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Exceed 10 slides databank


									Exceed 10
Slides Databank
               How to use this presentation?

   What is this presentation?
    This document is not a presentation per se. Instead, it is a collection of slides, all of
    which are related to Exceed 10 product family.
   So how do I use it?
    The marketing department has created a master presentation template that can be
    used regardless of the product presented.
    When preparing a Exceed presentation for a customer, pick up the master
    presentation template. Depending on your audience, topic and business case,
    complete the master presentation with slides taken from this databank.
   Does that mean I’m supposed to make my own presentations?
    Look, you are the expert when it comes to knowing your customers and
    understanding what they want. This is why we are providing you with all the pieces
    to assemble your own presentation. Think about it as dressing your sandwich.
             How do I use this presentation?
   OK, but how will I know which slide to pick?
    This databank contains a huge number of slides all related to Exceed. For ease-of-
    use, the slides have been grouped into sections.
    Before picking up any slide, make sure you are able to answer questions such as
    “What is the point of this presentation?”, “What am I trying to demonstrate?” or
    “What’s my customer business problem?”.
    Keep in mind that putting out a lot of content into a presentation is not the best way
    to communicate your message to your audience.
    Be selective in your choices and stay focused on the goal of the presentation. Don’t
    put context before content.
   What if I can’t find the slide I’m looking for?
    If you can’t find the appropriate slide, talk to Product Marketing or Product
Exceed Overview
                    What is Exceed?
                   (word description)
   Access mission critical X window applications on UNIX,
    Linux and DEC VMS
   The Gold standard in PC X Connectivity
   Fulfill all enterprise connectivity needs: X window, NFS
    resource access, terminal emulation and full breadth of
    TCP/IP utilities
   Supports multiple deployment scenario (traditional, SMS,
    TSE, Citrix, web server / browser, MSI packager)
   Advanced security features: Secure Shell, SSL, Kerberos
  What is Exceed?
(graphic description)
                      The Exceed Family

   Exceed Family includes:
      Exceed PowerSuite™ – the complete enterprise network
        connectivity solution. It provides support for X window, NFS,
        telnet, TN3270E, TN5250E, FTP and SOCKS
       Exceed® – The award-winning PC X server, the most advanced
        and stable PC X server in the world.
       Exceed 3D™ – Add-on to Exceed. Support for the advanced
        graphical computing power of OpenGL™
       Exceed XDK™ – Add-on to Exceed. An X development kit for
        developers to develop or port X applications to Microsoft Windows
                     Exceed Benefits

   Allows Microsoft Windows and X window applications to be
    concurrently executed and displayed on the same physical
   Allows users to interactively and efficiently exchange data
    between Windows and legacy X window applications
   Protects corporate investment in legacy system
   Complete connectivity solution in single package, promotes
    “Single Vendor” solution
   Improves user’s productivity
   Reduces Administrative Overhead
Supported Platforms
What’s New
in version 10 ?
Hummingbird Connectivity 10

          World renown “Gold Standard” of PC X
          Credited with 71.5% of the market
           share by IDC
          Satisfies most corporate connectivity
           needs by providing
               X11
               TN3270, TN5250, VT
               NFS Client
               FTP
          Supports any Microsoft 32-bit and 64-
           bit operating system and Citrix

       Supports a wide range of security
          SSL
          Kerberos
          Secure Shell 2
       First in the industry to support
          Rainbow Technologies Inc.
          Axalto
          ActivCard.
       Supports all standard X Window
       Ability to fully lock-down the user

      Migration path from:
         Attachmate Extra
         Netmanage Rumba
         IBM Personal Communication
         WRQ Reflection
      Macro conversion (Extra,
       Rumba and PCOM)
      HLLAPI compatibility layers
       (Extra, Rumba, PCOM,
      Theme Manager to re-create
       previous environment

         Xweb Wizard: a new, wizard-
          driven utility that helps users
          publish X clients on the web
         Exceed Connection Manager
          provides a bird-eye view of
          everything there is to know
          about Exceed configuration
         Xstart and Xsession have been
          redesigned to improve the
Features Overview
                                New Features Summary
           Features                                                                Summary

                                    This new application guides the user step-by-step to create web pages that launch X applications in
Xweb Wizard                         embedded mode (embedded in web browsers) or in stand-alone mode, through various start methods,
                                    including REXEC, RLOGIN and Secure Shell.

                                    Exceed 10 now supports smartcard solutions from Axalto (formerly known as Schlumberger) and
Expanded Smart Card Support
                                    Rainbow Technologies Inc.

Smart Card Manager                  A companion application that allows users to load or store the credentials to the smart card devices.

