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Rural Press Limited                                                         Key Employees
                                                                            Name                       Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                                       General Manager -
                                  159 Bells Line of Road, North Richmond,                              Regional Operations New
Headquarters Address
                                  2754, Australia                           A. E. Browne
                                                                                                       South Wales, Victoria and
Telephone                          + 61 02 45704444                                                    Queensland
                                                                                                       General Manager -
Fax                                + 61 02 45704663                                                    Publishing Western
                                                                            A. E. Williams
                                                                                                       Australia, Tasmania and
                                                                                                       General Manager - Special
                                                                            A. W. Pont
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange     N/A
                                                                                                       General Manager -
                                                                            B. C. Cassell
                                                                                                       Finance and Accounting
Number of Employees               N/A
                                                                            B. H. G. Stofberg          Secretary
Fiscal Year End                   N/A
                                                                                                       Managing Director, Chief
                                                                            B. K. McCarthy
                                                                                                       Executive Officer
Revenue (in US$ million)          N/A
                                                                            David Kirk                 Director
                                                                                                       General Manager -
                                                                            G. McVean
                                                                            Gail Hambly                Director
                                                                                                       General Manager -
                                                                            J. Brand

                                                                            Company Overview

                                                                            Rural Press Limited is a specialist agricultural
                                                                            and regional publisher based in Australia. The
                                                                            company currently, operates as a subsidiary of
                                                                            Fairfax Media Ltd. The company is principally
                                                                            engaged in: newspaper, magazine and
                                                                            electronic     publishing;      printing;   radio
                                                                            broadcasting; and event management services.
                                                                            The company mainly focuses on the regional,
                                                                            metropolitan, agricultural and community-based
                                                                            newspaper printing in Australia. Additionally,
                                                                            Rural Press publishes over 50 agricultural
                                                                            magazines and papers in the US. The company
                                                                            also offers several services like commercial web
                                                                            printing, as well as broadcasting and narrow
                                                                            casting of FM radio. The company mainly
                                                                            operates in Australia, New Zealand and the US.
                                                                            Rural Press Limited is headquartered in New
                                                                            South Wales, Australia.

                                                                            Key Competitors
                                                                            900 Degrees Limited (Ticker: COJ)

                                                                            Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd.

                                                                            Newsquest Media Group

                                                                            Nine Entertainment Co.

                                                                            Northern and Shell plc


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