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									This document is a form that a company can use to record the disposition of assets.
Asset disposition involves removing an asset from the company's books or general
ledger of accounts. This form is useful to a company seeking to record data when
considering disposing of assets, either by retiring, selling, or exchanging, a fixed asset.
This generic form can be customized to fit the needs of any company or its accountants
w in order to accurately record the disposition of company assets.
                                Document Instructions:
     Company: Company name

     Asset Location: Used to identify the location or facility from where the asset originates

     Make/Model/Serial Number: Identifying marks of the asset

     Item/Description: Description of the asset (e.g., "Pentium Pro laptop used by sales rep

        John Smith)

     Salvageable/Non-Salvageable: If the asset is capable of being used its salvageable; if the

        asset has been destroyed or cannot be used then it is unsalvageable.

     Disposal Reason: Reason asset is being disposed

     Condition: Check the condition that best describes the asset

     Current Estimated Value: Value at the time of disposition. Change the values to match

        the most frequent value needs for your organization.

     Estimated Acquisition Date: Date asset was purchased or acquired

     Asset Status: Status at the time the form is completed

     Comments: Additional Comments if needed

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                            ASSET DISPOSITION REQUEST FORM

Company: _________________________________________________________________

Asset Location: __________________________________________________________

Make/Model: _________________________ Serial Number: _____________________

Item/Description: ________________________________________________________

Salvageable: ___________________________Non-Salvageable: _________________

Disposal Reason: _____________________________________________



Condition:              Excellent          Good            Average          Poor (check one)

Current Estimated Value:                None       $10,000 or less         over $10,000
(check one)

Estimated Acquisition Date: _________

Asset Status            Sold        Lost          Stolen         Damaged

Comments: ________________________________________________________________




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