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					                        8 – 10 APRIL 2011

         2011 RALLY OF OTAGO
                    Incorporating the

              International Classic Rally
                       of Otago

                   RALLY GUIDE
        (Incorporating Supplementary Regulations)

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                   2011 RALLY OF OTAGO
                            RALLY GUIDE


SECTION 1            WELCOME





SECTION 6            MAPS

SECTION 7            FORMS

                        Entry Form

                        Remittance Form

                        Service Crew Registration Form

                        Competitor Profile

                        Prize Giving Tickets Order Form

                        Stage Note Request Form

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 SECTION 1              WELCOME

To All Prospective Competitors
Welcome to the 2011 Rally of Otago. We have a challenging rally planned that includes a mixture
of old and new stages. This year sees some significant changes. In particular a return to night
stages on the Friday night. These used to be a regular feature of Rally Otago but haven’t been
used in more than a decade.

1.     This year, we have combined all three divisions into one set of regulations. Separate sets of
       results will be provided for NZRC competitors (Division 1), Classic competitors (Division 2)
       and Allcomers (Division 3).

2.     All regulations and forms are available to be downloaded from the website If you wish to have a paper copy posted to you please contact Norman
       Oakley at (03) 477 9147.

3.     Please ensure that you return all documentation.
       This includes:
            Signed Entry Form
            Competitor Profile
            Service Crew Registration
            Prize Giving Tickets Order Form
            Remittance Form

NOTE:         Stage notes order form is to be sent directly to Neil Allport Motorsport by the
              closing date for entries.

4.     This year sees the continuation of the ‘Laird Motorsport Southern Rally Series’. It is open to
       contestants in the ‘Allcomers Rally’ or ‘Classic’ Rallies who are members of either the Otago
       Sports Car Club, the Eastern Southland Car Club or the Southland Sports Car Club. It will
       be contested over 3 rounds : The Otago Rally, the Catlins Rally and another event TBA. If
       you wish to enter this series then you should download the regulations from the website or
       contact Roger Laird on (03) 208 5247

5.     The three rally divisions that comprise the weekend are as follows:

                                          2011 RALLY OF OTAGO
                    This event is Round 1 of The 2011 New Zealand Rally Championship.
                             Enter this division if you are competing in the NZRC.
               The cost of notes and the reconnaissance fee is included in the overall entry fee.

                         2011 INTERNATIONAL CLASSIC RALLY OF OTAGO
          This event is Australasia’s premier gravel rally for pre 1987 classic and historic rally cars.
                               Stage Notes and Reconnaissance are optional.
                      A separate trophy will be awarded for the best ‘blind’ performance.

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                                     2011 OTAGO ALLCOMERS RALLY
               Enter this Division if you are not eligible for either the NZRC or Classic Divisions
                        OR Do not wish to enter either of the other two Divisions.
                                 Stage Notes and Reconnaissance are optional.
                    All cars that comply with Schedule A with respect to rallying are eligible.

                                          2011 ‘DAYLIGHT’ RALLY
                   This is an option for competitors in either the Classic or Allcomers Divisions
                                     who do not wish to do the night stages.
                                 Stage Notes and Reconnaissance are optional.

6.     This year, there will be a Motorshow and Ceremonial Start in the Centre of Dunedin on the
       evening of Friday 8th April 2011. All competitors are expected to take up the opportunity to
       display their cars and maximise publicity opportunities for their sponsors. A variety of
       activities are planned for this show including signing sessions, rally car displays, start
       ceremony, rally forum and much more.

7.     There will be an opportunity for Shakedown on the morning of Thursday 7th April. Limited
       places are available and application to participate should be made to Mike Hosken

8.     One pass recce will be available.
       Competitors will have the choice of completing this on either:
       (a)    Thursday afternoon / Friday morning.
       (b)    All day Friday.

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Monday 20th December 2010
‘Intention to Enter’ Forms made available

Thursday 10th February 2011
Entries open

Friday 11th March 2011
Entries close (at reduced fee)

Thursday 24th March 2011
Supplementary Regulations – Part 2 (Acceptance of Entry) posted

Late Entries
Will be accepted at discretion of the organiser


Wednesday 6th April 2011
1900 – 2000 hours      Documentation available for those undertaking both Shakedown and
                       Recce. Rally HQ, Southern Cross Hotel, High Street, Dunedin.

