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									IN THIS ISSUE

                                      BRITISH SIGN
                                      A S S O C I A T I O N

    September 2006
     What’s in this issue…

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Projects                                Perfect for Purpose            With Modular in Mind                                                       My Way
– This month’s new releases             – Signbox shows its skill      – the newest sign systems                                                  - who uses what and why

 news                                                                  Sign Directions Hotline:
                                                                       If you would like to contact any
   4   Setting the Scene – What’s in this issue of Sign Directions     of the companies featured in this
                                                                       issue of Sign Directions, please
   6   News Briefing – Our regular news round-up                       contact us on Tel: 01623 882398
 10    Projects – The latest crop of project stories                   for full company information,
                                                                       alternatively e-mail
 14    Supplier News – News from around the Trade
 18    Equipment & Materials News – All the latest products reviewed   for a response by return
42     Network News – New developments in the world of digital         Coming Next:
       signage networks
                                                                       The next issue of Sign Directions will
46     Lighting the Way – LEDS under the spotlight                     include a Special Feature on Digital
                                                                                                                                                             IN THIS ISSUE

                                                                       Printers and provide advice on                                                        SIGN ON HERE!

53     Talking Textiles – What’s new in digital textile printing
                                                                       selecting the most suitable
                                                                                                                                                             3M URGES SIGNMAKERS TO GET TO
                                                                                                                                                             GRIPS WITH DIGITAL SIGNAGE NETWORKS
                                                                                                                                                             MARKETING MATTE RS
                                                                                                                                                             FIND EXPERT ADVICE INSIDE
                                                                                                                                                             WITH MODU LAR IN M I ND

                                                                       machines for different applications                                                   OFF THE SHELF SIGN SYSTEMS REVIEWED

                                                                       Managing Editor                                                                   Head Office
 24 Putting on the Ritz! – Hybrid’s glamorous new HQ.                  Val Hirst Tel: 01623 882398                                                       Visage Communications
                                                                       e-mail: signdirections@btconnect.com                                              Unit 1b Melrose Nurseries
 28 Sign On Here! – 3M unveils its new Digital Signage Division                                                                                          Longland Lane
                                                                       Deputy Editor                                                                     Farnsfield
       Cover Story                                                     Mike Connolly Tel: 01306 885430
 30    Perfect for Purpose – Signbox reveals what makes its tick                                                                                         Newark
                                                                       e-mail: themc@btinternet.com                                                      Nottingham NG22 8HD
       Special Feature                                                 Publisher                                                                         Tel: 01623 882398
 34 With Modular in Mind                                               Maurice Hoare Tel: 01352 75577                                                    e-mail: signdirections@btconnect.com
       – A round-up of all that’s new in off the shelf signage         e-mail: maurice.hoare@dsl.pipex.com
                                                                                                                                                         Data Base Management
 48 My Way – Signmakers explain their choice of equipment              Advertisement co-odinator                                                         Precision Database marketing
                                                                       Dawn Seager Tel: 01159 241507                                                     Precision House
                                                                       e-mail: dawn@dawnseager.demon co.uk                                               Bury Road, Beyton
 information                                                           Art Editor                                                                        Bury St. Edmunds
                                                                       Neil Foster and Hina Mistry Tel: 0115 9637367                                     Suffolk IP30 9PP
 50 Marketing Matters – How to get your company noticed                e-mail: neil@b-p-s.co.uk                                                          Tel: 01284 718912.
 52 Web Showcase – The quickest route to company information           Contributors                                                                      Fax: 01284 718920
                                                                       Zinnia Cordell                                                                    e-mail: sub@precisiondbm.com
 53 Health & Safety – Latest update on the health and                  Mark Godden                                                                       Annual subscription rates:
       safety issues which affect the sign industry
                                                                       Cover Photography:                                                                UK: £50 $78 E78
 54 Directory – The Who’s Who of the Sign industry                     The reception area of City Place House                                            Europe: £93 $143 E145
                                                                       with signs by Signbox                                                             Rest of the World: £114 $178 E178
 56 Classified – The sign Industry market place                                                                                                          Agents can claim a l0% discount

 58 The Last Word
       – Mark Godden declares his support for the written word         No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written
                                                                       consent of the publishers. Published under licence by Visage
                                                                       Communications c Groupe Eurocom. Repro by BPS, Nottingham.
                                                                       Printed by Wyndeham Grange. Editorial photographs supplied courtesy
                                                                       of the companies they feature. The publishers accept no responsibility
                                                                                                                                                         ABC                             Visage
                                                                       for any statement made in signed contributions or those reproduced
                                                                       from any other source, nor for claims made in any advertisement.
                                                                       Sign Directions is available to individuals who qualify within the terms          Member of the Audit
                                                                       of a controlled circulation.                                                      Bureau of Circulation

                                                                                                                                                       Sign Directions September 06 | 3
September 2006


                                                  IN THIS ISSUE

                                                  SIGN ON HERE!
                                                  3M URGES SIGNMA KERS TO
                                                                           GET TO
                                                  GRIPS WITH DIGITAL SIGNAG
                                                                            E NETWO RKS
                                                  MARKE TING MATTE RS
                                                  FIND EXPERT ADVICE INSIDE
                                                  WITH MODUL AR IN M I ND
                                                  OFF THE SHELF SIGN SYSTEM
                                                                            S   REVIEW ED

                                   setting the
                                   I imagine that most of us have been inconvenienced at an
                                   airport this summer,but out of suffering great joy is born.
                                   If the recent luggage restrictions have taught us anything
                                   it should be that all our electronic gadgetry isn’t half as
                                   necessary as we think.
                                   Although judging by the reactions                        best ideas when in a plane,
                                   of various travelling companions                         suspended somewhere above the
                                   who were as outraged by the                              clouds, with an alcoholic beverage
                                   suggestion that they should                              in one hand and a trashy novel in
                                   consign their mobile phones and                          the other! Like most of us, I believe
                                   laptops to the aircraft’s hold, as they                  that I already spend more than
                                   would have been were they                                enough time hunched in front of a
                                   threatened with the amputation of                        computer screen and I don’t intend
                                   a limb, joy is in short supply! I have                   to prolong the exposure any longer
                                   to confess here that despite 16                          than necessary. Besides, whenever I
                                   years spent editing magazines and                        travel in the name of work, to an
                                   offering PR and consultancy                              exhibition say, or to a press
                                   services, I’ve never felt the need for                   conference, my attention is more
                                   a laptop. As far as I’m concerned,                       than captured by what ever is
                                   any trip out of the office doubles up                    happening at the time. Generally
                                   as a little mini-break away from                         on these trips, every minute of the
                                   workaday cares. It also frees up a bit                   day is accounted for and, when I
                                   of brain space – I admit to having a                     finally arrive back in my room, late at
                                   limited capacity of this! - and thus                     night, the only thing I want to do is
                                   provides       a     much       needed                   sleep, not start writing an article!
                                   opportunity for me to take a                             Neither do I want to spend ages
                                   broader and more measured view                           faffing around with e-mail. During
                                   of current and future business                           all of my absences from the office to
                                   activities. In fact, I’ve often had my                   date, I’ve never arrived back to find

Sign Directions September 06 | 4
an e-mail so important that it            Hybrid’s exceedingly glamorous
needed an instant answer and              new premises and on page 53, you
certainly not the sort that I am likely   can catch up with the latest Health
to compose at midnight after a            and Safety advice. Elsewhere, you’ll
busy day and heavy evening!               find all of our regular news updates
                                          and on page 34, this month’s special
And as for mobile phones, well I          feature outlines the latest
don’t even know where mine is at          developments in the area of
the moment and I don’t suppose it’s       modular sign systems.
charged anyway.           Even more
relevant is that fact that it’s a new     When you’ve finished enjoying this
phone and I haven’t yet had time to       magazine, you can look forward to
read the instruction tome which           our October issue, in which we are
arrived with it. Whenever I try to        planning to provide a lot of useful
answer it, it irritatingly goes on to     advice on how to select a digital
speakerphone alerting the whole           printer. This feature is in direct
world to any conversation I’m             response to requests from various
having, no matter how private! And        signmakers, who visited the SD
since this phone has just been            stand at Sign UK, specifically to tell
acquired to replace one whose             me what a nightmare they were
battery had died and consequently         having with regard to choosing the
hadn’t been used since Christmas          kit most suited to their needs. Our
last, you can see that I don’t regard a   feature will hopefully help to
mobile as a pre-requisite! So when I      simplify the whole purchasing
travel to Paris tomorrow, I’ll be more    process – look out for it around the
than happy to toss it in with my          end of October.
hold luggage, but god help the
person who tries to separate me           Finally, can I just alert your attention
from my make-up bag!                      to the recently revamped BSGA
                                          site? (Find it at www.bsga.co.uk). It
But back to the issue in hand and it’s    now features material culled direct
a bumper one.           If you are        from the pages of Sign Directions as
wondering how to maximise the             well as providing lots of really useful
potential of your business turn to        information on all things sign
page 50 without delay. There you’ll       related. There is also a special
find the first article in our new         recruitment section highlighting
Marketing Matters series, penned          the latest job opportunities. And, as
by advertising guru Alan Smith,           an extra special bonus, any
who has been persuaded to share           company that places a recruitment
some of the knowledge and                 advertisement with Sign Directions
expertise he’s accumulated during         in future, will be able to have it
30 years in the business. Over the        posted on the BSGA site
coming several issues, Alan will be       immediately!
covering all aspects of marketing
activity to provide a complete plan       But, you’ll have to excuse me now as
for small businesses. On page22,          I need to go out and source a 24
3M’s Simon Birkenhead formally            hour lipstick, or at least one that will
unveils the company’s new Digital         enable me to arrive in Paris properly
Signage Division and explains why         primed to pucker!
every signmaker needs to get to
grips with this increasingly popular
new technology.        This month’s
cover story, on page 30, celebrates
the work and achievements of
Signbox, winners of copious Sign
Industry Awards, whilst on page 26,
you can read the results of a recent
survey carried out by Faversham
House Group at Sign UK. On page
24, I provide a sneak preview of          Val Hirst – Editor

                                                                                            Sign Directions September 06 | 5
  news briefing

   FESPA 2007
   will be decision
   making forum
    Underlining its reputation as the     already taking up half of the
    leading international forum for       available floorspace, FESPA has
    screen and digital printing,          increased its target for the show
    almost 200 companies have             by 2,000 sqm, bringing it up to a
    already signed up for FESPA’s         total size of 28,000 sqm, which
    next flagship event, FESPA 2007       will span an amazing 10 halls!
    which will be held at Messe
    Berlin from 5th – 9th June 2007.      For further information visit:
    Since current bookings are            www.fespa2007.com

Wish Upon A Star The Final Straw?
with GeeTee Group                                                                 Coinciding with the recent hike in
                                                                                  interest rates and amid concerns
                                                                                  that levels of borrowing are
                                                                                  escalating, a new analysis by
                                                                                                                              financial strength of their company.“

                                                                                                                               The full Plimsoll analysis highlights the
                                                                                                                              112 companies amongst the 168 where
                                                                                  Plimsoll Publishing reveals that            the debts are already impacting on their
                                                                                  168 of the top 840 sign companies           business and their competitiveness and
                                                                                  are in more debt now than they              contains an individual profile for each of
                                                                                  have been in the last four years.           the largest 840 companies.

                                                                                  David Pattison, Head of Research            Copies are available for £350 by
                                                                                  at Plimsoll, comments: “We are              calling 01642 626400, or email
                                                                                  surprised that not one at these             via c.sherwood@plimsoll.co.uk .
                                                                                  companies seem to realise the effect        Sign Directions readers can
                                                                                  rising debt is having on the overall        request a 5% discount.

                                                                                  McNaughton supports
                                                                                  Chernobyl Children
GeeTee Signs recently invited           raised extra funds for the ‘When          The McNaughton Group was
its clients, suppliers and              You Wish Upon a Star’ charity. This       delighted to support a recent
members of the GeeTee Golf              small organisation’s primary aim is       initiative       for       Chernobyl
Society to wish upon a star. The        to grant the wishes of children with      Children, which was held at the
occasion was the Nottingham-            a life threatening illness, so that for   Dunton Technical Centre in
based sign company’s first              the duration of their wish, they can      Essex. A group of 11 children from
corporate Charity Golf Day held at      forget about gruelling hospital           Chernobyl were entertained at a
Morely Hayes Golf Club in Derby.        treatments and simply enjoy life          special fund raising day, which
GeeTee Signs, together with other       like any other child. In total, GeeTee    provided both a raffle and many
members of the GeeTee Group of          Signs raised an amazing £9,000 for        gifts for the young visitors to take
companies, welcomed over 70             the charity, which will go some way       home. McNaughton donated a PSP
players to a day of golf followed by    towards granting wishes as diverse        to the Charity raffle as their star prize
an evening auction, during which        as swimming with Dolphins in              and helped to raise over £2,000,
golfing memorabilia, including a        Florida, a trip to Lapland and a          which will pay for a further eight
golf cap signed by Tiger Woods,         holiday to Disney World.                  children to travel with the next
                                                                                  group visiting the UK..                       The Chernobyl children with
                                                                                                                                their teacher and doctor

Sign Directions September 06 | 6
National Grid Appointments
reaches new heights                                                                  Leach Colour has recently appointed Graham Evans
                                                                                     as Sales and Marketing Director. Graham whose
                                                                                     extensive industry experience,gained at Coates Screen
                                                                                     Inks,HP Indigo and,most recently,Durst,will be working
                                                                                     out of out of both the company’s London sales office
                                                                                     and its head office in Huddersfield,West Yorkshire.

                                                                                                        Universal Aluminium Systems has appointed Phil Lane
                                                                                                        as Internal Sales and Customer Service Executive,
                                                                                                        responsible for assisting customers with their orders and
                                                                                                        providing them with support. He has vast experience in the
                                                                                                        sign industry, having previously worked in both production
                                                                                                        and sales roles.

                                                                                     Phil Morgan has also joined the company as
                                                                                     Transport Manager. Phil who has 20 years experience
                                                                                     in the sign sector, holds the Certificate of Professional
                                                                                     Competence. He will be responsible for continually
                                                                                     improving the company’s delivery service.

                                                                                     Nazdar Ltd. has announced the appointment of Jamie Moores as Director
                                                                                     of Operations for its Stockport,facility,formerly the location of Lyson Ltd. Jamie,
                                                                                     whose operational experience in the European inks and coatings industry
                                                                                     spans some 20 years, previously worked for Fuji Film/Sericol, as Operations
                                                                                     Director Europe, where he was responsible for overseeing supply chain
                                                                                     operations as well as customer service and manufacturing.
Jupiter Display, a division of            from the Service Graphics Group
Service Graphics, has won the             which really impressed. He says:The                          Nazdar has also announced the appointment of Liu
prestigious    National   Grid            inclusion of new ideas and                                   Jingsong as its screen and digital inks Territory Manager for
contract to supply exhibition,            approaches to our face-to-face                               the Asia-Pacific region, which includes China, Japan, and
event, conference and graphic             communication programmes, both                               Korea. In his new position, he will be responsible for
display services following a              internally and externally,will help take                     supporting the company’s current distribution, along with
competitive pitch.                        National Grid to a new level of visual                       identifying and developing new channels for distributing
                                          communication. In terms of breadth                           Nazdar’s screen and digital printing products. Previously Liu
The company has been supplying            of service and level of expertise,         was Technical Manager for Jinan Dezyne Screen Printing Inks Co., a joint
display, print and asset management       Service Graphics Group was well            venture in China between Ink Dezyne and Nazdar.
services to National Grid for 20 years,   ahead of the competition and its
but according to Richard Tibbatts,        appointment         will    allow      a   Robert Horne Sign & Display has appointed Amy Le Corney as Marketing
Procurement Manager for National          consolidation of our supply chain,         Implementation Manager, a position that will enable her to bring an increased
Grid, it was the scope of the offering    leading to significant cost savings.”      focus to the screen, sign and display markets within the group and to provide
                                                                                     marketing support to the Group’s customers and internal staff. Amy originally
                                                                                     joined the Robert Horne Group in 2003 as a Product Manager for Sign &

  Business Consulting                                                                Display Merchandising. She will replace Clare Burke, who has moved to the
                                                                                     position of Specification Team Manager for the Robert Horne Group.

  companies form alliance                                                            Having been at the forefront of the paper industry’s environmental awareness
                                                                                     and product development, the James McNaughton Paper Group, has
 AWA      Alexander       Watson            consulting activities have merged        recently made two new appointments to further minimise any adverse
 Associates bv and Stirling                 with AWA Alexander Watson                environmental impacts from its operations.
 Consulting Inc - two well-known            Associates, and will operate under
 market research and consulting             the AWA name and brand. Stirling         Howard Browning, who has been appointed as Director for Corporate
 firms in the paper, packaging,             Consulting's non-paper and related       Responsibility, has worked within the paper industry for almost 30 years, the
 and converting industries - are            activities are not a part of this        last 21 of these with the McNaughton Group. He will be responsible for
 coming together to form a                  alliance.                                reviewing and implementing a range of new initiatives designed to stimulate
 business alliance.                                                                  environmental awareness and encourage growth through ‘better business
                                            Full details of AWA Alexander            practice’ innovations.
 The two organisations will pool their      Watson Associates' services and
                                                                                     Lee Henderson, who has previously been involved in
 expertise and work together to             currently available multi-client
                                                                                     developing the company’s environmental credentials,
 support customers and enhance              market reports, and of AWA
                                                                                     becomes Environmental Executive.
 their products and services. Stirling      Conferences & Events' activities
 Consulting's specialty papers              are available via the website,           Lee was instrumental in achieving the company’s
 market research and related                www.awa-bv.com.                          Chain of Custody accreditation and also arranged the
                                                                                     McNaughton ‘Planet’ road shows at the end of 2005.

