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									Newsletter                                                                      Spring 2008 Volume 6, Issue 2

In This Issue:
                                       World Affairs Challenge Recap
1 - World Affairs Challenge
    Recap                             The 6th Annual World Affairs Challenge™
                                      was a resounding success! Over 500 Bay         World Affairs Challenge
    World Savvy Calendar
                                      Area middle and high school students                 on CBS 5!
2 - Results!
                                      competed in the day long competition
                                                                                    The World Affairs Challenge
3-    Youth Opportunities             on March 15, 2008 at San Francisco
                                                                                    and World Savvy were on TV!
                                      State University. An additional 300
4 - Thank You!                        students participated in the research and
                                                                                    CBS 5 came to the Challenge and
     Year End Party                                                                 interviewed students, teachers
                                      preparation process, but were unable
                                                                                    and World Savvy’s Executive
Insert - Global Affairs Monitor       to attend the competition. All youth          Director, Dana Curran about
         Wishlist                     researched and examined topics within         the day’s events as well as their
          Campaign Progress           the theme of Global Health, such as access
         Global Awareness Quiz                                                      opinions on the recent budget
                                      to health care, humanitarian aid and          cuts. We’re thrilled they were
Our Mission                           disease.                                      there to broadcast the exciting
                                      Turn the
To educate and engage youth in        page for                                      You can view the clip on our
community and world affairs           complete                                      website:
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Best Formal Presentation:                                        Middle School:
High School:                                                     1st - The Luke, Mill Valley
1st - Globe Trotters, Presentation High School                   Middle School
2nd - A Prayer of a Chance, New Technology High School           2nd - The Kirk, Mill
3rd - Nicotine Obliterators, New Technology High School          Valley Midle School
Middle School:                                                   3rd - The Poppy People,
1st - OGHO: Oakland                                              River School
Global Health                                                    4th - OGHO: Oakland                   A Prayer of a Chance
Organization, Roots                                              Global Health Organization,             Photo: Theo Rigby
International Academy                                            Roots International Academy
2nd - The Poppy People,                                          5th - The Mojojojoes, Lee Mathson Middle School
River School; Cease the
                                  Roots International Academy    Best Collaborative Question:
Obese, James Denman Middle                   Photo: Theo Rigby
School                                                           High School:
                                                                 1st - Team #23 - McKenna Duffy, Berkeley High School;
Best New Team:                                                   Andria Armas, Mercy High School; Robert Morris,
High School:                                                     New Technology High School; William Chadwick, New
The Crushers, Vintage High School                                Technology High School; Kristina Pham, Presentation
Middle School:                                                   High School; Patrick Lee, Skyline High School; Jaxon
The Mojojojoes, Lee Mathson Middle School                        Sanchez, Vintage High School; Meng Deng, Washington
                                                                 High School
Most Creative Presentation:
1st - The M&Ms, New Technology High School                     2nd - Team #15 - Michael Johnson, Berkeley High
2nd - A Prayer of a Chance, New Technology High School School; Miriam Shetub, Mira Loma High School;
3rd - Globe Trotters, Presentation High School                 Andrea Guianan, New Technology High School; Brigette
                                                               Pascu, New Technology High School; Pamela Jimenez,
Best Discovery Poster:                                         Presentation High School; Sophia Ho, Skyline High
High School:                                                   School; Alicia Payne-Ristow, Vintage High School; Anita
1st - Stop in the Name of                                      Chiang, Wilcox High School
Slums, Berkeley High School
                                                               3rd - Team 30 - Rose Escandon, Berkeley High School;
2nd - HERA, Mira Loma
                                                               Katie Gedeon, John F. Kennedy High School; Mary
High School
                                                               Rodriguez, Mercy High School; Jacklyn Liboon, New
3rd - Chinese Cloud Killers,
                                                               Technology High Shool; Andrea Hadjiyianni, New
NewTechnology High School
                                                               Technology High School; Isabel Osorio, New Technology
                                    Stop in the Name of Slums
                                                               High School; Akilah Burford, Skyline High School;
Middle School:                               Photo: Theo Rigby
                                                               Rosemarie Hernandez, Vintage High School
1st - Super Hyphe Blondes and
Lauren, River School                                           Middle School:
2nd - OGHO: Oakland Global Health Organization,                1st - #24 - Avery Gerhardt, River School; Edward
Roots International Academy                                    Jackson, Roots International Academy; Sam Kellner,
3rd - The Poppy People, River School                           St. Lucy School; Gabriella Peralta, River School;
                                                               Stephanie Rocha, James Denman Middle School; Logan
Best Overall:                                                  Steinharter, River School; Kirk Wong, Mill Valley Middle
High School:                                                   School
1st - Globe Trotters, Presentation High School
                                                               2nd - #28 - Ysabel Cayabyab, James Denman Middle
2nd - iSpera, George Washington High School
                                                               School; Julian Conner, Mill Valley Middle School; Amani
3rd - A Prayer of a Chance, New Technology High School
                                                               Pritchard, River School; Leonida Radford, James
4th - Safe Sets, Wilcox High School
                                                               Denman Middle School; Nicole Rowley, River School;
5th - Nicotine Obliterators, New Technology High School
                                                                  Upcoming Youth Opportunities

