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									This Commission Summary template should be used to track and review commission
produced by sales representatives. The template is used to track time periods for a
specific sales representative for a specific territory, and includes invoice amount, dates
of the sale, and client and commission percentage columns. This document is ideal for
small businesses that pay their employees on a commission basis, and want to organize
and categorize commission payment information.
     Evaluator Name:
     Date from:                                  Date to:
     Area covered:

      Date     Order Number     Customer Name    Invoice Amount    Commission %        Amount
      01/11        34982          Doe, John           $95.99            20             $19.20

                                                                  Total Invoiced
                                                      Commission Earned (Gross)
                                                                  Less: Advances
                                                               Other Deductibles
                                                                    Net Amount

     Evaluator Signature: _________________________

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