                                                                                                                                     Sign Directions September 06 | 7
  news briefing
Resurgent Jade to showtime
show its true colours

                                                                                  DIARY DATES FOR 2006
                                                                                                         Digital Print World 2006 17 – 19 October 2006
                                                                                                         Earls Court, London Orangiser: IIR
Although characterised by a           during a period of assessment                                      Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 7020 Fax: +44 (0)20 7915 7818
logo that should be familiar to       and consolidation. Now, with                                       www.digitalprintworld.co.uk
many within the industry, Jade        the opening of a new production
has been keeping a low profile        facility in Essex, the company is set                              PRO Sign 2006 19-21 October 2006
                                                                                                         Exhibition Centre Frankfurt Messe, Frankfurt, Germany
                                      to go public about the objectives
                                                                                                         Organiser: Reed Exhibitions
                                      and aspirations that it believes will                              Tel: +49 (0) 211 90191-128 Fax: +49 (0)211 90 191-138
                                      help make it a powerful new force                                  e-mail: egeef@reedexpo.de www.prosign-messe.com
                                      in the market.
                                                                                                         Visual Communication Italia 9 –11 November, 2006
                                      Renowned for its creative product                                  Milan Fairgrounds, Milan, Italy Organiser: Reed Exhibitions
                                      developments and solutions for a                                   Tel: ++ 0744 400544 Fax: ++ 0744 403708
                                      diverse range of industries, Jade's                                e-mail: beatrice.cavalletti@reedexpo.it
                                      new activities will initially be most
                                      evident in the sign industry. A new                                Screen Printing & Signs China Digital Printing China 2006
                                      production facility in Southend,                                   16-19 November, 2006
                                      which further complements its                                      INTEX Exhibition Centre, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
                                      two existing manufacturing bases                                   Organisers: CSGIA Tel: 86 10 84043402 Fax: 86 10 64034996
                                      located in nearby Chelmsford, will                                 e-mail: shenchunyan@csgia.org www.csgia.org
                                      provide a total support facility for
                                                                                                         Sign Istanbul, International Digital & Outdoor
                                      the sign and associated sectors,
                                                                                                         Advertising Fair 7 -10 December 2006
                                      encompassing comprehensive                                         Tuyap Beylikduzu,Turkey. Organiser: IFO Istanbul Fair
                                      sign design, manufacturing,                                        Organization Tel: 90 212 2757579 Fax: 90 212 2883611
                                      finishing and, in some situations,                                 e-mail: ifo@ifo.com.tr www.ifo.com.tr
                                      installation facilities.
                                                                                                         Graphispag 2007 19 – 25 February 2007
                                      For further information,                                           Venue Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain
                                      contact 01245 493044 or visit                                      Organiser: Graphispack Organisation
                                                                                                         Tel: +34 93 233 20 00

                                                                                                         Visual and Graphic Symphony
                                                                                                         21–23 February 2007
  HSE urges safety simplification                                                                        Hall 5/1Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles, Paris
                                                                                                         Organiser: Semp
  The Health and Safety               English,what is and isn’t expected.                                Tel: 33 1 48 55 05 49 www.semp-france.fr
  Executive (HSE) has urged           Its recently revised ‘Five Steps to
                                                                                                         FESPA 2007 5th - 9th June 2007
  businesses to spend less time       Risk Assessment’, is an 11-page
                                                                                                         Messe Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  dotting 'i's and crossing 't's      booklet, which is available free                                   Organiser: FESPA
  and more time on putting            online and provides lots of advice                                 Tel: +44 1737 229 727 Fax +44 1737 240 770
  practical actions into effect. To   and tips on how to carry out an                                    e-mail: info@fespa.com www.fespa.com
  help companies achieve this, it     effective risk assessment.
  has issued a revamped risk                                                                             If you would like your event to feature on this page,
  assessment guide featuring          For  your     copy           visit:                                please send full information via e-mail to Val Hirst at
  examples that spell out, in plain   www.hse.gov.uk/risk                                                val@valhirst.demon.co.uk

                                                       0 8 4                  5                          2 3 0                        5 5 2 0
                       Lowest prices on Signprinters, Inks, Media and Peripherals
                                      w w w .gra phicdiscount.co.uk
     Call/ email for our FREE consumables guide • Tel: 0845 230 5520 • Email: sa les@gra ntha ms.co.uk

Sign Directions September 06 | 8

                                                                 Win a Roland SolJet™ Pro III printer package
                                                                 worth over £27,500
                                                                 This could change your life

                                                                 Fast       The fastest and most productive Print and Cut system
                                                                            in the world

               Pure                                              Complete

                                                                            Includes everything you need to deliver stunning graphics
                                                                            and build your business in large format digital printing
                                                                            Complete with a high-specification Dell® OptiPlex™
                                                                            PC and Roland’s powerful Versaworks™ RIP software

Production                                                       Warranty

                                                                            Complete with a one year manufacturer direct
                                                                            warranty with on-site service and telephone support
                                                                            Full training for two people at the Roland Academy
                                                                            worth over £3,000
                                                                 Media      Supplied with a materials starter kit and Roland
                                                                            Eco-Sol Max™ inks for brilliant and durable graphics

                                                                 Roland SolJet™ Pro III XC-540 is the balance of speed and
                                                                 precision with ultimate reliability. Everything you need to
                                                                 deliver stunning graphics. Without compromise.

To enter this unique and exciting competition visit
The trademarks Dell® and OptiPlex™ are registered to Dell Inc.

Longchamp | Renault UK | French Connection | Leeds Building Society | Vodafone | Snibston Discovery Park


    When French luxury handbag designer Longchamp wanted a              supplied by Silwood Plastics and       effect. The final balustrade design
    unique design for its flagship store in New York, it appointed      manufactured by Quinn Plastics,        used aerospace windscreen
    Heatherwick Studios to produce an exceptional design.               resulted in this stunningly original   technology from Talbot Designs
                                                                        effect for the balustrades in this     to create panels that have the
    An unsuccessful search for a U.S. based company to supply the
                                                                        New York store. The brilliant          fluid forms of fabric. Each of the
    design, directed SHAWMUT, Design and Construction of New
                                                                        transformation of the rundown          forty-nine different sized panels
    York, to London fabricators Talbot Designs to create this
                                                                        Soho building included                 carried meticulous information
    remarkable concept.
                                                                        installation of fifty-five tons of     ensuring that each panel made in
    After three months of developing the idea, Talbots arrived at the   steel and nearly five tons of PETG     Finchley dropped into place in
    final method of production. They discovered that only PETG,         to create this `terraced’ landscape    New York!

                                                                        When Lewes-based design agency Standard 8 was commissioned by
                                                                        sponsors Renault UK to design a stunning centrepiece for the recent
                                                                        Goodwood Festival of Speed, the only material that leant itself to the task
                                                                        was Dibond composite panels from Alcan Composites.
                                                                        The Festival of Speed is the world’s biggest and most diverse celebration
                                                                        of the history of motorsport and, since its inaugural meeting in 1993 has
                                                                        become established as a key event in the motorsport calendar.
                                                                        The display, which was a photographic celebration of 100 years of Grand
                                                                        Prix racing, was situated prominently outside Goodwood House around
                                                                        the circumference of the driveway.
                                                                        The structures were created from 80 sheets of Dibond, which was routed
                                                                        and folded to form rigid box sections onto which the photos were
                                                                        mounted. The metallic aluminium silver version was used for the main
                                                                        body of the structure and the butlerfinish silver at the base.

   Sign Directions September 06 | 10
 French Connection is being           thick Marlon ST Longlife has
 clear about displaying its designs   been used to create a backdrop
 at its new 42,000ft2 flagship        on which to show the latest
 retail and wholesale                 fashion designs.
 headquarters in London.                                                    Following months of careful
                                      Shopfitting contractor Interior
 The company’s interior design        Systems commissioned                  planning, graphics solutions
 consultant, Din Associates, has      Westward Plastics to fabricate        provider Stylo has won the
 expanded on the brand’s values       the 92 panels of polycarbonate,       contract to implement in-store
 of ‘clarity and honesty’ in the      each almost 2.5m high and 1m          graphics for Vodafone’s ‘new
 detailing of the shopfitting,        wide.The sheets were drilled to       model’ retail stores as part of the
 thinking ‘outside the box’ in its    accommodate fixings, and              mobile phone company’s
 use of Brett Martin Marlon ST        bonded with 2mm thick clear           revolutionary £15m High Street
 Longlife structured                  Marlon FS solid polycarbonate         build programme.
 polycarbonate. Central to the        on the cut edges before being         The concept, created by Fitch,        evolving product ranges.
 new premises are the clothing        mounted into stainless steel          represents a major change in
 displays, which use Marlon ST        angles and strips to create a         terms of in-store graphics             The first of these new model
 Longlife multiwall polycarbonate     clean, flat and smooth finished       flexibility, by providing store       stores was recently opened in
 as the core material.                panel.The completed panels            managers with the opportunity         Cheltenham and marks the start
 Conventionally used for glazing      have been mounted onto                to instantly change individual        of a three-year plan to upgrade
 conservatories and atria, and        brushed stainless steel tubing to     store environments to reflect         Vodafone’s retail estate across
 creating backlit signage, 25mm       allow the panels to rotate.           customer needs and ever-              the United Kingdom.

Widd Signs has recently               changing the fascia signage for     Signs Express (Leiciester) has          heart of the National Forest on
completed a rebranding of Leeds       the new-look branding on 55         completed new exterior signage          the site of a former colliery, the
Building Society, formerly Leeds      branches of the building society,   for the town’s Snibston                 award winning attraction
& Holbeck, and one of the UK’s top    using self-coloured yellow 3000 x   Discovery Park, providing halo-         explores the impact of
10 building societies.                1500mm sheets of Dibond by          effect flat cut acrylic lettering for   technology on our every day lives
                                      Alcan, which was supplied by        the main identification sign at the     with over 90 indoor and outdoor
The roll-out programme involved       Robert Horne Group.                 front of the property. Set in the       interactive exhibits.

                                                                                                                     Sign Directions September 06 | 11

Hawthorns Motorsport | Standard Life Healthcare | Lyon’s Seafood

                                                                                                               The avid motor sport fans at Signs
                                                                                                               Express (Reading), were delighted
                                                                                                               to provide exciting new racing
                                                                                                               graphics for a 2004 Porsche 996
                                                                                                               GT3 cup car used by Hawthorns
                                                                                                               Motorsport in the British GT.
                                                                                                               Driven by Rod Barrett and Swedish
                                                                                                               driver Jan Persson, the Porsche
                                                                                                               features an attention-grabbing flag
                                                                                                               design, with the British flag on one
                                                                                                               side and the Swedish flag on the

                                                                           Sign 2000, found that it needed a
                                                                           head for heights when it was
                                                                           commissioned to implement a
                                                                           rebranding at Standard Life
                                                                           Healthcare's Head Office in
                                                                           Marshall Point, Bournemouth.
                                                                           As part of the project, a team of
                                                                           specialist abseilers was used to
                                                                           change the cover on a time
                                                                           capsule located within the
                                                                           building's internal atrium.         text and logo, hand fabricated
                                                                           Meanwhile, on the outside, a 34     from aluminium. This was
                                                                           metre Bronto Skylift was used to    decorated with vinyl and mounted
                                                                           help with the high level            upon a marine grade stainless
                                                                           installation of the Standard Life   steel support frame, before being
                                                                           sign, which consisted of built-up   internally illuminated using LEDs.

       Signs Express (Salisbury) has provided extensive new
       signage to Lyons Seafood for its new £4.5m factory
       development in Warminster. Encompassing all areas of the
       site, including the new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility,
       a large chilled coldstore and the modern head office for
       Lyons Seafood’s 260 staff; Signs Express has provided a
       comprehensive manufacture and installation service. The
       signage includes the 7.5 metre large exterior fascia on the
       building’s cladding. This features built up aluminium lettering,
       finished in black with a matching ‘swish’, faced with blue vinyl,
       and is secured to the cladding with aluminium back plates for
       a long lasting and attractive finish. Large bespoke directional
       signs using a tray and post system and a selection of smaller,
       informational signage sited near to the entrances further
       complement this.

  Sign Directions September 06 | 12
 Architectural films

         Auto films

      Diffuser films
      Frosted films

   Light-block films


       Privacy films          For delivery of your window films
       Safety films                    tomorrow, call us today.
 Solar control films
                        We supply solar control, safety, privacy
                              and decorative films from stock,
          Tint films
                                   in full rolls and cut lengths.
   UV control films

             Vinyls          Sales aids, including samples and
Tools & accessories        superb literature, are also available.

                              Telephone: 020 8441 0449 Fax: 020 8441 4888
  news briefing

      Supplier News

to R-World
This autumn, signmakers can
enter R-World, via a series of
                                                 This dynamic nationwide tour will
                                                 feature Roland’s accredited partners,
                                                                                               operating within the sign and graphics
                                                                                               sector, in whatever capacity.
                                                                                                                                            Each R-World event, which lasts for two
                                                                                                                                            days,running from 10.00am through to
high-profile events, organised by                including Colour Collective, Metamark,                                                     7.00pm on the first day and 10.00am to
Roland DG, which will offer an                   Corel,ONYX Graphics,Systems Finance,          The tour kicks off in Bristol on the 13th-   5.00pm on the second, will be held at a
opportunity to meet some of the                  Broadway Training,Xpres,i-sub,Signlab,        14th September, before relocating to         prominent venue with plenty of
industry’s leading suppliers and                 Vuflex, Roland Academy, ASVL and              London on 27th -28th September. It           parking spaces. Refreshments will be
to see a whole range of new                      Hexis. The aim of the tour is threefold,      moves to Manchester on the 11th-12th         available and all the advice is free.
products. What’s more, attendees                 offering signmakers the chance to             October and to Birmingham on 25th-
will also get the chance to win a                become better informed, whilst also           26th October, when it coincides with         For further details and to pre-
fabulous Roland SolJet Pro III XC-               experiencing new technology in                the official opening of the Roland           register for any of the events, simply
540 printer package worth over                   action. It also offers a unique               Academy. The grand finale takes place        login to the dedicated website at
£27,000!                                         networking forum for everyone                 in Leeds on 8th- 9th November.               www.r-world.rolanddg.co.uk

SignTec expands sign Cmyuk launches
fabrication capabilities new web site
Described as the largest single                  with the four metre-wide DURMA SB                Cmyuk has recently launched its           hardware, software and consumable
investment it has ever made in                   4006 NT guillotine, will greatly increase        new e-commerce web site,one of            products that Cmyuk offers,set up an
production equipment, trade-only                 SignTec's production capabilities, as well       the first true business to                account or, if preferred, can pay on
supplier SignTec has recently                    as further enhancing the high quality of         business e-commerce sites                 the spot using a credit card. The site
installed the latest four metre-wide             its finished products. The press brake,          dedicated to the digital sector.          can also be used to track the
press     brake      machine     and             which was supplied by exclusive UK                                                         progress of orders and to provide a
complementary guillotine system at               importer Axe & Status of Bletchley, has          Designed for professional buyers of       record of all previous transactions.
its Leighton Buzzard headquarters.               been designed to offer greater operator          digital imaging products, it is easy to
                                                 control over the handling of materials           navigate and gimmick free. Visitors       For further information visit:
                                                 during all stages of the production              can use the browser to select and         www.cmyuk.net or e-mail sales
                                                 process, whilst virtually eliminating            order any of the 2,500 items of           at: sales@cmyuk.net
                                                 familiar problems like whip up, dishing
                                                 and bowing.It will be used extensively for
                                                 a wide range of sign fabrication
                                                 applications involving stainless steel,
                                                 aluminium and other specialist materials,
                                                                                                  International expansion
                                                 all of which are handled by SignTec's
                                                 team of skilled fabricators.                     for artistic software
This investment follows hot on the heels                                                          Vision Numeric, the French                industrial engraving, resulting in the
of its recent installation of the Rolls Roller   This new acquisition will also enable            specialist in CAD/CAM artistic            launch of its Type3 software
laminator and the Mimaki JV3-160SP               SignTec to offer a much broader                  software, is seeking local                concept, which reproduces text and
large-format solvent inkjet printer.             capability to the trade. In addition to its      distributors for its innovative           patterns on industrial parts with
                                                 built-up and flat-cut letters and logos,the      packages, as part of its                  specially designed tools.
Installation of the new DURMA AD-E40-            company will now also be offering folded         international expansion.
120 four metre-wide brake press,coupled          trays, sign fascias, double- and single-                                                   Vision Numeric is now seeking
                                                 sided sign cases (including unusual or           Vision Numeric, which already has a       distributors capable of marketing its
                                                 bespoke formats) and general fabrication         presence in over 45 countries,            products and providing training,
                                                 and structural requirements, all of which        specialises in computer-aided             together with local technical
                                                 can be powder-coated to any BS or RAL            design (CAD) and computer-aided           support, for its software solutions.
                                                 colour. For further information,                 manufacturing (CAM) software. In          For      further      information,
                                                 Tel: 01525 850500 or visit                       1988, the company introduced              visit www.type3.com and
                                                 www.signtec.co.uk                                graphics and art into the world of        www.3design.com

Sign Directions September 06 | 14
New bespoke
cutting service
Yokshire-based Sign Focus, working            Since a significant proportion of the Sign
closely with Robert Horne Signs &             Focus business is with trade customers,
Display, is offering a new, no frills         the company has set up a new division,
trade routing service to provide a            Trade Focus, to specifically handle this
simple, highly cost-effective and             work.
time-saving solution for any size of
routing job.                                  Customers can e-mail their artwork to
                                              Sign Focus and collect the finished job,
Customers can order the material              one or two days later, although Sign
either through Sign Focus direct, or via      Focus can also organise delivery if
Robert Horne Sign & Display for               required. For further information visit:
delivery to Sign Focus.                       visit www.trade-focus.com.

