Tawsingham Society_ by zhouwenjuan


									                                                turning fantasy
                                               into reality!
                                      Tawsingham Times
   The Other Pony
  Club is joining the new                                   January Sales!
 Tawsingham                                                    £30 worth for £20 Sampler cat. lists excess stock.
                                                            Buy anything, get a full list of all remaindered & s/h
                                                            stuff in stock, also at £30 worth for £20! We’ve also
   Society!                                                 put all sale offers in other cat.s in a big sale cat.
                                                            too; eg school knickers, socks, skirts, for St Caths?
   It’s now a dozen years since I created The Other
Pony Club to play with human ponies myself, with
like-minded people. Since then I’ve run scores of                    Ebooks/EAudio
events, taken ponies to scores more, introduced
hundreds to the sport, and done almost every kind              We’ve wanted to introduce books you can buy in elec-
of ponyplay I ever imagined: in the surf, up the            tronic form from our web shop for a while and have
mountains, in woods, meadows, quarries, with pony           been trying to decide the best system. Over the next
boys, pony girls, in the sunshine and the dark.             week or three I will introduce a manual system: you buy
                                                            it, I email it to you! Books that cost £5-10 on paper will
   The last couple of years have been difficult for
                                                            be only £1-2. This is just a test; if it works we’ll bring in
us, stalling many new ideas, initiatives and changes.
                                                            a more sophisticated set-up. We’ll also offer audio
Hopefully we’re past that now. I feel it’s time for
                                                            tapes/CDs as MP3 files, at a similar price.
me to open a new chapter and I’ll return to the
novel I wrote in 1990, Tawsingham 2020.
   Since then, many key concepts; the ‘net, reality
                                                            Handling & Post Costs Cut
TV, BDSM in mainstream culture, etc. have ar-                   Charges went up to £5 per order, after working out
rived. What was fantasy then, looks more feasible           costs; some objected—so I checked; on average cost it’s
by the day. The Tawsingham Society will make                £5; usually £2-£3. Canes, etc. are pricey— tube, sealing
something like it happen, as we did with ponyplay.,         it, etc and big orders. I’m happy to pay extra on large or-
but initially, just for a few days at a time, not 365       ders! Extra cost is ‘per order’. So now charges are £2
days a year as the novel!                                   per order, plus £1 post UK, 10% to Europe, 20% else-
   Tawsingham is an old-fashioned structured soci-          where. Plus an extra £2 for orders that include long
ety; everyone has a place and knows it—because              thin or otherwise difficult to pack items.
they chose it! There’s a Prospectus overleaf, much
more detail to come in a new area of our website
                                    (Continued on page 4)
                                                             No More eShop Hassles!
                                                              Many customers had problems buying from our web
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                                                            shop. Now we have SSL—it should avoid such prob-
                                                            lems in future and make it much easier to buy online.

                                                            St Caths 2 Out In March!
                                                              You’ve ‘voted’ with your comments & cash that you
                                                            prefer Anvil-BDSM video/DVD. So we’ll not buy from
                                                            others from now on! St Caths 2 has already been filmed
                                                            and should be on sale by March. We’re taking advance
                                                            orders—we only charge your card when we can post it!
     Your place may be in the dungeon!
         The Tawsingham Society
                                           It is run by                             Master or Mistress too.
                                        The      Taws-                              We draw on our experience
                                        ingham Corpo-                               over nearly 20 years experi-
                                        ration: the Por-                            ence of deep roleplay in the
                                        treeve (Mayor)                              UK scene (and of others), eg at
                                        and Burgesses                               Muir Academy, The Other
                                        (Aldermen and                               Pony Club, De Ferre, Pet
                                        Councillors) of                             Week in Denmark, St Audries’
                                        Tawsingham; ie                              TV Weeks, the Whiplash
                                        leaders        of                           PleasureZones, The Firm’s
                                        groups       who                            events, the Other World King-
                                        bring parties to                            dom.
                                        Tawsingham                                  Just getting suitable people to-
                                        and other key            Jougs from         gether is an event; but more is
 Ducking Stool from Ipswich             people.                 Duddington          needed to encourage them to
                                           The Portreeve                            coalesce and create a commu-
                                        appoints key officers who’ll often      nity.
