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									A Core Competency Assessment helps businesses quickly identify the strengths and
weaknesses of its employees, and helps to provide intelligent recommendations, and
track measurable improvements. Assessing an employee or potential candidate's core
competency helps limit hiring and promoting mistakes. This assessment helps identify
strengths, developmental opportunities and blind spots, then offers development
suggestions, individual development plans and measures progress towards leadership
excellence. This agreement contains both standard clauses as well as opportunities for
customization to ensure that the understandings of the parties are properly set forth.
Use this form when hiring or promoting an employee or candidate to assess whether or
not their core competency skills meet the requirements of the company.

                                Core Competencies Assessment
For each competency listed, rate the employee on a scale from 1–10 for which 1 is POOR and 10

Core Competency                                                                              Rating
Adaptability, Flexibility, Dealing with Ambiguity and Change
Tolerates uncertainty, handles stress, can take action without having the full picture, is
still effective in the midst of change, adjusts well to new situations and challenges,
recognizes need for change and embraces it, is calm when things get hectic.
Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills
Makes use of experience, wisdom, analysis, experience, conceptual thinking and logic
to both prevent and solve problems, incorporating multiple inputs into the process.
Business Acumen
Displays a keen and quick understanding of business situations, dealing with them in a
way that will ultimately lead to a positive outcome.
Written and oral communication uses a variety of styles appropriate to the setting and
audience along with a range of tools and methods, whether communicating to an
individual or a group. Makes use of active listening skills.
Continuous Learning and Personal Mastery
Shows self-awareness, desire for lifelong learning, learning about self, continual skill
improvement, willingness to learn new things, active identification of growth areas, and
applies new learning on the job.
Creativity & Innovation
Demonstrates resourcefulness in deviating from routines, develops and uses new
procedures, methods, designs and concepts, shows imagination and originality, makes
innovative contributions and out-of-the-box thinking, challenges assumptions.
Customer Focus
Is committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations, recognizes the
importance of high-quality service, strives to understand customer needs from their
perspective, uses customer feedback to improve service.
Understands and appreciates a diversity of perspectives and ideas in the workplace, is
able to work with people with a wide range of backgrounds, abilities and styles.
Shows willingness to take initiative on behalf of shared values for goal achievement
and is a self-starter.
Interpersonal Relationships, Skills and Effectiveness
Can interact well with both individuals and groups, creates dynamic partnerships,
networks and human systems, builds trust through interactions with others, engages in
collaborative relationships, and manages conflict constructively.
Organizational Knowledge
Knows how the organization works, how to get things done through formal and
informal channels, and understands the organization’s culture and politics.

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Organizational Stewardship
Is committed to the organization’s vision, mission and values, shows concern for co-
workers and customers, and makes wise use of resources.
Personal Credibility and Professionalism
Is trusted by most people, seen as honest and direct, maintains confidentiality, is
willing to admit mistakes, shows a strong work ethic, is positive and appropriate in all
behavior, has healthy work habits and balances the personal with the professional.
Personal Mastery
Shows responsibility in self-assessment of his/her own strengths and needs, seeks
opportunities for continued growth, is able to balance competing demands and
priorities, and actively seeks feedback from others.
Planning and Project Management Skills
Can map out and divide complicated projects into manageable chunks, is able to multi-
task and change priorities as needed, accurately estimates time and resources needed.
Shows the ability to both work and think independently, identifies what must be done
and works on them without needing direction, is confident, combines information from
others with own thoughts to make decisions and move forward.
Systems Thinking
In addition to analytic thinking, is also able to synthesize disparate parts into an
integrated whole while seeing how parts relate to the whole, sees how individual
actions affect others, can see the larger picture.
Teamwork Peer Relationships
Is seen as a cooperative team player who can work with anyone, can find common
ground among parties with apparent conflicts, and contributes positively to teams.
Technology and Technical Skills
Displays sound understanding of technology, proficiency in needed software packages,
seeks to learn new ways to use technology more effectively, is a quick and eager study
of new technologies when they are introduced.

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