DCP launch new
‘Go Wide’Roadshows
Following the success of its
previous Go Wide Tour
roadshows,DCP Systems has
organised its latest series
around four prime areas.

These include display printing
                                                                                           Call Arnold® Magnetics for free
for PoP, labs and bureaux;
outdoor print for sign, screen                                                             samples, advice or product info
and bureau applications, fine art
and photo printing for artists                                                             about the famous Flexmag™ line
and photographers, and for the
first time, dye sublimation
printing for the flagmaking, exhibition and   recently launched HP DesignJet 9000s low
                                                                                              of flexible magnetic vinyl.
retail markets.                               solvent production printer and the
                                              industry standard HP DesignJet 5500. Also      We offer the widest range of
“We are hosting this new series of Go Wide    on the printer front, the roadshows will
Tour roadshows,” says Darren Walker, Sales    feature Epson’s Stylus Pro range of          magnetic products direct to the
Director, DCP Systems, “to provide yet        Photographic and Fine Art printers,
another platform for manufacturers to
present their products and to meet and
                                              including the benchmark 4800, 7800 and
                                              9800 machines.
                                                                                            trade from our UK stock at the
discuss requirements and capabilities with
existing and prospective customers. We        The first roadshow will take place on
                                                                                               most competitive prices!
are expecting each event to attract over      Tuesday 3rd October at the Hilton Hotel
150 people, all of whom will be able see      Strathclyde, followed by three shows on
the very latest developments from each of     10th, 11th and 12th October at the DCP             Call 01246 573316
the manufacturers and suppliers               Headquarters in Sheffield
                                              It is anticipated that all of these                 rs@arnoldmagnetics.com
DCP will be introducing its brand new dye     events will be oversubscribed,
sublimation printing division together        so to ensure your place, either
with a cavalcade of brand new products        register on the DCP website at
and equipment, including Mutoh’s new          www.dcpsystems.co.uk Telephone
Viper DS dye sublimation printer.             0114-257 3640 or fax 0114-257 3641.
                                              Entrance is FREE, with refreshments
Two brand new photo and fine art printers     provided free of charge throughout
from HP will also be previewed, as will the   the day.
                                                                                                    Our World Touches Your World Every Day…

                                                                                                              Sign Directions September 06 | 15
  news briefing

     Supplier News
Is your new equipment
     RoHS Compliant?   In this must          EU countries, either directly or through    The new RoHS Regulations are related            solenoids; switched to lead free
                       read article,         resellers, is compelled to comply with      to the WEEE (Waste Electrical and               materials in solders, and totally
                       Phil Kneale,          the new regulations if those products       Electronic Equipment) Directive, which          redesigned power supplies so they
                       Sales and             contain any of the restricted materials.    many people are familiar with.This states       don’t use heavy metals. Such has been
                       Marketing             For example, Apple Computers has            that old electrical and electronic              the extent of work undertaken, that
Director,Graphtec (GB) Ltd,explains          been forced to drop its eMac, iSight and    equipment should be stripped down               even the inks formerly used in printing
the new RoHS Regulations and the             Airport ranges because they are not         and components containing certain               touch panel displays have been
impact they will       have upon             RoHS compliant.                             materials disposed of properly, rather          changed, because they contained
businesses thoughout the Sign and                                                        than just dumped; RoHS regulates the            levels of restricted materials deemed
Graphics sectors                             These new Regulations affect                precise levels of restricted materials that     too high under the new regulations.
                                             companies across a wide spectrum and        may be tolerated in new equipment.              Unfortunately, the extensive redesign
“New regulations affecting how certain       alarmingly, when speaking to people in                                                      some products required was not
substances are used in electrical            the sign and graphics sectors, it           The National Weights and Measures               feasible and popular lines, including a
equipment came into force this               becomes obvious that their awareness        Laboratory, appointed as the executive          CAD pen plotter and the XD700 3D
summer. ‘The Restriction of the Use of       is very low, except in a few larger         agency by the Department of Trade and           printer, have been discontinued.
Certain Hazardous Substances in              companies. Some suppliers of electrical     Industry, has responsibility for
Electrical and Electronic Equipment          equipment don’t even seem to know           enforcement of the new regulations in           Redesigning so many components
Regulations 2006 (RoHS Regulations)’         the RoHS Regulations exist, let alone       the UK. Manufacturers must be able to           and so much equipment is a major
applies to all electrical and electronic     how to comply!                              demonstrate compliance,by submitting            endeavour and Graphtec, along with
equipment (EEE) available in the                                                         technical documentation or other                other leading manufacturers, has
European Union Single Market from 1          Anyone buying new electrical                information to the enforcement                  invested a lot of time and money, so
July 2006. This includes printers and        equipment should thus be asking             authority on request and retaining such         it’s important that these new
other electrically powered products          whether it is RoHS compliant, both for      documentation for a period of four years        Regulations are adhered to, for the
used extensively throughout the sign         their own protection and because of the     after the EEE is placed on the market.But       sake of the environment and to
and graphics sectors.                        environmental impact of the restricted      the onus to prove compliance can also           ensure a level playing field “
                                             materials. Caution is advised, because      fall on an importer, or even a purchaser,
The RoHS Regulations ban the sale of         products don’t have to carry any mark to    and upon conviction, fines can be               Further details on the RoHS
new electrical and electronic                show they’re RoHS compliant, although       unlimited.                                      Regulations are available from
equipment containing more than               some manufacturers have voluntarily                                                         the Dept of Trade and Industry at
agreed levels of lead,cadmium,mercury,       chosen to stamp their packaging. If         Consequently, manufacturers have had            www.dti.gov.uk/innovation/sustai
hexavalent chromium, polybrominated          there’s any doubt, ask your supplier for    to source different materials and               nability or tel. 0207 215 4156,
biphenyl (PBB) and polybrominated            evidence of conformity, which should        develop new engineering processes in            National Weights & Measures
diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants.      be produced upon request. Apparently,       order to continue producing everyday            Laboratory’s RoHS Enforcement
These materials are restricted because       the regulations are being applied very      equipment.                                      Team can be contacted at
they are hazardous to the environment,       strictly within Europe, so everyone                                                         www.rohs.gov.uk        or    tel.
pollute landfills, and are dangerous in      should be aware of them. In the UK          Graphtec’s RoHS project team has                0208 943 7227.
terms of occupational exposure during        many large corporations already             been working on the company’s
manufacturing and recycling. Any             stipulate that products must be RoHS        extensive product range for the last            Graphtec’s range of RoHS
business that manufactures or imports        compliant and require their suppliers to    two years. It has replaced restricted           compliant products can be viewed
applicable electrical products for sale in   provide compliance documentation.           materials in circuit boards and                 at www.graphtecgb.com

   New Perspex Distributor for Yorkshire
                                             Barkston Plastics Ltd, one                 As the largest of the five authorised          relationship with Perspex, which will
                                             of the UK's largest and                    Perspex sub-stockists throughout               enable them to access both the
                                             most comprehensive plastics                the UK, Barkston Plastics Ltd now              extensive Perspex technical support
                                             companies,      has    become              claims the whole of Yorkshire,                 team and the full gamut of Perspex
                                             Yorkshire's only authorised                Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire               products.
                                             Perspex sub-stockist as a result           as its exclusive territory. Both
                                             of an exclusive agreement with             existing and new customers will                For further information visit:
                                             Perspex Ltd.                               benefit from Barkston's close                  www.barkstonltd.co.uk

Sign Directions September 06 | 16
                                                     Step into the big outdoors.
                                                     Outdoor printing within
                                                     easy reach
                                                     Production printing outdoor display graphics is within your reach with the

                                                     Océ CS9000 Series printers. Featuring Océ VariaDot™ Imaging Technology

                                                     to deliver high quality output, production printing speeds and ink economy

                                                     – combined with outdoor durability of up to three years – the Océ CS9000

                                                     Series can produce all kinds of prints for indoor or outdoor display

                                                     graphics applications.

                                                     Just as important, the Océ CS9000 Series meets tough environmental

                                                     demands of most workplaces. Choose Océ Eco-solvent inks which can be

                                                     used in any regular office or small print shop. Or choose Océ Low-solvent

                                                     inks for applications requiring more aggressive solvent performance.

                                                     Add the optional air purification system for

                                                     use with Océ Low-solvent inks to ensure a clean

                                                     and safe working environment.

                                                     There are two models to choose from: the

                                                     228cm wide Océ CS9090 and the 165cm wide

                                                     Océ CS9065. Production outdoor printing for

                                                     any business environment. See this unique

                                                     outdoor proposition at www.oce.com/uk

Whatever the input Océ helps worldwide clients with systems and services for digital printing and document
management, from document creation through to distribution and archiving We take care of the output
  news briefing

     Equipment and Materials
PrintShop becomes Victory Design
a ProductionHouse join AA!
                                                                                   ‘The AA’, The Automobile
                                                                                   Association, has taken a giant
                                                                                   leap into the digital print world,
                                                                                   thanks to Victory Design.

                                                                                   The long-established trade supplier
                                                                                   is providing the AA’s sign division
                                                                                   with the facility to provide full colour
                                                                                   banners, vehicle graphics, point of
                                                                                   sale signage and exhibition stands,
                                                                                   as well as its traditional temporary
                                                                                   road signage.

                                                                                   Victory Design has become one of
Many users will be familiar with         simplifying and improving the print       the sign industry’s most ubiquitous
PosterShop and regard it as the          production process.                       trade suppliers over the past 20
gold standard Onyx RIP software,                                                   years and the company now
however recent developments              For UV flat-bed users, Onyx               provides a wide range of sign and
will now see ProductionHouse             Production House features an all new      digital products, such as hardware,
taking over as the company’s             front-end, with tools for automatic       self adhesive vinyl, garment
flagship RIP. Upgrading to V7 will       rotation and tight nesting of jobs,       decoration films, inks and media as
provide users with speeds of up to 30    custom job placement, printing of         well as a complete print service.          For further information visit:
percent faster and the ability to RIP    flat-bed layouts directly to the print    What’s more, all of its products can       www.victorydesign.co.uk or Tel:
tiles individually. Other new features   queue, white ink support and variable     be viewed and purchased online             01246 570570.
include improved colour, via a new       data. The program’s new cutting tools
profile grading system, which is         are another key benefit. Developed in
compatible with existing V6.5            close conjunction with iCut,
profiles, together with a raft of
additional tools aimed at further
                                         ProductionHouse        has

                                         contour cutting, trimming and
                                         integrated support for the automated      New fastener
                                         finishing of printed output on Zund
                                         iCut tables.The printing of the correct
                                         registration marks, cut lines and tool
                                                                                   family from BigHead
                                         paths are created in a simple three-      The all-new B20 BigHead,
                                         stage process for ease of use.            available in mild or 316 stainless
                                                                                   steel, has been launched in
                                         For a FREE Onyx V.7 Infopack or to        response to customer demand. As
                                         arrange a FREE demonstration,             with all BigHeads,the range is available
                                         contact Tel: 01727 840069 or visit        with a variety of stud profiles and
                                         www.btztechnology.co.uk and               lengths (M1/B20’s) as well as with
                                         www.zund.co.uk                            female hexnuts (F1/B20’s) or collars       fitted with 3mm. nails up to 75mm in
                                                                                   (F2/B20’s). Thread profiles range from     length, or plain 4.75mm. pins up to
                                                                                   M3 to M8, with stud lengths from           50mm in length.
                                                                                   12mm to 100mm.
                                                                                                                              BigBond,the company’s own specialist
                                                                                   The 20mm. diameter head that gives         adhesives range, makes successful
                                                                                   the new fastener its name, produces a      surface mounting of the new fastener
                                                                                   true multi-purpose fastening solution,     a simple and effective design option
                                                                                   already being incorporated into            for virtually any substrate, whilst its
                                                                                   composites and metal fabrications. Its     high performance two-part acrylic
                                                                                   compact dimensions and high lateral        adhesive, achieves a shear strength
                                                                                   stress-resistance when bonded, glued       rating of 3500 lbs./sq.in.
                                                                                   or moulded-in, enables engineers to
                                                                                   design a very strong fixing point in       Further details and FREE samples
                                                                                   inaccessible and complex installations.    are available on request: Tel:
                                                                                   In addition to the standard male and       01202     574601      or   email
                                                                                   female thread options, the B20 can be      info@bighead.co.uk

Sign Directions September 06 | 18
Sign Directions July/Aug 06 | 17
  news briefing

     Equipment and Materials
New Lyson inks New
for the Mimaki LaserPro Gaia

                                                                                 Another top laser engraver has             maintenance, user friendly and
                                                                                 recently been added to Grafityp            reliable and is packed with features to
                                                                                 UK’s extensive              hardware       enhance production.
                                                                                 portfolio with the introduction of
                                                                                 the GCC LaserPro Gaia. Despite its         The Gaia boasts a large work area of
Nazdar has announced the                                                         rugged appearance, the Gaia is             1300mm x 916mm, which is light
introduction of the new Lyson                                                    capable of producing even the most         illuminated, making it easier to see
1000 and 1300 Series digital                                                     intricate engraving works, whilst also     fine detail, whilst the SmartLID easy
inks, which are specially                                                        offering the capability to cut materials   access feature makes light work of
formulated for use with Mimaki        two years. The 1000 Series is ideal        accurately and smoothly. It can cut        material loading. It is also safe to use,
JV-3 large format digital             for use on back-lit applications, and      through 25mm acrylic in a single           since an interlock design prevents the
printers.                             demonstrates excellent adhesion            pass, with an unmatched clear              laser from firing unless the covers are
                                      and flexibility on most banner vinyls      cutting edge. In summary, the Gaia         properly closed. It is offered in three
The Lyson 1000 Series offers the      and self-adhesive vinyls. In addition,     continues to demonstrate the               power options of 60 watt, 100 watt
widest colour gamut available,        the inks’ fast-drying characteristics      excellent engraving capabilities           and 200 watt and can be used in
producing consistent clean bright     minimise the risk of blocking.             associated with LaserPro machines,         conjunction with a wide range of
colour - the red is particularly                                                 but also offers the added advantage        different substrates.
vibrant - along with superior         The Lyson 1300 Series matches the          of being able to cut materials without
outdoor colour durability for up to   Mimaki OEM inks for the JV-3, thus         the need to swap and change across         For further information e-mail.
                                      eliminating the need for re-profiling.     machines. In addition, it is low           sales@grafityp.co.uk
                                      Both series are available in cyan,
                                      magenta, yellow, black, light cyan
                                      and light magenta, are currently
                                      packaged in bulk quantities and
                                                                               CADlink Launches eStore
                                      require the use of a bulk ink system.    CADlink has launched an e-store to sell      online through CADlink’s secure site.
                                      Details regarding bulk ink systems       sign making design and training
                                      that have been tested and approved       products. Customers can now                  CADlink’s e-store supplies products to
                                      can be obtained from Nazdar digital      purchase Eye Candy 4000 software,            enhance a user’s current software. For
                                      ink distributors,                        Xenofex 2 software, Digital Auto             example, customers can increase
                                                                               Library, Fantastic Signs, Fantastic Fills,   SignLab’s power by adding special
                                      In common with all Nazdar digital        Fantastic Fonts, and SignLab University      effects tools, sign templates, vehicle
                                      inks, the company’s Lyson brand inks     Training CDs directly from the               templates, fills, and fonts to improve
                                      are backed by a warranty which will      CADlink web site. CADlink’s current          their designs. All of the products sold
                                      re-imburse the user for the repair to    products, SignLab, EngraveLab,               online are guaranteed to work
                                      the ink supply system, in the unlikely   ProfileLab, and PhotoScript Digital          seamlessly with SignLab and other
                                      event of any damage being                Factory will continue to be sold by          CADlink software, however some
                                      sustained.                               industry dealers, and by various             of the products will also work with
                                                                               hardware technology partners in              other design applications. For
                                      For further information visit            OEM form, but now third party                further        information       visit:
                                      www.nazdar.com.                          applications are available to customers      www.cadlink.com/store .

