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					                   The Newsletter for the Safety and Health Professional
  Lower Columbia
   Basin Chapter

          A Letter from Our President
                  Denise Pitts
                                                                   Our next general meeting will take place
The topic of our March presentation was                            on Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at:
very thought provoking. Today with                                  Clarion Hotel
                                                                    1515 George Washington Way
mesothelioma attorneys on the television                            Richland, Washington
every day and beryllium a hot topic on DOE                            5:30 p.m. – Social Time
                                                                      6:00 p.m. – Dinner
worksites it is easy to forget that there are                         ($18 members / $19 non-members)
other diseases that are killing more people                           7:00 p.m. – Speaker: Erin Oer
than asbestos and beryllium combined.                                             InjuryFree, Inc.
                                                                                  Woodinville, WA
                                                                      Topic: “The BEEA+ Paradigm:
Richard Roblee presented “Silicosis, the                              Identifying Risk and Solutions”

Unsexy Occupational Disease.” This disease
kills approximately 250 people per year in
the United States (general industry, not
mining) and 100,000 people are exposed
above the OSHA permissible exposure limit                            If you plan to attend our
every year. This disease is an old disease                           April meeting, please send
and so it isn’t in the newspaper every day.
                                                                     an e-mail to Jim Shiley
                                                                     ( by
This makes it easy to ignore, but with silica
                                                                     April 2nd to let him know if
dust being 20 times more toxic than coal
                                                                     you will be attending so that
dust it is not wise to ignore this health
                                                                     we can get an accurate
                                                                     count for dinner.
When it comes to safety and health,
ignorance is not bliss, it can be deadly. We
should continue to educate ourselves on the                        The next Executive Board meeting will
hazards around us and never stop sharing                           take place on Wednesday, April 21 at
                                                                   5:30 pm at the Richland Red Lion
our knowledge with the goal of protecting                          (Hanford House). All ASSE members are
our fellow man.                                                    welcome to attend. We are always
                                                                   looking for members to volunteer to help
                                                                   with chapter activities! If you are not an
                                                                   Executive Board member, but would like
                                                                   to attend the meeting, please let Denise
                                                                   Pitts (509-373-2103) know.

                          American Society of Safety Engineers                                            1
                          Protecting people, property, and the environment since 1911
                   The Newsletter for the Safety and Health Professional
  Lower Columbia
   Basin Chapter

                                                                                Lower Columbia Basin Chapter
                                                                             Executive Board & Support
                                                                            President:      Denise Pitts, CHPRC
Destination:         ConAgra Foods - Pasco Facility                                         Work: (509) 373-2103
Products made: Potato Food Products                                         Vice President: Mark Cranston, WRPS
Date:                Friday, March 19th, 2010                                               Work: (509) 373-1425
Ti me :              09:30 – 13:00                                                
Departure Location: Meet at the Northeast Corner of                         Secretary:      Jim Shiley, WCH
the parking lot of 825 Jadwin (Federal Building). This is                                   Work: (509) 392-4170
the corner of Jadwin and Swift. W e will caravan / carpool                        
from there. It is about a 20 to 30 min drive to the plant.                  Treasurer:      June Robinson, Battelle
                                                                                            Work: (509) 375-2869
Instructions: Everyone must be over 18. Everyone
must wear slip resistant shoes (with safety toes if                         Program Chair: Bill Stevens
possible), long pants and shirts with sleeves (this                                        Work: (509) 430-0166

includes ladies). If you have safety glasses and/or                         Professional Development Chair:
personal hearing protection I would bring them. The                                         Rob Silvey
plant can be quite noisy. They do have foam plugs if you                                    Work: (509) 521-0378

need them. Gentlemen with beards will be required to                        Membership Chair:
wear beard nets. All attendees will be provided hair nets,                                Ilene Strong, S&EC
hard hats, safety glasses and ear plugs.                                                  Work: (509) 531-6768

                                                                            Newsletter:     Judi Hames
Limited to the first 18 people that respond to Bill Stevens                                 Tri-Cities Laboratory
                                                                                            Mobile: (509) 438-5804
at Deadline to RSVP is 9PM
Thursday, March 18th if you would like to attend.
                                                                            Delegate:       Jason Randles

Presentation Title: “The BEEA+ Paradigm: Identifying Risk and Solutions”
Presentation Description: This presentation will assist professionals in identifying
opportunities to enhance and improve their safety programs by implementing a unique,
comprehensive and proven injury prevention system; the BEEA+ paradigm.
The BEEA+ paradigm is based on the premise that every injury results from a failure in one
or more of the following areas; Bio-Physics, Ergonomics, Education and/or Awareness.
Participants will be guided in an interactive presentation to identify the key components that
are missing within their safety programs, and will be provided with solutions. More
importantly, they will be shown why incorporating Bio-Physics, Ergonomics, Education and
Awareness should be the priority of any organization’s safety program. The presentation
will begin with an interactive “confidential self test” that will help to immediately identify
areas needing improvement so participants can focus on these specific topics of
discussion, as well as offer real life situations in a discussion that will follow.

                          American Society of Safety Engineers                                                           2
                          Protecting people, property, and the environment since 1911
                  The Newsletter for the Safety and Health Professional
 Lower Columbia
  Basin Chapter

The Bechtel Women’s Group is holding a
charity rummage sale on Friday and                                                             Years of
Saturday, April 30th and May 1st 8:00 a.m. –                                                  Membership
3:00 p.m. at Bethel Church on Keene Road in
                                                                         Harold Bowers           30
Richland, WA.
                                                                         Norman Sant             15
All proceeds raised will go STRIDES                                      Arnold Ferguson         15
Therapeutic Riding Center, a local non-profit                            Keith Rademacher        10
organization providing lessons designed to                               James Cummins            8
help mentally and physically handicapped
                                                                         Michael Burns            7
adults and children through horseback riding.

More information on this non-profit
organization can be found online at

                           “Spring Meadows” Photo by Mike Dawson

                         American Society of Safety Engineers                                         3
                         Protecting people, property, and the environment since 1911

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