Unavailable

    Poor Issue Resolution                       Late Delivery                            Damaged Product

    Invoice Inaccuracies                        Failure to Deliver                       Billing Issues

    Overshipment                                Undershipment                            Other (explain below)



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