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					Industrial Minerals Corporation Ltd.


Industrial Minerals Corporation Ltd.                                            Key Employees
                                                                                Name                        Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                Alec C Pismiris             Secretary
Headquarters Address               52 Ord Street, West Perth, 6005, Australia

                                                                                Cheryl L. Wilson            President, Director
Telephone                           + 61 894 818760
                                                                                                            Chief Operating Officer,
                                                                                Daniel F. Smith
Fax                                 + 61 894 212100                                                         Director
                                                                                                            Director - Sales &
                                                                                James J. Dingman
Website                                                                            Marketing
                                                                                Jeremy D Shervington        Chairman
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange      IDM (Australian Stock Exchange)

                                                                                Joseph Drew                 Director - Geology
Number of Employees                N/A

                                                                                Michael Brickell            Chairman - Deputy
Fiscal Year End                    June
                                                                                                            Director - Environmental,
Revenue (in US$ million)           N/A                                          Peter Zagar                 Permitting & Health &
                                                                                                            Chief Executive Officer,
                                                                                Philip J. Garratt
                                                                                Steven M. Blacklock         Chief Financial Officer

                                                                                Company Overview

                                                                                Industrial Minerals Corporation Ltd. (IMC) is
                                                                                engaged in the exploration, discovery and
                                                                                development of mineral properties in the United
                                                                                States. The products of the company include
                                                                                chromite, grante, zircon and iron. The company
                                                                                is engaged in the design and engineering
                                                                                studies for construction and commissioning of
                                                                                the processing plant for the Oregon Heavy
                                                                                Minerals Project. The company is also engaged
                                                                                in the exploration activities on the Oregon Heavy
                                                                                Minerals Project. The Oregon Heavy Minerals
                                                                                Project is located in an area comprising three
                                                                                elevated terraced deposits with approximate
                                                                                average elevation between 30 and 120 meters
                                                                                feet above sea level. The existing ore reserves
                                                                                and mineral resources are located 18 to 24
                                                                                miles southwest of the heavy mineral processing
                                                                                facility near Coos Bay. T Oregon Resources
                                                                                Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the
                                                                                company. IMC is headquartered in Western
                                                                                Australia, the Australia.

                                                                                Key Competitors
                                                                                Iluka Resources Limited (Ticker: ILU)

                                                                                Matilda Zircon Limited (Ticker: MZI)

                                                                                Victory West Moly Limited (Ticker: VWM)


Industrial Minerals Corporation Ltd. - Company                                                                        
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