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									                                                                                                  July/August 2011

                                    City of Farmington Newsletter

           Recent Heritage Landmark Designations
by Assistant Planner Tony Wippler

F    armington Heritage Landmarks are buildings,
     sites, structures and districts that have been
designated by the City Council in recognition of
                                                                was growing very
                                                                rapidly (the village
                                                                population more
their historical, architectural, archaeological or              than doubled
cultural significance. Properties are nominated for             between 1890
landmark designation by the Heritage Preservation               and 1920).
Commission (HPC) with the consent of the owners.                The house
Once a property has been designated a Farmington                is a notable,
Heritage Landmark by the City Council, it cannot                well-preserved
be demolished or moved without a special                        example of
permit approved by the HPC (remodeling and                      the American
maintenance work does not always require                        Foursquare house
commission approval). The two Farmington                        type, an important
properties highlighted in this issue of The Bridge              vernacular cottage      This landmark property was built in 1910
were designated as landmarks by the City Council in             form that was                   and is located at 621 Third Street.
conjunction with National Preservation Month at                 popular nation-
a public hearing on May 16.                                     wide and locally from the 1890s through the 1920s.
Gregory and Julayne Miller own the recently                     It possesses the distinctive design characteristics
designated property at 621 Third Street. The                    of the vernacular foursquare cottage prototype
property attained historical significance when it               (sometimes referred to as the “Cubic” or “Prairie”
was built in 1910.                                              house form) described by architectural historians:
                                                                two story height, symmetrical massing, hip roof
                                         The historic
                                                                with overhanging eaves, wood lap wall cladding
                                         preservation value
                                                                with corner boards, double-hung windows, and the
                                         of this house is
                                                                front porch extending across the entire façade.
                                         the product of its
                                         association with       The designated property owned by Bruce and
                                         the broad pattern      Ann Jenson at 708 Third Street attained historical
                                         of residential         significance when it was built in 1918 during
                                         development            a period of more or less continuous economic
                                         in one of              prosperity that lasted from about 1895 until 1930.
                                         Farmington’s oldest    The house at 708 Third Street is also an example of
                                         neighborhoods; M.      the American Foursquare house type possessing
                                         Moes’ addition to      distinctive design characteristics of the vernacular
                                         the original plat of   foursquare cottage prototype. Both properties exhibit
This landmark property was built in 1918
                                         Farmington was         a roof profile, with a deep overhang, unenclosed
and is located at 708 Third Street.      platted in 1897,       eaves, show the influence of the Prairie Style, while
                                         when Farmington                                                      (continued on page 2)

                 The HPC The Census 2 Development News 3 Parks & Recreation 4
                 Bounding Success for the K9 Unit NNO 5 We’re for Water & Saving Energy 6-7
                 Grass/Weed Restrictions 8 Considering Building or Remodeling? Photo Contest 9
                 Community Garden Library 10 Council Highlights 11 HHW Drop Off 12
    (continued from page 1)