Thursday 7th April 2011
0900 – 1100 hours       Shakedown (separate registration required for those who wish to
1000 – 1130 hours       Documentation for those undertaking Thursday / Friday Recce – Rally
                        HQ, Southern Cross Hotel.
1200 hours              Recce commences.

Friday 8th April 2011
0700 – 1600 hours         Reconnaissance continues.
1000 – 1500 hours         Scrutineering and Technical Checks – Venue : Turners Auctions,
                          Portsmouth Drive.
                          (Ref Acceptance of Entry for designated times).
1000 – 1500 hours         Documentation – Rally HQ, Southern Cross Hotel – for those not doing
1700 hours                First Meeting of Stewards – Rally HQ, Southern Cross Hotel.
1700 hours                Novice Drivers Briefing – Venue TBA.
1730 hours                Publication of Start List – Rally HQ, Southern Cross Hotel.
1730 hours                Cars to be in place in the Octagon.
1800 – 1900 hours         Motorshow : The Octagon, Dunedin.
1800 – 1830 hours         Welcome Function – invited guests – Dunedin Public Art Gallery, The
1815 – 1845 hours         Autograph Session (NZRC and other invited competitors) – Dunedin
                          Public Art Gallery, The Octagon.
1850 hours                Official Opening of Event – The Octagon.
1900 hours                First Car departs from start ramp in The Octagon. All remaining cars
                          follow at one (1) minute intervals.
2205 (approximately)      First NZRC car enters Parc Ferme.

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Saturday 9th April 2011
0900 hours                Leg One continues – First Car departs.
1040 hours                Stage 4 commences.
1545 hours                First Car arrives at Parc Ferme.
2000 hours                Progress Results posted for Leg One.

Sunday 10th April 2011
0800 hours                First Car departs.
0845 hours                First Car starts SS10.
1415 hours                First Car arrives at Finish Ramp – Dunedin Railway Station.
1730 hours                Provisional Results posted – Rally HQ, Southern Cross Hotel.
1730 hours                Prize Giving Venue Open – Dunedin Town Hall.
1900 hours                Prize Giving Ceremony Commences
2300 hours – ??           After Party

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                         8 – 10 APRIL 2011

                            SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS – PART ONE

         This event is a New Zealand Championship Event promoted by the Otago Sports Car Club and will
                               th           th            th
         take place on Friday 8 , Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April 2011 around the Otago region.

         The rally will be held under these Supplementary Regulations, The New Zealand Rally
         Championship Portfolio, the Motorsport New Zealand National Sporting Code and its Appendices
         and Schedules particularly Appendix 3, Schedule R (Book 3) being the Standing Regulations for all
         Rallies and Schedule A – Driver Safety and Vehicle Requirements.

         The Motorsport New Zealand Permit Number is as follows:
         •    National Permit (Foreign Participation) No TBA.

         The event will be divided into three divisions as outlined below.

         Division One:
         The Rally of Otago comprising Round One of the 2011 New Zealand Rally Championship.

         Division Two:
         The International Classic Rally of Otago – Round One of the Laird Motorsport Southern Series
         and Round One of the Mainland Series.

         Division Three:
         Allcomers Rally of Otago – Round One of the Laird Motorsport Southern Series and Round One of
         the Mainland Series.

         1.   NZRC registered competitors contesting both days of the event with eligible vehicles will be
              cross–entered in Division Two (Dunlop International Classic Rally of Otago) at no extra cost.
         2.   Division Three (Allcomers) will be a two day event, however competitors may elect to contest
              either one day (at reduced entry fee) or both days.
         3.   Points for the Laird Motorsport Southern Series will be awarded to eligible competitors from
              amalgamated results from Divisions 2 and 3.
         4.   Entrants in Classic and Allcomers Division who do not wish to do night stages may enter the
              ‘Daylight’ rally at a reduced fee. These competitors will commence the event on Saturday
              morning and will not feature in the overall results. Separate results will be published for
              competitors who elect this option.