         What?                          be well known scene figures with
                                        an established organisational re-
                                                                                    There has to be a ‘model’ peo-
                                                                                ple readily understand to give
   Tawsingham is not so much a          cord.                                   ‘instant structure’. We chose a
place, as an idea. You can be              Whilst it exists there will be en-   parallel universe ‘English Vil-
whatever you want to be there – if      tertainment of many kinds organ-        lage’, with 21st century sanitation,
you can take the consequences!          ised by groups present, that will       hot running water, good cheap
                                        be open to anyone who wishes to         food and drink, freedom if you
   Master, Mistress, boy, girl,
                                        come, (and is allowed to do so by       wants it, and incorporating as
maid, servant, slave, even possibly
                                        their Master or Mistress).              many as feasible of the curious an-
human pony or puppy; if you can
                                                                                cient kinky customs that are no
imagine it and we can accommo-
date it, you can live the role!                   Why?                          longer used.
                                            To establish a community               It will be very much an ‘open
   It is a pastiche of a semi-feudal                                            opportunity’ society where any
                                        where people can openly ac-
society; where your station in life                                             free man or woman can aspire to
                                        knowledge and live their scene re-
and role within the community is                                                be eg a Burgess, Magistrate, Bea-
                                        lationship, whatever gender and
set by your own choice, (or that of                                             dle, Village Bobby, etc.
                                        orientation, etc. that they choose,
people you choose to make the
                                        so they can take part at whatever          Everybody, but particular those
choice for you); not by an accident
                                        level, in a way that suits them,        who choose to be amongst ‘the
of birth!
                                        safely, with public acceptance and      lower orders’ run the risk of being
    Cross-dressing and role-play        support from that community.            confined in, eg the stocks, pillory
clothes will be normal and freely           The keynote is that each role       or village lock-up, or a scold’s bri-
accepted in public. Corporal pun-       has a different set of benefits, re-    dle, whipped at the post on the vil-
ishment, bondage, domination, fet-      sponsibilities and duties. You pick     lage green; by order of the Magis-
ish clothes in private, often in pub-   the role that suits you, and then       trate’s Court.
lic too, but you won’t have to wear     accept the consequences;
anything outlandish or take part in     what you cannot do is
anything unpleasant unless you          ‘pick and mix’, eg if you
want to, (or to be forced to)!          want staff to look after
   Uniformed maids, collared            you, you have to take care
slaves, everyone can be the age,        and control of them-or if
role, gender and species they           accept the security of be-
choose. Even ponygirls, puppy-          ing owned you must ac-
boys, too, either on or off site.       cept the duty to obey you
                                                                     Scold’s Bridle from Walton On Thames
   Those without a Master or Mis-       clude any who persist, in their in-
tress will be sent to the Work-         terests and that of everyone else.             How?
house or Pound and the whole                                                    For now please join ‘The Taws-
community will be managed to                     When?                        ingham Society’ successor to The
maximise the BDSM and other                                                   Other Pony Club.
fun of all participants, (without be-  Initially, week-long events, in
                                    about April/May and Sep/October             Costs will be similar but we
ing strictly bound by historical ac-                                          hope a wider group will be en-
curacy or authenticity).            to include a traditional ‘Hiring
                                    Fair’.                                    thused and interested.
   Things we’ll try to avoid in
Tawsingham include religious,          Midsummer Games and Mid-
                                    winter revels are in the novel too,
                                                                                 More Info?
sexual or other intolerance, bad                                             We hope soon to put a draft
manners, dishonesty, hypocrisy,     we’ll stage them, or any other vi-
                                                                          Tawsingham Handbook on the
                                    able event, if there’s a demand.
exploitation, bad faith or sleaze. It                                     website, republish Tawsingham
is for adults only; with common-       You’ll be able to come for the     2020 and open an area of our web-
sense, and freely given consent.    whole week or just the weekend.       site that explains in far more detail
We can’t opt out of UK law so       There may be smaller events, eg       what all the implications are; it
there can be nothing illegal or dan-The Tawsingham Corporation to         will be a living, developing con-
gerous.                             plan events, etc. and these may re-   cept that evolves to meet the re-
                                    quire support from maids and oth-     quirements of all the people who
           Who?                     ers too.                              attend and make it happen. Can
   In Tawsingham you can choose        Maids may find that training       you imagine yourself as one of
to be either male or female, a free with Miss Prim helps them find a      them?
person or owned as a person or as   Mistress and take their place in
                                    Tawsingham more effectively and
livestock. Whipping At The Cart’s Tail
                                    there may be other kinds of trial,
   Within those categories there’ll ancillary and preparatory events
be many subdivisions; most will     too.
have distinctive dress or accesso-
ries that make the wearer’s status
obvious to all.