    the subtle variation in reveal between the siding                Heritage Preservation Award
    on the upper and lower wall surfaces is a common
                                                                     The HPC recognizes individuals for contributions
    Craftsman Style (American Arts and Crafts
                                                                     to historic preservation in May during National
    Movement) decorative trait.
                                                                     Preservation Month with a Heritage Preservation
    The two-story cubic cottage with a pyramidal hip                                                               Award.
    or cross-gabled roof was popular in Farmington,
                                                                                                                   The 2011 award
    where several dozen were built in the village and
                                                                                                                   went to Leander
    on farmsteads during the first two decades of the
                                                                                                                   and Judy Giefer
    twentieth century. While some local examples are
                                                                                                                   for their efforts
    embellished with eye-catching decorative detailing
                                                                                                                   in maintaining
    borrowed from the Colonial, Tudor, or Craftsman
                                                                                                                   their home
    styles, most were spacious but comparatively plain
                                                                                                                   which is
    houses similar to these designated properties.
                                                                                                                   believed to have
    Farmington has recognized sixteen Heritage                                                                     historical and
    Preservation Landmarks, three of which are                                                                     architectural
    also properties listed in the National Register of                                                             significance
    Historic Places.                                                 Leander and Judy Giefer received an award for within the
    Visit the Heritage Preservation Commission on the                maintaining their home.                       Farmington
    City website to see each designation.                            Community. Giefer’s home is located at 300
                                                                     Seventh Street.
    Presenting the HPC
                                                                      Census Reports Record
                                                                      Growth for Farmington
                                                                      Dakota County published statistics from the 2010 census in
                                                                      March of this year reporting that Farmington’s population
                                                                      grew from 12,365 in 2000 to 21,086 in 2010. This was the
                                                                      largest percentage of growth compared to other Dakota
                                                                      County Cities.
                                                                      Demographic, economic and housing information is
                                                                      included in the census results and here are a few County
                                                                      specific highlights:
        HPC pictured left to right: Dave McMillen,
        Beverly Preece, John Franceschelli, III and Jackie Dooley.       • The population reached 400,000 and it is expected to
    This Commission declares as a matter of                                grow to ½ million by 2025.
    public policy, that the preservation, protection,                    • All cities (but one) have more households with seniors
    perpetuation and use of areas, places, building                        today than in 2000.
    structures and other objects having special                       	 • All cities have fewer households with children
    historical interest or value is a public necessity. It is              today than in 2000.
    our intent to interpret the history and architecture of
                                                                         • The County is the third largest in the State with four cities
    Farmington and attempt to preserve our valuable
    past. We will act as an educator to the general
                                                                           now among the 20 most populous: #9 – Eagan (64,206),
    public, as a resource and guide for persons within                     #14 – Burnsville (60,306), #16 – Lakeville (55,954),
    the historical district and to help Farmington                         #18 – Apple Valley (48,084.)
    residents develop a sense of place.                                  • All cities median household income not keeping up with
    The HPC is the citizen advisory body that makes                        inflation and consequently more people are living in
    recommendations to the City Council regarding                          poverty this decade.*
    heritage preservation issues. The HPC has five                       • Home foreclosures increased dramatically with
    members who are appointed by the City Council                          Farmington hit the hardest since 2008.
    to three-year terms of office. Commissioners                      The census data reflected good news for the County.
    must be adult residents with an interest in historic              Homeownership rates high and stable, unemployment
    preservation, history or a related field.                         rate going down, crime rate going down and we are
    The Commission currently has one seat available.                  better educated than most. The entire Community
    If you are interested in serving on the Heritage                  Indicators report is online:
    Preservation Commission, the application can be                   CountyGovernment/Reports/Demographic/default.htm
    downloaded from the City website and mailed to                    *Lakeville, Rosemount and Farmington reported the lowest rates of
    City Hall. Questions? Contact Tony Wippler at                     poverty with Dakota County.
    651-280-6822,                       Source : US Census, 2000 and 2010 as reported by Dakota County.
     The Bridge • July/August 2011 •
Minnesota                                 Development News
GreenStep Cities                          Farmers’ Market • Thursdays from June 16 - September 15
                                          3:00–6:00 pm • Third Street (between Oak & Spruce Streets)
                                                          Sixteen Vendors Offering
                                                                  Produce, Bakery Items, Handmade Breads, Popcorn, Salsas,
                                                                  Jellies, Jams, Apples, Eggs, Honey, Cut flowers.
                                                                  Ready-to-Eat Food
                                                                  Provided by Farmington Bakery and D&S Enterprises
Farmington Councilmember, Jason
Bartholomay accepted the GreenStep City   July/August Events
Award at the LMC Conference.                July 14 & August 25 Business Nights: See what local businesses have to offer!
Farmington was recognized as a              July 28 Senior Night: Organ music, Mini-Trains, Wood Carvers, Line Dancing and
GreenStep City at the League of             Yoga Demonstrations
Minnesota Cities (LMC) Conference           August 18 DVAC Art Show: Showcasing winning artwork from the
on June 16, 2011. GreenStep                 Dakota County Fair!
Cities is a program designed to           Market Sponsors
help Minnesota cities achieve their       Akin	Hills	Pet	Hospital		•		Groomingdale’s	Pet	Salon		•		Family	Vision	Clinic
environmental sustainability goals        Farmers	Insurance	Andrew	Childs	Agency		•		Family	Health	Medical	Clinic
through the implementation of 28          Health	Pro	Chiropractic		•		Heather’s	Housekeeping	&	More
best practices.                           Farmington	Independent		•		City	of	Farmington
Each best practice can be                 Visit the City website for Market updates. Contact Market Coordinator,
implemented by completing one or          Cindy Muller at 651-280-6803, with questions.
more specific actions from a list of
four-to- eight actions. These actions
are tailored to all Minnesota cities,
                                          Ribbon Cuttings and Groundbreaking
and focus on cost savings, energy use     Vintage Marketplace • 1302 Oak Street • 651-463-3401
reduction, and encourage innovation.                                        Co-owners Nancy Cauley and Ricki Brieter along         3
The League is a GreenStep Cities                                            with their store vendors, local business owners,
program partner – along with the                                            and City representatives celebrated Vintage’s store
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency,                                         opening on May 12th. Vintage Marketplace will
the Division of Energy Resources                                            serve as a new destination shopping experience
at the Minnesota Department                                                 and occasional-sale retail store offering shabby chic,
of Commerce, the Clean Energy                                               antiques, collectables, vintage jewelry and more.
Resource Teams, the Great Plains          Flowers Baskets • Downtown Farmington
Institute, the Izaak Walton League,
                                              Members of the GROW Farmington committee
and the Urban Land Institute of
                                                held a ribbon cutting on May 27th. The flower
Minnesota – and the program was
                                          baskets and the potted flowers along Elm Street are
formally launched at last year’s LMC
                                             an initiative that was sponsored by residents and
Annual Conference.
                                                         businesses and the City of Farmington.
Within the program’s first year, a
                                                 Farmington Downtown Business Association President,
total of 26 cities officially joined
                                                     Clyde Rath cut the ribbon at the official ceremony.
by passing a formal city council
resolution. Those cities were honored
with a Step One designation.              The Economic Development Authority
Additionally, seven of these 26 cities    Sells Downtown Property
completed a sufficient number             The Farmington Economic Development Authority-owned property
of actions toward the 28 best             located at 305 Third Street has been sold to Bing Threet owner of
practices to be honored as Step Two       Structural Restoration, Inc.
GreenStep Cities.                         Structural Restoration is dedicated to the maintenance and modifications of
To learn more about the program,          agricultural and commercial facilities and specializes in concrete and masonry
and actions Farmington has                restoration and repairs. Shortly after purchasing this property Mr. Threet began
completed visit the Minnesota             moving his office into the space and has already made improvements to the
GreenStep Cities link under “About        building’s exterior. Please join us in welcoming Structural Restoration
Farmington” on the City website.          to Farmington!

