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									Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC


Bright Horizons Family Solutions                                         Key Employees
LLC                                                                      Name                        Job Title
                                                                                                     Senior Vice President -
                                                                         Ann Pickens
Fast Facts                                                                                           Strategic Planning
                                  200 Talcott Avenue South, Watertown,
                                                                                                     Senior Vice President -
Headquarters Address
                                                                         Dave Shaby
                                  02472, United States of America                                    Business Operations

Telephone                          + 1 617 6738000                       David Lissy                 Chief Executive Officer

Fax                               N/A                                    Elizabeth Boland            Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                                     Senior Vice President -
Website                                  Gary O'Neil                 Marketing and Partnership
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange     N/A                                                                Senior Vice President -
                                                                         Jackie Legg
Number of Employees               N/A
                                                                         Linda Mason                 Chairman
Fiscal Year End                   N/A                                                                Chief Operating Officer,
                                                                         Mary Ann Tocio
Revenue (in US$ million)          N/A                                                                Senior Vice President -
                                                                         Mary Lou Burke Afonso
                                                                                                     Client Relations
                                                                                                     Senior Vice President -
                                                                         Michael Day
                                                                                                     Client Services

                                                                         Company Overview

                                                                         Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC (Bright
                                                                         Horizons) is the leading provider of child care
                                                                         services. The company provides workplace
                                                                         services for employers and families. It operates
                                                                         in the US, Europe and Canada for more than
                                                                         700 clients, including more than 90 of the
                                                                         Fortune 500. Key services offered by the
                                                                         company include center-based child care,
                                                                         education and enrichment programs, elementary
                                                                         school education, back-up care, before and after
                                                                         school care and other family support services.
                                                                         The company operates child care centers for
                                                                         many of the leading corporations, universities,
                                                                         hospitals and government agencies. Bright
                                                                         Horizons is headquartered in Watertown,
                                                                         Massachusetts, the US.

                                                                         Key Competitors
                                                                         Busy Bees Childcare Ltd

                                                                         Educational Services of America

                                                                         Knowledge Learning Corporation

                                                                         Learning Care Group, Inc.

                                                                         Nord Anglia Education


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Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC



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