                                          How Much?
   If there is no category to suit     Prices will vary
you, we’ll create one: what won’t   with your role;
be feasible is to have the benefits take      more re-
of any particular role, without the sponsibility, feed,
responsibilities that go with it.   house yourself,
                                    pay less: need su-
   Tawsingham should appeal to      pervision,      etc.
dominants and submissives of        pay more!
every gender and orientation, even
those who just want to watch-          We will expect
provided they accept the rules.     ever yone        to
                                    pay—and if you
   It is designed to accommodate    take real respon-
every taste, variation, orientation sibility and make
we have come across in nearly 20    good things hap-
years of deep involvement in role   pen, we’ll give it
play—at least every one that is     you back. (Or
safe, sane and consensual!          you could even
    Some won’t fit well in such a   earn a profit!) We
community; eg dominants unable      aim to make
to act responsibly, submissives     events open to
who can’t accept control, those in- the widest range
tolerant of others’ views or behav- of people possi-
iour or without good manners.       ble, so will try to
    We’ll discourage such tenden-   ensure costs are
cies, help them realise that such   comparable with                     Combined pillory, stocks and
behaviour is unwelcome and ex-      holidays elsewhere.              whipping post, from Wallingford
   (Continued from   Art on front & back covers by Surreal     They, and any other club, will be encouraged (by
page 1)
                                                             eg a group discount) to bring as many of their peo-
and new publi-                                               ple along as possible.
cations, which                                                 We’ll try to meet any special needs they may
will fill in de-                                             have, and we hope they’ll all take a full part.
tails.                                                          I expect eg traders to set up a ‘High Street’,
   It will have                                              batchelors and spinsters a ‘bedsitterland’, FemDom
all we pick out                                              ladies with households form an enclave of their own,
as most fun and                                              etc. to create distinct ‘suburbs’ in the village.
best     practise                                               There’ll be a simple dress code: each person will
from events at-                                              be expected to dress smartly and in a manner that
tended,        or                                            reflects their station
heard about, in                                              within Tawsingham
the     decades                                              society, but that need
we’ve been ac-                                               not be elaborate or ex-
tive in the                                                  pensive.
scene.     (With
ideas from out-                                                 It’s not going to easy
side too; his-                                               to find places to hold
torical re-enactment, theme parks and some memo-             events, as with TOP
rable customs of Old England.) It’ll last a day,             Club, but with possibly
weekend, days, even a week or so, as Miss Prim’s             hundreds of people in-
Muir Academies.                                              volved we can afford
                                                             somewhere more eas-
   Muir Academy involves a dozen or so. Taws-                ily.
ingham may have hundreds taking part, eventually.
   It may include age play from adult babies up-                We’d consider any-
wards, possibly in and definitely out of school, do-         where in UK or Europe,
mestic service and slavery, dungeons, prisons, every         and add a local flavour
kind of BDSM imaginable, indoors and out.                    from the history or culture of the area we hold it in!
   With so many people it cannot be as tightly organ-          There’ll be a letter encouraging you to join, renew
ised as Miss Prim’s events, but it does need to have         or whatever with this mailing.
a focus, a reason to exist, some kind of structure and          If your membership of TOP Club just ran out you
narrative; though those attending can choose to take         can ‘renew’ cheaply; if paid-up for next year too
an active or passive part in such activities, or not.        we’ll enrol you in the ‘Tawsingham Society’ for
   I can’t organise an event this big on my own, and         free. Those joining get a free copy of The Taws-
will involve many other groups; eg The Academy               ingham Handbook, when I finish putting it together.
Club, Muir Maids, De Ferre Pony Farm, Ishmael                   If you’d like to eg be on the bench of Magistrates,
Skyes’ The Firm, the UK FemDom Society.                      Beadle, Supervisor of the Workhouse or Pound, then
                                                             Sir Guy would particularly like to hear from you. I
                                                             have volunteers lined up, but it always helps to have
                                     Tawsingham              alternatives! Otherwise please encourage any other
                                   should appeal to          group who may be interested to contact me.
                                    both dominants              I also need models for photos in suitable poses
                                   and submissives!          and situations to illustrate the web site and hand-
                                                             book, still and video photography. Pretty girls, espe-
                                                             cially of course, and I may pay ex-
                                                             penses, etc.
                                                               At least please fill in the feedback
                                                             form on the Membership letter, even if
                                                             you don’t join, to give me idea whether I/we can
                                                             make these events work and join The TOP listserver
                                                             (soon to be renamed).

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