Selina Ram, Francisco Middle School; James Thorne,                Right to Learn Day of Action (Youth Noise) - This
River School; Kameryn Whipple, River School                       campaign is a statewide youth-led movement of
                                                                  students fighting for their right for a better education.
3rd - #23 - Billy Butler, Mill Valley Middle School;
                                                                  California’s schools are already some of the worst in
Elizabeth Garay, James Denman Middle School; Rayna
                                                                  the country - 45 states get more money per student.
Isola, River School; Chloe Meltzer, River School; Meghan
                                                                  Now, politicians in Sacramento want to cut $5 billion
O’Sullivan, St. Lucy School; Luis Ramirez, Roots
                                                                  from the education budget next year. That’s the same
International Academy; Nathan Sabatusso, River School
                                                                  as firing 107,000 teachers or throwing another 12 kids
Global Awareness Quiz:                                            into your science class.
High School:                                                      On Friday, April 18, more than 10,000 California
1st - Jacky Cheng,                                                students will rally together as part of the Right To
Burton High School                                                Learn Day of Action. We will organize an action on
2nd tied - Margaret                                               our school campuses - from San Diego to Humboldt
Freiwald, Mira                                                    County - to demand that politicians abandon these
Loma High                                                         shameless cuts and find a way to balance the state’s
School; Selome                                                    budget that doesn’t endanger our future. Parents,
Getachew, Mira                                                    teachers, school board members, school employees and
Loma High School;                                                 administrators are already taking a stand against these
Sarah Brown,                                  Photo: Theo Rigby   budget cuts, but no one has yet to involve the students.
Presentation High School                                          This is your chance to speak up, be heard, and make
3rd tied - Assile Osman, John F. Kennedy High School;             a difference for yourself, your friends, and youth
Shaona Bandyopadhyay, John F. Kennedy High                        throughout California.
School; Katelyn Sills, Mira Loma High School; Katy      
Hannigan, Presentation High School; Kristina Fontecha,
Presentation High School; Leland Au, Wilcox High School           Envision2050 - Your city in 2050. Imagine it. Create it.
Middle School:                                                    And maybe someday you’ll help build it. The Envision
1st - Max Diebel, Mill Valley Middle School                       2050 poster competition is your chance to express your
2nd - Eliel Antila, Mill Valley Middle School                     hopes, expectations and solutions for the years ahead.
3rd - Billy Butler, Mill Valley Middle School                     Deadline: May 15
4th tied - Anna Purna, Mill Valley Middle School; Jake            Enter at
Carroll, Mill Valley Middle School; Matthew Reiser,
River School; Oliver Ramin, Mill Valley Middle School             Pinwheel - A website where you can search for
• Due to the large 3rd place ties in the High School division,    volunteer opportunities in your community based on
4th place was not awarded                                         any search terms you decide, be it shopping or soccer
                                                                  or women’s rights.

                                                                  Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) - Think Globally
                                                                  Act Locally! YLI is a community based institute
                                                                  located throughout the Bay Area and Central Valley
                                                                  of California, focusing on bringing youth and adults
                                                                  together to make positive social change.

                                    Photo: Theo Rigby
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drawing from more than 100 sources to reflect the range       in 2008-09 will help subsidize World Savvy programs for
of perspectives on the subject and providing historical       youth and educators in public schools.
context for the issue addressed. May’s edition examines
Sudan and the crisis in Darfur.

Every edition contains the following components:
• Issue in Focus: Overview and context, in depth
   synopsis of monthly issue/region, timeline and list
   of stakeholders (‘players’) involved or affected
• Classroom Companion: For educators, contains
   classroom resources, leveled readings, discussion
   questions and curriculum relating to the issue in
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   developments take place in the region or pertaining
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 Wishlist                                                 Campaign Progress