Email:                                               Web Site:
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         Clerk of the Course                                 Norman Oakley
         Assistants to the Clerk of the Course               Garth Tyrrell, Roger Laird, Alan Baird, Craig Jessop
         Secretary of the Meeting                            Cathy Anderson
         MNZ Stewards                                        TBA
         MNZ Technical Officers                              TBA
         Judges of Fact:              Technical              TBA
                                      Jumped Start           Start Line Marshal
         Chief Scrutineer                                    Daniel Cresswell
         Chief Marshal                                       Mike Hosken
         Competitor Relations Officers                       Sue Baird, TBA
         Accident Investigators                              Assistant Clerks of Course

         Additional Officials will be advised in Supplementary Regulations Part Two – Acceptance of Entry.


         The Otago Sports Car Club Rally Committee
         The Official Rally address for all matters pertaining to the event is as follows:
         The Rally Secretary
         Otago Sports Car Club Inc
         P O Box 100
         Dunedin 9054
         NEW ZEALAND

         Telephone and fax enquiries should be directed to:
         Cathy Anderson                                      (email)

         Norman Oakley            Phone & Fax                (work)                + (64) (3) 477 9147

3.       THE EVENT
         3.1 Venue:          The rally will start and finish in Dunedin using a variety of forestry and
                             public gravel roads. There will be one tarmac ‘Super Special’ stage to be
                             held as the final stage of Leg One.
                                                   th                  th
         3.2 Length:         Leg One – Friday 8 / Saturday 9 April
                             Comprises approx 155 km of special stages and approx 295 km of touring.
                             Leg Two - Sunday 10 April
                             Comprises approx 123 km of special stages and approx 159 km of touring.
                             A stage description is appended to these regulations.

         3.3 First Car Starts Leg One         :   From the rally start in The Octagon, Dunedin at 1900
                                                  hours, Friday 8 April.
              First Car Finishes Leg One :        At approx 1545 hours, at the Final Control for Leg One
                                                  (Parc Ferme) on Saturday 9 April.
              First Car Starts Leg Two        :   From the rally start at 0900 hours, Sunday 10 April.
              First Car Finishes Leg Two :        At approx 1415 hours, at the Final Control.

              IMPORTANT NOTE:

              In 2011 it is intended to run the cars in the following order:
              a. Entrants in Division One (New Zealand Rally Championship).
              b. Entrants in Division Two (International Classic Rally of Otago) – including eligible
                   NZRC Historic Cars.
              c. Entrants in Division Three (Allcomers).

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4.       ENTRIES
         4.1 Opening and Closing
             These open with the publication of these regulations and close (at a reduced rate) at 5.00 p.m.
             on Friday 11 March 2011.
              Entries post marked after the normal closing date but received prior to 5.00 p.m. on Friday 25
              March 2011 will be subject to the late fee. Entries received after this date will only be
              accepted at the organisers’ discretion.

         4.2 Entry Acceptance
             Entries to be made on the correct form and to be deemed valid must be complete in all detail
             and accompanied by the appropriate fees. Acceptance will be at the organising committee’s
             The organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry in accordance with the prescribed
             provisions of the National Sporting Code.

         4.3 Fees

              (a) Entry Fee for competitors registered in the NZ Rally Championship
                  Includes recce fee, stage notes and two prize giving tickets. $1,450.00 including GST

              (b) Entry Fee for International Classic Rally of Otago and Allcomers Division
                  Includes two prize giving tickets.
                  Excludes stage notes, recce fee.                                   $800.00 including GST

              (c) Entry Fee for Daylight stages only (Saturday / Sunday)
                  Includes two prize giving tickets.
                  Excludes stage notes, recce fee.                                           $700.00 including GST

              (d) Late Entry Fee                                                             $150.00 including GST

              (e) Service Crew Registration – First Crew included in entry fee.
                  Each additional vehicle                                                     $25.00 including GST

              (f)   Recce Fee (Two Legs)                                                      $50.00 including GST

              Other Fees (Refer Remittance Form)

              Extra Prize Giving Tickets                                                              $45.00 each
              Any competitor who withdraws from the event later than 5 pm Friday 18 March, but prior
              to 5 pm Friday 25 March, will forfeit 25% of his or her entry fee.
              Any competitor who withdraws from the event later than 5 pm Friday 18 March, but prior
              to the commencement of documentation, will forfeit 50% of his or her entry fee.