                                    Simpler, sleeker and slimmer! The new Xstart and Xsession user interfaces are easier and more
Xstart and Xsession Redesign        intuitive to use, while maintaining 100% backward compatibility with the configuration files created by
                                    the previous versions.

                                    This is a new and powerful application that provides users a single point of access to all Exceed-related
Exceed Connection Manager
                                    configuration files and dramatically improves productivity.

                                    Exceed 10 promotes enhanced out-of-the-box experience, just install and run. Secure Shell tunnels are
Improved Secure Shell Integration
                                    automatically created without requiring further configuration.
                            New Features Summary
           Features                                                          Summary

                             Exceed 10 is optimized for faster performance, and reinforcing the performance leadership in the PC X
Performance Enhancement
                             server industry.

                             Users will be able to use this newest device from 3Dconnexion with Exceed 10 to achieve higher
SpaceBall 5000
                             performance and productivity.

                             This feature will instantly add collaborative capability to any X application without any modification to
Desktop Sharing
                             the X application.

                             Exceed 10 now supports the proprietary Sun Overlay extension on top of the industry standard OpenGL
Sun Overlay Support
                             overlay extension.

Xstart Multiple Workspace    This feature allows users to directly send the X applications to a specific workspace, or populate all
Support                      workspaces at once.

                             Administrators can use this feature to conserve the host resources by programmatically terminating
Connection Auto-Close
                             unused or idling connections
                                  New Features Summary
           Features                                                               Summary

                                   Administrators can customize Exceed to use the default Exceed fonts and any customized font stored in
Single Remote Font Source          a common, network-shared location. This feature can reduce the administrative overhead and any
                                   potential mistake that may be caused by physical distribution of font and reconfiguration of Exceed.

                                   Exceed 3D 10 is the first in the industry to support the latest version of GLX, which provides better
GLX 1.4 Support
                                   performance and programmability.

                                   An evaluation version of Exceed onDemand Client and Exceed onDemand Server for Windows is
Exceed onDemand Bundle             included in Exceed and Exceed PowerSuite software packages. You can now experience the ultimate
                                   Thin-X solution!

                                   Exceed 10 provides a localized version of the HWM, a motif-like local X window manager, that matches
Internationalization of HWM
                                   the language used by Microsoft Windows or the language used in Exceed menus and dialogs.

                                   The new Exceed setup makes it easier for administrators to install the product on a per user or all users
Improved User Directory Support
                                   New Features Summary
            Features                                                                   Summary

                                       With this new functionality, administrators have the option to copy the setup files in a local directory on
Support for local installation cache
                                       the desktop, for faster and easier patching or modification of the product.

                                       After the product has been installed, setup is now capable of redirecting users to a web page where
Automatic updates after
                                       they can download the latest product update or launch Hummingbird Update to download and
                                       automatically update the product.

                                       The settings migration wizard allows administrators to quickly export / import the Hummingbird user
Migration Wizard
                                       files directory for backup purposes or in case of hardware migration.

Metering Client Settings User          This new tool allows administrators to quickly modify the parameters of the Hummingbird Metering
Interface                              Client.

                                       The media manager utility allows administrators to conveniently add or change locations for the product
Media Location Manager Utility
                                       installation sources.
General Features
               Deployment Scenario

 Regular desktop installation:
    Wizard driven
    100% built with Windows Installer technology
 Administrative Installation
    Shared installation repository on the network
    Minimal per user installation (Settings only)
 Windows Terminal Services or Citrix Metaframe
 Microsoft SMS or 3rd party deployment framework
                Sconfig: Custom Deployment

   Allow the creation of customized installation
   Generate Windows Installer Transform files (*.mst)
   Allow administrators to customize features,
    directories, registry, shortcuts, product properties,
   Easier to use than any 3rd party Windows Installer
    customization tool
                   Advanced Setup Options

   Ability to specify per user or
    shared user installation
   Seamless installation under
    Window TSE and Citrix
   Ability to cache installation file
    locally in order to facilitate:
      Update
      Modification of the installation
   Ability to update the product
    automatically after installation
                             Setup Utilities

   Migration and Settings Transfer
      Backup and restoration of user
      Useful for backup purposes or
       hardware migration
   Media Location Manager:
      Add or Remove installation
      Useful for easily updating or
       modifying the product’s setup
                           Integrated Metering

   Optional component that can be
    deployed during installation
   Measured installed licenses
   Reports installed licenses to the
    metering server each time the
    workstation starts
   Reports:
        IP Address
        Network name
        User Name
        Domain
        Product
        Product components + their patch level
      Metering Client Settings User Interface

