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					                                                                            SUMMER 2002

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Program News
                                               Dear Alumni,                        start of the new calendar year, the
                                                                                   Orthopedic Section of the Department of
                                               The fourth and fifth floor          Surgery merged with the Department of
                                           hallways of the Medical Sciences        Rehabilitation to form the Department of
                                           Center are quieting down as stu-        Orthopedics and Rehabilitation in the
                                           dents filter out on their summer        Medical School. This department was a nat-
                                           internships, providing me with          ural fit for the PT Program and we became a
                                           an opportunity to reflect on the        Section of the new department.
                                           last semester before 32 new stu-             In addition, the Program submitted a
                                           dents matriculate on June 10.           Preliminary Entitlement to Plan for the DPT
                                               Spring semester boasted a           degree, which was recently approved by the
                                           popular Visiting Lecturer event         Medical School. We have also engaged in
                                           with Jules Rothstein, PT, PhD,          discussions with UW-La Crosse and UW-
                                           FAPTA. Dr. Rothstein drew his           Milwaukee about potential collaboration in
                                           usual crowd, as he presented "A         offering a full spectrum of comprehensive
                             New World of Practice Where Evidence                  physical therapy education, from pre-PT
                             Makes Life Easier" in March at UW Hospital.           education, to entry-level doctoral education,
                             Dr. Rothstein began his visit by curling with         to transitional doctoral education, to post-
                             faculty members, and ended his stay by                professional PT education. We will keep
                             meeting with students and local clinicians.           you posted on these DPT developments.
                                  In April, the Program sponsored a very                Hope this newsletter finds you happy,
                             well-attended two-day "Essentials of Strength         healthy, and enjoying your summer!
                             Training and Conditioning" course here on
                             campus, followed by administration of the             Sincerely,
                             Certified Strength and Conditioning
                             Specialist (CSCS) exam.
                                  Changes are on the horizon once again
                             for the UW-Madison PT Program. At the

