Heirloom Camisole and Pant Set by dfhdhdhdhjr


									                Heirloom Camisole and Pant Set
                           Created especially for Pfaff

A simple camisole and pant are transformed into elegant sleepwear with
  the use of heirloom stitches and decorative trims. Perfect your French
     hand sewing by machine techniques on this lovely two-piece set.

Butterick Pattern #6883
Batiste yardage based on pattern
2 yards of 1"-wide satin ribbon
1 yard of 3/4"-wide satin ribbon
3 yards of flat lace
3 yards of decorative sheer ribbon
1 yard of decorative trim for straps
1 yard of 2 1/2"-wide lace edging
1 yard of 1"-wide lace edging
Sew Stable fabric stabilizer from Sullivan’s
Narrow Edge foot
Fabric marking pen

1. Cut the camisole front according to the pattern instructions. Add 1/2" to the back
   camisole length before cutting out.
2. Cut out cropped pant bottom. (NOTE: With the heirloom band added the pant will
   be ankle length.)
3. Cut a strip of batiste 4" wide by the circumference of the camisole top.
4. Cut two strips of batiste 3" wide by the circumference of the pant legs.

1. Mark a horizontal line on the camisole front just above the darts. Cut the fabric
   apart along the marked line. Finish the cut edges and top edge with a 3-thread
   serger stitch. (NOTE: The upper piece will now be referred to as the band.)
2. Spray the camisole front pieces with Sew Stable fabric stabilizer and press.
3. Turn under and press 1/4" along each serged edge.
4. Stitch three rows of decorative stitches on the band of the camisole front using
   Pfaff creative stitches nos.129 (cross stitch) and 183 (satin heart).
5. Attach the Narrow Edge foot. Cut a piece of 3/4"-wide satin ribbon and a piece of
   flat lace the width of the camisole band. Stitch the ribbon to the bottom of the
   band using stitch no.11 (feather stitch).
6. Stitch the lace to the bottom of the ribbon with a zigzag stitch.
7. Stitch the remaining edge of the lace to the camisole top with a zigzag stitch.
8. Cut a piece of sheer ribbon the width of the top edge of the camisole. Place the
   ribbon over the pressed edge of the camisole and stitch in place.
9. Stitch the camisole front and back together along side seams. With both seam
   allowances together, serge the raw edges together with a 3-thread serger stitch.
10. Fold the 4"-wide band in half lengthwise with wrong sides together. Stitch a 9mm
   decorative stitch in the center of the strip.
11. With wrong sides together, place the 3"-wide flat lace along even with the raw
   edge of the strip. Serge using your rolled hem stitch on your serger.
12. Measure around the bottom edge of the camisole. Mark the band and stitch the
   side seam so the band equals camisole measurement. With right sides together
   and raw edges even, serge the band to the camisole using a rolled hem.
13. Try on the camisole and mark positions for the shoulder straps. Using the
   decorative trim, cut and stitch the straps at the marks.

1. Stitch the pant legs together on outer leg seams.
2. Spray the pant legs and 3"-wide bands with Sew Stable fabric stabilizer, press.
   Measure and mark a line 1" in from one long edge of each band. Cut along
   marked line.
3. Finish all band edges with a 3-thread serger stitch. Finish the bottom of the pant
   legs with a serger. Turn under and press a 1/4" hem along each serged edge.
4. Stitch three rows of decorative stitching along the wider bands.
5. Cut 1"-wide satin ribbon, flat lace and sheer ribbon to the length of the bands.
   Stitch the sheer ribbon in place along the top edge of the bands.
6. Attach the Narrow Edge foot. Attach the ribbon to the bottom edge of band using
   stitch no.11. Attach the flat lace to the remaining ribbon edge using a zigzag
7. Attach the remaining edge of flat lace to one edge of the narrow batiste band
   using a zigzag stitch.
8. Place the straight edge of lace edging over pressed hem on the wrong side of the
   narrow band. Stitch in place with a straight stitch.
9. Place the top edge of the sheer ribbon over the folded edge of the bottom of the
   pant legs and edge stitch in place.
9. Complete pants according to the pattern directions.

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