                                              • July/August 2011 • The Bridge
    Farmington Liquor Store Profits
    Benefit City Parks and Recreation
    Farmington Municipal Liquor Store operations are designed
    to provide the community with an efficient, professionally
    managed retail service for the sale of adult beverages in
    compliance with Federal and State laws. The stores’ goal is to
    responsibly serve the adult public with a variety of reasonable
    priced alcoholic spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.
    The Farmington Liquor Stores not only cover the operating
    and maintenance costs of two stores, but a portion of
    proceeds from the liquor stores help support City Parks and
    Recreation improvements.
    The new castle theme playground equipment at Rambling River
    Park is a recent example of an amenity made possible through                         The new playground equipment is designed for
                                                                                                            children 5-12 years of age.
               Park and Recreation Department Operations
                      and Capital Projects Funding                                   this support. The new equipment was
                    The table illustrates the funds transferred into                 purchased in October 2010, during the
                  the Parks and Recreation Department since 2005.                    National Recreation and Park Association’s
                      Park    Schmitz-Maki Outdoor Pool                 Total        (NRPA) Annual Convention held at
                  Improvement    Arena                                               the Minneapolis Convention Center.
                      Fund                                                           Because it purchased the equipment
       2005           $45,400     $45,400           $0                   $90,000     during the NRPA Annual Convention,
       2006           $60,000     $60,000           $0                  $120,000     the City received a $30,000 discount
                           $0          $0           $0                        $0     off the regular purchase and installation
                                                                                     price. This made in the USA playground
4      2008                $0          $0      $50,000                   $50,000
                                                                                     equipment was purchased from Playworld
       2009                $0          $0      $50,000                   $50,000     Systems, Inc., a playground manufacturing
       2010                $0          $0      $75,000                   $75,000     company with corporate headquarters
       Total         $105,400    $105,400     $175,000                  $385,000     based in Pennsylvania.

    Recreation Opportunities
    Critter Camp - Ages 6-12 years                                     Scandinavian Midsummer Celebration!
    August 8 & 9 • 9:00am - 2:00pm • Rambling
                                                                               Tuesday, July 19 • 5:00pm
    River Park (in case of inclement weather the camp will be            Rambling River Center • 325 Oak Street
    held at the warming house by Dodge Middle School)
                                                                           Everyone is welcome to this fun event featuring
    If your child is fascinated by all types of wildlife, this camp
                                                                                  Scandinavian Folk Artist Ross Sutter
    is perfect. Activities include netting insects, nature hikes,
                                                                             followed by a traditional Scandinavian meal.
    birding, snakes and much more. Participants should bring
    sunscreen, a bag lunch and drink (both days). Instructor is        If you are a native speaker of a Scandinavian language
    Naturalist, Dan Newbauer, and space is limited so register             and would like to share a story, prayer or poem
    early. The registration deadline is Monday, August 1, $39.00.        at this event please contact Anna at 651-432-3906.
    Register on-line at                           Proceeds will benefit the Rambling River Center.
    Seven-Man Flag Football League
    Begins September 1 • Rambling River Park                                    National Park & Rec Month
    Farmington Parks and Recreation offers a fall seven-man flag              Wednesday, July 27 • 1-3pm
    football league for adults ages 18 and over. League                     Outdoor Pool • 626 Heritage Way
    play is Thursday evenings Sept. 1 - Oct. 13. $450 per team.          Music, games, food and prizes. Both Mon./Wed.
    To register a team or for more information, contact Kellee            & Tues./Thurs. Swim bus routes will be offered.
    at 651-280-6854,                       Regular pool fees apply, punch cards/passes accepted.

     The Bridge • July/August 2011 •
          Outdoor Pool
          Evergreen Knoll Park
                                                                                 Bounding Success
           626 Heritage Way                                                          The Farmington Police Department K9 Unit
             651-463-3450                                                            was established a year ago in May and the
    Open through August 21                                                           unit has been busy training and responding
       Open Swim Daily Hours                                                         to numerous calls for service since that time.
    1:00 - 4:00pm & 6:00 - 8:00pm                                                    Officers Travis Sundvall and Bosco depend on
        July 4 Holiday Hours                 K9 Unit officers train at field trials.
                                                                                     each others skills to form a strong unit. They
             1:00 - 4:00 pm                                                          have successfully responded to agencies that
                                             request K9 services throughout the metro area. Recent requests have included
              Adult Swim
   Open to participants 18 years and older   tracking an armed gunman who robbed a Wendy’s restaurant and pursuing
   Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays              burglary suspects in the Farmington and Lakeville area. Bosco has periodically
            4:15 - 5:45 pm                   searched vehicles, schools, and residences for targeting discovery of illegal drugs.
                                             Officer Sundvall and Bosco recently attended the 2011, Region 18 United States
                                             Police K9 Association Field Trials in Woodbury MN. Sixty-four dog/handler teams
Season passes and punch cards can be
                                             attended the training from Minnesota and Wisconsin. Bosco did an outstanding
purchased during business hours
                                             job and was certified with a score of 610 out of 700 points. The high score
at the Farmington Outdoor Pool.
                                             enables the K9 Unit to attend the United States Police K9 National Trials program
Swim Bus                                     in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota in September.
The bus schedule is available in the         The K9 team is looking forward to a busy summer and will meet Farmington
Parks and Recreation Guide and on            residents at National Night Out and other events. The unit is made possible
the City website.                            through a matching grant from the Saint Paul Canine Foundation and ongoing
Swimming Lessons                             donations. You can make a tax deductible donation by mail or dropping of a check
Farmington Parks & Recreation offers         at the Police Department at: 19500 Municipal Drive Farmington, MN 55024.
the American Red Cross Swimming &
Water Safety Program consisting of
six levels of learn to swim instruction
                                             National Night Out
helping swimmers develop their                The “28th Annual National Night Out” (NNO), a unique crime/drug prevention              5
swimming and water safety skills.             event sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch, invites you and
The program is taught by certified            your neighborhood to participate on Tuesday, August 2, 2011.
(WSI) instructors. Check on-line              The Police Department has information available on how to start a block party
registration for class availability           including; door hangers and flyers for block party recruitment. Call the Police
or call 651-280-6850.                         Department at 651-280-6700 with questions or visit
                                              for a free organizational kit filled with ”how to” materials.
Pool Events
                                              The Farmington Police and Fire Departments would like to show their support.
Swim & Jam                                    Please complete the form below and an officer and/or a firefighter will visit
Wednesday, July 13 • 8-10pm                   your neighborhood. The form is also available on the City website.
Students grade 5-8 are invited to
this event. Kidsdance will perform.           NNO REQUEST FORM
Contest, games and music too.
                                              3	 YES, our neighborhood will celebrate National Night Out
Sorry - no punch cards or passes.
                                                  Name: _________________________________________________
Back to School Bash
Thursday, August 18 • 8-10pm                      Address: _______________________________________________
Students grades 5-8 are invited to this           Contact phone or email: __________________________________
end of season event.                              Contact email (optional): __________________________________
Sorry - no punch cards or passes.
                                                  Time of Event: (start-end) _________________________________
                                              Our neighborhood would like to schedule a visit from a:
                                                  Police Officer o Firefighter o or both o
                                              Please Note: Departments will be more equipped to honor visit requests when
                                              the form is returned early.
                                              Please clip and mail by July 22 to:
                                                  Farmington Police Department
                                                  19500 Municipal Drive, Farmington, MN 55024
 Photo from the Back to School Bash