              Any competitor who withdraws after the start of documentation will forfeit 100% of his or
              her entry fee.

         4.4 Number of Starters
              The maximum total number of starters across all three divisions (NZRC Rally of Otago, Classic
              Rally and Allcomers Rally) will be 120.

              Priority will be given to the following competitors provided that they have entered by the close of
              normal entries (Friday 11 March 2011).

              (1) Competitors registered for the New Zealand Rally Championship.
              (2) Competitors from overseas.
              (3) Competitors who have forwarded an ‘Intention to Enter’ form.
              (4) Competitors registered in the ‘Southern Rally Series’.

              Any additional entries will be placed on a reserve list in order of receipt.

Rally Guide 2011                                                                                         Page 9 of 30
         4.5 Acceptance of Entry (Part Two Supplementary Regulations)
             These will be posted on Thursday 24 March 2011, together with the seeded entry list.

         4.6 Competitor Requirements:
             (1) Knowledge and Understandings: In signing the entry forms competitors (Entrant and
                 Drivers) are deemed to fully understand the MotorSport NZ National Sporting Code and its
                 relevant Appendices and Schedules.
                   (a) The National Sporting Code articles pertaining to protests and competitors obligations,
                   (b) Appendix Three Schedule R (Book 3) articles pertaining to Stage notes, Pace notes
                       and Reconnaissance.

              (2) Licence Requirements:
                  (a) New Zealand Competitors : Both No. 1 and No. 2 drivers shall hold a National Rally
                                                Grade or higher Motorsport NZ issued Competitors
                   (b) Australian Competitors           : Shall hold a National Grade Rally Licence plus a
                                                          Tasman Visa issued by CAMS.
                   (c) International Competitors : Shall hold a FIA International Licence or a National
                                                   Rally Licence together with a Visa (in English) issued by
                                                   their ASN and a medical declaration.
                   If the Entrant is other than a driver, an Entrants’ Licence in the name of the Entrant is

              (3) New Competitors: Any driver(s) who have not previously competed in three or more
                  rallies must attend the new competitor special briefing. Details of venue and time will be
                  announced with the acceptance of entry.

                   1. Australian Competitors must have a “Tasman Visa” before arriving in NZ.
                      Contact CAMS for further details.
                   2. Competitors from countries other than Australia must have an International
                      Rally Licence or a National Rally Licence and Visa (in English) issued by their

         5.1 Compliance
             All competing vehicles shall comply with Appendix Two Schedule A and Appendix 3 Schedule R
             of the current Motorsport Manual unless stated otherwise in these supplementary regulations.

         5.2 Entrants in Division One – New Zealand Rally Championship
             Competing vehicles shall comply with the provisions as outlined in the NZRC Rally Portfolio and
             supporting schedules.

              Vehicles will be divided into categories as outlined in the NZRC Rally Portfolio.

         5.3 Entrants in Division Two (Classic Rally)
             Competing vehicles shall be constructed prior to 31st December 1986.

              Competitors should note that allowable modifications to vehicles differ according to the age of
              the vehicle as outlined below.

              The organisers reserve the right to include additional vehicles (that fall outside this eligibility
              criteria) into the field if satisfied that the car/driver combination is in keeping with the sprit of the

Rally Guide 2011                                                                                          Page 10 of 30
              Subject to the above competing vehicles shall comply with the following provisions.
              (a) Be in compliance with the provisions of FIA Appendix K with respect to international historic
                  rallies OR,
              (b) Be in compliance with Motorsport NZ Schedule RH OR,
              (c) Vehicles that were in Series Production prior to 31 December 1982 modified in
                  accordance with the provisions of Clauses C1 to C8 below:
              C.1      Engines
                       The engine may be substituted to that from another manufacturer but must be an
                       engine that was available prior to 31 December 1982.

                       The engine block and number of cams must be as per the original or substituted

                       Pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts and associated parts are free.
                       Explanatory Note
                       This provision allows for – say – the transplant of a V8 into an escort provided that the
                       V8 was obtainable prior to 1st January 1982 and retains its original block and number
                       of camshafts. It can however, have modern pistons and con rods.