                                       Special thanks
                                            The UW-Madison Physical
                                       Therapy Program faculty would like to
                                       acknowledge the following companies
In touch is published twice annually   for their equipment loans. The faculty
by the University of Wisconsin–
Madison Physical Therapy Program, a
                                       thanks these companies for exposing
Section of the Department of           the Program’s students to up-to-date
Orthopedics and Rehabilitation.
                                       innovations in physical agent technology.
Lisa Steinkamp, PT, MS, MBA
Program Director
Jessica Adsit
Design and Layout
                                                   ultrasound units
Please send correspondence to:
Lisa Steinkamp, PT, MS, MBA
Program Director
                                            Vector and Forte combination
Physical Therapy Program                       ultrasound/Estim units
5175 Medical Sciences Center
1300 University Avenue                                  Empi
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: (608) 263–9427                  Epix TENS unit, Vectra TENS unit, Focus
FAX: (608) 263–6434                     NMES unit, Dupel Iontophoresis unit
      Visit us on the web at:                          Iomed                                                       The Program is sad to announce that John McCarthy will
                                           Phoresor II Iontophoresis units
                                                                                   be leaving Wisconsin to join his cohorts at the University
                                                      Noroxon                      of Alabama at Birmingham. We will miss you, John, but
                                       Myotrace surface EMG biofeedback units      wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors! John
                                                                                   was presented here with a UW polo shirt signed by faculty,
                                                                                   staff, and students.
                                                                                              Student News
Semester Outreach                                     Smith, for passing the CSCS exam offered by the
     On February 16, a brave contingency of stu-      National Strength and Conditioning Association's
dents jumped into ice-crusted Lake Monona for         (NSCA) Certification Commission in April.
the 2002 Polar Plunge. All money raised was               Many students attended and volunteered at
contributed to the Wisconsin Special Olympics.        the WPTA Spring Conference and the Wisconsin
     On the same cold day in February, students       Student Conclave.
created a PT booth and educated the public                Several insomniac students participated in
about physical therapy at the MSMC Health Fair        the Relay for Life in April, donating funds to the
in a warm local mall.                                 American Cancer Society.
     Many students attend-                                                    Students wrapped up the
ed the Emergency                                                       academic year with one last mas-
                               2002 Scholarship Winners sage fundraiser, a clothing sale, a
Legislative Day at the
Capitol with PT faculty on                                             trip to a Milwaukee Brewers
February 26. Their pres-      • Margaret Kohli Scholarship:            baseball game, and a graduation
ence certainly contributed        Carrie Baumgartner                   party and banquet.
to the favorable outcome                                                      Before beginning his final
                              • UW PT Alumni Scholarships:             internships, Pete Bzdusek will
of the PT Practice Act Bill
                                  Jeff Joerres, Abby Stuht, and participate in the Wisconsin
and we commend them
                                  Russell Cree                         Express Program, where he will
     In March, students       • Barbara Ellen Gerlich-Hoefeyzer        work on an interdisciplinary
participated in the High          Scholarships: Kirsten Larson         team at a health center in the
School Women’s Health             and Andy Olsen                       inner city of Milwaukee.
Care Symposium, along                                                         The Class of 2002 elected
                              • Jean Roland Scholarship:
with Occupational                                                      to donate funds to the Miami-
                                  Alyssa Unger                         Pittsburgh Challenge, the WPTA
Therapy, Physicians
Assistant, Medicine,          • Caroline, Clara, Charles and           Conduit, and contributed funds
Nursing, and Pharmacy             Mildred Harper Scholarships:         towards APTA memberships for
students. Students pro-           Becky Ring and Abby Stuht            the incoming Class of 2004!
moted their respective          • Amelia Doyan Scholarship:
health programs, formed             Sarah Fish                       Class Officers
an admissions panel, par-                                                  The following members of
ticipated in activities, and    • PT Scholarship Fund: Melissa       the Class of 2003 will lead the
answered questions.                 Elsing and Debbie Urban          Phi Theta Student Service
     Brian Doolan per-                                               Organization next year:
formed with the Jazzworks                                            President: Kristen Willms
Dance Company at the Madison Civic Center in          Vice President: Abby Stuht
March.                                                Treasurer: Becky Ring
     Congratulations is also in order to Brian,       Secretary: Kelly DeMelle
along with Kim Skinner, Nicole Gingue,                Class Representatives: Melissa Elsing
Crystal Beck, Jeff Salkowski, and Megan               and Debbie Urben

