; Interpipe Nyzhn'odniprovs'kyi TZ VAT - Company Capsule
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Interpipe Nyzhn'odniprovs'kyi TZ VAT - Company Capsule


ICD Research's "Interpipe Nyzhn'odniprovs'kyi TZ VAT - Company Capsule" contains a company overview, key facts, major products and services and key employees, as well as data on company locations and subsidiaries.

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									Interpipe Nyzhn'odniprovs'kyi TZ VAT


Interpipe Nyzhn'odniprovs'kyi TZ                                             Key Employees
VAT                                                                          Name                       Job Title
                                                                                                        Director - of Production
                                                                             Aleksey Slyusarev
Fast Facts                                                                                              and Investments
                                 1A, Pisarzhevskogo Str., Dnipropetrovs'k,   Alla Tereshchenko          Director - of Administration
Headquarters Address
                                 49600, Ukraine

Telephone                        + 380 562 389427                            Andrei P. Dudnyk           Director
                                                                                                        Director - Sales -
Fax                              + 380 562 389482                            Andrey Bibik
                                                                                                        Machinery & Power
                                                                                                        Chairman - of Interpipe
Website                          www.interpipe.biz
                                                                             Andrey Korotkov
                                 NYZ (Frankfurt Stock Exchange)NITR (Kiev
                                                                                                        Director - Economic
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange                                                Andrey Likhomanov
                                 Stock Exchange)ITRYY (Over The Counter)                                Security
                                                                                                        Director - of Salesof Oil&
Number of Employees              N/A                                         Denis Solomin
                                                                                                        Gas Pipe

Fiscal Year End                  June
                                                                             Duncan Pell                Director - of Commercial
                                                                                                        Director - Product and
Revenue (in US$ million)         1,792.00                                    Fadi Hraibi
                                                                                                        Resource Management
                                                                                                        Director - of Strategy and
                                                                             Frank Rittner
                                                                                                        Business Development

                                                                             Company Overview

                                                                             Interpipe Nyzhn'odniprovs'kyi TZ VAT (Interpipe)
                                                                             is engaged in the production and sale of steel
                                                                             pipes. The company produces welded and
                                                                             seamless pipes for extraction and transportation
                                                                             of crude oil and natural gas. It also provides
                                                                             services to the machinery, metal and railway
                                                                             industries. The company manufactures wheels
                                                                             and rims for trains. Their range of pipes for
                                                                             industrial applications includes seamless and
                                                                             welded pipes. Interpipe produces pipes for the
                                                                             machinery building industry which includes
                                                                             mechanical, precision, ball bearing and boiler
                                                                             pipes and tubes.       The company sells its
                                                                             products to Europe, Latin American countries
                                                                             and the US. Interpipe is headquartered in
                                                                             Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

                                                                             Key Competitors
                                                                             ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih (Ticker: KSTL)
                                                                             Novolipetskiy metallurgicheskiy        kombinat    OAO
                                                                             (Ticker: NLMK)
                                                                             Tombstone Exploration Corporation (Ticker: TMBXF)


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Interpipe Nyzhn'odniprovs'kyi TZ VAT



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