              C.2      Induction
                       Forced Induction is not allowed unless standard on the vehicle at the time of
                       manufacture i.e. A turbocharged or supercharged engine may not be transplanted into
                       another make or model of car. A computer may not be added to a car that did not
                       originally have one.

                       Intercoolers are only allowed if standard on the vehicle or homologated. Antilag and
                       boost control is prohibited.

              C.3      Fuel Injection
                       Fuel injection is not allowed unless standard on the vehicle prior to 1st January 1982.
                       The vehicle must retain its original system i.e. an injected motor cannot be
                       transplanted into another make or model of car. An electronic system may not be
                       substituted for a mechanical system.

              C.4      Gearbox
                       The gearbox may be substituted for one from another manufacturer. A maximum of
                       five forward gears are permitted. Ratios are free. Sequential and electronically
                       activated gearboxes are prohibited.

              C.5      Differential
                       The differential may be substituted.

              C.6      Brakes and Suspension
                       Brakes and suspension are free however vehicles originally constructed with live rear
                       axles must retain a live rear axle.

              C.7      Wheels and Tyres
                       Wheel sizes are free provided they can be housed inside the wheel arches or flares
                       (ref 8.3).
                       Tyres are free but must comply with the provision of Appendix 2, Schedule A.

              C.8      Body Modification
              C.8.1    Preamble:           Competitors are strongly encouraged to maintain the original
                                           appearance of their vehicle.

              C.8.2    Body Panels:        May be lightened in accordance with Appendix 2, Schedule A
                                           however Carbon Fibre and Kevlar are prohibited.

Rally Guide 2011                                                                                    Page 11 of 30
              C.8.3     Wheel Flares:        May be fitted providing they do not protrude from the original line
                                             of the body work by more than 150 mm.

              C.8.4     Wings:               Wings or other aerodynamic appendages are not permitted.

                                             “Bobtail” or boot mounted spoilers are acceptable if it can be
                                             shown that these were common on the car as rallied prior to 1
                                             January 1982.

                        Vehicles will be divided into the following classes:
                        (a) 0-1300 cc
                        (b) 1301-1700 cc
                        (c) 1701cc and over

         5.4 Entrants in Division Three (Allcomers)
             Vehicles shall comply with Schedule A and Appendix 3 Schedule R (Book 3) of the current
             Motorsport Manual.

              Vehicles will be divided into the following classes:
              Class A         0 – 1300 cc
              Class B      1301 – 1600 cc
              Class C      1601 – over
              Class D      4WD

         Competitors must present themselves at documentation (Rally HQ – Southern Cross Hotel) for the
         checking of licences and documents, issuing of competition numbers and applicable advertising
         material prior to presenting the car for scrutineering.

         Cars will not be admitted to the pre-start area until all of these numbers and advertising
         requirements are firmly affixed in the appropriate places on the vehicle.

         Competitors shall present themselves at Rally Headquarters at the times given in
         Supplementary Regulations – Part Two.
         Competitors will then be directed to attend with their vehicles at the Scrutineering venue.

         Please remember that all competing cars must be presented in a clean and tidy condition,
         and as to be rallied.

         Officials of the event will be identified as detailed below:
         a) Marshals:                             Will wear bibs
         b) Stage Control (Post) Chief:           Will wear bibs
         c) Scrutineers:                          Name Badges
         d) Other Officials:                      Name Badges

         May be issued in accordance with the provisions of the National Sporting Code.

         These will be displayed at any of the following venues:
         •   Outside Secretaries Office
         •   Start Control
         •   Rally Headquarters
         •   Results Venue

Rally Guide 2011                                                                                       Page 12 of 30
10.      RESULTS
         a.   Progress results for Leg One will be available at 2000 hrs at Rally Headquarters,
              Southern Cross Hotel on Saturday 9 April.
         b.   Provisional results for the event will be posted at 1730 hrs at Rally Headquarters,
              Southern Cross Hotel on Sunday 10 April.