Scholarship recipients are recognized at the Class of 2002   Students discuss the PT Practice Act Bill and prepare to
Graduation Banquet.                                          speak with senators at Legislative Day.                    3
Faculty News
      Bill Boissonnault                                     • will begin the Rocky Mountain University of
      • played an instrumental role in the passage of         Health Professions DSc Sports Tract this fall.
        Wisconsin’s PT Practice Act by testifying on
        behalf of Senate Bill 305.                          Reenie Euhardy
      • lectured on the topics of "Differential Diagnosis   • will participate in creating new items for the
        for the Physical Therapist;" "Medical Screening       Physical Therapy State Board Oral
        for the Physical Therapist;" "Diagnostic Imaging      Examination.
        for the Physical Therapist;" and "Medical
        Screening for the Geriatric Population" at sever-   Kristi Hallisy
        al universities nationwide.                         • presented "Evidenced-Based-Practice in
      • co-instructed with Dr. Michael Koopmeiners            Physical Agents" for the Physical Medicine
        on "Medical Diagnostics for the Physical              and Rehabilitation Department: Resident
        Therapist" at the University of St. Augustine in      Instruction Series at UW Hospital and Clinics.
        St. Augustine, FL.                                  • assisted with a workshop entitled "Patient
      • presented "Screening for Medical Referral,"           Learning Barrier: Overcoming Obstacles
        sponsored by the APTA in Tarrytown, NY.               Related to Literacy, Language, Physical
      • ended his term of Immediate Past President of         Impairments, Motivations and More."
        the Orthopaedic Section, and of his Journal of
        Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy Board       John McCarthy
        of Director’s position, at CSM 2002.                • spoke at the Minnesota Strength and
      • co-presented with Jill Boissonnault on                Conditioning Conference.
        "Transient Osteoporosis of the Hip;" co-pre-        • spoke at Meriter Hospital on "Principles of
        sented with Drs. Joe Godges and Gail Deyle            Geriatric Strengthening."
        on "Differential Diagnosis and Medical              • will be a main session presenter at the NSCA
        Screening in Primary Care Physical Therapy;"          Conference in Las Vegas in July.
        and moderated "Designing a Residency                • published "Neuromuscular Adaptations to
        Curriculum in Orthopaedics and Manual                 Concurrent Strength and Endurance Training"
        Therapy: A How-To Workshop" at CSM.                   in the Medicine and Science in Sports and
      • recently became a reviewer for the Physical           Exercise journal.
        Therapy Journal.                                    • was appointed as Associate Editor for the
                                                              Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.
      Mark Erickson
      • was honored, along with Jill Thein-                 Barbara Morgan
        Nissenbaum, for ABPTS specialist certifica-         • was named one of several primary trainers for
        tions in Orthopedics and Sports, respectively.        the Respiratory Neurobiology Training
                                                              Program at the University of Wisconsin-
      Jill Thein-Nissenbaum                                   Madison. The grant, which is funded by the
      • moderated the CSM Sports PT Section pro-              National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, pro-
        gramming on "Post-Operative Challenges in             vides support for pre-doctoral and post-doctor-
        Knee Rehabilitation."                                 al trainees. Additional information about this
      • worked the CSM "Physical Therapy Hotline,"            training program can be obtained from the
        answering calls nationally regarding knee             Web site (
        impairments.                                          mitchell/rntp/index.htm) and from Dr.
      • spoke on arthritis at the Madison Senior              Morgan by phone at 608-262-0013 or by email
        Center in March.                                      at
      • has been asked to serve on the Editorial Board      • recently presented her work on the cardiovas-
        for the Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy.          cular consequences of sleep apnea to the
      • served on the Sports Standard Setting Panel for       Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical
        the American Board of Physical Therapy                Care Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.
        Specialists.                                        • recently published:
      • has been invited to participate in the APTA’s         Derchak, P.A., A.W. Sheel, B.J. Morgan, D.F.
        Female Athlete Triad Summit.                          Pegelow, and J.A. Dempsey. Fatiguing expira-
      • will travel to Toronto this summer to partici-        tory muscle work causes a reflex increase in
        pate on the Thera-Band Advisory Board and             muscle sympathetic nerve activity. Journal of
        the Thera-Band Research Advisory Board.               Applied Physiology 2002;92:1539-1552.
                                                                                                   Alumni News
  Dempsey, J.A., A.W. Sheel, C.M. St. Croix, and             More Alumni Keep in Touch!
  B.J. Morgan. Respiratory influences on sym-
                                                             Dorothy (Tegtmeyer) Rippie (1953): Retired from MN in
  pathetic vasomotor outflow in humans                       1997, moving back to family’s 1918 old resort. Enjoyed reading
  [Frontiers Review]. Respiratory Physiology &               of Marilla Fuge & Dorothy Plater. Where are faculty: M. Kohli,
  Neurobiology 2002;130:3-20.                                Dr. Bowman, Lenore Krusell, Elizabeth Van Slick, P.T. staff Ruth
                                                             Burdon and others involved in PT instruction from 1950-60? Is
Julie Sherry                                                 there a current list of UW PT Graduates?

