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									This checklist can be used when a company is creating or updating a vendor file. Once
each item listed is added to the file, the appropriate box can be checked off. This
checklist ensures the inclusion of vendor contact information, pricing, distribution
centers, shipping methods and rates, vendor invoices, payment method, and much
more. This checklist is ideal for small businesses or other entities that want to ensure
the inclusion of necessary information in a vendor’s file.
                         Vendor/Supplier File Checklist
(Instructions: Use this checklist when creating or updating a vendor/supplier file. As each item is added
to the file, check the appropriate “Complete” checkbox by double-clicking on the box and selecting the
“Checked” Default value radio button and clicking the “OK” button.)


 o      List of vendor addresses (payments, product returns, general mail, etc.)

 o      Email addresses and phone numbers of vendor contacts

 o      Contract with the vendor

 o      Current product list with product descriptions and prices

 o      Special pricing (seasonal, bulk orders, etc.)

 o      Distribution center locations

 o      Available shipping methods and rates

 o      Holiday shipping schedule

 o      Warranty details and return policy

 o      Issue resolution process (damaged or defective products, delivery
        issues, undershipments, etc.)

 o      Vendor invoices

 o      Payment method and terms

 o      Tax information

 o      Other vendor policy documentation

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