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					                   2012 HBASE Committee Participation
   A great way to utilize your HBASE membership is to become active in the Association. One way is to join a committee that’s of
     interest to you. Whether you serve on one or multiple committees, your support and volunteer time is greatly appreciated!

                                 * = committees that specifically need additional committee members

Please check which committee(s) you would like to join:

_____   Activities Committee (meets once a month) The main goal of this committee is to generate ideas of ways to
        increase member participation at various fundraising & networking events, committee participation and more.
                 Chair: Michele Rislov, First National Bank in SF

______ Ambassadors Committee* (meets 1st Thursday of each month) Welcome new members, attend and help conduct
       membership orientation, follow up with new members, explain benefits to new members and encourage new members
       to become involved.
                 Chair: Gary Van Zee, The Insurance Connection

_____   Associates Committee (meets 6 times) Coordinate and conduct the Annual Product Show held in October;
        coordinate plans and services for Associate member needs.
                 Chair: Nancy Matt, Showplace Kitchens

_____   Builders Forum (meets 4-5 times) Plan and conduct various Builders Forum programs; plan Associates Appreciation
        Month activities; coordinates HBASE Annual Bus Tour of various developments around the Sioux Empire
                 Chair: Jon Beatch, Beatch Construction LLC

_____   Building and Grounds Committee (meets as needed) Oversee repairs and update to the HBASE office building.
                 Chair: Mike Hartman, Hartman Specialty Contracting / Radon Mitigation Systems

______ Dream Home Tour Committee* (meets monthly) Plan, organize, produce and promote annual Street of Dreams
       event. This committee is split into multiple sub-committees.
                 Chair: Kevin Zomermaand, Zome’s Construction, Inc.

_____   Education Committee* (meets the 1st Thursday of each month) Recommend scholarships and Tools for Schools
        recipients; coordinate membership meeting speakers, educational programs and seminars, consumer education
        programs; address labor dev. issues and promote industry-related programs to schools.
                 Chair: Tom Hines, Frisbee Heating, Plumbing, A/C & Electrical

______ Golf Classic Committee (meet 5-6 times) Plan and promote annual Golf Classic tournament.
                 Chair: Tiffany Kleinsasser, AmeriStar

_____   Green Build Committee (meets monthly) Offers certification to assure buyers that homes meet the
        benchmarks established by NAHB Green; offers educational opportunities for professional designation and other
        green-related technology and building science issues.
                 Chair: Paul Fick, Paul Fick Homes

_____   Home ShowTM Committee (meets 7 times September - April) Plan, organize, produce and promote the annual
        Sioux Empire Home ShowTM. This committee splits into 7 subcommittees.
                 Co-Chair: Alan Amdahl, Alan Amdahl Construction
                 Co-Chair: Matt Swenson, Dakota Wholesale Plumbing & Electrical

_____   Legislative Committee (State/National) (meets weekly during legislation session) Review proposed state legislative
        bills and national legislation; Develop and maintain relationship with state and national officials.
                 Chair: Todd Boots, CityWide Insulation

_____   Local Government Affairs Committee (meets 2nd Wednesday of each month) Works on local issues of importance
        to land developers and builders; represented on the City’s Infrastructure Review Advisory Board (IRAB).
                 Chair: Preston Mettler, Mettler Construction Co.

                                                          - OVER -
                    - 2012 HBASE Committee Participation Continued -

_____   Membership Committee (meets 2nd Tuesday of each month) Plan and conduct programs for membership retention
        and recruitment; coordinates incentive and recognition programs for Spike Club Members.
                Chair: Ryan Konz, First National Bank in SF

_____   Parade of HomesTM Committee (meets 9-10 times) Plan, organize, produce and promote annual Spring and Fall
        Parade of HomesTM. This committee is split into 6 sub-committees.
                 Chair: Dusty Rallis, Rallis Construction

_____   Public Relations Committee (meets monthly) Review the Association’s publications and website; promote
        the Association and the housing industry as a whole; plan and conduct various community service projects
                 Chair: Pam Jorgensen,

_____   Repair Affair Coordinating Committee (meets monthly January - June) Review low-income homeowner applica-
        tions; view accessibility related projects prior to approval; recruit volunteers for Repair Affair Day; work with sponsors
                 Chair: Mike Hartman, Hartman Specialty Contracting / Radon Mitigation Systems

_____   Repair Affair Team Leader* Obtains cost estimate for one Repair Affair project; orders all materials in advance;
        supervises project on Repair Affair Day.

_____   Repair Affair Volunteer Skilled and unskilled volunteers to help make accessibility repairs to homes throughout
        the Sioux Empire (4 county area); example projects include wheelchair ramps, handrails, grab bars, threshold ramps.
        Please check all that apply:
        _____ skilled carpentry              _____ plumber              _____ electrician           _____out of town project

______ Showcase of Remodeled HomesTM (meets 5-6 times) Plan, organize, produce and promote annual Showcase of
       Remodeled Homes event.
                 Chair: Jason Seykora, Seykora Remodeling

_____   Special Projects Volunteer Be a back-up volunteer to help work at various events as needed (Home ShowTM,
        Parade of HomesTM, Product Show, community service projects, general membership meetings, etc.);
        volunteer shifts are flexible and can range from 1 to 4 hours in length.

______ Sponsorship Committee* Solicitation of major sponsors for four major HBASE events (Home ShowTM, Spring and
       Fall Parade of HomesTM, Showcase of Remodeled HomesTM)
                 Chair: Lisa Schmidt, Schmidt Construction

        I want to be involved! Sign me up!!
Please complete this form and return both pages to the HBASE office by faxing it to 605-361-8329 or emailing in- or by mailing it to 6904 S. Lyncrest Pl. Sioux Falls, SD 57108.
Note: Meeting notices will be sent one week prior via e-mail or fax.

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