Sign Directions September 06 | 20
                                                                   TAKE IT EASY
                                                ORDER NEW AVERY® MPI 1004 EASY APPLY NOW!

New Avery® MPI 1004 Easy Apply makes your life a lot easier. It offers you great print quality, easy application and clean removability in
one. This makes new Avery® Easy Apply the number one choice for perfect long-term applications. Use it together with Avery® DOL 1030 3D-
Laminate and you’ll have a construction that’s easy to work with. Visit www.europe.averygraphics.com to find out more.

                                                                                                                                               Avery Graphics™
                                                                                                                                               and all 06 19
                                                                                                                             Sign Directions July/Augother| Avery brands
                                                                                                                                               are trademarks of the
                                                                                                                                               Avery Dennison Corporation.
news briefing

  Equipment and Materials
Speedy bubble-free New Kentmere films
vehicle wrapping enhance displays                                               City & West End Solutions is
                                                                                extending its portfolio of
                                                                                Kentmere media, with the
                                                                                addition of a brand new line of
                                                                                Opaljet display films, which are
                                                                                aimed predominantly at the
                                                                                exhibition and display sectors.

                                                                                Specifically designed to work with a
                                                                                variety of wide-format printers,
                                                                                including the DesignJet 5500, the
                                                                                new media offers an affordable            microns of multiple front and back
                                                                                solution for the budget-conscious         coatings – a smooth-matt swellable
                                                                                customer who is also looking for          polymeric coating        which     is
                                                                                Kentmere quality.                         bonded onto the film base. This is
Europoint Display is targeting       First to prove the applicator-                                                       specially formulated to accept and
the vehicle graphics market          friendly credentials of Orajet 3551        The Opaljet 350 WBW is a robust tri-      control the bleed of water-based
with a new digital printing          RA is Swansea-based Jay & Dee              exclusion polyester film with an          dye inks. The reverse is coated with
vinyl from Orafol, designed          Ltd who specialise in the large-           internal black layer for maximum          anti-curl and anti-static layers.
specifically to ease the             format digital and screenprint             opacity. It consists of a 310 micron      Opaljet 200 is ideal for roll-up
application of large adjoining       production of vehicle graphics,            base and 40 microns of front and          banners,stands, hanging banners
decals and all-over wraps.           banners and signs. As a thorough           back coatings. Opaljet 350 facilitates    and displays. Both the Opaljet 200
                                     test for the new film Jay & Dee            the production of high quality            and 350 are suitable for standard
Orajet 3551 RA introduces a          printed an abstract wrap design            indoor displays where either a white      dye based printers.
repositionable adhesive coating      on its VUTEk 3360 and then                 backing is preferred, or a stiffer
technology, developed by Orafol,     applied the result as an all-over          material than the usual 300-micron        Kentmers new Opalite 200 replaces
to overcome the applicator's         wrap to a VW Polo car, with great          media is required. It offers a more       the Opalite 175. This product is
biggest enduring headache: air       success.                                   robust      finished    display, in       designed for use on roll-up, penguin
bubbles. Called ‘Rapid Air’, it                                                 comparison         to      traditional    and      similar banner        stand
ensures that any air entrapped       Orajet 3551RA combines a 70                Laminate/photo-base media/Stop-           applications. It is a white Melinex
during the initial application       micron gloss or matt white                 light sandwiches, which are prone         polyester film with a 200-micron
process is removed simply by         polymeric face         film with a         to de-lamination if incorrectly           gauge thickness plus a 20-micron
rubbing it out under the film.       patented textured permanent                handled.                                  receiver layer and 15-micron anti-
                                     solvent acrylic adhesive and a 165                                                   curl and anti-static backcoat. This
With Orajet 3551 RA, pricking out    gsm PE-coated liner. It is suitable        The new Opaljet 200 WBW is a tri-         highly stable base makes Opalite
bubbles becomes a thing of the       for use with all current large-format      exclusion opaque polyester film           200 the perfect media for
past and there is never any need     solvent inkjet printers and can be         with an internal black layer which        applications where dimensional
to peel away and re-apply a decal    supplied with an extensive range           prevents light from passing through       accuracy is critical.
or wrap section to achieve a         of ICC colour profiles. For further        the film and reducing the image
perfect result.                      information Tel: 0161 848 5500             brightness.The base thickness is 165      For further information visit:
                                                                                microns plus approximately 35             www.cwesolutions.co.uk.

                        A FREE gift from Avery!
                        During the months of September and October,             Easy Apply and to emphasise the           rivets. It combines a face film that
                        signmakers can benefit from a special                   importance of providing the correct       facilitates the production of high-
                        promotional offer from Avery Dennison                   temperature to achieve the best           quality printed graphics, with a
                        Graphics and Reflective Products Division.              application results with self-adhesive    permanent, low-tack, repositionable
                        When they buy just one roll of the new Avery MPI        films.                                    adhesive and a grey coating gives
                        1004 Easy Apply self-adhesive cast vinyl film (1.37 x                                             added facefilm opacity and clean,
                        50M) through an Avery Graphics distributor,they will    The new Avery MPI 1004 Easy Apply is      long-term removability. The popular
                        also receive a professional Raytek MiniTemp             a 50 micron gloss white cast vinyl        Avery Easy Apply technology delivers
                        thermometer!                                            suitable for even the most demanding      smooth, bubble-free decal application.
                                                                                applications indoors and out and
                        This special promotional gift is the company's way of   delivers high conformability, even over   For further information visit:
                        both encouraging signmakers to try Avery MPI 1004       compound curves, corrugations and         www.europe.averygraphics.com
                                      5 6 6 78
ÿ    ÿ     Á Â

                         234             234
                                      5      78
    ÃÃ 8 Á Ä"      Á Ä    Ã

     ! " # $Á Ä" %&'
         ( ) "Ä * Ä  + ÃÄ               234
     , - .# - Ä     )Á / " ÃÄ         5:0    78
     0 1ÄÁ# )Á##Á 1  ÁÃÃ / " ÃÄ

                                        .Ã Ä
                                      5:0   78

                                       )- Ä
                                      5:0   78


Putting on the
                                                                                        Hybrid Services,exclusive UK distributor for Mimaki,
                                                                                        celebrates its tenth year of trading with a move into a
                                                                                        glitzy new headquarters. Val Hirst reports
When Peter Mitchell and Phil Thomas                                   Manager, who      Mimaki printers, together with             customers can start recouping the
originally founded Hybrid Services ten                                urges me to       assorted cutters and laminators.           cost     of     their    investment
years ago, to distribute Mimaki cutting                               sample        a                                              immediately. “All of our resellers are
and engraving machines,the verdict of                                 macchiato in      When I espouse the view that               well acquainted with signmakers’
many was that they would have an                                      the      swish,   choosing the right machine is a            needs and understand the sign
uphill struggle to establish the brand,                               upstairs coffee   critical element of a signmaker’s          market,” says Duncan, listing their
which at that time was relatively            lounge. I remark that the building,        success in terms of digital printing,      sign and graphics resellers as AIT,
unknown within the UK. However, l0           with its light filled atrium, wide         Duncan is quick to agree. He says:         Andersons, Granthams, I-Sub Digital,
years later,Hybrid Services is flourishing   staircase and immaculate wood              “That is one reason why the                NCS, Robert         Horne     Group,
and Mimaki is widely acknowledged as         finishes, is more reminiscent of a         showroom is so useful. Customers           Signmaster and Silverskies, and
the company that facilitated solvent         particularly up-market boutique hotel      can come here and test out their files     Millers and Diatec who serve Eire.
inkjet printing in the sign industry,with    than the offices of a hardware supplier    on different machines, using a wide
the launch of its groundbreaking JV3         and Duncan beams. He says: “We             selection of media and then                Before I leave, I catch up with Peter
printer. Now, Hybrid has moved               wanted to have somewhere really            compare the results. Very often            Mitchell and ask whether he and Phil
into glamorous new headquarters,             nice where our resellers and their         companies start off convinced that         had envisaged this level of success
which are designed to provide both           customers could come to trial the          they need a particular printer, and        back in 1996. “It’s what we hoped
its established reseller network and         machines and discuss every aspect of       then, after they’ve had a chance to        would happen,” he says modestly,
Mimaki customers with a superb               their businesses. Added to that, Peter     run out different samples and check        adding that sales have increased
demonstration facility, coupled with         and Phil wanted to provide the staff       out other elements such as speed,          year on year, and show no sign of
probably the best coffee-making              with a pleasant working environment.       ease of use etc. they decide on            waning. He adds: “The market for
facilities that downtown Crewe has           This move has been on the cards for        something quite different. We are          digital printing and, perhaps more
to offer!                                    some years, but it has taken time to       very focused on providing the fit for      surprisingly, cut vinyl is still growing,
                                             find a space large enough to provide       purpose solution, not only because         so it’s as well that we still have some
                                             the necessary room for warehousing         we want Mimaki customers to                extra space available which we can
                                             – we carry over 2,500 stock items for      maximise their machines’ potential         expand into when it becomes
                                             Mimaki products dating back over           but also because a happy customer          necessary!”
                                             |the last l0 years! We also needed         is one that will come back!” Duncan
                                             a showroom big enough to                   goes on to explain that Hybrid             To show off its new home, Hybrid
                                             accommodate the Mimaki machine             regards itself very much as a              has been hosting a series of Open
                                             portfolio,as well as proper office space   solutions provider, rather than a          Days during the Summer, which will
                                             for our team.”                             company who is simply offloading           extend into the Autumn. If you
                                                                                        kit. “For most signmakers,” he says,       receive an invitation, I suggest that
                                             The new building offers all of this in     “the investment in a printer is            you take the opportunity to put the
                                             spades, and whilst the public spaces       probably one of the biggest capital        Mimaki machines through their
                                             are invitingly glossy, the backroom        investments he or she will make, so        paces and I can thoroughly
                                             areas are no less thoughtfully             it’s essential that it is right in every   recommend the coffee – the
                                             planned. Boasting an impressive            respect.” Hybrid’s resellers have also     macchiato is really excellent!
Invited to visit in order to enjoy a         150,000 cubic feet of warehousing          been selected on the basis that they
special sneak preview, I am guided           space, the building also has a large       are able to provide both a high level      For   further      information
around this splendid new facility by         showroom area, which, at the time of       of initial service and as much after       on       Mimaki          visit:
Duncan Jefferies, Hybrid’s Marketing         my visit was home to a dozen or so         care as is needed to ensure that           www.hybridservices.co.uk

Sign Directions September 06 | 24
    The new Mimaki JV5
   large format solvent inkjet printer

      Unbelievable print
    speeds, quality, range
      of solvent inks and
     production features.

       But don’t just take
        our word for it,
         come and see
          for yourself.

       To view the new JV5 with
         Mimaki’s exclusive UK
        distributor, telephone:

        01270 501 900

             JV5 Series

                                         Sign Directions July/Aug 06 | 23
  Sign UK 2006

The Industry
If you attended this year’s Sign UK event at the NEC during
May,you may have been amongst the 1,500 respondents to a
survey commissioned by the show’s oerganisers,Faversham
House Group. Val Hirst Reports…
I don’t know about you,but I’m a sucker       interested in the questions. The results    In addition to gathering views on Sign      thought it would be not quite as good
for surveys. Whenever I’m accosted by         of the survey, which was actually           UK and its future direction, the survey     as last year.
one of the market researchers who lurk        carried out by Vivid Interface, an          was also designed to reveal buying
in my local shopping centre at                independent        market        research   trends and areas of potential growth        Rounding off the survey, Faversham
weekends, complete with officious             specialist accredited by the Market         within the sector. What the survey          House Group asked respondents about
looking clipboards, I always agree to         Research Society of Great Britain, make     revealed was that whilst many               the profile of the show, in particular the
answer their questions. Sadly,once they       interesting reading. In total, there were   companies had already made                  ratio of digital printing equipment to
ascertain that I work ‘in the media’I am      over 1,500 respondents drawn from           significant capital purchases, the          sign making kit. 56 percent said that the
politely rebuffed. This is always             show visitors, registered non-              average estimated future spend per          balance was right and that they see the
disappointing,          particularly    if    attendees and those who neither             company was still going to be £84,000       show as important in making
participation is going to be rewarded         attended nor expressed an interest in       over the next twelve months, with six       purchasing and business decisions.
with a free sample or, better still, a        the event.        Over half of the          percent predicting that they will spend
money off voucher! In fact, I have to         respondents were an owner, partner          in excess of £500,000! Budgets for          All of this must indeed be music to
admit, that on occasion, when the             or director and three-quarters had sole     consumables are also significant, with      Faversham House Group’s ears. And
‘reward’ has been a particularly              or joint responsibility for making or       the average spend for the coming year       whilst I am sure that industry suppliers
tempting one, I’ve neglected to               planning purchases. Fortuitously for        totalling in excess of £53,000, and 23      will be delighted to learn that the
mention my media connections and              Faversham House, 84 percent revealed        percent predicting that they will blow      industry is planning to spend, spend,
have simply passed myself off as              that they were very happy with the          in excess of £100,000.                      spend over the coming months, the
someone who ‘works with computers’.           format of Sign UK, rating it as either                                                  fact remains that 1,500 is a fairly small
This is, after all, not a huge deception,     good or excellent, and 74 percent said      Over half of the respondents said they      number in terms of the wider sign and
but a fairly literal description of what I    they would either definitely,or possibly    would be reviewing their suppliers          graphic sectors. If you failed to
actually do most days. I then go on to        return next year.                           within three months of visiting the         respond to the survey, but have a view
provide all of the ‘correct’answers – well,                                               show, with 17 percent claiming that         on either the exhibition,or the industry
I can usually spot what it is they are        Spring was confirmed as the best time       they review this side of their business     generally, that you would like to
trying to find out – before gleefully         of year to stage the show, with 59          every month. And, whilst 61 percent of      express more fully, please e-mail your
claiming my prize. I also try not to feel     percent of all respondents choosing         respondents already own a digital           responses direct to me at
too guilty that the results of the survey     the month of May as ideal. Earlier          printer, 51 percent of this total plan to   signdirections@btconnect.com. A
are going to be ever so slightly skewed!      months scored very low, with April          replace, upgrade or buy an additional       selection of your e-mails will appear in
                                              polling only eight percent, although it     one within the next twelve months. Of       the next issue. And you never know,by
So naturally, whilst exhibiting at Sign       was highlighted as the second best          respondents who do not currently own        then I might even have been able to
UK, I was determined to take part in          time for the show to take place.            one, 23 percent said they would buy a       rustle up a nice little reward for
the survey commissioned by                                                                digital printer within the year, and a      everyone who replies!
Faversham House Group, which was              Although weekend opening has been           further 25 percent are considering it.
designed to find out not only what            a major topic of conversation                                                           Sign UK 2007 will take place from 1-
visitors thought about the exhibition,        throughout the industry, the survey         Particularly encouraging was the            3 May at the NEC in Birmingham.For
but also to gather general industry           revealed, surprisingly perhaps, that this   statistic that showed that 66 per cent      further       information       visit
information. I had to borrow someone          is not in demand.Saturday and Sunday        of respondents expect business to be        www.signuk.com or call Rudi
else’s badge in order to participate and      open days only polled 7 and 6 percent       better in the next 12 months. Twenty        Blackett at Faversham House Group
on this occasion, my answers were             respectively, with mid-week remaining       seven percent think it will, in fact, be    on +44 (0)208 651 7112 email:
totally random, as I was more                 the overwhelming preference.                much better and only five percent           rudi.blackett@fav-house.com.

