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									The Inventory Appraisal Form Template is used to keep track of valuable business
items and their value. The inventory appraisal form is commonly used for insurance
purposes. When filling out the form, ensure that one considers the value of inventories
based on their current value, as current inventory is often less than the original cost of
the item. This document contains a blank sample appraisal form that contains language
commonly used in this type of form; however, additional language may be added by the
user to suit his or her needs. Small businesses can use this form to keep track of
valuable business items and their value.
                                             INVENTORY APPRAISAL FORM

Company Name:                   _________________________
Representative:                 _________________________
Company Address:                _________________________
Name of Appraiser:              _________________________
Date of Appraisal:              _________________________
Appraiser's Signature:          _________________________

     QUANTITY            UNIT       ITEM / SERIAL NO.                     ITEM DESCRIPTION    REPLACEMENT VALUE

10                      Box     XYZ Widget       I-1122     Standard blue widget             $19.58

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                                                                            TOTAL REPLACEMENT VALUE                                   $195.80


The undersigned appraiser agreed to act as appraiser of YOUR COMPANY and to appraise the assets in a truthful, impartial and honest manner.
The appraiser promises to undertake the appraisal to the best of his knowledge and ability.


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