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									                           Snake River Chapter
                                       Monthly Newsletter
                                               December 2003

          In This Issue                                              Monthly Chapter Meeting

      Upcoming Meetings & Technical          Meeting Date & Place: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 at the MK Plaza

      Technical Session: Infectious          Call to Order: 11:30 am
       Disease Prevention

      Calendar of Meetings for the Year      Membership: Currently 90 members
      Idaho Governor’s Conference
                                              Financials: Checking - $5,675.18
      OSHA classes in Boise                              Savings - $11,328.38
      ASSE Workshops & Training
                                                                        Upcoming Meetings
      Best Practices: Accident Involving
       Acetylene Cylinder                       Board Meeting:
      OSHA Tips to Protect Workers in
                                                 Friday, Jan. 9th, 2003
       Cold Environments                         11:30 am - 1:00 pm
                                                 MK Plaza Cafeteria
      Emergency Preparedness Pointer
       – ACCEM
                                                Monthly Chapter Meeting:
      Advertisements & Information on           Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2003
       Placing Ads
                                                 7:00 am – 9:00 pm
      Job Openings                              MK Plaza

    Newsletter Distribution
                                                                  Upcoming Technical Sessions
You can receive your newsletter via
Email by contacting Michelle McMullen
at: mmcmullen@cableone.net                    January: Best Practices – Unusual Workplace Air Quality Issues.
                                              Several of our members will be presenting issues that they have encountered in
     Technical Sessions                       their work areas along with creative ways to address these issues. If you have
     Cory Pence - Coordinator
                                              an issue that you would like to discuss and present, please bring it to this
                                              meeting. If you just have any interest in Air Quality Issues, this should be an
     SRC Board Members                        informative discussion. Each person who is presenting will be limited to 10
                                              minutes. Some ideas included Pest Control spraying in office areas, mold
Steve Manning - President                     issues, ozone from copiers or printers, but you are not limited to these. Dig
mannings@idhw.state.id.us                     through your old issues and concerns, and see what you can find.
                                              February: Valentine Party in place of regular meeting.
Michelle Steeler – Vice-President
                                              March: TBD

Michelle McMullen – Secretary

Louise Auchampach - Treasurer

Dan Roberts – Past-President

Ernie Harper - Delegate
ernisc@mindspring.com                                       -1–
                                            AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
                                                             Unfortunately, there are some extremely undesirable
  Technical Session: Infectious Disease
                                                             side effects to the medical treatment, which can leave
               Prevention                                    the individual extremely ill while receiving the six
                                                             week treatment, and may have to be placed on
At our December meeting, Hilary Lopez, RN, MPA,              modified work during the duration. Many of the side
MSN gave a presentation on Infectious Disease                effects include headache, weakness, seizures, anxiety,
Prevention. Hilary is the Worker’s Compensation              confusion, dizziness, insomnia, fainting, tremors,
and Health Programs Administrator for the City of            abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, loss of
Boise.                                                       appetite, liver inflammation (hepatitis). It may also
                                                             cause anemia, back pain, and reduce the number of
                                                             white blood cells which increases the likelihood of
                                                             other infections. Some of the other drugs in the
                                                             combination can cause cough, inflammation of the
                                                             pancreas, rash, tingling, burning, numbness,
                                                             hyperglycemia, and kidney stones.

                                                             Due to the extreme side effects, the person should
                                                             determine their risk of exposure. The highest risk
                                                             involves a large volume of blood with exposure
                                                             potential directly to the bloodstream through a cut in
                                                             the skin or contact with mucous membranes from a
                                                             known HIV infected individual. The 2nd highest risk is
                                                             from a large volume exposure directly to the
                                                             bloodstream, or the blood being from known HIV
                                                             infected individual. The 3rd level of risk does not
                                                             involve a large volume of blood from an individual
                                                             without a high HIV antibody titer (or count). The
This presentation centered on the need for Post Exposure     medical cocktail is recommended for those in the
Plans. Post Exposure Plans should include hand               highest and 2nd highest risk levels, and is offered as an
hygiene, encourage early reporting, track and provide        option to those in the 3rd risk level and those exposed to
reminders for testing and follow-ups, workers’               blood or fluid with visible blood which has contacted
compensation, confidentiality, and counseling. Plans         mucous membranes or non-intact skin. It is not offered
should also include prevention in terms of vaccinations,     if exposure involves body fluids not considered
PPE, training, and support.                                  contaminated like urine.