• was awarded APTA’s 2002 Dorothy Briggs                     Betty Riviers Sabo (1953): Continue to work a few hours a
  Memorial Scientific Inquiry Award for her                  month at a care center. It has been a wonderful career and dif-
                                                             ficult to give up. I have one daughter and two granddaughters.
  post-professional Master’s degree paper enti-
                                                             Memories: the great class of 1953. Physical therapy has been a
  tled "Effects of burst mode transcutaneous                 wonderful profession.
  electrical nerve stimulation on peripheral vas-
                                                             Lori (Fiedler) Ochalek (1983): On February 12, 2002 had a
  cular resistance." Julie will be honored at the
                                                             baby boy – Thomas Joseph. Working part-time at an orthope-
  APTA annual meeting in Cincinnati this June.               dic outpatient clinic in Milwaukee.
• has begun work on her PhD.
                                                             Jean (Ranta) Darling (1989): Working with Olympic Sports
                                                             Medicine events, practicing in niche of women’s health – more
Lisa Steinkamp                                               recently went into private practice – July 2001. I have three
• was chosen as one of five fellows from the UW-             sons: Patrick (10), Jonathan (6), Daniel (2), husband Jim.
  Madison campus to participate on the                       Memories: P.T. school was a great deal of hard work.
  Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC)               Rebecca Patenaude (formerly Boerst) (1994): I’m practicing
  Academic Leadership Program for the Big 10                 at an outpatient clinic in Cheyenne, Wyoming full-time (United
  Universities.                                              Medical Center).

                                                             Shannon Buhs (1995): I just moved to Kansas City and was
                                                             hired at Olathe Medical Center to develop a Women’s Health
                                                             Program for them; including Rx of pre/postnatal orthopedics,

 In Memoriam                                                 pelvic pain, and incontinence.

                                                             Robynn (Poppe) Wilhelmi (1998): Completing Pilates
                                                             Certification through New York via Chicago, moving to North
 The Program regretfully notes that                          Carolina this month! Also hold CSCS.
 Marcene Erdmann, Class of 1977,                             Kelly (Donovan) Fleming (1999): Working PRN at Divine
 passed away in January. She donated                         Savior Healthcare in Portage, WI. My husband & I had a daugh-
                                                             ter named Ashley on 10/19/01.
 her Physical Therapy journals to the
                                                             Lois DeTemple (2000): Working full-time in Aberdeen, WA.
 UW-Madison PT Program. The                                  Had a baby boy on January 21, 2002 named Eli Christian.
 Program sends its condolences to                            Don’t forget to send any changes in name, mailing or
 Marcene’s family.                                           email address, phone or fax number to Pat Mecum,
                                                             Program Secretary, 5185 MSC, 1300 University Ave.,
                                                             Madison, WI 53706!

              Keep in touch! We want to hear from you!
  Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________
  Name when you were a student (if different): _______________________________________________________
  Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________
  Telephone: __________________________________         FAX: ______________________________________________
  E-mail: ____________________________________________________________________________________________
  Year of Graduation: _______________________________________________________________________________
  News: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                        Mail to:
      UW–Physical Therapy Program • 5175 Medical Sciences Center • 1300 University Avenue • Madison, WI 53706–1532
Donor Gifts
       We would like to show our appreciation to the following individuals and businesses who
       made donations to the University of Wisconsin–Madison Physical Therapy Program during
       the past year.
       We are grateful for your contributions and recognize that many of the Program’s facility
       improvements, activities, and scholarships would not be possible without you!
       Thank you!

