Assassins Creed Brotherhood Single Player Controller Guide (PDF)

					                                   Assassins Creed Brotherhood
                                   Single-Player Controller Guide
                                                                Lock                                              High Profile

                         Contextual / Cameras                                                                                Weapon Selector

                                                                                                                                 Weapon Hand

                                         Move                                                                                    Empty Hand

                                          Map                                                                                      Pause

                                                                Quick Inventory                   Look
                                                                                      Xbox Guide
Low Profile vs. High Profile:                                   Call Back-up: Press y                                            While standing:
Low profile is the normal behavior of Ezio, using simple        Special Attack: Hold X and release                               Stay Standing: hold x
gestures: talk, interact, walk, etc. High profile (Hold x) is                                                                    Assassinate: x + X
the overt mode of Ezio, using more aggressive gestures:         In Fight: High Profile                                           Jump: x + A (hold to ready your jump+ it will go at the
Jump, Grab, Free Running, etc.                                  Taunt: x + Y                                                     right time, or tap if you just want to jump)
The buttons perform different actions based on the              Call Back-up: x + y                                              Hijack: Locked on a guard on horse - x + B
context:                                                        Counter Attack: x + X                                            Eagle Vision: x + Hold Y
                                                                Dodge: x + A                                                     Tackle: x + B
On Ground: Low Profile                                          Counter Grab: x + B                                              Return to Sitting: Release x
Assassinate: (with hidden blades selected) X                    Throw: While grabbing a guard or citizen - B
Walk: L                                                         Headbutt: While grabbing a guard or citizen - Y                  Special
Interact: X. Y, B, or A (check on-screen tips)                  Knee: While grabbing a guard or citizen - A
Talk: Y                                                         Punch: While grabbing a guard or citizen - X                     Parachute
                                                                Disarm: With fists selected, x + X                               Parachute: While jumping from a high place: X
Pick up Weapon / Pick up Body: B
                                                                                                                                 Drop Parachute: B
Drop: B
Gentle Push: B                                                  Factions                                                         Eagle Vision: Hold Y
                                                                Hire: Locked on to a faction (mercenary, courtesan, thief) - Y   Assassinate: X
Lock: ]
                                                                Follow: Y                                                        Call Horse: Y
Eagle Vision: Hold Y
                                                                Stop: Y                                                          Move: L
Hijack: B
                                                                Use Faction: Lock on to the target, press Y                      Look: C
Signal Assassins: y
                                                                                                                                 Machine Gun
Special Attack: Hold X to prepare, then release to attack       In Water: Low Profile                                            Aim: C
Synchronize: When standing on the Reach High Point, tap Y       Swim: L                                                          Shoot: x
Weapon Selector: Hold z                                         Dive: X
Quick Inventory:                                               Eagle Vision: Hold Y                                             Boat (Naval Cannon)
Steal: Next to a citizen - A                                    Assassinate: X                                                   Navigating the boat:
Call Horse: Y                                                                                                                    Row: B
Mount: B                                                        In Water: High Profile                                           Mount: A
                                                                Fast Swim: x + L + A                                             Eagle Vision: Hold Y
On Ground: High Profile
                                                                                                                                 Steer: L
Assassinate: (with hidden blades selected) x + X                On Horse: Low Profile
                                                                                                                                 While mounted (sitting and controlling
Run and Free run: x + L                                         While sitting:
                                                                                                                                 the cannon) on the boat:
Interact: x + X. Y, B, or A (check on-screen tips)              Dismount: B
                                                                                                                                 Shoot: x
Talk: x + Y                                                     Attack (and Assassinate): X
                                                                                                                                 Row: B
Grab: x + B                                                     Draw Weapon: X
                                                                                                                                 Eagle Vision: Hold Y
Grasp: While falling, x + B                                     Rear: Have fist first in the weapon wheel and press X
                                                                                                                                 Aim: RS or L
Tackle: While running near A target, B                          Walk: L + Hold A
Lock: x + ]                                                     Eagle Vision: Hold Y                                             Tank
Eagle Vision: x + Hold Y                                        Assassinate: X                                                   Aim: C
Hijack: x + B                                                                                                                    Shoot: x
Assassinate Target: Locked on a guard, press x + y              On Horse: High Profile
                                                                                                                                 Move: L
Special Attack: x + Hold X, then release                        While sitting:
Shove: While running, hold B                                    Attack (and Assassinate): x + X                                  Cannon
Sprint: While running, hold A                                   Draw Weapon: X                                                   Aim: RS or L
Mount: Near a horse, x + B                                      Stand: x + tap A                                                 Shoot: x
                                                                Gallop: x + hold A                                               Mount: B
In Fight: Low Profile                                           Hijack: x + B                                                    Dismount: B
Kick: A                                                         Eagle Vision: x + Hold Y
Attack: X
Shoot: With a ranged weapon selected, Hold X
Taunt: Y
Grab: B
Combo: Succession of multiple X
      Assassins Creed Brotherhood
      Multiplayer Controller Guide
   Lock / (Hold) Aiming Camera                           High profile

           Ability 1                                             Ability 2

                                                                    Gentle push, shove
         Move                                                       Stun
                                                                    Fast walk
                                                                    Sprint, climb, jump
List of Players
                                                                       In-game Menu
                             Switch                CAMERA
                        target team                Press: Center camera on character
                                      Xbox Guide

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