Sign Directions September 06 | 26
Are you
getting the most
from your vinyl
Using your existing cutter, a heat press and our
market leading range of garment vinyls, you can
generate extra business by producing one-off
and volume runs of logos for application to a
huge range of garments and accessories.
 G   Sportswear         G   Promotional wear
 G   Workwear           G   Schoolwear

Tel 01332 85 50 85 Fax 01332 85 50 80

Sign onHere!
These days,retailers are fast realising that static point-of-sale signage no longer cuts the mustard and are thus looking for more
dynamic and flexible alternatives. Following the formation of its new Digital Signage and Optical Systems Division,3M is one of
the companies behind the rapid global expansion of this exciting new medium. Mike Connolly visits 3M to find out more.
Although new to Europe, 3M Digital        100 clients in 23 countries. Through       UK, there had been tremendous              support complete ‘active signage’
Signage was, in fact, first established   3M Digital Signage in the UK, a team       customer and reseller interest in the      installations at both a national and
15 years ago in the United States         of specially trained technical and         company’s digital signage solutions.       international level.”
following 3M’s acquisition of Mercury     marketing personnel, headed by             He says:“We are now well positioned
Online Solutions and its FRED content     Sales and Marketing Manager, Simon         to gain a high market share,               When asked why digital signage
management software. A pioneer in         Birkenhead, will now support the           particularly in the relatively             offers so many new and tangible
the digital signage market since 1996,    growing demand for this technology         untouched corporate and education          advantages over traditional static
Mercury Online acquired FRED in           throughout the UK and Continental          sectors. 3M is uniquely placed to          signage, Simon stresses that digital
2003 and to date, this software has       Europe.                                    target these markets, since it has the     solutions have already provided a
been used to drive over 6,000 screens                                                size, heritage and credibility to assure   more seductive messaging format,
and interactive kiosks across             As Simon explains, prior to the official   customers that they are dealing with       which in turn provokes a
thousands of locations for more than      launch of 3M Digital Signage in the        a company that can manage and              commensurately faster response

                                                                   Details and dealer addresses under: www.open-your-eyes-online.com
                                                                                                                                     media provider MediaZest as an
                                                                                                                                     approved reseller for all 3M digital
                                                                                                                                     display products.

                                                                                                                                     A 3M partner of 30 years standing and
                                                                                                                                     the company’s largest in Europe for the
                                                                                                                                     supply of commercial graphics
                                                                                                                                     solutions, SSDM has been quick to
                                            3M Visual Systems with its range of         can be cut to any specification, thus        realise the possibilities of this new
                                            digital projectors. Simon says:’3M          offering designers the creative freedom      medium. SSDM’s New Business
                                            Digital Signage brings together all of      to move away from the traditional            Development Manager, Jeremy
                                            the technologies which create               squared screens and create new and           Coonan,says:"Nowadays,retailers need
                                            innovative digital signage solutions.”      more interesting configurations. Static      to attract the attention of both
                                                                                        or scrolling text and multiple images        dedicated shoppers and the casual
                                            When combined with 3M Digital               can also be projected on to the display      passer-by. Products such as the 3M
                                            software, 3M Vikuiti rear-projection        film simultaneously, to draw attention       Vikuiti are ideal for this because they
                                            films and screens provide an ideal          to a particular promotion or even to         are controlled from a central server.
                                            integrated medium through which to          entice potential customers into a store.     This means that they can be sent
from its target audiences. He adds:“It      deliver multimedia messages. The                                                         across the globe and used
also offers improved accountability         software supplies advanced content          The film matches the performance             simultaneously at multiple store
and       significant     incremental       and         network         management      criteria of the Vikuiti rear-projection      locations, or alternatively, can be
profitability. Its key benefits were        functionality across networks of any        screen to produce images with                individually customised to provide a
defined primarily as its ability to carry   size or complexity. It is also compatible   excellent levels of definition and           truly cohesive and flexible marketing
out tactical marketing by audience          with all popular media file formats and     resolution and minimum reflection.           campaign.”
segment; to provide increased visual        offers the ability to divide screens into   These visual characteristics are
impact through the use of more eye-         multiple content ‘zones’, as well as        supported by a 180-degree viewing            Simon considers sign and graphic
catching, animated content and              incorporating live data feeds such as       capability, allowing content to be           producers to be in the best possible
greater speed and immediacy in the          weather or news reports. Simon              viewed from long distances and at all        position to drive this technology
creation and deployment of new              continues: “One of the key benefits of      angles.                                      forward. He states: ‘Signmakers must
messages. Further, it facilitates           3M Digital software for in-store                                                         get involved now if they want to keep
automated playback without the              marketers is the assurance of reliable      A major benefit for in-store marketers is    abreast of developments and benefit
need for human interaction and, last        message compliance. The software            that content can be accurately               from the huge additional revenues that
but not least, enables the creation of      offers the ability to accurately schedule   scheduled in advance at each store           digital signage solutions can bring. 3M
a more effective medium through             playlists in advance, across multiple       location, whilst the impact of               would be more than happy to work in
which to test marketing messages            screens and locations, to enable            promotions can also be accurately            partnership with such companies.”
and assess their impact.”                   retailers to update or vary promotions      assessed, as sales can be monitored as
                                            throughout the day, in line with the        the messages change.                         As to the future, Simon predicts that in
In the UK, 3M Digital Signage is            changing customer profile.’                                                              as little as five years’ time, digital
working closely with other 3M                                                           Although currently dealing direct with       signage will not be perceived as a
companies to offer products that are        Indeed, the 3M Vikuiti rear-projection      end users, 3M Digital Signage                separate entity but as part of an
relevant to the digital display market.     film enables retailers and others to        Solutions’ preferred route to market is      integrated sign package. That being
These include 3M Optical Systems            infuse a new level of energy into           via Certified Value Added Resellers and      the case, get your dialing finger
with its Vikuiti XRVS rear-projection       displays, which in turn helps to capture    established sign and graphics                working now!
screens and window films, 3M Touch          and inspire customer attention.The film     producers such as SSDM,William Smith
Systems with its MicroTouch                 features a self-adhesive coating for easy   and VGL. Earlier this year, 3M Digital       For further information contact Simon
interactive monitors and sensors and        attachment to any glass surface and         Signage appointed the creative digital       Birkenhead on 01344 858368.

                                                                                                                         Reynobond® XXL
                                                                                                                    The established format
                                                                                                                         for creative designs

                                                                                                   With Reynobond® XXL we offer you aluminium composite panels in the ideal width for
                                                                                                   further processing. Excellently suited for digital printing or photo reproduction, screen-
                                                                                                  printing, application of adhesive films, and post-painting using the liquid spray technique.
                                                                                                  But width alone is not everything. With 2000 mm wide Reynobond® XXL you get top
                                                                                                 quality from the international market leader, you can choose from attractive surface
                                                                                                 finishes, and you always have access to our know-how.

                                                                                                                                            Dedicated to your Success
Cover Story

Perfect for Purpose
Signbox is no stranger to the Sign Industry Awards,having notched up an impressive series of wins over the last
four years. This year,its sleekly sophisticated signing for City Place House bagged it the Interior Sign of the Year
Award. Zinnia Cordell visits the company’s Egham based headquarters to find out what makes it tick.
Any visitor to the Signbox              passion of the company’s founders,    Mark explains: “We initially          Mark reflects:“We wanted to be in a
headquarters in Egham, Surrey is        Mark Bartlett and Matthew Wilkins,    set Signbox up to cater for the       position to manage tenders
immediately impressed by the            for excellent design combined with    short run vinyl graphic market, but   throughout an entire project, so
company’s        reception      area.   the highest possible quality,         both Matthew and I, with our          that we could ensure a truly
Unsurprisingly, perhaps, this is a      informs everything they do.           backgrounds in architecture and       consistent      design    solution
testament to its impeccable design                                            engineering, were primarily drawn     throughout. A joint venture with
credentials. However, progress a        Mark and Matthew first discovered     to the A+D industry where there is    Shopkit Designs enabled us to pool
little further, and it becomes          their common interest in              a great potential for well designed   our design and engineering skills
obvious that the same adherence         architecture when they were           wayfinding schemes.”                  to develop Signkit, a complete
to the principles of good design,       piloting franchise opportunities                                            system of components, which are
combined with a painstaking             during the development of Sign        Very soon, the duo became             precision engineered to suit the
attention to detail, permeates far      Language, a business wholly           involved with several new             display of signs and media.”
beyond the public areas and into        owned by 3M. At the same time,        sign systems and conceived the
the high tech assembly facility and     they also identified a niche in the   idea of producing a complete          In fact, Signkit is just one of
the warehouse, both of which            market for creative, well designed    system of components, which           Signbox’s many USPs and
display a perfect fusion of form and    sign solutions, of the kind that      could fulfil all the signage          continues to spearhead its desire
function. First established 21 years    would appeal to architects and        requirements of an entire             for   innovation. The        latest
ago in 1985, it is obvious that the     design/build agencies.                building.                             development in the Signkit range is

Sign Directions September 06 | 30
an LED illuminated emergency fire         Grand Prix collection and perfectly     signs in such a dark environment.       company its second Interior Sign of
exit sign, which is supremely energy      illustrated how the clever use of       Not only did we have to consider        the Year Award and demonstrates
efficient, offering an expected life of   graphics can enhance any                how we could illuminate the signage     just how well signage can work in
between 40,000 and 60,000 hours.          environment.                            to make it visible, we also had to      tandem with architecture.
                                                                                  ensure that it was subtle enough not
“LED technology has enabled us to         The following year, Signbox scored a    to detract from the exhibits in any     “We were originally contacted by
develop the Signkit range even            hat trick, winning no less than three   way. By using LEDs we were able to      architectural practice Haddon Few
further,” continues Mark. “Energy         awards, this time the Best interior     create a high degree of contrast        Montuschi who had designed a
efficiency is increasingly essential to   Sign, in respect of its work at the     between the text and background,        contemporary and inspirational
the environment and LEDs combine          London Aquarium, a project that         without disturbing the overall          entrance to City Place House,”
low emissions with a long life            also netted it the highly coveted       ambience of this popular London         remembers Mark. “Mike Montuschi
capability.”                              Sign Design Award. In addition, it      attraction.”                            explained that the existing entrance
                                          was highly commended for its DDS                                                hall, although rich in marble walls
Perhaps more than any other               compliant wayfinding scheme at Sir      Mark and Matthew’s talent for           and granite floor, lacked any real
company, Signbox has certainly            Harold Hillier Gardens. This was, in    designing signage which enhances,       character and needed an ‘injection
benefited from the Sign Industry          fact, a real coup, since the project    underlines their continuing passion     of life.’”
Awards competition, which is now in       had not originally even been            for good architecture. Both believe
its fifth year. In 2003, the company      entered in this category, but so        that well designed signage should       To remain sympathetic to the original
won the Sign Design Award for its         impressed the judges with its simple    both welcome and inform and no          Chicago style architecture, it was
work on the Williams F1 Grand Prix        design and clarity, that they awarded   where is this demonstrated better       suggested that a combination of light
Engineering Conference Centre in          it the accolade anyway!                 than at City Place House, where their   and glass be used. Signbox embraced
Wantage, Oxfordshire, for interior                                                beautifully conceived and expertly      the initial designs and suggested
signs      and      displays,   which     “We were thrilled to win the two        engineered scheme was decreed by        using traditional materials and
complemented           the    exacting    awards for the London Aquarium          the judges of the 2006 Sign Industry    modern engineering to achieve the
standards of Williams F1 Grand Prix       project on the South Bank, as it        Awards, to be, quite simply, perfect    desired aesthetically pleasing result.
Engineering. Its elegant wayfinding       showcased many of our skills,”          for its purpose. The scheme,
scheme, together with the large           enthuses Mark. “It was a real           supplied      as    part   of    the    As part of the building’s
format, digitally printed displays,       challenge to create a scheme            refurbishment of one of London’s        refurbishment, the reception area
formed the backdrop to the main           incorporating tactile and Braille       landmark buildings, won the             was to be transformed, with the

                                                                                                                             Sign Directions September 06 | 31
Cover Story

addition of a new 1930s art deco       illuminated with changing colours.      rear. Using fused
style reception desk, complete with    The atrium has thus become a            glass meant a
an illuminated purple front and a      tranquil oasis of clam.The cubes are    three dimensional
tenant directory centred behind it.    also visible from the open landings     effect could be
To keep faith with the style of the    of the ten storey building and serve    achieved,        in
desk, Signbox used a glass tenants’    to entice staff down to the raised      keeping with the
directory, simply mounted on to an     stage area of the atrium.               ripples of the
illuminated textured glass panel,                                              water in the cubes.
some three metres high and 1.3         To complement the colourful
metres wide. In addition, similar      cubes, Signbox designed and             The complete installation required
sized panels, illuminated by           manufactured a full width,              Diamond drilling of the granite and
concealed up lighters, were also       illuminated structural mast system,     chemical fixing of the stainless
created, to accentuate the three       over eight metres wide, to provide      steel glass support. The glass
marble recesses in the reception       a suitably fitting backdrop.            panels were also manufactured
area and to frame two plasma           However there were a few                from toughened and laminated
display screens. To support the        technical requirements which had        glass.
glass panels, Signbox designed and     to be addressed. The glass
manufactured bespoke brushed           screening required structural           “The project took about four
stainless steel fixings.               calculations taking into account        months to complete and it was a
                                       the weight of the glass and the         real labour of love,“ muses Mark.“It
Five textured glass panels, slightly   safety of staff. Another requirement    was a fantastic job to work on, as it
overlapping each other, were also      was the ease of accessibility to the    shows how well the right signage
used in the reception area to create   building’s        mechanical     and    can work with contemporary
a stylish branding for the building    electrical services, which were         architecture.The feedback from the
and to further embellish the           hidden behind the screen.               Interior Sign of the Year Award was
impressive      entrance.    Again,                                            also very positive – it was definitely    competition is fierce, however Mark
concealed uplighters were used to      “To satisfy health and safety           one to be very proud of.”                 has developed an alternative ethos.
illuminate the fused glass lettering   regulations the 13 illuminated                                                    He says:“Design is the pulse which
and to imbue the slightly austere      textured glass panels had to be         Over the last 21 years, Signbox’s         powers Signbox, that and our
space with a subtle warmth.            laminated,” explains Matthew.“The       reputation within the hotel and           passion for quality. We are very
                                       two ends of the screen also had to      leisure sector has spread to the          aware of our competition and the
The atrium area, although already      be hinged, to allow access for          extent that it is now working on          need to keep moving forward with
saturated in ambient light from its    maintenance, which provided a           projects in Barcelona, Venice,            new initiatives and ideas. But most
glass panelled ceiling, was                                 .
                                       satisfactory solution”                  Florence, Geneva and New York!            importantly, we need to keep
completely redundant. Haddon                                                   And, by the end of the year, the          producing quality designed signs
Few Montuschi was therefore faced      In order for Signbox to create the      company will be launching a fully         which direct and inform and do it
with the task of making this into a    required ambience, as well as           e-commerce website. Its secret?           beautifully.” And you can’t get
pleasant and comfortable break-        complementing the building’s            Well, as every reader knows, the          better than that!
out area. This was achieved by         interior design and architecture, all   overriding philosophy within the
using clear Perspex cubes,             the panels were produced with a         Sign Industry is that it’s best to play   For further information visit:
containing     jets   of     water,    textured finish, sandblasted to the     your cards close to your chest, as        www.signbox.co.uk

Sign Directions September 06 || 32
    Sign Directions July/Aug 06 30
                                            In the world of signs, displays and point of sale it’s really important to stand out
Service, support and a                      from the crowd.

                                            At Perspex Distribution we think it’s important for us to stand out from the crowd too –
 range that stands out                      by offering a wide range of quality plastics, an experienced team of sales, technical and
                                            service professionals and of course by being the leading UK supplier of Perspex® from
                                            Lucite® acrylic sheet – a material that is outstanding in every way.
      from the crowd.                       Give us a call – we can help your business stand out from the crowd.