Technology:                                              GOAL: $25,000 by June 2008
  * Computers, 2007 and newer
  * Digital Video Camera                                 Our budget for the 2009 World Affairs Challenge
  * Digital Audio Recording Equipment                    is $90,000 and our goals is to raise $25,000 from
  * Lavaliere Microphone (lapel clip microphone)         individuals. The remaining funds will be raised from
  * LCD Projector                                        foundation and business donations.
  * PA System
                                                         So far: $3,660.47 + in kind donations (values TBD)
    * Software:
      o Quick Books 2008 for nonprofits                  Where your dollars go:
      o Norton Anti Virus 2008 office edition
      o Video Editing Software (Final Cut Pro)           A World Affairs Challenge student or team:
                                                         • $130 supports one student
Services:                                                • $1,110 supports one team
  * Catering
  * Photography                                          Student resources on the global theme:
  * Professional printing                                • $150 provides a team resource binder
  * Video recording and editing                          • $250 provides an in class workshop
                                                         • $600 provides access to a research advisor
                                                         Prizes, Facilities and event supplies for Challenge Day:
  * Frequent flyer miles (20 tickets needed annually)
                                                         • $500 helps provide 6 volunteer training sessions
  * Hotel vouchers (20+ day/night stays in NY, SF and
                                                         • $1,000 supplies trophies for winning students/teams
                                                         • $4,000 supports our facility costs
  * Rental car vouchers
  * Restaurant vouchers (NY, SF and Minneapolis)
                                                         To make a donation please visit or
Office Supplies:                                         mail a check made out to World Savvy to:
  * 8 1/2 x 11 paper            * 11 x 17 paper          999 Sutter Street, 4th Floor
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  * Folders                    * Labels
  * Name Tags                  * Paper cutter
                                                              Thank you very much for your support, and as
  * Pens, pencils, markers, staplers, paperclips, tape
                                                                always, donations are fully tax deductible.

 Global Awareness Quiz

 1. What’s the largest country in Africa?                5. Botswana, one of the most stable countries in Africa,
 a. Sudan        b. Chad                                 is the largest producer of what?
 c. Egypt        d. Democratic Republic of Congo         a. Bananas          b. Diamonds
                                                         c. Natural Gas      d. Electronics
 2. Egypt is faced with what type of crisis?
 a. Political b. Economic c. Energy d. Bread
                                                         6. Indonesia is facing an uphill battle against which
 3. Which country was removed from the Worst Human       virus?
 Rights Countries list at the end of 2007?               a. Bird Flu          b. Herpes Simplex
 a. Iran b. China c. Belarus d. Zimbabwe                 c. Influenza          d. Ebola
4. What is one of Sudan’s largest exports?
a. Coffee b. Crude oil c. Natural gas d. Wheat                                 Answers: 1. a; 2. d; 3. b; 4. b; 5. b 6. a
 Thank You!                                                   Year End Party!

The World Affairs Challenge would not be possible             The 2007-08 school year has been one of growth and
without the hard work, energy and time given by World         we’re ready to celebrate! Programs have expanded
Savvy volunteers, San Francisco State University staff,       to serve more than 6,000 students and 450 teachers,
parents and all the students!                                 including students and teachers in New York, the site
                                                              of our second office. Global education is becoming
We especially grateful to those volunteers who have           increasingly recognized as crucial to the success of
judged at the World Affairs Challenge for three years or      American youth and we look forward to sharing
more. These are dedicated and motivated individuals,          with you our plans for continuing to strengthen this
who believe in the youth participants and give their time important movement in the 2008-09 school year.
year after year to help them succeed. They are:
                                                              This is also our chance to publicly recognize the
Amanda Chanda                                                 outstanding volunteers and teachers who have helped us
Bob Planthold                                                 grow and make our successes possible.
Claire Haldan
Corrie Conklin                                                Volunteers work directly with youth in the World Affairs
David Oester                                                  Challenge and Global Youth Media & Arts Program and
Diane Hart                                                    behind the scenes in numerous ways. Each volunteer
Elaine Needleman                                              contributes unique assets to our work and we are greatly
Hansoo Lee                                                    appreciative of their time and energy.
James Wong
Jan Wiginton                                                  Savvy Scholar Fellows are selected public school teachers
Jen Schoolfield                                               who have been working with us throughout the year to
Jocelyn Ditzel                                                help us refine our Global Educators Program. We are
John Vasquez                                Photo: Theo Rigby proud to present each of them with a Savvy Scholar
Nimia Ramos Beauchamp                                         Award to recognize their hard work and effectiveness in
Shirin Djavaheri                                              bringing global education into the classroom.
Stacey Mangni
                                                              Please join us at the newly opened Press Club for wine
The following businesses and organizations generously sampling, free appetizers and excellent company. We will
donated prizes and supplies to the 2008 World Affairs         be raffling off a number of prizes including an annual
Challenge. We are grateful for their in kind support,         subscription to our new service, the Global Affairs
which totaled over $15,000!                                   Monitor.

San Francisco State University                              When: Tuesday, May 20, 6-8pm
College of Education                                        Where: Press Club, Four Seasons Hotel, Yerba Buena
Center for Teaching International Relations                 Lane, San Francisco,

Intrax Cultural Exchange                                    RSVP by May 15 to Sarah Haldan
GAP                                                         at 415-292-7421 or

A1 Party Rentals and Events, Bay Area Parent, Ben &
Jerry’s, Ego Enterprises, Foley & Lardner, LLP, Foreign
Affairs, Lonely Planet, MoAD, Pacific Gas and Electric
Company, Presidio Bowling Center, San Francisco
Giants, SFMOMA, Sports Basement, TOMS Shoes,
Vitamin Water, Zeum

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