   A new graphic utility to quickly
    change the settings of the
    metering client:
      the metering server location
      various connection parameters to
        this server
                         Metering Reporting

   Web Based Access to
    metering report
   Customizable
    grouping and sorting
   Ability to download the
    metering report in
    Excel (*.csv) format
   Metering server works
    with Microsoft IIS
                Multiple language support

   Supports 6 languages:
      English
      Portuguese
      French
      Italian
      German
      Spanish
   Ability to dynamically switch
         Programmatic access to configuration
   Exceed configuration file (*.XCFG) is now in
    XML format
   External access to the XCFG file is now
   Allows users and administrators to access
    and modify setting using any XML editors
   Allows administrators to programmatically
    modify XCFG files using scripts
   Benefit:
      Programmatically changes large number of
         XCFG files through scripting
        Automate procedure reduces error
        Less labor intensive
        More efficient
                            Settings Lock-down

   Allows administrators to lock down
    individual Exceed configuration settings
   Administrators can either lock down the
    whole category or just a few settings
    within the category
   Benefit:
      Gives administrators granular control
         to many aspects of Exceed
        Grants the administrators and users
         more flexible control of the behavior of
              Xsession Management Console

   Utilized Microsoft Management
    Console framework
   Allows administrators to access
      Xstart profiles
      Xsession profiles
   Connects to both remote and local
   Benefits:
      Remotely control and configuration of
         Xstart and Xsession
        Low administrative overhead
        Promotes management efficiency
           Exceed onDemand Bundle

 An evaluation copy of Exceed onDemand Client and Exceed
  onDemand Server for Windows are included in each copy of
  Exceed and Exceed PowerSuite
 A ground-breaking, server-based PC X server product
 Shares the same roots as Exceed
 Exceed onDemand offers
    the most feature-packed Thin X window product
    the most advanced web deployment tools
    support for the most popular security protocols
               Hummingbird Security Overview
                                                    Connectivity          Connectivity Secure        Connectivity
                       Connectivity SSL
                                                     Kerberos                   Shell                SecureTerm

Add-On Product                  ●                         ●                       ●
No Charge                       ●                         ●

                                                                            Secure Shell 2      VT Terminal & FTP Client
                                                                                SFTP               FAT & THIN client
Primary Function     SSL v2 / v3 & TLS client   Kerberos v4 / v5 client
                                                                                 SSL             Secure Shell 2 & SFTP
                                                                            Kerberos v4/v5       SSL & Kerberos v4/v5

                                                    Applicable Protocol
X11                                                       K                    K / SSH-2                 SSH-2
FTP                            SSL                        K                 SSL / K / SSH-2         SSL / K / SSH-2
VT                             SSL                        K                 SSL / K / SSH-2         SSL / K / SSH-2
TN3270                         SSL                        K                     SSL / K
TN5250                         SSL                        K                     SSL / K
NFS                                                       K                       K
                                                    Applicable Product
Exceed PowerSuite               ●                         ●                       ●                       N/A
Exceed                          ●                         ●                       ●                       N/A
NFS Maestro Solo               N/A                        ●                       ●                       N/A
NFS Maestro Client              ●                         ●                       ●                       N/A
HostExplorer                    ●                         ●                       ●                       N/A
                  Connectivity Secure Shell
   Allows secure remote logins over
    unsecured network
   Support for Secure Shell 2 protocol                         Workstation                   Server

   Protocol being standardized in the IETF
    SecSh working group                       Terminal   FTP client                              Shell   FTP Server

   Secure remote terminals                       SSH Client
                                                                              SSH Tunnel
                                                                                                   SSH Server

   Secure file transfers
   Support for tunneling of any TCP                                          SSH Channel 1

    Support for 3rd party protocols and
                                                                              SSH Channel 2
                Connectivity Secure Shell
                    Port Forwarding

    Support for general incoming
                                                         Workstation                   Server
    and outgoing port forwarding
                                    Application   Application                           Application   Application

   Allow to secure 3rd party            1             2                                     1             2

    application over Secure Shell
                                                                       SSH Tunnel

                                                                       SSH Channel 1
                                       SSH                                                              SSH
                                      Client                                                           Server

                                                                       SSH Channel 2
                  Connectivity Secure Shell
   Current Methods:
      Password
      Keyboard
        Public/Private
   Future Methods:
      X509 certificates
      Kerberos
               Connectivity Secure Shell

 Support for the Secure Shell 2
    Secure Terminal
    Secure File Transfer
    X11 port forwarding
    Generic port forwarding
 Support of multiple
  authentication methods:
    Password
    Keyboard interactive
    Public/Private Keys
    Kerberos Ticket
                     Advanced Features