                                            Contact your regional office:
                                            North:       01254 272800           email: sales.blackburn@perspex.co.uk
                                            Midlands:    01827 263900           email: sales.tamworth@perspex.co.uk
                                            South:       01245 232800           email: sales.chelmsford@perspex.co.uk

 All recruitment advertising placed in Sign Directions now goes online at

               - the UK’s premier web site for the sign industry.

        Call Dawn Seager on 01159 241507 for full details.
 Special Feature

With Modular
In Mind
Modular off-the-shelf sign systems can provide the
foundation for an infinite range of signage and display
solutions that are both extremely cost-effective and
architecturally appealing.They have the ability to blend
seamlessly into customised corporate signage programmes
and are universally adopted for information and directional
purposes In this two-part feature.Mike Connolly highlights
some recent projects,whilst also providing details on recently
launched systems and tried-and-tested alternatives,
including those used for flexible-faced signage applications.

Game on at Gala
                                    Recent amendments to the
                                    Gaming Act, which facilitate
                                    instantaneous membership,
                                    meant that customers had to be
                                    informed about the changes.
                                    Accordingly, Gala Casinos
                                    commissioned Coutts Arken to
                                    help it convey the new

                                    Coutts Arken supplied a neat lectern
                                    display, featuring a distinctive poster
                                    to provide plenty of impact. An           company also developed and           Gala also wanted to create static
                                    application card holder and pen           supplied freestanding display        illuminated screens to provide the
                                    holder were also incorporated, as         systems to help manage queuing       effect of a plasma display. but
                                    the lectern was designed to inform        and to aid navigation, together      without the associated expense.
                                    customers that copies of the new          with    atmospheric’      lightbox   The result is a bank of lightboxes
                                    legislation were available upon           displays, which form a ‘snake-       holding static graphics with a
                                    completion of a card.                     shaped’ line across the casino and   high-tech appearance, which can
                                                                              help to create an authentic ‘Las     be updated regularly and provide
                                    The unit was described as a tactical      Vegas’ ambience. The displays        up-to-the-minute information
                                    piece of signage, but represented a       feature         remote-controlled
                                    small part of the overall work            dimmers, swivel lights and           For further information visit:
                                    carried out by Coutts Arken. The          interchangeable graphic elements.    www.couttsarken.com

Sign Directions September 06 | 34
                                                                         Modular Sign Systems
Trilogy of achievements                                                             Stylos points the way
for Signsystems
Modular sign and display systems          mounted,suspended,projecting and
                                                                                    at Widnes Greenway
                                                                                    Leading sign and graphics solutions
from Signsystems have recently            freestanding formats.                     specialist, William Smith, has
been specified for three prime                                                      recently supplied Stylos fingerpost
London locations.                         For    further    information,            units to Halton Borough Council for
                                          www.signsystemsltd.com                    signage throughout the eight
At the new National Express coach                                                   kilometre-long Greenway, a shared
terminal at Heathrow Airport, the                                                   walking and cycling route.
Paneltexwing         system    from
Signsystems was specified for all                                                   The Greenway was developed to
wall-and      post-mounted      and                                                 provide sustainable transport to the
suspended applications,whilst at the                                                Widnes        waterfront     Economic
newly refurbished Roundhouse                                                        Development Zone and Halton                    necessary replacements as a result of
building in Camden Town features                                                    Borough        Council’s    Purchasing         acts of vandalism and graffiti attack.We
Artemis, Cristallo, Showcae wsm and                                                 Manager,Jo Brussells,was asked by the          will certainly be using the Stylos system
Hoff display systems. Meanwhile                                                     Transport & Policy Department to               for other areas of the Greenway.’
Artemis and Fristem solutions were                                                  research the types of sign available.She
used for all of the signage at the                                                  explains: “Something distinctive was           Stylos fingerposts can be supplied
Wimbledon School of Art. The                                                        required to make the signage stand             either as complete units or in
Artemis system was inventively used                                                 out from that used on similar routes           component form. The fingerposts are
to create directories as well as                                                    and, having seen the Stylos units              designed to point in eight different
projecting and suspended signs and                                                  installed at nearby St Helens, I felt they     directions. A concealed internal fixing
doorplates.                                                                         more than met this requirement.’               system, comprising an inner post into
                                                                                                                                   which the pre-drilled aluminium arms
The latest system to be developed by                                                The Stylos units supplied are stove-           are secured into position, reduces the
Signsystems is Alphacurve, which                                                    enamelled black, complemented with             possibility of vandalism. The robust
offers a total of 13 different                                                      engineering grade reflective lettering         arms cannot be tampered with and the
configurations for both internal and                                                in white and feature a ‘Polo Mint’-style       fingers, which can be set either at one
external applications and accepts a                                                 finial. The units installed at key points      height or at different levels, cannot be
choice of paper inserts with pop-out                                                along the Greenway direct walkers and          twisted once they are in position.
covers, foamed PVC and aluminium                                                    cyclists to the waterfront, as well as to
sheet panels. It is available in a wide                                             key locations in Widnes town centre.           For areas of poor lighting and where
range of sizes and includes door-                                                   Martin Mookerji of Halton BC’s                 good visual contact with signage is
                                                                                    Transport & Policy Department                  required, the Stylos units are available
                                                                                    comments: ‘The Stylos units look               in an illuminated version.
                                                                                    impressive and we are pleased with the
                                                                                    overall result. Significantly, the cost will   For further information, visit
                                                                                    not restrict us from carrying out any          www.williamsmith.co.uk

                                          Guiding the way to Thermae Bath Spa
                                          project, which recently opened its        Described as being ‘straightforward but
                                          doors to visitors eager to bathe, once    elegant’, the signs were produced on
                                          again, in the UK’s only natural thermal   opaque acrylic, using just two of the ID
                                          waters.The long-awaited development       colours (light blue and dark blue).Some
                                          has involved the restoration of five      of the signs also feature stainless steel
Bath-based design company,                heritage      buildings    and      the   lettering to echo the architecture of the
Mytton Williams, has collaborated         construction of a remarkable glass and    building and to evoke a feeling of
with local sign specialist, Alpha         stone building.The signs, which had to    calmness and relaxation.The ID symbol
Sign    Systems. to       design,         endure all predicted environmental        designed by Mytton Williams reflects
manufacture and install all of the        factors and take into account RNIB        the most fundamental aspect of the
internal signage for the Thermae          standards for new public buildings, as    spa and represents steam rising from
Bath Spa.                                 well as being DDA compliant, were         the water. The words ‘Thermae Bath
                                          manufactured by Alpha Signs,who has       Spa’- ‘thermae’means ‘public baths’and
Mytton Williams was responsible for       worked with Mytton Williams on a          dates back to the Roman occupation –           For further information, visit
creating and developing the entire        number of signage projects during the     are fittingly rendered in a Roman              www.alphasignsystems.com and
visual identity for this landmark         past five years.                          classical script.                              www.myttonwilliams.co.uk

                                                                                                                                        Sign Directions September 06 | 35
 Special Feature                                                                               Modular Sign Systems

With Modular In Mind
New internal
signage solution
An innovative and cost-effective
internal signage solution is now
available from Albion Design &
Fabrication. Called VISIGN, it
comprises an extrusion with
hidden fixings and two bevelled
glass panels within which paper or
other substrates can be safely
housed. Available in A3, A4 and A6
sizes, VISIGN can be face-fixed
within one or two extrusions,            Albion accommodates any of the         inspire more creative display          horizontal bars, supporting feet and
configured as a flag sign or used        components from the company’s          concepts for environments where        various ancillary modules. Lighting
simply as a freestanding display.        popular range of cable and rod         style and versatility are paramount.   and associated refinements can be
                                         suspended display solutions. As the                                           added as required.
Suitable for a wide range of retail      name implies, the elliptical profile   Elypse consists of a slimline
and general display requirements,        of the lightweight aluminium           freestanding or fixed framework        For further information visit:
the Elypse modular system from           extrusions has been designed to        made up of vertical extrusions and     www.albion-manufacturing.com

Committed to the trade                   The range of modular sign
                                         systems     from   trade-only
                                         supplier SignTec is based on
                                         products that have set the
                                         industry standard worldwide.

                                         They include Monoform, which
                                         following the addition of new
                                         aluminium extrusions and a simple
                                         internal tensioning system, can
                                         now be used to produce attractive
                                         symmetrical curved signs in single-
                                         and double-sided freestanding or
                                         wall-mounted formats. Another
                                         favourite is Insertz, which enables    The Slatz directory system, is
                                         signs and graphics to be replaced      another design classic, which can
                                         or updated by simply removing          be used to co-ordinate an entire
                                         the protective anti-glare front        scheme. Available in wall-
                                         panel, using the suction tool          mounted, freestanding, projecting
                                         supplied. Featuring an elegantly-      or suspended single- and double-
                                         curved profile, Insertz accepts any    sided formats, it features a slimmer
                                         flexible material up to 1.75mm         profile combined with all of the
                                         thick and is available off-the-shelf   benefits of the standard Slatz
                                         in a choice of eight industry-         system.
                                         standard sizes or five component
                                         lengths that can be cut to size for    For further information, visit
                                         customised applications.               www.signtec.co.uk

     Sign Directions September 06 | 36
Sign Directions July/Aug 06 | 35
  Special Feature                                                                              Modular Sign Systems

With Modular In Mind
Awkward situations resolved universally
For awkward installations such          With panels inserted from the side,     widths, from 50 to 305mm. Panels        illuminated sign box. For smaller
as those situated beneath               Multitrim is particularly suited to     simply slide into channels within the   applications, there are 60mm square
canopies, between vertical              difficult locations and can be fixed    post profiles, which are available in   and round posts. Two panel spacers
constructions or close to other         directly to most reasonably flat        88 x 44mm half-square, half-round       offer a choice of four attractive
signs, Multitrim profiles from          surfaces without structural supports.   or half-octagonal formats, or           profiles to delineate different areas
Universal Aluminium Systems             The panels are held in place by a       alternatively, clipped together to      of the sign, while panel-edging
offer the ideal solution.               simple acrylic hanging bar (in multi-   form complete 88mm square, round        profiles allow different materials
                                        panel applications, panels are joined   or octagonal configurations.            such as acrylic, foamed pvc or sheet
Quick and easy to fabricate             together using rebates). The profiles                                           aluminium to be used.
and install, Multitrim is similar in    are available in a choice of silver     Each half of a complete post can be
design to Universal’s established       anodised or white or mill finish.       painted in contrasting colours to       Multitrim will also accommodate
Panatrim range of aluminium                                                     provide a customised appearance,        the full range of Universal’s Direx
extrusions and accepts 5mm              Arguably the only post and panel        whilst a 90-degree corner post          panels and the Unilight overhead
panels. It offers a front- or rear-     system to offer a dual-colour post      profile can be coupled to provide       lighting unit.
hung option and features                facility, Universal’s Locate post and   either a half-round or a complete
attractive     curved       profiles,   panel system offers 50 different post   176mm circular post, designed to        For further information, visit
unblemished by fixing screws.           configurations and eight panel          accept     Universal’s    Dualcase      www.universal-aluminium.co.uk

Innovative Window
Frame display solution                                                            Signmakers
UK Point of Sale has introduced
a new decorative Window
Frame display system designed
primarily     for      retailers.
                                        up to 40 x 60 inches. Other sizes
                                        and finishes are supplied to order.
                                        A lockable option is available for
                                        high-security installations.
                                                                                  ‘framed’by Nova
Mounted on either side of the                                                       A choice of three attractive        provides easy access through
window, the system delivers                                                         sign    box     systems    is       removable panels to facilitate
maximum visual impact to                                                            available      from     Nova        easy maintenance of tubes and
promotional campaigns.                                                              Aluminium. They can be              gear trays. Further, the
                                                                                    supplied in either a fully          perimeter cover has an integral
                                                                                    fabricated format complete          ‘gutter’ designed to eliminate
                                                                                    with all electrics and panels       the passage of unsightly
                                                                                    or as bar-length profiles for       watermarks       over      the
                                                                                    on-site assembly.                   decorated sign face.

                                                                                    Novacase is a perfect solution      Signs up to six metres high can
                                        A complementary user-friendly               to both single- and double-         be achieved comfortably and
                                        Slide-in frame system has also              sided illuminated sign box          are reinforced by the presence
                                        been added to the range of                  constructions. As the name          of purpose-designed internal
                                        Aluminium Frame solutions. Like             suggests, Novaslim is a smaller     support      profiles      which
                                        the Window Frame system, the                and slimmer option, whilst          eliminate any bowing when
                                        Slide-in option facilitates fast            Novatrim comprises a suite of       the system is put under
                                        replacement of display material,            profiles for non-illuminated        maximum tension. NOVAFLEX
                                        which     is    protected     from          fascia signs and displays.          is available in 5.1-metre
                                        environmental degradation by a                                                  lengths, in mill finish and white
The Window Frame combines ease          double-sectioned PVC cover. The             Nova Aluminium has also             paint as standard and can also
of use with flexibility, to             frames, which have a 25mm                   added the NOVAFLEX flexible-        be supplied in any standard
accommodate disparate display           profile, are available in five              faced system to its range. This     RAL colour. Fully fabricated
applications and to enable              standard sizes in both portrait and         robust single-sided system          boxes, complete with all
promotional material to be easily       landscape formats. Bespoke                  offers an achievable depth of       electrics and skins, can be
replaced or updated. The frames         designs are also available.                 200mm, making it suitable for       delivered to site on the day of
are supplied with a 32mm profile,                                                   multiple        flexible-faced      installation. For further
mitred corners and an anti-glare        For further information, visit              applications.     A      front-     information,                visit
PVC cover in seven standard sizes       www.ukpos.com                               tensioning     system      also     www.nova-aluminium.com

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Sign Directions July/Aug 06 | 37
   Special Feature                                                                               Modular Sign Systems

 With Modular In Mind                                                  Kestrel flies
                                         Gripping stuff from Signwaves higher
                                         A patented interior display               greater scope for customisaton        A new non-illuminated sign
                                         system from Signwaves enables             and easier access for routine         tensioning system has been
                                         any rigid material up to two              cleaning.                             launched by Kestrel. It
                                         millimetres thick to be fixed to a                                              embodies the same patented
                                         vertical column without the               Suitable for all internal display     technology as the larger
                                         need for mechanical fixings or            situations, Polemorphics comprises    established Springflex 265,
                                         brackets.                                 a pole, base and end cap, A4 and      190 and 140 systems and has
                                                                                   A3 polycarbonate poster holders,      been designed primarily for
                                         Called Polemorphics, the system           leaflet dispensers and header.        banner      installations at
                                         provides a viable and cost effective                                            supermarkets and garage
                                         alternative to traditional cable or       For further information, visit        forecourts.
                                         rod displays whilst also providing        www.signwavesgroup.com
                                                                                                                         Developed as a consequence of
                                                                                                                         customer feedback on a number

Meeting the needs of a changing market
 SignComp has just announced             designated GLOWLINE, which
                                                                                                                         of specification issues, the new
                                                                                                                         system provides all of the known
                                                                                                                         benefits of the existing Springflex
 two        interesting          new     provides enhanced illumination for                                              systems. These include low cost,
 developments. The first, which is       building fascias.                                                               wrinkle-free appearance, easy
 designed     to     facilitate   the                                                                                    loading, fast and reliable
 manufacture of curved and more          SignComp has also added new                                                     tensioning and full-face exposure
 unusual sign faces, is the Econoflex,   single- and double-sided versions                                               but in addition, it also offers a
 which is now available in three         to its ‘Hinge’ box range.                                                       new snap-function access facility,
 widths (220, 195 and 135mm).                                                                                            a slimmer profile, speedier face
 Econoflex sign boxes can also be        For further information, visit                                                  replacement and the ability to fit
 converted into a downlighter box,       www.signcompeurope.com                                                          existing frames.