Chances of developing infection depend on the organism       The hepatitis series of shots was also discussed and the
and route of exposure. If the blood or body fluids where     importance of confirming through a blood test that the
infected, your chance of contracting HIV is 0.3%,            recipient converted and has protection.            Many
Hepatitis B ranges from 6 to 30%, and Hepatitis C is up      receiving the shots do not convert, and have to repeat
to 7%.                                                       the series. It is important that if an employee indicates
                                                             that they have received shots in the past that they are
After exposure to blood or body fluids, it is important to   tested to determine if they converted. In many cases
immediately wash with soap and water and flush mucous        some of the shots that were given in past where for
membranes, notify your supervisor, if work related, and      short-term protection and they may no longer have
go to an emergency room within 1-2 hours. Make sure          protection. Testing for conversion is not inexpensive.
to notify them immediately of a potential blood-borne        The blood test itself cost about $100.
infectious exposure. If exposure to HIV is possible and
medical treatment is started within 2 hours of the           Overall, the importance is that all employees should
exposure, a combination of drugs called a Post Exposure      know what to do if they assist another employee, and
Prophylaxis can be administered to reduce the                are possibly exposed even if not acting in a medical
probability of contracting HIV. Statistics show that 15      capacity and as a Good Samaritan.               Training
out of 100 without the medication contract HIV, while        employees in what to do and not to do, can reduce their
only 0.02 out of 100 who receive the medication contract     potential for exposure and increase their likelihood of
HIV.                                                         seeking timely treatment, if potential exposed.
                                    AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
 Calendar of Chapter Meetings for the Next                      Ergonomics
                   Year                                         IH Topics to include: Lead, Mold, Indoor air
                                                                 quality, Silica
Meetings will alternate each month between breakfast and        Message Wellness
lunch. All meetings will continue to be held at the MK          Behavioral Based Safety
Plaza in the Executive meeting room. Members will be            IH Governmental Affairs
responsible for purchasing their meals from the cafeteria.
Please update your calendars with the schedule listed        We are hoping to soon be able to publish a complete
below                                                        list of topics and speakers for this event.

Breakfast Meetings                Lunch Meetings                           OSHA Classes in Boise
7:00 – 9:00                       11:30 – 1:00
                                  February 17, 2004          Several classes are being offered by Region X OTI in
March 16, 2004                    April 20, 2004
May 18, 2004                      June 15, 2004
July 20, 2004                     August 17, 2004
                                                             OSHA 511: Standards for General Industry
September 21, 2004                October 19, 2004
                                                             January 13-16, 2004
November 16, 2004                 December 21,2004
                                                             $575, 2.5 CEUs, 26 Contact Hours
January 18, 2005
                                                             OSHA 500: Trainer Course for Construction
                                                             April 20-23, 2004
                                                             $595, 2.5 CEUs, 26 Contact Hours

                                                             Supervisory Safety & Health Duties
                                                             July 19-20, 2004
                                                             $245, 1.6 CEUs, 16 Contact Hours
        Idaho Governor’s Conference                          There are discounts available for multiple registrations.
              March 15-18 2004
                                                             To register, please visit http://depts.washington.edu/ehce,
Dennis Kochniuk with Craters of the Moon Chapter             call 800-326-7568 or email ce@u.washington.edu
advised that the Chapter has a four day agenda
outlined for the Pocatello conference. The dates are set                 ASSE Workshops & Training
for pre-conference sessions on March 15-16 and general
sessions on March 17-18, 2004.                               ASP/CSP Workshops and Certificate in Safety
                                                             Management Seminars February 1-7 in San Antonio,
Presentations will be given in the following program         TX
tracks: Safety – Emergency Preparedness, Industrial          - Math Review, Feb. 1
Hygiene, Construction – Heavy Equipment – Mining –           - ASP, February 2-4 & CSP, Feb. 5-7
Farming, Occupational Health, and Environmental.             - Safety Mgmt Part I, Feb. 2-4 & Part II, Feb. 5-6