                                                • July/August 2011 • The Bridge
                       Water Use                   Why We’re for Water
                       Policy                      “We forget that the water cycle
                      Failure to comply            and the life cycle are one.”
                      with this year round         — Jacques Cousteau
                      policy will result
                                                   Arguably, water is cheap. In the United States,
                      in a fine.
                                                   on average, tap water costs less than $3 for 1,000 gallons—or mere fractions of a
  Warnings are not issued.
                                                   penny per gallon. Compare that to the cost of bottled water at the store, or filling
   Properties with odd addresses                  up at your local gas station, and it becomes apparent that water, one of our most
    (ending in 1, 3, 5, 7, & 9) can water
                                                   precious natural resources, is a bargain.
    on odd calendar days.
                                                   But while the cost is low, the stakes are high. In some communities, the water
  	Properties with even addresses
                                                   supply might seem abundant, but often that’s not the case. Between 1950 and
    (ending in 0, 2, 4, 6, & 8) can water
                                                   2005, the U.S. population doubled, while our use of water through public supplies
    on even calendar days.
                                                   more than tripled. With demand outstripping supply, at least 36 states have
  	NEVER water (garden sprinkling                 projected some degree of water shortage by 2013.
    or other irrigation) between
    Noon – 6 pm.                                   What to do?
  	 watering permits for new sod/
    FREE                                           Join thousands of your neighbors supporting the We’re for Water campaign,
    seed allows for daily watering before          organized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) WaterSense
    Noon and after 6 p.m. for 21 days.             program, and by making simple changes at home.
  	Permits are available at City Hall and         Given that each American uses an average of 100 gallons of water every day at
    the Maintenance Facility.                      home, while the average single-family suburban home uses at least 30% of its
  	Hand watering (hose must be                    water for outdoor purposes such as irrigation, we could all find a few gallons to
    attended) of plants is not restricted.         spare. Some experts estimate that more than 50% of landscape water is wasted
  	Children’s water toys, WHEN IN USE             due to evaporation, wind, or overwatering. Adopting water-savvy habits is
    by children, is not restricted.                essential to maintaining and extending your community’s water supply, especially
                                                   during peak use. Using the outdoor water-efficient habits below will result in a
6 	Vehicle washing is not restricted.
                                                   healthier lawn and landscape in addition to conserving water and saving money.
  Questions? 651-280-6900
                                                   Water When Needed
                                                   Water your lawn or garden during the cool morning hours, as opposed to midday,
   Go to Recycle                                   to reduce evaporation and set sprinklers to water lawns and gardens only. Check
   People who recycle at home and at               that you’re not watering the street or sidewalk.
   work look for recycle bins wherever             Grow Green Grass
   they go. The City encourages you to
                                                   Don’t overfertilize, you will increase the lawn’s need for water.
   recycle wherever you go.
                                                   Raise your lawn mower blade to at least 3 inches. Taller grass promotes deeper
   As a part of a recycling awareness
                                                   roots, shades the root system, and holds soil moisture better than a closely
   campaign, new containers were
                                                   cropped lawn.
                          added at the
                           Rambling                Garden With Care
                           River                   Use mulch around trees and plants to help reduce evaporation and control
                           Center.                 water-stealing weeds.
                                                   Plant native plants for where you live, which don’t require as much water, and
                                                   group plants together by water requirements.
                                                   Because we want to do our part the City’s website has a “Green Education and
                                                   Resources” page which provides links to information about water conservation,
                                                   quality and WaterSense. You can take the I’m for Water pledge and become a fan
                                                   of WaterSense on Facebook to share why you’re for water and learn more water-
                                                   saving tips:
                                                   WaterSense is a partnership program sponsored by EPA that seeks to protect the
                                                   future of our nation’s water supply by offering people a simple way to use less
                                                   water with water-efficient products and services.
   This program is sponsored by a grant from the   The City of Farmington is a WaterSense partner. WaterSense is a partnership program sponsored
   Dakota County Board of Commissioners and        by EPA that seeks to protect the future of our nation’s water supply by offering people a simple way
   the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.         to use less water with water-efficient products and services.
    The Bridge • July/August 2011 •