   X11 port selection (automatic or
   Choice of SFTP listening
   Support for protocol
   Support for keep-alive heartbeat
   Xauth support to perform MIT-
    MAGIC-COOKIE authentication
    on X11 secured connections
                 Single sign-on mechanisms

   Support for SSH-Agent key
    forwarding protocol
   Authentication agent that:
      holds the user private key in a
       distinct storage
      forwards the public key upon hosts
       requests without prompting to re-
       enter password
   Support for passphrase caching
    diminish passphrase prompt for
    session lifetime
                  Connectivity Kerberos

   Provides Kerberos v4 / v5
   Offers full support for MS
    Windows Kerberos ticket cache
   Based on MIT Kerberos client
    code and protocol
   Integrates latest MIT Kerberos
    client features
   Free-of-charge download from
    Hummingbird corporate web site
              Certificate and Key Manager

   Common management tool for
    Connectivity SSL, Connectivity
    Secure Shell and Connectivity
   Allow public/private keys and
    certificates manipulation
   Automatically synchronize with
    the Microsoft certificate data
    store through CAPI
                      VPN and NAT Support

   Allows users in VPN or NAT
    environment to gain access to X
                                        Unix              IPDisCov Server
   New server-based utility, called
    IPDisCov is used to discover PC’s
    “TRUE” IP address
   IPDisCov server is platform                Internet
                Smart Card Support

 First in the industry to
  support Smart Card devices
            is the leader in
  IDentity Management (IDM)
 Allows users to
  authenticate and gain
  access to the hosts through
  the ActivCard devices
              Expanded Smart Card Support
   The popularity of smart card-based
    authentication continues to grow strong
      Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000
          Schlumberger
          Shell Group
          Sun Microsystems
      Government sector
          U.S. Departments of Defense,
          Homeland Security
   Exceed 10 will expand the support to
      Axalto (a.k.a. Schlumberger)
      Rainbow
   Exceed uses Smartcard device to store
    and retrieve user credentials
                    Smart Card Manager

   A companion utility to manage
    the credentials stored in the
    smart cards
   Allows users to maintain host
    and passwords that are securely
    stored on a smart card
   Users can use the same
    smartcard device to log in to
    Microsoft Windows as well as
    launching X applications
          Strengthen Password Encryption

   All passwords are encrypted
    using RC5
   RC5 is designed by Ronald
    Rivest for RSA Data Security
    (now RSA Security)
   RC5 is a widely accepted data
    encryption algorithm
   Encrypted passwords are then
    committed to storage.
   Benefits:
      Ensures passwords cannot be
       easily decrypted
             Xauthority Files Synchronization
   .Xauthority is a basic user-level
    security implementation                             Client 1                                  Client 2
   X server accepts or denies connections                                                UNIX
    based on the cookie sent by X client
   Exceed provides Windows-based
    Xauth utility
   Allows users to merge cookies directly
    to local Xauthority file

   Benefit:
      Does not require the download of the
         .Xauthority file
        Simplified process to control and
         synchronize the local Xauthority file   Okay                                                        Denied

                          Xweb Wizard

   Web-enabled access to X
    applications from a remote PC
   Wizard-driven application
   X application launched in
      embedded mode (embedded in
      web browsers) or
     stand-alone mode
   Quick and easy means to
    access X Window and X
    applications from web browsers.
Xweb Wizard Illustrated
              Xstart and Xsession Redesign

   Slimmer, Sleeker and Simpler
    with much improved efficiency!
   Backward compatible with older
   Long time loyal Exceed users
    will find the new design familiar
    yet simple to use.
   New Exceed users will find
    Xstart and Xsession logical and
    intuitive with little learning curve.
                  Exceed Connection Manager
   New in version 10
   Single point of access to all Exceed-
    related configuration files
      Xstart
      Xsession
      Xconfig
   Users can
        Create
        Edit
        Group
        Manage
   Configuration files can be logically
    grouped to different folders to
    dramatically improve productivity.
                 Improved Integration with
                  Connectivity Secure Shell™
 Targeted to maximize user’s out-
  of-the-box experience: Install
  and run!
 Dynamic and programmatic
  Secure Shell tunnel creation
 Brand new Xstart interface
  further promotes the ideal of
           Performance Enhancement

 Exceed 10 is optimized for faster performance in multiple
    Launching of the X server
    Accessing of the information
    Raw X11 performance
 Exceed 10 reinforces our performance leadership in the PC
  X server industry.
                        Desktop Sharing