Some of the sessions that will be offered will include:      Early registration deadline is January 2.
 8 hr First Aid, CPR, AED                                   Click on http://www.asse.org/frcertprep04.htm for
 4 hr OSHA 300                                              ASP/CSP Workshop             information. Click on
 Contractor/Guest Safety Program Development                http://www.asse.org/frcertsafe04.htm for Certificate in
   (4hr & Overview)                                          Safety Management information.
 OSHA 500 & OSHA 501
 OSHA 300 Overview                                          If you have any questions, please call ASSE Customer
 VPP                                                        Service at 847-699-2929.
 ESH China
 Diesel exhaust-Mining
                                   AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
             Best Practices: Accident                                OSHA Offers Tips to Protect Workers in
           Involving Acetylene Cylinder                                      Cold Environments

                                                                 With the onset of cold weather, OSHA is reminding
                                                                 employers and workers to take necessary precautions,
                                                                 such as those listed on OSHA's Cold Stress Card, to
                                                                 prevent and treat cold-related health problems. Workers in
                                                                 construction, commercial fishing, maritime and
                                                                 agriculture are among those who need to take precautions.

                                                                 Prolonged exposure to freezing or cold temperatures may
                                                                 cause serious health problems such as trench foot,
                                                                 frostbite and hypothermia. In extreme cases, including
                                                                 cold water immersion, exposure can lead to death. Danger
                                                                 signs include uncontrolled shivering, slurred speech,
                                                                 clumsy movements, fatigue and confused behavior. If
                                                                 these signs are observed, call for emergency help.

                                                                 OSHA's Cold Stress Card provides a reference guide and
                                                                 recommendations to combat and prevent many illnesses
                                                                 and injuries. Available in English and Spanish, this
                   Incident Description                          laminated fold-up card is free to employers, workers and
                                                                 the public. Tips include:
This incident happened on Monday the 29th of September.
A fitter with a work van left an E size Oxygen and
Acetylene cylinder on the back seat of a Toyota dual cab
over the weekend. The Acetylene cylinder valve was not
fully closed and a leak occurred.

Over the weekend the Acetylene accumulated in the van.
On Monday morning the fitter approached the van and
opened the door, a large explosion took place. The ignition
may have been caused by either the internal light circuitry,
the automatic door control, mobile phone which was on the
front seat of the van, or lighting a cigarette. The fitter was
also a smoker. He has damage to his ear drums and facial
damage. As you can see by the attached photo he was very
lucky. Don't let safety be something you learn by accident.

                                                                 How to Protect Workers
                       Best Practices                             Recognize the environmental           and    workplace
                                                                    conditions that may be dangerous.
Compressed and liquid gas cylinders shall be secured in a
safe manner. 30 CFR 77.208 (d).                                     Learn the signs and symptoms of cold-induced
                                                                     illnesses and injuries and what to do to help workers.
Materials that can create hazards if accidentally liberated
from their containers shall be stored in a manner that              Train workers about cold-induced illnesses and
minimizes the danger. (Never store cylinders in an enclosed          injuries.
vehicle or area.) 30 CFR 77.208 (b).
                                                                    Encourage workers to wear proper clothing for cold,
This information was taken from a safety hazard                      wet and windy conditions, including layers that can
information posting on MSHA’s web site www.msha.gov                  be adjusted to changing conditions.
                                      AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
                OSHA Tips CONT                                               Advertisements

   Be sure workers in extreme conditions take a           A variety of industries such as construction, healthcare,
    frequent short break in warm dry shelters to allow     manufacturing and many others receive this newsletter
    their bodies to warm up.                               every month. By advertising in this newsletter, you can
                                                           increase your company’s exposure and sales.
   Try to schedule work for the warmest part of the
    day.                                                   For a minimal cost of $25.00 per month, you can
                                                           place a ¼ page ad for your company in the Chapter
   Avoid exhaustion or fatigue because energy is          newsletter. All advertisements will appear after the
    needed to keep muscles warm.                           chapter information section and before the job
                                                           opportunities section of the newsletter. Discounts
   Use the buddy system - work in pairs so that one       are given based on the duration of your
    worker can recognize danger signs.                     advertisement: 10% discount for advertising for a
                                                           quarter, 15% discount for 6 months, and 20%
   Drink warm, sweet beverages (sugar water, sports-      discount for a year. ASSE members get an
    type drinks) and avoid drinks with caffeine (coffee,   additional 5% discount. In order to be included in
    tea, sodas or hot chocolate) or alcohol.               the newsletter, ad copy must be received by the first
                                                           working day of the month and should be in
   Eat warm, high-calorie foods such as hot pasta         PowerPoint, Word, or Publisher.         Payment is
    dishes.                                                required by the 10th of the month, or the
                                                           advertisement will not be published until the
   Remember, workers face increased risks when they       following month.
    take certain medications, are in poor physical
    condition or suffer from illnesses such as diabetes,   For more information or to place your advertisement,
    hypertension or cardiovascular disease.                please contact: Louise Auchampach.
                                                           Phone: 208 938-6010 Fax: 208-938-6017
For free copies of OSHA's Cold Stress Card in English      E-Mail: safetyhealthsolu@qwest.net
or Spanish, go to OSHA's website, www.osha.gov, or
call 1(800) 321-OSHA.                                      The board members of the Snake River Chapter of ASSE have
                                                           the right to refuse any advertisement which they deem
This information was taken from an OSHA Trade              inappropriate. The Snake River Chapter also does not
Release, December 9, 2003, Contacts: Frank Meilinger,      support or endorse any service or product that is advertised
& Jonathan Fusfield, (202)693-1999                         in the newsletter.