Green up your Summer BBQ
                             Green up Get-togethers
                             Whether you’re planning a backyard barbeque, family
                             gathering or headed to the park for an afternoon of
                             grilling and outdoor fun, can help
                             you go green at your summer get-togethers.
Green Grilling
                                                                                                Saving Energy
If you’re a propane griller, use refillable propane tanks whenever possible to                     is Cool!
reduce the need for disposal. Before refilling your tank, be sure it has an OPD             Dehumidifiers: Is It Time? With
(Overfilling Protection Device) valve - refilling is illegal if the OPD valve is missing.   summer comes higher humidity,
If you’ve got an empty propane tank to dispose of, be sure to do it properly.               and potential moisture problems,
Never throw away or attempt to puncture a propane tank or other compressed                  especially in our basements. Many
gas cylinders. Tanks that no longer support a flame still contain enough                    Minnesotans use dehumidifiers to help
flammable gas to cause an explosion. To dispose of an empty propane tank, call              their basements stay dry, but if they
the retailer where you purchased your propane tank, and inquire about “take                 are used improperly they can impact
back” and recycling options. Dakota County accepts refillable or single-use                 your utility bill and your home’s health:
propane tanks (and other pressurized cylinders) at The Recycling Zone, located at           before plugging it in ask yourself:
3365 South Highway 149 (Dodd Road) in Eagan. Call 651-905-4520 or visit                        • Is your dehumidifier old enough and search Recycling Zone.                                                    to be in middle school? If your
If you’re a charcoal griller, be sure to dispose of leftover lighter fluid and treated            dehumidifier is ten years or older,
charcoal properly. Charcoal lighter fluid and charcoal treated with starting fluid                you could save up to $20 a year
should be brought to The Recycling Zone.                                                          by upgrading to an Energy
                                                                                                  Star dehumidifier.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle                                                                         • Is it above 65 degrees? Unless
Whether you’re at home or at the park, remember to practice the 3 R’s with these                  you have a specifically cold
quick tips:                                                                                       temperature dehumidifier, turning it 7
	 •	 Reduce: Provide condiments in bulk instead of individually wrapped servings.                 on before the temp in your
     For example, provide bottles of ketchup instead of individual packets.                       basement is 65 can cause frost to
	 •	 Reuse: Use reusable serving ware and linens when you can. Picnic basket                      form on the condensing coils,
     sets can often be found in retail stores this time of year and usually include a set         which can make your dehumidifier
     of reusable plates and silverware. If you’re partying at home, consider                      turn on and off repeatedly without
     borrowing reusable items from a friend if you don’t have enough or renting if                removing moisture from the air.
     you’re having a bigger gathering.                                                         • Is it above 60% humidity?
  •	 Recycle: Only serve beverages in reusable or recyclable containers and provide               Check the humidistat on your unit
     recycling bins for cans and bottles. If you’re on the go, bring a bag along for              to make sure the humidity is above
     your recyclables if recycling bins aren’t available.                                         60% before you crank it up. The
To learn more about how to go green at your summer barbeques and other                            best setting for your home is to aim
events—large or small—visit                                      for 45-50% humidity.
Source: Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board as a part of the Rethink Recycling        Take a Load Off! Sign up for your
Education Campaign.                                                                         utilities air conditioning load control
                                                                                            program to stay cool with lower
                                                                                            costs this summer. Load control
            Holiday Garbage and Recycling Schedule                                          programs, like Xcel Energy’s Savers
Holidays can affect garbage and recycling collection days. The City observes the            Switch and Dakota Electric’s Cycled Air
following holidays, with collection service occurring on the business days below:           Conditioning, can help you save up to
   Holiday Observed           Normal Service Day          Alternate Service Day             15% on electricity costs!
  Independence Day               Monday, July 4                Tuesday, July 5              Take advantage of cooler nights by
       Labor Day             Monday, September 5 Tuesday, September 6                       turning off your central or window
      Garbage and recycling collection will follow regular schedule for the                 air conditioners, let your fans do the
                                 rest of the week.                                          work. Using a fan in your bedroom
                                                                                            window while you sleep can help
                You Can Find it on the City Website                                         shave $25 off your cooling bills.
   A complete holiday garbage and recycling collection schedule and collection              Source: The Minnesota Energy Challenge.
      map are on the website as well as, a list of other recycling programs.      