       Contributions from June 1, 2001–May 31, 2002

       $500.00-$1,000.00                   Logan Physical Therapy          Ms. Bonnie L. Lindahl
       Ms. Mary Jane Meng                      (Given for Susan Anderson   Ms. Kathryn Marie Lyons
          (Physical Therapy Visiting           Doucette)                   Ms. Elizabeth A. Mahon
          Lecturer)                        Ms. Julie Ann Longo Olson       Mr. George D. Marx
       Professor Suzann K. Campbell        Mr. Mark J. Meives              Ms. Gladys M. Manke
       Professor Richard T Campbell        Dr. Nancy J. Patton             Mrs. Sally A. Mathison
       Mr. James R. Carlson                Ms. Janice A. Pauc              Ms. Sarah J. McDonald
       Mrs. Pam Carlson                    Ms. Colette T. Pientok          Ms. Frances C. McGregor
       Ms. Janet L. Headrick               R R Donnelley & Sons Company    Mr. Paul J. Meyer
          (Margaret Kohli Scholarship)         (Matching Gift Program)     Ms. Ruth M. Meyer
       Mr. Daniel R. Wade                  SBC Foundation                  Ms. Julia C. Monie
       Ms. Jennifer L. Wade                    (Matching Gift Program)     Mr. Kenneth J. Turek
       Mr. James W. Coulter                Mrs. Linda J. Wagner            Ms. Janice A. Turek
       Ms. Catherine S. Easterday          Dr. Sheldon L. Wagner           Ms. Nora L. Munagian
       Ms. Nancy A. Foubert                Ms. Rebecca L. Young            Ms. Janet M. Nordstrom
       Ms. Annette M. Numrich              Ms. MaryEllen A. Kammerer       Mr. Dennis E. O'Connell
                                           Ms. Jill R. Van Susteren        Mrs. Nancy M. O'Connor
       $250.00-$499.00                     Mr. John R. Van Susteren        Ms. Victoria J. Omen
       Ms. Jill M. Brodbeck                Mrs. Susan M. Wichman           Ms. Joan K. Ostermeier
       Ms. Cynthia M. Koehler              Ms. Vicki L. Lundeen            Dr. Kishau Pandya
       Ms. Judith M. Menne                 Dr. James Lundeen               Ms. Tracy E. Peck
           (Margaret Kohli Scholarship)    3M                              Ms. Colleen M. Petras
       Ms. Eleanor A. Minshall                 (Matching Gift Program)     Ms. Shari A. Rank
       Pamela R. Morrison                  Ms. Nancy Sue Abrahamson        Ms. Kathryn L. Robers
       Morrison Physical Therapy           Ms. Janice W. Ahrens            Ms. Anne M. Roland
       Ms. Susan H. Pokorney               Aid Association for Lutherans       (Jean Roland Memorial
       Ms. Martha S. Torrey                    (Matching Gift Program)         Scholarship)
       Mr. Donald R. Carlson Jr.           Ms. Betty L. Babik              Mr. Roger G. Rung
       Ms. Donna J. Cech                   Ms. Karen L. Barefield          Ms. Mary L. Sankey
       Dr. Marlene J. Deschler             Ms. Mary T. Battista            Mr. Mark G. Schmitz
       Ms. Paricia L. Gomavitz             Ms. Mary J. Bauhs               Ms. Sydney K. Schoensee
       Ms. Robin Elizabeth Kolff           Ms. Fredlyn S. Berger           Ms. Maribeth Shelendich
       Lakes Area Physical Therapy         Ms. Nancy K. Blatnik            Mr. John Shelendich
           (Given for Jill & John Van      Dr. Steven Blatnik              Ms. Elizabeth A. Stoffel
           Susteren)                       Mr. William H. Born             Mr. Philip Edward Stone
       Morse & Sadie Gould Fdtn            Ms. Deborah A. Bosley           Ms. Mary Kay Stone
           (Given for Judith G. Heigoff)   Mr. Jeffrey A. Brunner          Ms. Janet C. Strelow
       Ms. Terry E. Rex                    Ms. Sandra L. Busse             Ms. Sally B. Sutkowski
                                           Ms. Emilie E. Capone            Mrs. Donna A. Thomas
       $100.00-$249.00                     Northern Trust Company          Ms. Linda M. Walters