    Emergency Preparedness Pointer –

Ada City-County Emergency Management recently
published their December newsletter on the topic on
“Winter Driving Safety”. The leading cause of death
during winter storms is transportation accidents. This
newsletter contains tips and information on preparing
your vehicle for the winter season, and things to due
before your travel, what to do if get stranded, and what
items you should carry in a winter car kit. If you are
interested in this topic, you can visit there website at
www.accem.org, or contact Mary Barlow-Brusse at
mbrusse@accem.org, 208-377-6645.

                                    AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
                                                                  P.S. Associates, Inc.
                                                                  121 Peck Brothers Road
                                                                  Monson, MA 01057
                                                                  Phone: 413-267-4271
                                                                  fax: 775-743-3274
                                                                  e-mail: pshrenker@attbi.com

                                                                  Paul Shrenker Associates, Inc. specializes in the
                                                                  recruitment and placement of Safety, Health and
                                                                  Environmental professionals for the manufacturing,
                                                                  consulting and contracting industries. We differ from
                                                                  many other search firms in two very important ways.
                                                                  First, we recruit exclusively for Safety, Health and
                                                                  Environmental professionals and second, all of our
                                                                  recruiters have come from within that industry. Listed
                                                                  below are some of the jobs listed on the website

                                                                  Safety Manager for this 350 employee Flagship Plant of a
                                                                  Fortune 500 company located in Iowa. The ideal candidate
                                                                  should have 5+ years safety experience in an industrial
                                                                  setting, a BS degree, and an interest in leading this plant to
                                                                  VPP Star Status Certification. The position has one direct
                                                                  report (Plant Nurse) and the position reports to the Plant
                                                                  Manager. The company anticipates adding an additional 150
                    Job Openings                                  employees to the plant in the near future.
Please note that due to limited space in the newsletter this
                                                                  EHS Specialist for this manufacturing plant in Arkansas.
month, only the newest listing are listed. For a complete list
                                                                  The candidate should have 2+ years environmental and safety
of job openings, please contact each recruiter or visit their
                                                                  experience (mostly environmental) in a manufacturing
                                                                  environment, BS in Environmental, Safety or related, and be
                                                                  living in Arkansas or the surrounding States. Minimal
                                                                  relocation assistance available

                                                                  Assistant Safety Manager for this 4000+ employee
                                                                  automotive facility located in the Midwest. The ideal
                                                                  candidate should have 7+ years safety experience which
                                                                  should include ergonomics. Supervisory experience preferred
                                                                  since there are 4 direct reports to this position. BS Safety or
The Mountain Home Center of Embry-Riddle
Aeronautical University is currently seeking qualified,
                                                                  Bethany Brevard Harned,
enthusiastic instructors to join our local faculty. Openings
currently exist in the following areas: Occupational Safety and   Principal EHS Recruiting Specialist
Health (industrial hygiene), Aviation Safety, Accounting,         Professional Outlook, Inc.
Computer Science, and Math. Candidates must have                  381 Garden Avenue
completed at least 18 graduate semester hours in the teaching     Holland, MI 49424
discipline and hold at least a masters degree, or have third      888-667-9366
party documented experience and at least a masters degree (if     Bethany@professionaloutlook.com
they are without at least 18 graduate semester hours in
discipline), or hold a masters or doctorate degree in the         Our client offers an outstanding team oriented work
teaching discipline. For more information, please contact         environment and excellent opportunities for
David Walton at 590-0711 or Lorie Novinger at 832-2222.
                                                                  professional growth. If you are interested in pursuing
                                                                  this opportunity, please email your resume and salary