                                                     • July/August 2011 • The Bridge
    Stormwater                                Natural Resources
    Educational Survey                        Pond & Park Cleanup Day
    Lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands                                                    Despite rain and cold weather,
    are among the most important                                                           Farmington residents once again
    natural resources in Minnesota and                                                     showed their dedication to maintaining
    people can do their part to protect                                                    their City on Saturday, April 30th.
    the quality of these resources for                                                     Over 250 citizens donated part of their
    future generations.                                                                    weekend to clean up area parks, ponds
    Stormwater runoff is precipitation                                                     and wetland areas. Residents and
    and snowmelt that flows over the                                                       business owners picked up a total of
    ground. Runoff can be harmful to                                                       1.23 tons of garbage!
    water quality, for example, when rain                                                  Pond and Park Cleanup Day was
    falls on hard surfaces such as paved                                                   initiated to protect the natural habitat
                                              A group of Pond & Park Cleanup volunteers is
    streets, parking lots and rooftops this   pictured at Lake Julia Waterway.             and enhance the natural beauty of
    runoff can pick up debris, chemicals,                                                  Farmington ponds and the natural
    dirt and other pollutants and deposit     areas around them by cleaning up the garbage that has accumulated
    them into a storm sewer system            over the winter.
    or waterbody.
                                              Participants were invited to an appreciation lunch after the cleanup efforts where
    Stormwater runoff eventually ends         they were entertained by “Kidz Dance!” and treated to pizza from Pizza Man and
    up in the water bodies we use for         cookies from Subway. The City of Farmington is extremely grateful to all those
    swimming, fishing and drinking.           who offered their valuable weekend hours to help clean up winter’s garbage from
    By completing a simple, quick survey      many of Farmington’s parks and fragile pond and wetland areas.
    you will provide City staff               The City has appreciates opportunity to work with many gifted volunteers each
    with a measure of where to                year. Visit the City website under “Recreation” for a list of City opportunities.
    concentrate time and resources in
    managing stormwater.
                                              City Grass Height and Weed Restrictions
                                              The City of Farmington has a weeds and grass height ordinance. “Weeds” means
                                              noxious weeds as defined by state law. All weeds or growing grasses upon any
                                              platted lot in the city which are in excess of one foot (1’), or have gone or about
                                              to go to seed, are hereby declared to be a nuisance and dangerous to the health,
                                              safety and order of the City, with the following exceptions:
     Please visit the City’s website          	 •	Slopes	that	are	steeper	than	three	to	one	(3:1)	may	be	left	in	a	natural	state.
     and LOOK FOR THE DUCKS                   	 •	Property	adjacent	to	ponds	may	be	left	in	a	natural	state.	Property	owners	
     under “Take City Surveys” on the              will not be allowed to mow city property, including that property
     home page.                                    surrounding ponds.
     Participation is voluntary and all       	 •	Natural	areas	which	include	parks,	wetlands/ponds,	unplatted	land	and	other		
     surveys will remain confidential.             City designated areas may be left in a natural state.
                                              	 •	Natural	areas	will	be	allowed	on	platted	lots	in	backyards	from	the	most	rear
                                                   corner of the home subject to a six foot (6’) setback from the property
                                                   lines, except in the case where the natural area is adjacent to another natural
    Educational                                    area or fence. A natural area contains “native grasses” meaning those species of
    Resources                                      perennial grasses other than those designated as noxious weeds by the
                                                   Minnesota Department of Agriculture.
    Visit the City’s website for new
                                              	 •	Any	platted	lot	within	the	city	that	is	undeveloped	and	does	not	share	a		 	
    educational resources! New                     common property line with any developed lot(s) which contains a principal
    information is located on the Natural          structure may be left in a natural state.
    Resource Division – Lawn & Garden
                                              Noxious weeds must be removed regardless of where they exist. It shall be
    page, The Green Team’s – Green
                                              unlawful for an owner, lessee or occupant of any land described above to allow,
    Education and Resources page and
                                              permit or maintain a “nuisance” as defined herein on any such land or along the
    the Municipal Services – Drinking
                                              sidewalk, street or alley.
    Water page. Check back often for
    new information!                          Contact Natural Resource Specialist, Jen Dullum at 651-280-6845
                                              or with questions.
     The Bridge • July/August 2011 •
Are You Considering Building or Remodeling?
W      hen it comes to new construction or remodeling,
       there is more involved than purchasing supplies, like
deciding whether to do some or all of the work yourself or
                                                                                                      If you’re considering a contractor be sure to select one that
                                                                                                      is licensed and insured. Insured contractors offer safety and
                                                                                                      protection in the event there is a problem with your project.
finding someone to complete your project. Often, you will                                             Here are a few tips on selecting your contractor.
need a building permit from the City when you are doing a
building project.
                                                                                                      Avoid contractors that:
                                                                                                      	 • arrive in an unmarked truck or van;
Building permits are in place to help ensure that your
remodeling and building projects meet the codes and                                                   	 • ask you to sign an estimate or authorization before you
requirements that will later pass inspection. It also states that                                         have decided to actually hire them;
you will only use qualified and licensed workers to do the                                            	 • appear to be willing to do the job at an unusually
more vital aspects of your project that could prove a hazard if                                           low price;
done incorrectly.                                                                                     	 • only provide a post office box for their business address;
The City’s Building Inspection Division’s function is to protect                                        • require full or substantial payment before work begins;
the health, safety and welfare of residents by ensuring that                                            • refuse to provide you with a written estimate or contract;
proper procedures and building codes are followed in the                                                • refuse to provide you with a license number issued by the
construction and remodeling of structures throughout                                                      state of Minnesota;
the City.                                                                                               • refuse to provide you with references;
Building and fire codes require permits for many types of                                               • show up at your door unsolicited; or use high-pressure
projects that you may be undertaking around your home or                                                  sales tactics.
business. These permits and inspections are a tool for us to
                                                                                                      Be sure to check references! Refer to the following State of
help assure the projects are completed properly and safely.
                                                                                                      Minnesota website for information about specific
Whether you choose to do the project yourself, or hire a                                              contractors, hiring a contractor and construction tips,
contractor check with the City’s Building Official, Ken Lewis                               
at 651-280-6833 to find out if a permit is needed.


