Consultant and Temporary Employee Request Form


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									This Consultant and Temporary Employee Request Form should be used to request
temporary hires. The company logo may be inserted, as well as the company name,
and any other necessary information in the appropriately marked fields. This form
requires approval signatures from upper-level supervisors and/or managers. This form
contains the standard language used in this sort of form, however, unnecessary table
cells may be deleted, and necessary table cells may be added. Use this form when
requesting temporary hires.

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                              REQUEST FORM
         Please complete and return this form to Human Resources. For referrals, please be sure to
         attach a copy of the applicant's resume to this form. Please contact [Employee Name] at
         [Employee Phone or Extension Number] with questions.

         Requestor Information

         Full Name                          Phone Number       Direct Superior                 Phone Number

         Office Location                                       Direct Superior’s Office Location

         E-mail                                                Direct Superior’s E-mail

         If Referred, Name of Referring Employee               Referring Employee's Department

         Reason for Request:
         Potential Employee Information

         Job Title                                             Job Code                   Department

         Projected Start Date            End Date if Known     Projected Pay Rate/Range

         Work Schedule                        Lunch Break      Projected Supervisor            Job Title

         Job Duties:

         Required Skills:


         Requestor Signature                                 Title                                 Date

         Authorizing Superior Signature                      Title                                 Date

         Approval Signature                                  Title                                 Date

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