                                        AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
               Job Openings Cont.
                                                            Dunhill Professional Search of Oklahoma City
history. Please visit our web site for a current list of    Ryan H. Garton, Consultant
positions available www.professionaloutlook.com             247 N. Broadway, Suite 205
(Please note all fees paid by Client Company)               Edmond, Oklahoma 73034
                                                            Ph:    1-800-552-3254
Title: Safety & Health Manager                              Fax: 1-405-341-0997
Years Exp.: 5+ years                                        email: rgarton@safetyrecruiters.com
Location: Iowa                                              Website: www.safetyrecruiters.com
Safety degree, prefer Masters or CSP certification. Must
have hands-on safety experience with leadership skills,
from large unionized manufacturing plants. Safety           Our firm specializes in placing safety, industrial
program improvement, accident rate reduction,               hygiene and environmental professionals. For more
lockout/tagout, machine guarding, workers comp, OSHA        information on opportunities please feel free to contact
regulations and compliance, etc. Must be a leader, strong   us anytime.
personality, good industrial safety candidate.
                                                            Iowa--National company seeks Safety Manager. Oversee all
Title: Safety Manager                                       OSHA related issues for plant of 1700 employees.
Years Exp.: 3+                                              Opportunity for advancement with major manufacturing
Location: Central states                                    operations throughout the U.S. BS degree required. Minimum
4-year degree in Safety, Industrial Tech, Industrial        4 years experience in manufacturing environment. Union
Engineering, IH or related. Minimum of 3 years              experience a must. Salary commensurate with experience.
professional safety with some environmental skills from     Good relocation package.
high-volume, unionized manufacturing. Must have
experience with accident reduction, plant safety            Kansas-- Safety/Environmental Professional - National
leadership, ergonomics and workers compensation. EPA        company seeks energetic professional willing to get hands
and OSHA compliance skills and knowledge are required.      dirty. OSHA and EPA responsibilities. Seeking degree in
Strong communication skills, change management and          safety or related field. 3+ years experience. Salary and
leadership, in a fast-paced manufacturing plant with        benefits commensurate with experience and/or degree. Will
minimal supervision.                                        consider nondegree. Range $35-60,000. National company
                                                            with excellent advancement potential.
Title: EHS Manager
Years Exp.: 5+                                              Florida--Major Consulting firm seeks Industrial Hygienist
Location: California                                        with strong indoor air quality/mold experience. Position offers
BS Safety degree from an accredited school (IUP,            significant advancement and management opportunity. Must
Murray, WVU, Slippery, etc) with CSP/CIH. Will be           be degreed and have consulting experience. CIH required.
responsible for EHS compliance (safety emphasis) for (3)    Strong compensation package.
local manufacturing facilities. Must have proven track
record with behavior based safety systems, reducing         Indiana--Major metals manufacturing company in Central
accidents, as well as experience with CAL-OSHA &            Indiana has need for experienced Safety Manager.
SCAQMD regulations. This position reports to the Plant      Candidate should have at least 5 years experience in
Manager. Local candidates preferred however relocation      manufacturing, knowledge of Behavorial Safety and have
package will be provided if necessary.                      advanced degree or certifications (CSP,CIH)preferred.
                                                            Company has multiple sites and offers significant opporutnity
Title: EHS Engineer                                         for advancement.
Years Exp.: 5-6+
Location: Charlotte Area                                    Missouri--SE    location.    Major      company        seeks
Must have a technical degree in safety, environmental,      Safety/Environmental Professional. Responsible for all
engineering with a minimum of (3) years EHS experience      OSHA and EPA related issues. Metal fabrication facility. One
developing & administering safety and environmental         of several plants for company. Close to corporate
programs in a manufacturing plant. Experience should        headquarters. Good advancement potential. 5+ years in
include training, process safety management, coordinating   manufacturing. Degree in safety or environmental field
EHS audits, risk management, permitting, and managing       required
waste streams. Strong project management and
interpersonal skills are required. Team based environment
which creates a positive work environment!

                                    AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
Snake River Chapter
PO Box 45878
Boise, ID 83711


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