Return Materials Authorization Form


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									This document is used by customers to request a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”)
to allow them to return products. This form requires the customer to provide their
contact information, the material information, and the return information. Additionally,
this document can be customized to provide for any additional industry specific
language that may be necessary. This document should be used by small businesses
or other entities that sell products to consumers and want to provide consumers with a
method to return merchandise.
                    Return Materials Authorization (RMA)
(Instructions: This form keeps track of sold product(s) that needs to be returned to the company.
The form explains why the product(s) is being returned, which can help pinpoint serviceable
delivery breakdowns.)

    Customer                                                   Contact Name

 Customer ID #                                                     Phone

 Street Address                                                     Fax

 City, State, Zip                                                  Email

 Order Number                                                   Order Date

 Was the item damaging during shipping?        YES      NO

       Item #        Quantity          Description            Serial Number      Reason for Return

 334                1           Large Widget                 5568723           Dead on delivery


  Customer Signature                                               Date

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