       Ms. Patricia M. Behrend                 (Matching Gift Program)     Mr. Robert A. Wiedl
       Ms. Ginni R. Block                  Ms. Martha L. Derleth
       Ms. Mary Ellen Campbell             Ms. Lisa L. Dutton              $1.00-$99.00
       Ms. Merrie L. DeGrand               Ms. Jean C. Hamlyn              Ms. Jean M. Fisher
       Dr. Barbara J. Morgan               Ms. Lois H. Harrison            SBC Communications Inc
       Dr. Jerome A. Dempsey               Ms. Ruth M. Jaeger                  (Matching Gift Program)
           (Jean Roland Memorial           Dr. Kathryn J. Jones            Ms. Joni L. Vanselow
           Scholarship)                    Ms. Amy M. Katz                 Mr. Michael J. Vanselow
       Ms. Mary J. Duffee                  Ms. Debora A. Klatkiewicz       Ms. Janet Bezucha
       Ms. Jean E. Glatte                  Mr. Geogory J. Klatkiewicz      Mr. Gary Bezucha
       Mr. Berdean D. Jergenson            Ms. Cynthia M. Klingbeil        Dr. Barbara C. Bradley
       Ms. Shirley M. Jergenson            Ms. Gail E. Koehler             Ms. Ellen M. Ferris
       Ms. Laurel A. Ling                  Mr. Charles P. Koehler          Ms. Amy C. Glewen
   6                                       Ms. Judith A. Landusky          Ms. Susanne Hirt
                                                                                        Donor Gifts
Ms. Pamela J. Millington           Ms. Tammy A. Herman                 Ms. Michelle Karen Bodzenski
Ms. Jodee L. Plazek                Ms. Irene B. Hughey                 Ms. Maureen Euhardy
Ms. Sandra L. Plummer              Mr. Jeffrey L. Johnson              Mr. Steven J. Euhardy
Ms. Mary B. Royer                  Ms. Marie A. Hoven                  Mr. Thomas Joseph Feldman
Ms. Margaret A. Ruf                Ms. Kristine A. Johnson             Ms. Mary Ann Kloppedal
Ms. Jaclyn S. Schmidt              Ms. Michelle L. Johnson             Ms. Joan C. Lofgren
Ms. Katherine S. Scott             Ms. Jean Kahl                       Mr. Wayne H. Ruhland
Ms. Nancy L. Thompson              Mrs. Carol A. Kern                  Ms. Jane Steinbach
Ms. Sandy E. Uszler                Dr. Timothy Kern                    Ms. Jean G. Stenborg
Mr. Russell D. Wolfe               Ms. Mary A. Kerrigan                Ms. Molly M. Thomas
Ms. Janet R. Zehms-Stankrauff      Ms. Mary E. Koch                    Ms. Lisa M. Veit
Ms. Joyce E. Beekman               Ms. Lynn Ann Koenig                 Ms. Joanna P. Walch
Ms. Gail K. Doty                   Mr. Michael Koenig                  Mr. Louis R. Amundsen
Ms. Rose Marie H. Gilligan         Ms. Laurie B. Kontney               Ms. Kimberly A. Kranz
Ms. Amy G. Healy                   Ms. Laura J. Kult                   Ms. Virginia K. Peterson
Ms. Susan D. Schroeder             Ms. Linda J. Layher                 Ms. Helen A. Stratton
Mr. H. Grant Schroeder             Ms. Kathy J. Lemley                 Ms. Mary L. Van Hoorn
Shell Oil Company Foundation       Ms. Susan Marie Majeski             Ms. Mary Lou Bausch
    (Matching Gift Program)        Mr. Paul Joseph Lemens              Ms. Anita M. Belonger
Ms. Lisa G. Schaefer               Ms. Jean S. Marck                   Mr. Ottie D. Bruno
Mr. Matthew J. Schaefer            Ms. Lorena Jean Marquart            Ms. Jane F. Bukacek
Ms. Susan R. Parker                Ms. Nancy F. Mayne                  Mr. Stephen P. Kaufman
Ms. Barbara J. Asay                Monsanto Fund                       Ms. Bette M. Clement
Ms. Melissa M. E. Aul                  (Matching Gift Program)         Ms. Linda R. Connelly
Mr. Jerry S. Aul                   Ms. Sheila Reese-Barmore            Ms. Diane M. Cook
Ms. Mary B. Badke                  Mr. James A. Barmore                Mr. James Coon