                                   Community Calendar Photo Contest
                                                       Submit photos that                              Residents will be able to vote online
                                                       reveal what YOU
                                                       find special about
                                                       living, working,
                                                                                                       C   hange your perspective - make the familiar
                                                                                                           fresh in pictures! Photos are now being
                                                                                                       accepted for the EXPOSE Farmington Photo
                                                       and playing in Farmington!                      Contest.
                                                                                                       New this year, Farmington residents will be able to
                                                                                                       vote for their favorites online! Visit the City website
                                                                                                       and look under “Take City Surveys” on the home
EXPOSE Farmington

                                                                                                       page Wednesday, August 31–Friday, September 9.

                         The DEADLINE to submit photos for the Contest
                                      is August	22,	2011
                                                                                                       Residents refer to the calendar
                               Winning photos will be featured in
                                the 2012 Community Calendar
                                                                                                       T    he City of Farmington’s Community Calendar
                                                                                                            is mailed to residents and businesses within
                                                                                                       Farmington City limits and it is also available on
                                                                                                       the City website.
                                                                                                       Keep the calendar on hand and refer to it for City
                                                                                                       meeting dates, holidays, parks and recreation,
                                                                                                       garbage and recycling collection schedules and
                                                                                                       much more. A recent online survey indicates that
                            Photographers must live or work within                                     64% of residents keep the calendar and 42% refer to
                      Farmington City limits or attend Farmington Schools                              it daily to several times a week.
                             Entry forms and rules at City buildings                                   Monthly sponsors help support the production of
                               and at                                          the calendar along with partial funding provided by
                          QUESTIONS? Call Lena Larson 651.280.6905                                     the Dakota County Board of Commissioners and
                    Photos pictured top to bottom , left to right: Michal Marchol, Elaine Pedley,      the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
                    Andrew Keller, Greg Wendlandt, and Jason Jensen.

                                                                                      • July/August 2011 • The Bridge
                                   Community Garden Grows
     T    he Farmington Area Community Garden located at
          Meadowview Elementary School began the season
     with 10 (6 feet-by-20 feet) plots and then added 12 more.
                                                                             This year the garden project received monetary and in-kind
                                                                             donations from several sources including: Dakota Electric,
                                                                             Castle Rock Bank, BTD Manufacturing, Allina Clinic in
     One of the plots will be maintained by volunteers and                   Farmington, Donnelly Farms, Alicia Meyers-Leifheit,
     the produce from this plot will be donated to the 360                   Rebecca O’Hearn, Bryce Engelland - Eagle Scout project,
     Communities Food Shelf in Farmington.                                   Akin Road Elementary Gifted and Enhanced Learning (GEL)
     The garden was created in 2010, thanks to funding                       class and Alumni of Meadowview.
     from BlueCross BlueShield and the Statewide Health
     Improvement Program of the Minnesota Department of
     Health. School District 192 and the City of Farmington                             Bryce Engelland provided
                                                                                      the shed materials and the
     also serve as partners to provide this resource to
                                                                                    construction was completed
     the community.                                                                    for an Eagle Scout project.
                                                                                               The shed is used by
                                                The Akin Road Elementary                community gardeners for
                                                Gifted and Enhanced                              gardening tools.
                                                Learning class donated
                                                and planted a pear
                                                and plum tree and 2
                                                                             Volunteers help to improve the garden area on an ongoing
                                                asparagus plants.
                                                GEL Teacher, Molly Smith     basis. Recent improvements include the installation of
                                                is pictured with             a garden shed and additional fencing around the new-
                                                the students that            plotted area. If you are interested in assisting with a
                                                volunteered to plant.        project or a garden plot please contact Barb Pierce at

10    Farmington Library
      508 Third Street • 651-438-0250 •

      Children’s Programs
      Movies for Kids                                10:30-11:00 am        Fri., Jul. 1
      ArtStart See-D Mosaic*                        10:00-Noon            Wed., Jul. 6
      Royal Guard                                    10:30-11:15 am        Fri., Jul. 8
      ArtStart Rock Painting*                        10:00-Noon            Fri., Jul. 15
      Mixed Nuts Comedy Duo                          10:30-11:15 am        Thu., Jul. 21                Library Hours:
      Storytime                                      10:30-11:00 am        Mon., Jul. 25                Mon. - Tue.: 10 am–8:30 pm
                                                                                                        Wed.- Fri.: 10 am–5:30 pm
      Steppingstone Theater Puppetry*                1-2 pm                Fri., Jul. 29
                                                                                                        Sat.: 10 am–2:00 pm
      Make & Take Greeting Cards                     2-3 pm                Tue., Aug. 2
                                                                                                        Dakota County Libraries will be
      Legos & Duplos at the Library                  10:30-11:30 am        Fri., Aug. 5
                                                                                                        closed on Independence Day -
      Splatter Sisters                               10:30-11:15 am        Thu., Aug. 11                Monday, July 4
      Makin’ the Grade                               6-7:30 pm             Mon., Aug. 29
      K-12 students learn about library resources                                                       Adult Programs
      Teen Programs                                                                                     Computer Classes*
      Wii Games                               3:30-4:30 pm        Mon., Jul. 5, Aug. 1                  Email Basics
                                                                                                        10–Noon         Wed., Jul. 11
      Dance Dance Revolution/Wii Games        3:30-4:30 pm        Tue., Jul. 12, Aug. 9
                                                                                                        Computer Basics
      Guitar Hero                             3:30-4:30 pm        Thu., Jul. 21, Aug. 18
                                                                                                        2–4 pm          Thu., Aug. 4
      Teen Advisory Group                     3:30-4:30 pm        Mon., Jul. 11
      Teen Advisory Group                     6-7 pm              Mon., Aug. 8
      Batik of India with ArtStart *
                                              2-4 pm              Thu., Jul. 14
      Make your own 3D glasses and watch Journey to the Center of the Earth.
      Rated PG 	                             2-4 pm              Tue., Aug. 23
      *Classes are free; registration is required. Registration begins at 10:00 am two weeks prior to start date of class.
       This project was funded with money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

