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    QUICK FACTS                                                                    •     Shift work including evenings, nights, weekends and
                                                                                         holidays may be required to meet deadlines.
    •      Install, repair and maintain pipes and other
           plumbing fixtures.                                                      •     The wage range for a plumber in southeastern Alberta is
                                                                                         between $18.00 to $25.00 per hour.
    •      Irregular hours may be required.
                                                                                   •     For additional information, visit
    •      Ability to work within a team as well as alone.                               (NOC#7251).
    •      Flexibility with client’s wants and needs.

    NATURE OF WORK                                                                 WHAT EMPLOYERS LOOK FOR
    •     Reading blueprints for new projects (systems).                           •     Journeyman plumbing / gas fitting certificate.
    •     Repairing and replacing existing and out-dated                           •     Knowledgeable of current standards and codes.
          systems.                                                                 •     Minimum of 1-2 years experience of drain
    •     Maintenance of existing systems.                                               cleaning.
    •     Locating and marking positions for pipes and                             •     Ability to read blueprints.
          fixtures.                                                                •     Problem solver.
    •     Measuring and cutting holes in walls or floors to                        •     Ability to work within a team as well as
          fit pipes and fixtures.                                                        independently.
    •     Connecting joints and pipes together.                                    •     Ability to pay attention to detail.
    •     Using hand and power tools.                                              •     Mechanically inclined.
    •     Checking for leaks.                                                      •     Able to work in cramped spaces.
    •     Some heavy work is required.
    •     Standing, crouching, digging and working in
          cramped spaces.
    •     Work involves both indoor and outdoor
    •     Work is available at the company location,
          within the local area and throughout southeast
    •     Transportation is required to get to and from
    •     Work is full-time and year-round.
    •     Regular overtime is available.

Produced by Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry                                  -1-                            Southeast Alberta March 2007

For more information about this and other employment in Southeast Alberta, please visit the Alberta Employment,
Immigration and Industry office in Medicine Hat, in the Lower Level of the Provincial Building, #5, 346 – 3 Street SE (call
403-528-5299), or the Alberta Employment, Immigration, and Industry office in Brooks, Suite 200, 600 Cassils Road E.,
(call 403-362-1278).                                              

     RELATED TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES                                                         POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS
     •    On-the-job training is provided.                                                  •    Action Auger, Brooks & Medicine Hat
     •    Apprenticeship opportunities are available through                                     (
          the Medicine Hat College (                                         •    Alberta Plumbing Depot, Brooks
     •    Check local area high schools for information on the                              •    Bassano Plumbing & Heating, Bassano
          Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) or similar
          programs that may be available to high school                                     •    Baumann’s Ventilation & Plumbing, Medicine Hat
          students.                                                                              (
     •    For more information, visit the Alberta Advanced                                  •    Berger’s Plumbing & Co., Medicine Hat
          Education Apprenticeship and Industry Training                                    •    Brooks Plumbing & Heating
          office located in the Medicine Hat Provincial Building                            •    Christianson’s Plumbing & Heating, Medicine Hat
          or visit their website at
                                                                                            •    Harvey’s Plumbing & Heating, Brooks
     •    Visit the Corporate Education Network for
                                                                                            •    Hidden Valley Plumbing & Heating, Brooks
          additional training opportunities specifically in
          Southeast Alberta (                                             •    Leipert Plumbing & Heating, Medicine Hat
                                                                                            •    Panther Mechanical Services, Medicine Hat
                                                                                            •    Pro Flow Plumbing & Heating Corp., Medicine Hat
     HOW TO APPLY                                                                           •    Sanatec Environmental, Medicine Hat
     •    Hiring procedures vary depending on the employer.                                      (
          Generally, job seekers are to submit a resume or                                  •    Sinclair Plumbing & Heating, Hanna
          complete a company application form.
                                                                                            •    Stark’s Plumbing, Heating & Electrical, Medicine Hat,
     •    Apply in person, by email, mail or by fax directly to                                  (
          the company office.
                                                                                            •    Wil-Den Mechanical Ltd., Medicine Hat
     •    In some cases, a company application form may be
          available on-line at the company website.
     •    An individual interview may follow.
     •    Check for current job listings in
          Southeast Alberta.

Produced by Employment, Immigration and Industry                                                -2-                           Southeast Alberta March 2007

Note: The employers listed here have been compiled from regional public business directories and is not meant to be authoritative or
all-inclusive. Employers are encouraged to contact AEII at (403)528-5299 to provide changes of information. AEII will assume
responsibility of information maintenance as needed. However readers are encouraged to contact employers directly regarding
current employment opportunities including other related employment details not listed in this profile.

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