   Allows an Exceed session be
    viewed or controlled by users
    from anywhere
   Two levels of participation
       View Only
       Collaboration
   Instantly adds collaborative
    capability to any X application
    without changing a single line of
                Sun Overlay Support

 Sun Overlay extension (Sun_OVL) is a Sun proprietary
  method to render transparent pixel values to an overlay
 Exceed is now compatible with the proprietary Sun Overlay
  extension (SUN_OVL)
 Exceed also supports OpenGL overlay
         Xstart Multiple Workspace Support

   Workspace concept imitates the
    Common Desktop Environment
    and GNOME
   Workspaces are closely
    associated with the Gnome
   Directly send the X applications
      a specific workspace
      populate all workspaces with the
       same application at once
                     Connection Auto-Close

   Terminate unused or idling
    Exceed connections on two
      Lack of input for a certain timeout
      When the X window screensaver is
   Efficiently utilize the host
    resources by purging the idling X
    applications and X sessions
              Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

   Exceed enters the Wireless
    Computing era
   Takes advantage of the new
    features that are offered by
    Microsoft Windows XP Tablet
    PC Edition:
      Wi-Fi support
      Digital Pen and Ink
      Different screen orientation modes
   Benefits:
      Enhances users mobility
      Improves productivity
                Microsoft Active Accessibility
   Compliant to Section 508 the
    Rehabilitation Act Amendments.
   Gives the visually impaired users the
    capability to “read” the X display
   Using MSAA compliant screen reading
    applications to “read” and “listen” to the
    screen of the Motif X Window
   MSAA compliant screen reader
      Microsoft Narrator (included in newer
        JAWS for Windows (by Freedom
                            Winsock2 and IPv6
   Fully support new emerging IP
    standard: IPv6
   Also support multiple network service
   Allows users to control the order of the
    service provider
   Benefits:
      Support various types of IPv6-based
        Support various network service
         providers installed by those
        Avoid problems caused by the
         undesirable order of the network
         service providers
                              Password Aging

   Recognizes common password aging        1
    prompts                                     User     Logging on to host       UNIX

   Customizable password aging prompts
   Propagates password changes to all
    related Xstart profiles                            Detects password aging

    Benefits:                                                  events             UNIX
      Automated procedure to reduce user
        Minimize impact on users by the               Supplies new password
         corporate password aging policy        User
                                                          and continues to        UNIX



                                                        Propagates changes to
                                                        related Xstart profiles
                    SpaceBall 5000

 The latest addition to the 3Dconnexion motion controller
 CAD/CAM/CAE professionals
    CATIA
    I-deas
    Unigraphics
    plus many other 3D CAD/CAM/CAE packages
 SpaceBall 5000 can vastly improve productivity.
                     Advanced input devices

   Extends the support for advanced input
      SpaceBall 5000
      new 7-button mice
   Imitate additional mouse buttons
   Benefits:
      Advanced and professional use of
        design software such as:
            Cadence
            CATIA
            Unigraphics
            PTC Pro/ENGINEER
            EDS I-DEAS
                     Multiple Network Adaptors
   PC may have more than one network
        multiple wired adaptors                             UNIX

        wireless adaptors
        virtual adaptors from VPN
        dial-up adaptors                                 Internet
        ISDN adaptors
        and many more
 Allows users to specify the exact network    Wired        Wireless     Virtual
  adaptor that Exceed should be sending the   Adaptors      Adaptors    Adaptors

  data through                                 Dial-up

 This feature can work in conjunction with
  the new IPDisCov service

                 Expanded Font Database

   Expanded Chinese, Japanese
    and Korean fonts
   Benefits:
      Improve Exceed ability and
       accuracy when displaying X
       Window applications that uses
       Chinese, Japanese and Korean
               Windows Fonts Support

 Allows Exceed to make better usage of the Windows fonts
  that are readily available on the Windows desktop
 Also supports Chinese and Korean Windows fonts
 Benefits:
    Indefinitely expands the Exceed font database
    More font selection for more truthful rendering of the X
           Internationalization of HWM

 Hummingbird Window Manager (HWM) = Hummingbird’s
  local Motif-like window manager
 Localized version of the HWM that matches the language
  used by Windows or the language used in Exceed menus
  and dialogs
 Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and
                   GLX 1.4 Support

 Exceed 3D is the first in the PC X Server industry to fully
  support GLX 1.4
 It is backward compatible with GLX 1.3 and earlier
 The new GLX version represents a major breakthrough and
  some bold and forward looking changes to the OpenGL and
  3D graphics API development
 The new versions promise higher performance and better

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