Ms. Margaret H. Batalden           Mr. Colin S. Munn                   Ms. Hattie A. DeBruin
Mr. William G Boissonnault         Ms. Tori A. Owens                   Ms. Liza B. Dunn
Ms. Kathleen K. Bowen              Mr. Richard A. Owens                Ms. Sara A. Ehlert
Ms. Rhonda M. Breakfield-Uggen     Ms. Sharon C. Peterson              Ms. Bonnie Ellis
Ms. Sharon A. Burreson             Philips Electronics N. American     Mr. George S Ellis III
Mr. Tony J. Busse                      Corp.                           Ms. Mary E. Ewanowski
Ms. Susan P. Butler                    (Matching Gift Program)         Mr. David J. Ewanowski
Mr. William R. Canovan             Ms. Kathleen M. Picard              Ms. Barbara J. Finley
Mr. Russell E. Carter              Ms. Sheila Reese-Barmore            Ms. Rose M. Fritz
Ms. Katherine A. Chase             Mr. James A. Barmore                Ms. Jane M. Gerbig
Clark Family Trust                 Ms. Beverly Sue Rybar               Ms. Susan R. Griffin
    (Given for Suzanne Baker       Mr. Robert W. Sandstrom             Ms. Laura S. Hamann
    Clark)                         Ms. Linda L. Schink-Boers           Ms. Laura A. Harris
Mr. Michael J. Costello            Ms. Ann R. Schmidt                  Dr. John P. Hayes
Ms. Sharron M. Coulter             Ms. Laurie D. Seekel                Hershey Foods Corporation
Ms. Suszan K. Daugherty            Mr. Michael J. Simons                   (Matching Gift Program)
Ms. Janet E. Decker                Mr. Kyle R. Stevenson               Ms. Sharon K. Holy
Mr. Fred L. Decker                 Assist. Professor Gwyneth Straker   Mr. Thomas A. Knoebel
Ms. Shannon R. Deininger-          Ms. Deanna L. Strama                Ms. Denise E. Krystek
    Kuntsman                       Mr. John T. Strama                  Ms. Cynthia J. Lederman
Ms. Lois E. Desalernos             Mr. Steven J. Strehlow              Ms. Anne Loberger
Ms. Mary S. Dowling                Ms. Karen Swiatek Fleming           Ms. Stephanie J. Lunning
Ms. Barbara J. Dunham              Ms. Carol M. Tomlin                 Ms. Karen M. Lutgerding
Professor Sally C. Edelsberg       Ms. Leslie Van Volkinburg           Ms. Christie G. Miller
Ms. Marcene M. Edmann              Ms. Angela M. Ventura               Ms. Therese M. Morrical
Mr. Ronald D. Elliott              Ms. Barbara J. Voelker              Ms. Roberta Lee Nesheim
Ms. Dolores G. Ellis               Professor Keith E. Voelker          Ms. Emily J. Pine
    (Margaret Kohli Scholarship)   Ms. Cynthia L. Walker                   (Margaret Kohli Scholarship)
Ms. Lisa M. Fischer                Mr. Shelden D. Wasson               Ms. Pamela S. Reichardt
Mr. Keith C. Fisher                Ms. Barbara R. Young                Ms. Phyllis O. Rowland
Ms. Nadine D. Foley                Mrs. Kathryn Zabel                  Ms. Lynn M. Seitz
Ms. Marilla E. Fuge                Ms. Lisa J. Ziomek                  Ms. Elizabeth Seymour
Ms. Miriam C. Gardner              Ms. Marilyn H. Dardich              Ms. Kimberly J. Skrzypek
Ms. Barbara J. Ginzburg            Ms. Sandra L. Grady                 Ms. Janice I. Smith
Ms. Catherine L. Grzywacz          Mr. Jeffrey J. Grady                Ms. Susan K. Spencer
Dr. Daniel W. Guehlstorf           Mr. Michael G. Auer                 Ms. Heather Rae Switz
Ms. Kristine Marie Hallisy         Mr. Lyle M. Aufdermauer             Ms. Mary A. Tracy
Ms. Christine E. Henning           Ms. Karen A. Barnes                     (Margaret Kohli Scholarship)
Ms. Tammy A. Herman                Ms. Margie K. Barnes
Mr. Brian J. Herman                Ms. Jennifer L. Bennin                       Continued on back page
                                                                                                            continued from page 7                           Mrs. Kristine C. DeKarske
Nonprofit Organization

