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McMullen & Sons Limited - Company Capsule


ICD Research's "McMullen & Sons Limited - Company Capsule" contains a company overview, key facts, major products and services and key employees

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									McMullen & Sons Limited


McMullen & Sons Limited                                                Key Employees
                                                                       Name                       Job Title
Fast Facts
                                The Hertford Brewery                   Andrew Newbury             Director - Property
Headquarters Address
                                , Hertford, SG14 1RD, United Kingdom
                                                                       Chris Evans                Head Brewer
Telephone                       + 44 01992 584911

                                                                       David Green                Acquisitions Manager
Fax                             + 44 01992 500729
                                                                                                  Manager - Recruitment
                                                                       Emma Turner
Website                         N/A                                                               and Training
                                                                                                  Director - Production and
                                                                       Fergus McMullen
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange   N/A                                                               Sales
                                                                       Graham Rollings            Manager - Tenancy
Number of Employees             N/A
                                                                                                  Director - Retail
                                                                       Heydon Mizon
Fiscal Year End                 December                                                          Operations
                                                                       James Carboni              Area Manager
Revenue (in US$ million)        N/A

                                                                       John Lythgoe               Director - Finance
                                                                                                  Area Manager -
                                                                       Margaret Scott

                                                                       Company Overview

                                                                       McMullen & Sons Limited (McMullen) is a pub
                                                                       and brewing company in the UK. The company
                                                                       was started by Peter McMullen in 1827 and now
                                                                       operates 86 managed pubs and 49 tenanted
                                                                       outlets across the UK. The company’s pubs are
                                                                       categorized in three sections: Family dining
                                                                       pubs, Community locals and Baroosh and high
                                                                       street bars open for business during 365 days
                                                                       an year. Its dining pubs emphasize more on
                                                                       serving traditional pub dishes and some
                                                                       international cuisine with a wide choice of drinks
                                                                       while, McMullen’s Community pubs are mostly
                                                                       operated individually offering food, drinks and
                                                                       sports TV facilities. Whereas, the Baroosh-style
                                                                       and high street bars offers contemporary dishes
                                                                       and drinks accompanies with a range of
                                                                       entertainment services. Furthermore, some of its
                                                                       owned beers include McMullen Cask Ale,
                                                                       McMullen Country Bitter, McMullen AK and
                                                                       McMullen Hertford Castle. The company is
                                                                       headquartered in Hertford, the UK.

                                                                       Key Competitors
                                                                       Fuller, Smith & Turner P.L.C

                                                                       Greene King Brewing and Retailing Limited

                                                                       J D Wetherspoon

                                                                       The Orchid Group


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