 Spoilt for choice at Signscape                                                                                          For further information, visit

 Formerly the systems division of
 Signpost Solutions, Signscape
                                         Infocurve is ideal for use as
                                         freestanding,          wall-mounted,                                            A system for
 Systems offers a host of interior
 and exterior modular sign and
 display solutions. The range
           includes Post and Panel, a
                                         projecting        and       suspended
                                         installations.Due to the considerable
                                         internal strength of the system,
                                         monoliths to a height of 3.5m and a
                                                                                                                         all seasons
                                                                                                                         The PSS Flexface system from
           robust all-metal assembly     width of 2.5m are now possible.                                                 Professional Sign Systems
           available from stock in a     Unlike earlier curved sign concepts,                                            enables signmakers to supply
           wide choice of profiles       Infocurve is truly modular and                                                  large oval, circular and the
           and the Fingerpost            provides increased design flexibility                                           other more unusually shaped
           system, which offers a        and      total     interchangeability.                                          signs. The reinforced PVC
           traditional solution for      Infocurve Lite, a more slimline           manufactured                          materials withstand high winds,
           directional         signage   version is available in four standard     to specific sizes                     snow loads, extremes of
           requirements            and   profiles, which can be cut to size and    and supplied                          temperatures       and      other
           includes a variety of arms,   supplied with various components          at depths of                          environmental factors and
           posts,      finials     and   to suit different types of fixing.        50 and 95mm                           provides a drum-tight fit under all
 decorative components. The system                                                 or     150mm                          conditions.
 is also now available in a more         Infotex and Minislats meet the            double sided.
 contemporary design.                    requirement for a more traditional        Posterloc and                         Flexible-faced signs from PSS can
                                         looking slat system. Both provide         Clipframe                             be made to any BS or RAL colour
                                         multiple options for the sign maker,      provide         a                     reference or supplied in a mill
                                         including door panels, suspended          simple and cost-effective method of   finish. The system can be
                                         signs and directories.                    displaying images, whilst Helix       delivered complete with all
                                                                                   provides a slimline and easy-to-use   fitments      for      immediate
                                         Finally, the lockable Lynester security   illuminated display unit which is     installation or supplied in
                                         notice board cabinets can be wall- or     available in both standard and        separate sections for on-site
                                         post-mounted. Providing a robust          bespoke sizes.                        assembly.
                                         and secure solution without
                                         compromising          on     aesthetic    For further information, visit        For further information, visit
                                         appearance. The cabinets are              www.signscape.co.uk                   www.pss.co.uk
Sign Directions September 06 | 40
                                                    Se l
                                                      pt ess
                                                        em 1
                                                          be 5%
                             …MARKET LEADERS IN SIGN ENGINEERING

           Post & Panel
     The system of choice for the sign maker
Call 01934 852 888 or visit www.signscape.co.uk

 The do’s & don’ts of digital                                                           Media first for
  The hard question                                                                     Adwalker platform
  of software              In the fourth part of Sign Directions
                                                                                       Adwalker,has signed an agreement with JCDecaux Airport UK for
                                                                                       the provision of the patented Adwalker digital media platform,
                                                                                       which comes in the form of a unique and patented compact body
                           column on setting up a digital signage                      pack incorporating an LCD screen,wearable computer,touch screen
                           network,Chris Frampton,Director,Head of                     and printer,in specified UK airports,including Heathrow.
                           Sales and Marketing at Dynamax,looks at
                           the 'brains' behind the screens.
 "Screens are the face of a digital         down.     Automatically providing
 signage network and it is essential to     customers with relevant information,
 remember the importance of the             for example,advertising sunglasses in
 software system used to 'broadcast'        sunny weather and umbrellas
 content.                                   when it rains can bring enormous
 "Selecting the right content
 management system is essential if a        “Owners using a network for
 screen network is to turn from a bright
           idea into a viable venture.
           This means not only
           matching the features and
           benefits of the vast array of                                               Adwalker’s digital media platform,offers services and applications that enable
           solutions on offer to your                                                  brand advertising, point-of-sale, games and competitions through to
           needs, but also finding a                                                   coupons and printouts, for marketing activities.
           system robust enough to
           run a reliable network.”                                                    Under the agreement, JCDecaux Airport will sell the Adwalker proposition as
                                                                                       part of JCDecaux’s existing airport advertising portfolio. In an airport media
 "Next consider the screen content          disseminating information will have        first, JCDecaux Airport will utilise Adwalker's converged Media services, which
 and how this will be created and           subtly different needs. It is vital that   includes extending sales opportunities for advertisers such as hotels,theatres,
 turned into playlists. If, for example,    users can create their own content -       airlines, credit cards and car hire through Adwalker's mobile retail channel
 your network is advertising-revenue        perhaps from a gallery of pre-loaded       capabilities.
 driven, will you be running ready-         templates - which can then be
            created adverts? Then you       inserted into a playlist. Templates are    The agreement covers landside and airside territories of BAA owned airports
            will require a solution that    cost-effective way of allowing a non-      at London Heathrow, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen and follows
            can play a wide variety of      creative staff to maintain the             Adwalker’s three-year BAA ‘Access Agreement’ announced in February 2006,
            file types (MPEGs, JPEGs,       information on the screen without          together with and the award of the seven-year BAA airport advertising
            etc).      Most        larger   compromising corporate branding.”          contract to JCDecaux Airport in May 2006.
            advertisers can, however,
            'tweak' creative to a           “Both of these are areas that              For further information visit: www.adwalker.com
            favoured format. 'Back-         Dynamax has focused on when

                                                                                       TPT strengthens team
 office' functions, which make an easy      developing our PointOfView NG
 job of recording slots sold,               content management solution. We
 scheduling         and        providing    wrote the software to include the
 advertisers with proof of play will        back-office capabilities which
 also prove indispensable.”                 media owners need; and due to              Specialist systems integrator,Turning Point Technologies (TPT) has
                                            customer demand the latest release                                strengthened and expanded its technical team by
 “Playlists and schedules become            of the software, PointOfView NG
 more important as networks grow.           v2.0, also includes content creation                              appointing Simon Finch as Technical Analyst.
 Arguably, the medium's greatest            tools.”                                                            Simon has extensive first hand knowledge of the
 strength lies in its instant, dynamic                                                                         graphic arts industry with 20 years experience in the
 nature and the ease with which it can      “Fundamentally, the medium can                                     pre-press and advertising industries, working with
 be integrated in to third party            change the way in which                                            high profile companies such as The Electronic Studio,
 systems. An intelligent system can         companies and organisations                                        Seven, IPC Media and M&C Saatchi.
 make decisions based on data fed           interact with audiences providing
 from your EPOS or stock control            that they have software that                                       For further information visit:www.t-point.co.uk.
 system and keep running costs              delivers results as well as hype.”

Sign Directions September 06 | 42
Going Dutch…
Leading Dutch systems integrator Hecla                   to start what is to be a national rollout, eventually
                                                         bringing 10 of the country’s biggest stations,
Professional Audio & Video Systems has                   including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague,
been contracted by Viacom to develop a                   into Viacom’s inventory.

digital signage solution to roll out across The          Working in conjunction with Dutch narrowcast
Netherlands’railway network.                             specialists Manovra and using a TELentice content       front of the information board can also see the LED
                                                         management system developed by Fujitsu, Hecla           screen. An additional factor is the screen’s fanless
This creates a new advertising business model that       has developed a digital signage solution that will      design, which is important for both silent operation
pivots around a Lighthouse P10 10mm LED video            allow Viacom to broadcast a unique mixture of           and energy efficiency.”
screen situated on the main concourse of Utrecht         realtime video and entertainment news,
Central station.                                         interspersed with advertising to a captive audience.    A famous Dutch art bureau, Holland Central, which
                                                                                                                 has created a plethora of formats for Dutch television
Utrecht, the country’s busiest railway station, has in   The 80 panels of Lighthouse P10 LED screen,             stations, devised the content format for the screen.
excess of 250,000 commuters, and all The                 measuring 6.4m wide x 3.84m high, is housed in a        This comprises approximately 150 loops per day,
Netherlands’ trains passing through it each day.         frame that is custom made by Hecla in the Dutch         each of which is seven minutes in length and
Because of this, it was selected as the ideal location   railway company’s colours and brandishes the            contains a 10 to 50 seconds of commercials, news
                                                         Viacom logo. It is positioned next to the central       items to maximum length of 30 seconds and the
                                                         departure and information board.                        remainder general entertainment.

                                                         “There are some very important reasons for              Viacom recognises the need to embrace the shift
                                                         choosing the Lighthouse screen,” says Hecla’s Jos       from television advertising to this new medium and
                                                         den Hartog. “It had to be lightweight because it’s      believes that advertisers are more interested in, and
                                                         hung from the station roof, which has a particular      will get more return from, this type of captive
                                                         load bearing capacity, whilst producing the correct     audience medium. The fully developed system will
                                                         minimum power.The vertical and horizontal viewing       consist of LED screens in the network of station’s
                                                         angles were also very important, because of the         central halls along with TFT screens on the platforms.
                                                         screen’s position: there has to be an optimum           For further information visit: www.lighthouse-
                                                         vertical viewing angle so that people standing in       tech.com.

  Dynamax and K3 make EPOS integration a reality
  Digital signage specialist Dynamax                       Piloted at this year’s Retail Solutions exhibition,     Dynamax Director, Head of Sales and Marketing,
                                                           the system allows retailers to set up ‘triggers’        Chris Frampton, comments: “EPOS and digital
  Technologies has teamed up with leading                  for certain products in which a sale going              signage integration is something which the
  EPOS supplier,K3,to make the much vaunted                through the till alerts the screen network to           industry has been talking about for a long time,
                                                           show a pre-determined advert or trailer. This           but as yet no one has done much to make it
  integration between EPOS systems and                     would allow, for example, a games retailer to           happen. The benefits to retailers are manifold.
  in-store screen networks a reality.                      show a trailer for the latest game title                Their EPOS systems are often their best source of
                                                           whenever a customer in-store buys a games               customer intelligence, and the chance to plug
  This integration sees Dynamax’s flagship schedule        console. Alternatively, PointOfView NG could            this directly into their in-store marketing activities
  content and broadcasting solution,PointOfView NG,        react to updated stock pricing and show new             can only increase its effectiveness and their sales.”
  integrate seamlessly with K3’s Dynamics software to      prices, avoid advertising out of stock items or
  form an in-store promotion system, which is totally      automatically advertise products that are               For further information please visit
  responsive to the trading environment.                   under-selling.                                          www.dynamax.co.uk

                                                                                                                                     Sign Directions September 06 | 43
         Special Feature

 Lighthouse rocks with the Foo Fighters
   Foo Fighters fans rocked on to Dave Grohl and                                         Three curved columns in a 4x9 panel
                                                                                         configuration graced centre stage, along with
   his band’s high-energy performance at recent                                          various other ground stacked curved screens – an
   gigs in London’s Hyde Park and Manchester.                                            impressive 160 panels of Lighthouse R16 in total.
                                                                                         “The most complicated thing about this was that
   Although the sun blazed and temperatures                                              there was an overnight from Hyde Park up to
   soared,none of the action from the Foos,or                                            Manchester,” explains Phil Mercer, XL Video
                                                                                         project manager for music and live events. “The
   support bands Motorhead,Queens of the                                                 screen needed to be quick and easy to set up and
   Stoneage,Angels & Airwaves and The                                                    also lightweight, because of limited weight
                                                                                         loading on the stage. Lighthouse was the only
   Subways,was lost on XL Video’s Lighthouse                                             screen that could do it all.”
   R16 16mm LED video screens.
                                                                                         Processing was via Lighthouse LIP KXs and Snell &
                                                                                         Wilcox supervisors.“There was one processor per
                                                                                         screen,” continues Mercer. “This was necessary
                                                                                         because at times the central screens made up
                                                                                         one large image and at other times, individual
                                                                                         images were fed to each screen. The whole thing
                                                                                         had to be very flexible – it was a complete matrix
                                                                                         with content dependent on what the video
                                                                                         director was routing to where at any given time in
                                                                                         the show, and included a combination of Catalyst
                                                                                         playback, a lot of camera footage and special

                                                                                         Video direction was the joint responsibility of       Mercer.“We custom build most of the metal work
                                                                                         lighting designer Nathan Wilson and video             for our screens, and can accommodate many
                                                                                         director Rob McShane, both of whom were at the        idiosyncratic or off-beat requests, like the tracking
                                                                                         front of house position. Wilson developed the         screens currently out on Depeche Mode (video
                                                                                         original concept for the curved shape of the          directed by Blue Leach) which are also R16.”
                                                                                         screen, which was taken to XL’s designers to be
                                                                                         translated into reality.“We’re well known for being   For    further     information                visit:
                                                                                         able to cope with unusual configurations,” adds       www.lighthouse-tech.com.

      3M Touch Systems Signs Midwich
                                                                                         3M Touch Systems has chosen                           The 3M monitors will be sold through
                                                                                                                                               professional sales teams based in Midwich's
                                                                                         Midwich Limited as a value added                      Head Office in East Anglia. In addition, a Fast
                                                                                         distributor for its range of MicroTouch               Force sales team will be assigned to engage in
                                                                                                                                               proactive selling. Customers will benefit from a
                                                                                         LCD Touch Monitors in the UK.                         value-added support package with each
                                                                                                                                               monitor sold, including dedicated account
                                                                                         Midwich, Europe's largest AV distributor and          management, access to skilled technical
                                                                                         the UK's leading distributor of AV, digital           specialists, product training, warranty support,
                                                                                         imaging, computing, displays, printing,               marketing support and a range of AV
                                                                                         consumables and peripherals, will market the          installation services.
                                                                                         MicroTouch M150 (15") and M170 (17")
                                                                                         desktop monitors from 3M through its IT               For    further     information     visit
      l to r:Lee Baker,Divisional Manager of Midwich;Darren Lewitt,Director of Midwich   reseller channel for various commercial and           www.3Mtouch.com or www.3m.com/uk/touch
      and Jason Mitchell,UK & Ireland Sales Manager of 3M Touch Systems.                 consumer applications.

Sign Directions September 06 | 44

6 and 12mm Rod    Wide range of Project Fixings   New MiniMicro 1,5mm Cable Range           Edge Grips
                                   .                     .               .

t. 01923 818282   . f. 01923 818280 . e. sales@shopkit.com . www.shopkit.com        D E S I G N S   L I M I T E D

                                     The Longest Life Ever!
                                     Following extensive life testing           percent of initial lumens. When             The secret of the huge lifetime
                                     by Aura of its Ultimate T8 long life       the Aura Ultimate lamps were                achieved lies in Aura’s patented
                                     fluorescent tubes, the company             initially launched at the end of last       cathode shield construction and
                                     has been able to re-define its             year, the Scandinavian company              inside protection layer, which also
                                     service life specification to an           was               characteristically        produces 10 to 12 percent more
                                     outstanding 70,000 hours, over             conservative with its life claims,          light output than a standard
                                     eight and a half times longer than         but is now confidently able to              fluorescent lamp, as well as a better
                                     a standard fluorescent tube.               state the greatly increased                 lumen maintenance throughout its
                                                                                lifetimes based on the extended             service life. It has a high colour
                                     This makes the Aura Ultimate lamps         life testing according to IEC/EN            rendering index (CRI) of 85 percent
                                     from Greenstock by far the longest         60081 testing standards.                    and comes in 18w, 30w, 36w, 36w 1
                                     life fluorescent tubes in the world.                                                   metre, 38w and 58w versions in six
                                                                                Indeed on a 12 hour switching               different colour temperatures from
                                     This quoted life, when running on          cycle, the lamps are shown to               2700K (interior) to 6500K (daylight).
                                     electronic control gear for a warm         achieve a massive 80,000 hours
                                     start, is based on a three hour            life when operated on electronic            For further information visit:
                                     switching cycle calculated to 80           ballasts.                                   www.greenstock.co.uk

When approaching London on the                                                  comments:“Moving a 5.5 metre high
elevated section of the M4,one can                                              logo in one piece was quite a feat and
hardly fail to notice the                                                       it had to be transported during the
architecturally striking Glaxo                                                  early morning, with all the mild steel
SmithKline building. Therefore,                                                 framework bolted onto the rear. It
when the pharmaceutical giant                                                   took some three hours just to move it
wanted to update its signage, it                                                from the factory to the car park at the
turned to A1 Designs to provide                                                 front of the works, which made
something that would achieve high                                               installing it seem like a piece a cake in
impact, without detracting from                                                 comparison!”
the quality of the architecture.
                                     The contract was always going to be        Low maintenance was very high on                                           .
                                                                                                                            illumination to conserve energy”
                                     problematic, not least because of          the list of priorities, so Specialist
                                     the sheer scale of the installation.       Neon Services designed a system             The benefits of the Power Tetra
                                     Glaxo SmithKline also stipulated           using Power Tetra high output LED’s.        system in terms of low energy and
                                     that the sign should be                    Graham Pritchard of SNS, who                long life, far outweighed the
                                     manufactured and assembled on              designed the system says: “In order         additional capital costs of including
                                     the bench and installed in one             to meet customer requirements, we           LED in a sign of this scale and the final
                                     piece, so as to provide the minimum        provided four separate circuits, so         installation has more than achieved
                                     distraction to drivers on the busy         that the light can be increased in          all of the demands made of it.
                                     motorway.                                  the daytime, thus ensuring that
                                                                                even on a bright day, the sign is still     For further information visit:
                                     Mike Cook of Aldesigns, the sign           highly visible. At night, it can be         www.sns@amariplastics.com and
                                     company involved in the product,           dropped to a lower level of                 www. www.aldesigns.co.uk

                                     Unique new fire exit sign
                                     SignBox has recently launched the          or 8mm thick accordingly) with laser        maintenance and consumes 80
                                     Signkit FE LED illuminated emergency       engraved and infilled graphics. Both        percent less power when compared
                                     fire exit, a low voltage fire exit sign,   panels feature a quality silver             to similar T2 systems. It also comes
                                     which is both energy efficient and         anodised aluminium mounting                 complete with an automatic battery
                                     durable. Offering a minimum lifespan       system of a slender modern design.          backup, which ensures three hours of
                                     of 60,000 hrs, the sign features all the   'Signslot' and 'Signblock' versions can     continuous illumination in the event
                                     benefits of LED technology and is          be ceiling or wall mounted.                 of power failure
                                     available in two standard sizes
                                     (480mm x 160mm or 300mm x                  The sign complies with Health &             For further information visit
                                     100mm) or can be bespoke. It               Safety (Safety Signs and Signals)           www.signbox.co.uk or ring 01784
                                     comprises a clear acrylic panel (10mm      regulations 1996, requires no               438688

 Sign Directions September 06 | 46
Much more than                                                                  ICS
                                                A SELECTION


just signs...
                                                    LM CL
                                                FI                        NOT TO BE MISSED!

