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Definition: A IT Inventory Worksheet helps an organization/individual plan for technology changes, share the
burden of supporting the technology, or cover for the person who normally takes care of IT issues.

Objective: The purpose of this template is to track all IT-related inventory.

The Spreadsheet:
The spreadsheet is divided into the following sections:
1. External Services
2. PC Inventory
3. Server Inventory
4. Back-Up Configuration
5. Software Inventory
6. Physical Security Assessment
7. Network Inventory
8. Printers & Peripherals

Procedure to complete each of the Section in the spreadsheet:
1. External Services - This is the most critical piece of documentation because it's easy to lose it altogether. This
sections helps in keeping track of important information that is difficult to retrieve if not written down.

2. PC Inventory
    a) Enter data related to each workstation
    b) Any specific notes related to these worksheets can be entered in the Note section.

3.Server Inventory - This tab tracks when servers or system software used by servers are updated.

4. Backup Configuration - Track the hardware and software used for system back-ups, Include SAN Storage, Tape
Drive, Back Up Software, etc. It is also recommended to update the spreadsheet with the dates and times when
backups should be scheduled.

5. Software Inventory
    a) The software inventory is categorized in three main application categories: productivity, enterprise, and
    communication & graphic
    b) Users should fill out necessary details like applications and version numbers, license type and the number
    of licenses.

6. Physical Security Risk Assessment - Use this tab to update security-related information, such as password
protection workstation(s), pri
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Description: This IT Inventory Worksheet is designed to help an organization keep an accurate record of all current IT inventory; it can also be used to help an organization plan for technological changes. The spreadsheet categorizes IT inventory into eight sections: external services, PC inventory, server inventory, back-up configuration, software inventory, physical security assessment, network inventory, and printers and peripherals. This document also includes instructions for how to populate the spreadsheet and track information.