11.      STAGE NOTES
         The use of Stage Notes will be permitted provided that they are original copies as created for this
         Event and supplied by the MotorSport NZ authorised provider, Neil Allport Motorsport.

         For those competitors wishing to purchase the Stage Notes it is essential that they advise of their
         intention on the separate order form attached to the entry form. The cost is $230 per competitor.

                                     NOT THE RALLY ORGANISERS

           NOTE:      The cost for stage notes and reconnaissance for NZRC competitors is included in
                      the entry fee – no separate order for notes is required for these competitors.


           The stage note system uses an automated computer program to generate a description of the
           special stage road using sensors fitted to a vehicle driven through each stage.

           Such notes describe the route in more detail than the Road Book and can be used without

           The purchase and use of the stage notes is a direct contract between the competitor and Neil
           Allport Motorsport with the Otago Sports Car Club’s involvement being limited to authorising the
           use and facilitating the preparation and distribution on behalf of Neil Allport Motorsport.

           There is no obligation on any competitor to purchase these stage notes.

         An opportunity exists for competitors who purchase the approved stage notes to take part in a one-
         pass convoy reconnaissance. This opportunity is NOT available to those who do not purchase the

         Two options are available:
         a. Thursday afternoon / Friday morning
         b. All day Friday (8 April).

         An extra fee of $50.00 is payable. (This cost is included in the entry fee for NZRC competitors). The
         convoy will be strictly controlled and regulations covering its operation will be issued with Part 2 of
         these regulations.

         A compulsory Briefing will be held for all those undertaking reconnaissance. Times and
         venues will be advised in the Acceptance of Entry (Part 2 of these regulations).

13.      REJOINING
         a.   Competitors registered in the New Zealand Rally Championship.
              Rejoining is permitted in accordance with the provisions contained in the 2011 NZRC Portfolio.

Rally Guide 2011                                                                                    Page 13 of 30
         b.   Other Competitors
              The Road Book contains a ‘Temporary Withdrawal’ form, a ‘Final Withdrawal’ form and a
              ‘Rejoining form’.
         •    No competitor will be permitted to restart the rally once they have handed in a ‘Final Withdrawal’
         •    If a competitor believes that they may be able to restart after an incident they should complete a
              ‘Temporary Withdrawal’ form and hand it to an appropriate official.
         •    If a competitor then wishes to re-join the event they must only do so either (a) at the ‘out’ control
              of a Service Park or (b) at the start control of a stage immediately following a Service Park.
              They must rejoin at a time that does not cause any delay to the event. They must hand in a
              ‘Rejoining form’ to the Post Chief. They must rejoin within the Division they started in. If this is
              not possible then they must proceed to another stage before rejoining.
         All cars that have suffered accident damage must be checked and cleared by a Scrutineer or
         designated official before rejoining.

         Entrants in the Classic Division will run in NORMAL SEEDED ORDER behind entrants in the New
         Zealand Rally Championship but before Allcomers entrants.

         ‘Classic’ entrants should note the following:
         If a ‘Classic’ entrant turns up at the start of a stage later than the scheduled start time of the last
         Classic car, then that competitor may be required to miss that stage and rejoin the rally at a later

15.      PRIZES
         Trophies will be awarded to overall and class winners.

16.      SERVICING
         All Service and Support vehicles are to be registered with the Organisers at the time of entry. They
         must display throughout the event the official competition numbers and applicable advertising
         material that will be issued at Documentation. Servicing from an unregistered vehicle will be
         deemed to be the same as servicing in a prohibited area and will be penalised accordingly.

         a.   Competitors registered in the New Zealand Rally Championship (except for NZRC
              Servicing will only be permitted in areas designated as Service Parks in the Road Book. The
              organisers may arrange for cars to be washed.

         b.   All Other Competitors (including NZRC Historics)
              Servicing is encouraged in areas designated as Service Parks or Service Areas in the Road
              Book. However, vehicles competing may service in other areas except where expressly
              forbidden. Accordingly, vehicles in these divisions will not have to clock in or out of service park

17.      PARC FERME
         An overnight Parc Ferme will be held on Friday 8 April for NZRC cars (excluding NZRC Historics).