                                                                                                                                                            Mr. Daniel J. DeKarske
                                                                                                            Ms. Carol R. Vasich                             Mr. Richard M. Duerr Jr.
                                Permit No. 658

                                 Madison, WI

                                                                                                            Ms. Janice E. Watson                            Ms. Sarah J. Burdick

                                                                                                            Ms. Jennifer L. Williams                        Ms. Gail F Friedl
                                                                                                            Ms. Sharon P. Zimmermann                        Ms. Dannielle J. Jaeger
                                                                                                            Affiliated Physical Therapists                  Mr. Robert D. Komes
                                                                                                               (Given for Neil W. Lucht)                    Ms. Mary C. McCutcheon
                                                                                                            Mr. Michael A. Brodzeller                       Ms. Charlene D. Sivyer
                                                                                                            Ms. Cathy R. Fehring                            Ms. Kathleen M. Gallion
                                                                                                            Ms. Patricia E. Flynn
                                                                                                            Ms. Donna J. Horrigan                           All gifts were donated to the
                                                                                                            Ms. Barbara F. Lamboley                         Physical Therapy General Fund,
                                                                                                            Ms. Laurie I. Larson                            unless otherwise designated.
                                                                                                            Mr. Gary A. Olson
                                                                                                            Ms. Donna J. Plaisted                           We aim to report donor gifts as
                                                                                                            Ms. Jean S. Stiefbold                           accurately as possible. Should you
                                                                                                            Ms. Sarah E. Toso                               have any questions, corrections, or
                                                                                                            Ms. Angela M. Baeten                            omissions, please contact the
                                                                                                            Assist Prof James E. Dayhuff                    Program Secretary.
                                                                                                            Ms. Randee P. Dayhuff
                                                                                                              I would like my funds to go toward…
                                                                                                             ❏ The Physical Therapy General       ❏ The Amelia Doyan                   ❏ The Phi Theta General Fund
                                                                                                               Fund                                 Scholarship Fund                   ❏ The Phi Theta Conference
                                                                                                             ❏ The Visiting Lecturer Fund         ❏ The Caroline, Clara and              Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                             ❏ The Wisconsin Physical               Charles, Mildred Harper            ❏ The Miami Marquette
                                                                                                               Therapy Alumni Scholarship           Scholarship Fund                     Challenge
                                                                                                               Fund                                                                    ❏ The Phi Theta Community
                                                                                                             ❏ The Margaret Kohli                                                        Outreach Program
                                                 University of Wisconsin–Madison Physical Therapy Program

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                                                                                                               Hoefeyzer Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                             ❏ PT Student Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                             ❏ Mary McKinney Edmonds
                                                                                                               Minority Recruitment
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                                                                                                               Scholarship Fund
                                                 5175 Medical Sciences Center
                                                 1300 University Avenue
                                                                                                                  Please make checks out to                                                 Please make checks out to

                                                 Madison, WI 53706
                                                                                                                    UWF–Physical Therapy.             Please make checks out to                     Phi Theta.
                                                                                                                                                          UWSA Trust Funds.             Mail to: Physical Therapy Program,
                                                                                                              Mail to: Director of Development–
                                                                                                              Medical School, UW Foundation,         Mail to: Lori Mills, UWSA Trust     5175 Medical Sciences Center,
                                                                                                              1848 University Avenue, P.O. Box      Funds, 780 Regent Street, Room           1300 University Avenue,
                                                                                                               8860, Madison, WI, 53708–8860         221, Madison, WI, 53708–8010              Madison, WI, 53706
                                                                                                                     ❏ Please check here if you prefer your name not be published as a donor.

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