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									IPALCO Enterprises, Inc.


IPALCO Enterprises, Inc.                                                      Key Employees
                                                                              Name                         Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                                           Chief Executive Officer,
                                  One Monument Circle, Indianapolis, 46204,   Ann D. Murtlow
Headquarters Address                                                                                       President, Director
                                  United States of America
                                                                                                           Vice President - Power
                                                                              Barry J. (Joe) Bentley
Telephone                          + 1 317 2618261                                                         Delivery
                                                                              Edward C. Hall III           Chairman
Fax                                + 1 317 2618701
                                                                                                           Vice President - Human
                                                                              Geoffrey M. Gailey
Website                           www.iplpower.com                                                         Resources
                                                                                                           Vice President - Supply
                                                                              Greg Fennig
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange     N/A                                                                      Chain and Public Affairs
                                                                              Jeff Horn                    Vice President
Number of Employees               1,532
                                                                                                           Vice President - Supply
                                                                              Jim Sadtler
Fiscal Year End                   December                                                                 and Technology
                                                                                                           Senior Vice President -
                                                                              Ken Zagzebski
Revenue (in US$ million)          1,079.11                                                                 Customer Operations
                                                                              Kenneth Uva                  Director
                                                                                                           Chief Financial Officer,
                                                                              Kirk B. Michael
                                                                                                           Vice President

                                                                              Company Overview

                                                                              Ipalco Enterprises, Inc. (Iplaco Enterprises) is a
                                                                              holding company that provides electric services.
                                                                              The company principally engages in generation,
                                                                              transmission, distribution and sale of power..
                                                                              The company’s unregulated activities are carried
                                                                              out by its subsidiary, Mid-America Capital
                                                                              Resources, Inc. and electrical activities are
                                                                              undertaken by Indianapolis Power & Light
                                                                              Company. The company’s customer base
                                                                              includes residential, commercial, industrial and
                                                                              public lightning. As of January31, 2009, the
                                                                              company sells energy to about 470,000 retail
                                                                              customers. It has an exclusive right to provide
                                                                              electric service in the city of Indianapolis and
                                                                              neighboring areas within Indiana. The company
                                                                              is headquartered in Indiana, the US

                                                                              Key Competitors
                                                                              Duke Energy Indiana, Inc.

                                                                              MGE Energy, Inc. (Ticker: MGEE)

                                                                              NiSource Inc. (Ticker: NI)

                                                                              Northern Indiana Public Service Company

                                                                              Vectren Corporation (Ticker: VVC)


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