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									Baxi Group Ltd


Baxi Group Ltd                                                               Key Employees
                                                                             Name                      Job Title
Fast Facts
                                   Baxi Group Ltd, Derby, DE21 6BF, United   Adrian Darling            Director - Group Finance
Headquarters Address
                                                                             Andrew Newington          Chairman
Telephone                          + 44 1332 545400

                                                                             Mark Kelly                Director
Fax                                + 44 1332 545410
                                                                                                       Chief Executive Officer -
                                                                             Martyn Coffey
Website                                                                     Group

Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange      N/A
                                                                             Company Overview
Number of Employees                4,973
                                                                             Baxi Group Ltd (Baxi Group) is engaged in
Fiscal Year End                    N/A
                                                                             manufacturing,     marketing,    selling   and
                                                                             distribution of domestic and commercial heating
Revenue (in US$ million)           N/A
                                                                             products. The company provides boilers, water
                                                                             heaters, space heaters, and radiators for
                                                                             commercial buildings and private residences. It
                                                                             owns some of the leading brands such as Baxi
                                                                             brand in the UK, Italy, Turkey, Russia and
                                                                             several East European markets; Heatrae Sadia
                                                                             and Potterton in the UK, Chappee and Ideal
                                                                             Standard in France, BaxiRoca in Spain, Broetje
                                                                             in Germany and Baymak in Turkey. Baxi Group
                                                                             is controlled by the private equity firms BC
                                                                             Partners and Electra. Baxi Group offers its
                                                                             products across Spain, Italy, Germany, France,
                                                                             Turkey, Czech Republic, Russia and Ukraine.
                                                                             The company is headquartered at Derby, the

                                                                             In July 2009, the company entered into an
                                                                             agreement with De Dietrich Remeha Group to
                                                                             form a combined group to have a leading
                                                                             position in the European heating market.
                                                                             Majority of the equity in the new combination will
                                                                             be held by Remeha Group B.V. In addition, the
                                                                             company has invested in new production facility
                                                                             for solar collectors in Spain.

                                                                             Key Competitors
                                                                             AESYS Technologies, LLC

                                                                             Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH

                                                                             Dunham-Bush (Europe) PLC

                                                                             Lochinvar Corporation

                                                                             Worcester Heat Systems Limited


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