      The Bridge • July/August 2011 •
                        Council Highlights and Notices
April 18                                                          June 6 continued:
- The City issued 13 new housing permits in the                   - Approved the appointment of Emily Baago, Alex Roberts and
  first quarter of 2011.                                            Donald Wells as part-time liquor store clerks.
- Approved City’s enrollment in the Mn GreenStep                  - Approved a Severance Agreement with the former
  Cities Program.                                                   City Administrator.
- Approved the Riverbend 4th Addition Final Plat.                 - Approved a 5-year lease agreement with Schwiness, LLC for
- Approved advertising to fill the City Administrator position.     the Pilot Knob liquor store at a savings of $72,000 per year.
                                                                  - Tabled submittal of a License Center application until the
May 2                                                               appointment of a new City Administrator.
- Proclaimed May 5, 2011 National Day of Prayer.
- Proclaimed May as Historic Preservation Month.
- Approved the re-appointment of Adam Fischer and                  New Employee
  Ron Lindstrom as Fire Captains.
                                                                                  The City welcomes Tom Strid to the
- Approved the re-appointment of Jason Greiner as
  Fire Lieutenant.                                                                Engineering Department as an Engineering
- Approved the appointment of Chris Matek as
                                                                                  Technician. Prior to his hire Tom earned
  Rescue Captain.                                                                 an Associate of Applied Science Degree
- Approved an RFP process for providing long-term disability                      in Civil Engineering Technology at Dakota
  and dental insurance.                                                           County Technical College and completed
- Accepted Rambling River Center renovation project                               an internship with the City of Farmington.
  donations from John Enyart and Taylor Marie Fashions.            He has been a Farmington resident for 15 years.
- Approved a PUD Agreement for Fairhill adding David and
  Karen Finnegan as owners of a portion of the property.
May 16
- Officer Dane Tukua was sworn-in as a new Police Officer.
                                                                   City Publications
                                                                   All publications are available on the City website.
- Presented the Heritage Preservation Award to Leander
  and Judy Geiffer for their efforts in maintaining their home     The Bridge - bimonthly newsletter mailed to residents
  at 300 7th Street.                                               to inform and to announce what is happening in City              11
- Authorized requesting proposals for auditing services.           government.
- Amended the City Code to conditionally allow churches in         Parks & Recreation Guide - seasonal publication
  the R-3 zoning district.                                         mailed to residents featuring recreational opportunities for
- Designated the Jensen House (708 3rd Street) and the Miller      children and adults.
  House (621 3rd Street) as Farmington Heritage Landmarks.
- Approved an enabling resolution and ordinance revising           The Community Calendar - The calendar is
  the composition of the EDA to five Councilmembers and            mailed to residents yearly and provides residents with
  two residents.                                                   useful information including: City contacts, meeting dates,
- Council directed staff to accept applications for two            garbage and recycling collection schedules and more.
  ex-officio seats on the EDA.                                     The River - is mailed to Rambling River Center members
- Authorized application for the North Creek Greenway              bimonthly, and highlights adult (ages 50 and above)
  TE Grant.
- Authorized applications for the Development and
  Pre-Development Grants through the Livable Communities           Resident Guide - an excellent resource for residents.
  Demonstration Program.                                           The guide is available at City Hall and the Maintenance
- Amended the City Code regarding tree preservation.               Facility or upon request.
- Denied a hen chicken ordinance on residential lots.
- Appointed City Engineer Kevin Schorzman as Interim
  City Administrator.                                              Follow Us
June 6                                                             Like us on facebook® and sign up for messages via texts or
- Accepted donations for the Rambling River Center’s               emails through nixle and twitter,
  renovation project from Lee Farley Moe and an
  anonymous donor.                                                 Watch Meetings
- Accepted a donation for a memorial park bench from               On the Web and on Channel 16
  Anthony Schneider in memory of his wife.                         City Council and Planning Commission meetings can be
- Accepted a donation from Dakota Electric Association for the     viewed live and recent meetings are available in video
  Arbor Day Celebration.
                                                                   formats on the City website. Cable television subscribers
- Accepted the resignation of Allan Maguire from the Water
  Board and authorized staff to advertise to fill this vacancy.
                                                                   can watch the meetings live or as taped broadcasts.

                                                 • July/August 2011 • The Bridge
                                                                                                                      Presort Standard
                       City of Farmington                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE
                       430 Third Street                                                                                     PAID
                       Farmington, MN 55024                                                                           Farmington, MN
                                                                                                                        Permit No. 36

     The Bridge
      Connecting with our Residents
     This publication is published
     bimonthly by the City of Farmington.                 Postal Customer
     Please contact Danielle Cahlander
     or 651-280-6807, with questions or
     suggestions regarding this publication.

      Todd Larson
      Council Members
      Christy Jo Fogarty
      Jason Bartholomay
      Julie May
      Terry Donnelly


                  Household Hazardous Waste
                        Drop-off Event
                           Hazardous materials accepted FREE
                             from Dakota County residents!
                                                    Proof of residency required.
                                        Saturday, September 10, 2011
                                                 9am - 1pm
                                      Farmington Maintenance Facility
                                          19650 Municipal Drive

                                  The Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off is co-sponsored
                        by the Dakota County Board of Commissioners and the Farmington City Council.
            Promotional funding provided by the Dakota County Board of Commissioners and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

     The Bridge • July/August 2011 •

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