18.      GENERAL
         a.   Two tickets to the prize giving function are included in the cost of entry (except for ‘One Day’
              entrants). This will be in the Dunedin Town Hall. It will be held on Sunday evening as soon as
              results are finalised and will be followed by live entertainment.

Rally Guide 2011                                                                                       Page 14 of 30
              Extra tickets may be ordered at the time of Entry (use attached form).
              No Tickets will be available on the day.

         b.   A recovery vehicle will follow the rally course. Fees for recovery of your vehicle will be a matter
              of negotiation between yourself and the operator. Be warned that the operator will require
              payment of his fee before recovering your vehicle.
         c.   A publicity evening will be held in The Octagon on Friday 8 April.
              A separate shakedown will also be organised on the morning of Thursday 7 April.
              Further Details will be published in the Supplementary Regulations – Part Two
              (Acceptance of Entry). Numbers may be limited on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

         d.   The following documents have the same force and status as these Supplementary Regulations:

              Entry Forms
              Acceptance of Entry (Part Two of these regulations)
              Road Book

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Part A :           Friday 8th April 2011

SS1 / S11              Taieri Beach Long       17 km
Starts on typical forestry road and then progresses onto public road for last 9.5 km. Medium gravel
with a good base. Stage last used in this direction in 2005 (SS9). Stage used in reverse direction
in 2008 (SS2) and 2004 (SS3). Last 9.5 km used in 2007 (SS13).

SS2                    Henley                  18.5 km
New stage. Uses part of Kuri Bush stage but also gravel roads not previously used. Contains
approximately 2 km fast tarmac in middle of stage.

SS3                    Whare Flat              11 km
This is a new version of Whare Flat. It starts with a fast and flowing downhill section for
approximately 5 km before winding its way back up to the start point. 50/50 mixture of fast downhill
forestry and tighter uphill public roads. No fords!

Part B :           Saturday 9th April 2011

SS4                    Athenaeum Road          13 km
Used for club rallies but is a new stage to Championship rallying. Fast flowing public road stage
with tricky crests. Medium / heavy gravel.

SS5                    Blue Spur               7 km
Short stage, never rallied on before. Very fast at start on wide and smooth public roads. Finishes
after winding along a ridge line with some tricky crests. Medium / heavy gravel.

SS6                    Corkscrew Road          17 km
An old favourite run on public roads with medium / heavy gravel on a hard base. A mixture of
some twisty sections between fast and flowing roads. Finishes alongside a river on the left. Last
used in 2007 (SS6).

SS7                    Waitahuna               20 km
Another favourite. Starts fast on wide flowing public road with medium / heavy gravel. Tightens up
towards finish. Last used in 2007 (then called Breakneck Road SS7).

SS8 / SS15             Berwick                 45 km
This is a new stage in the Berwick Forest. Some sections have been used in previous years but
much is new or is in a new configuration. Typical Otago forest stage. Medium gravel over a hard
base, generally smooth but with some heavy sharp gravel in places. Roads generally wide and
fast with downhill finish at “Allport’s ditch”.

SS9                    Super Stage             2km
Needs little introduction – 4 laps of a city block on tarmac. Fast and exciting with a big crowd, but
watch the kerbs!

Rally Guide 2011                                                                          Page 18 of 30
LEG TWO            :     Sunday 10th April

SS10               Forthill                    20 km
Another public road stage, medium gravel. Fast and flowing with gnarly crests. Tightens at finish.
Last used in its entirety in 2006 but in reverse direction (SS5). Was used in this direction in 2005

SS11               Taieri Beach Long 2         17 km

SS12               Kuri Bush                   15 km
The classic Otago stage. Used for many years. Untold crests, starts fast and gets faster with wide
flowing public roads. Needs commitment.

SS13               McIntosh Road               8 km
A short blast on a fast flowing public road that changes to a dry weather road at a tricky tarmac
intersection with plenty of spectators. This is the stage with the ‘huge dip’. Last used in 2009
(SS5) and 2007 (SS3).

SS14               Waipori Gorge               13 km
Run ‘uphill’ again as was the case in 2010 and 2009. A great stage alongside the Waipori River on
medium gravel. Tighter than most Otago rally stages.

SS15               Berwick 2                   45 km

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