                                                OCEANS 11
Tetra LEDs          Profile Letters

Fascialine          Crystaline

Trough Lights       Digital Print
                                                   THERE’S NO GAMBLE
                                                   WHEN YOU SPECIFY
                                                     KPMF DURABLE
                                                     MARKING FILMS
Flex Face           Poster Display Units

                                                Probably the world’s most exciting vinyl film-maker
                professional sign systems
                Tel : +44 (0)191 491 1908                Kay Premium Marking Films Ltd
                Fax : +44 (0)191 491 1878         Oakwood Close, Penyfan Industrial Estate, Crumlin
                                                         Newport NP11 3HY Wales, UK
                For instant quotes & ordering                  Tel: +44(0)1495 242300
                www.pss-signs.co.uk                   Email: sales@kpmf.com www.kpmf.com

                Please quote reference SD03

                                                                                        An occasional feature which

My Way
 For West Midlands based Monster
                                                                                        reveals the reasons why
                                                                                        companies select the products
                                                                                        and equipment they use
 Digital, a division of Hollywood
 Signs which was established four
 years ago to offer a wide- and
 grand-format digital print service,
 growth has been consistent. The
 company has just installed an
 additional NUR Fresco 3.2m
 machine as well as an Expedio 5000
 UV-curable ink-jet printer to
 complement its existing armoury             for any display situation.
 of roll-fed and flat-bed machines,
 thus broadening its scope for               Monster Digital’s Simon McKenzie says:
 producing      outdoor    durable           "Although at the time of purchase the
 applications.                               Expedio 5000 was the only machine of
                                             its kind and width available, we would
 Now sporting six digital grand-format       have bought again from NUR in any
 ink-jet printers,together with a range of   case, as we've been successfully using
 finishing equipment, including a 16m        its Fresco solvent-based equipment
 welder, Monster Digital produces            and,more recently,the Tempo printer.In
 everything from external banners            fact, when we started Monster Digital,
 to scaffold wraps and vehicle liveries.     we used a NUR Blueboard for our
 Its     roll-to-roll   machines      are    grand-format work and we feel that
 complemented by a NUR Tempo flat-           familiarity and continuity with our
 bed printer, and the company believes       suppliers is vital for a fast-developing
 that by being able to provide the best      company like ours."
 in both solvent-based and UV-curable
 technologies, it can offer its customers    For further information visit:
 the most suitable type of production        www.nur.com

                                                                                        In the six months that Nadeem              found that since acquiring its Cadet
                                                                                        Aslam has had his UNIFORM                  Plus through specialist wide format
                                                                                        Cadet Plus printer, business has           supplier PrintMAX, the vinyl side of
                                                                                        never been better.                         its business has declined in favour of
                                                                                                                                   digital output. The UNIFORM cadet
                                                                                        Nadeem Signs, a small sign shop            Plus is a 54 inch solvent machine.
                                                                                        situated in Central Manchester, has        Offering both a print and cut system,
                                                                                        seen business increase by 70 percent       it’s an ideal printer for small
                                                                                        and it shows no sign of abating.           companies who want to build their
                                                                                                                                   colour business and great for display
                                                                                        “Since we’ve had the Cadet Plus,           panels, single operation print and
                                                                                        we’ve been able to do all our jobs in-     cut decals, point of sale displays,
                                                                                        house and have made substantial            vehicle liveries, bespoke backlit
                                                                                        cost savings, and in terms of time are     signage and banners. In fact,
                                                                                        far more efficient. It has really made a   Nadeem Signs is now producing
                                                                                        difference to our business,” claims        banners and signs for local
                                                                                        Aslam.                                     restaurants and retailers, as well as
                                                                                                                                   indoor and outdoor display work.
                                                                                        Established just two years ago, to
                                                                                        offer a sign service based around          For further information visit:
                                                                                        vinyl cutting, Nadeem Signs has            www.printmax.co.uk

Sign Directions September 06 | 48
                                           on perforated media without ink            When Rohm GmbH & Co. KG, the
                                           bleeding through to the reverse side       manufacturer and distributor of
                                           of the material. The Jeti3318/600 can      Plexiglas cast and extruded
                                           also print on to a variety of substrates   acrylic sheets, discovered that
                                           including reinforced vinyl, pressure-      customers were experiencing
                                           sensitive vinyl, canvas, fabrics, mesh     difficulties when routing and
                                           and paper. The solvent-based inks          cutting its materials, it turned to
                                           offer UV durability of up to three years   ITC, one of the leading suppliers
                                           depending on the substrate and the         of cutting tools to the acrylic
                                           environment in which the print is          fabrication industry.
Wide format digital print                  used.                                                                                    vast range, which are not only
specialist DPI Print has become                                                       Working with such high quality                capable of cutting the difficult to
the first company in the UK to             Geoff Hall, Managing Director, DPI         material takes its toll on cutting tools      machine materials; they significantly
install a Jeti3318/600 from Océ, a         Print, observes:“The Jeti3318/600 will     and can provide poor surface finish           improve surface finishes too, which,
move that it hopes will help open          become a key part of our trade             and edge quality. Technical Manager           in turn, reduces the need for second
up new markets.                            supply facility strategy. We can often     of the UK Plexiglas Division, Kevin           operations.
                                           produce jobs much more cheaply             Hodgkinson comments:“We were at
The company has invested close to          than the company who wins the              a stage where people clearly                  Kevin Hodgkinson continues: “The
£150k in the Jeti3318/600 and the          account and, since we always return        recognised the quality and benefits           ITC cutters gave us exceptional
subsequent expansion that has seen         the job without any corporate              of using our products, but they were          results and we have generated
its Glasgow premises double in size.       branding, our customer can pass it         wary of processing the materials.             considerable success. When visiting
The Jeti is a super-wide format solvent    off as his own work, after adding his      This was largely down to a lack of            customers I would often be faced
inkjet printer with the ability to print   own percentage. We are keen to             high quality cutting tools, but luckily,      with opposition and reluctance
high quality images up to 3.2m wide        establish more partnerships with           I was introduced to Sally Hunt, the           based upon the difficulties
at speeds up to 32m2 per hour,             signmakers so both they, and their         Technical Sales Manager of ITC                surrounding the machining, but
making it one of the fastest, high         customers, can enjoy the advantage         about five years ago – and we                 nowadays, I carry a selection of ITC
resolution printers currently available.   of market leading technology               haven’t looked back since!”                   cutters so that I can demonstrate the
It has 18 Spectra print heads to give      without the significant investment it                                                    ease with which they cut!”
great speed and reliability and its C      involves.” For further information         Sally introduced the company to a             For further information visit:
channel mesh adaptor allows printing       visit: www.oce.com                         selection of cutting tools from ITC’s         ??????????

     Debenhams has recently                support        various    advertising      now simultaneously slit and trim
     installed a new Fotoba XL320          campaigns. John Irish, Debenham            our entire large format POS media at
     X-Y slitter. The retailer, an         Print’s Print Finishing Manager, who       very high speed. We purchased the
     existing Fotoba product user,         is based at the company’s                  slitter from Fotoba’s UK supplier,
     was desperate to source a             headquarters in Taunton explains:          Leopold Professional Imaging, who
     finishing product that was able       “With print volumes increasing all of      has      supported     the   XL320
     to cope with media up to 3.2m         the time, we needed a fast and             admirably” .
     in width, as it was increasingly      accurate print finishing solution.
     using its NUR Expedio 5000 to         Fotoba was our first stop and the          For further information visit:
     produce in-store graphics to          XL320 provided the answer. We can          www.leopold.co.uk

                                           For the last forty years, the company      However, with this method of                  Vistools software, produced a panel in
                                           has been using outside suppliers to        production, the difficulty is in ensuring     no time.
                                           produce the traffolyte fascia panels       consistent accuracy. Panels that didn’t fit
                                           for its amplifiers, but thanks to a        the amplifier chassis were discarded and      The rest, as they say, is history, with the
                                           Roland EGX-600 benchtop digital            replacement fascias had to be made.           company buying the machine,
                                           engraving machine, this is no longer                                                     complete with a dust extraction
                                           the case.                                  In all, the company was wasting £500          system.
                                                                                      worth of panels a year, which over a
                                           Jeff Lewis, MD at Matamp is delighted      forty-year period adds up to a                Since bringing the fascia panel
                                           with the Roland EGX-600 because,           considerable sum.                             manufacture in-house, it has been able
It may not be the place that most of       not only is it saving the company                                                        to increase production by 30 percent
us associate with Rock ‘n’ Roll but        time and money, it is also producing a     It was the desire to ensure a more            with a considerable cost saving. In
those in the music industry regard         far superior product.                      accurate and efficient method of              addition the engraver has contributed
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire as a                                                     production that got Jeff onto the             to the continuation of the extremely
definite hot spot.                         Prior to the use of the EGX-600, the       Internet to research alternative                                           .
                                                                                                                                    popular retro “Series 2000” With the
                                           panels were produced using manual          engraving methods. He decided to call         original tools no longer available, the
The reason? Matamp, a 60 year old          machines such as a pantograph for          Roland DG and spoke directly to Sales         EGX-600 is able to replicate the look
audio manufacturing company,               engraving and hole cutting. The            Manager John de la Roche – also a             and feel of this amplifier with ease.
producing definitive and celebrated        material would then be taken off the       guitar player – who went to visit the
valve amplifiers for the music industry,   machine and a circular saw would be        company. He took the EGX-600 with             For further information visit:
particularly for guitar players.           used to cut out the individual panels.     him and running the machine’s                 rolanddg.co.uk

                                                                                                                                        Sign Directions September 06 | 49
    Marketing Matters

Making the Right                                                                                                                                     bps            CREATIVE

                                 About the Author:
                                 Alan Smith is the
                                 Managing Director of
                                 design and marketing
                                 Parnham Stewart.He has
                                 spent over 30 years in the
                                 marketing arena,and his       By Alan Smith
                                 experience ranges from
                                 businesses to blue chip,
                                                               The first in a new series designed to provide signmakers
                                 multi-national brands.        with an effective blueprint for their marketing activities.
Every business needs customers.                     *“The way in which a product is sold to      It can involve all, or some of, the           Spend a lot of time thinking about your
Without them,there is no business.                  a target audience.”                          following:                                    image – don’t try to design it on the
                                                                                                                                               back of the proverbial fag packet;
But how do you find them and get                    * “The way a business organisation           1. Word of mouth marketing                    consider investing in a professional
them to come to you, rather than the                identifies its customers.”                   2. Advertising                                designer to develop the logo and
competition down the road?                                                                       3. Public/Press Relations                     stationery for you. You don’t have to
                                                    * “All those activities which accelerate     4. Brochures/Leaflets                         employ a high-flying design agency or
The answer is marketing and every                   the movement of goods or services            5. Direct Marketing/Telemarketing             consultancy – there are a lot of freelance
business, whether it realises it or not, is         from the manufacturer to the consumer        6. Websites and Electronic Marketing          designers out there who will do a good
involved in marketing. The problems,                – i.e. all those activities concerned with   7. Exhibitions/Promotions                     job at really competitive rates and
particularly for many small businesses              advertising, distribution, merchandising,    8. Presentations/Presentation Materials       another option to check the local
and quite a few of the larger ones, arise           product planning, promotion, publicity,                                                    university to see if they have design
when they sit down and try to organise              research and development and sales.”         There is one other facet to marketing         students who would like the work. And
their marketing effort. They see it as a                                                         which, because of the fact that you all       make sure that your own signage
drain on income and resources – and                 The fact is, that marketing is all these     operate in the sign industry, we              reflects the quality of the work you will
the temptation is to leave it alone.                things - and more - and to the smaller       probably don’t need to dwell on – your        produce for your customers.
                                                    business it can all seem pretty daunting.    identity and image. This incorporates
It used to be the case that, when times             But if you, as a smaller business, take a    the name of your business, the design         One last thing before we finish this
were hard, the first thing the                      step back and look at the situation,         and colours of your logo and the way          epistle, before customers visit you or
accountants cut was the marketing                   you’re probably half way there.              this is presented on your business            receive anything through the post or by
spend.        Today, they are more                                                               stationery and, of course on your             email, they’ll probably contact you by
enlightened. They know that, without                You’ve set the business up because           building sign.                                phone. This is the very first contact and
customers buying its products and/or                you’ve identified a need and you’ve got                                                    it’s extremely important. Every incoming
services, a business will founder, no               the skills, equipment and resources to       Anyone reading this magazine should           phone call is a potential customer – and
matter how skilled its employees or                 meet the need. You’ve taken a close          understand just how vital it is that your     how you, or any member of your staff,
expensive and modern its equipment                  look at the prices any competition out       stationery and your signage are perfect.      respond is vital.
and facilities.                                     there is offering for similar products and   In most cases one or the other is the first
                                                    services and you know you can be             thing a customer will see of your             Bored, disinterested, annoyed, confused,
So what is marketing? Everyone has                  competitive.                                 business. And first impressions count!        garbled – if your response is any of
their own definition and here are a few:                                                                                                       these, you can forget it.
                                                    All you need now is for someone to buy       If you send out a letter on cheap, scruffy
* “The means to make a                              from you. How do you find them,              paper with an ill-conceived, badly            Bright, cheerful, interested, helpful,
communication about a product or                    persuade them to buy your products,          designed, badly printed logo, in a cheap      professional – these are the only
service, the purpose of which is to                 use your services and, just as               looking envelope – guess what                 responses that will give any chance of
encourage the recipients to purchase                importantly, how do you keep them            impression you’re going to create?            winning or keeping the business.
or use it.”                                         coming back for more. You can, of            You’re going to have to battle uphill to
                                                    course, have a salesman/woman, to do         get any business from anyone who              If you haven’t done so already,get the staff
* “The process of planning and                      the legwork for you – but the days of the    receives a missive like this.                 together and practice. It’s the first step in
executing the conception, pricing,                  salesman knocking on the door of                                                           getting your marketing communications
promotion and distribution of ideas,                potential customers and getting an           Same goes for your signage. If a              right and improving your chances of
goods and services to satisfy                       order are long gone. Even if you can         prospective customer walks into a             winning and retaining business.
customers.”                                         afford a salesman, you need to feed          signmaker’s premises and sees signage         Next time, we’ll take a closer look at
                                                    him/her qualified leads or else you’re       and/or displays that are anything less        some of the individual marketing
* “The techniques used to attract and               wasting time and money. This is where        than perfect,you can virtually forget any     methods, in particular “word of
persuade customers.”                                marketing comes in.                          chance of business.                           mouth”marketing and advertising.

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Not only do we sell wide format printers...
...we use them too! So talk to the experts.
                             Distributors for Mimaki printers & cutters
                                         and Rotech wide format inks.

Tattersett Business Park | Fakenham | Norfolk | NR21 7RF | +44 (0) 1485 529742
             sales@listawoodtradesupplies.co.uk | www.listawoodtradesupplies.co.uk

                                         Use your
 Architectural films

         Auto films

      Diffuser films

      Frosted films
                                               to install solar control films,
   Light-block films
                           safety films, privacy films and decorative films.

       Privacy films             Don’t turn away these profit opportunities
       Safety films
                                         but contact Stockfilms for all your
                                    requirements including a superb range
 Solar control films
                                              of plain-label sales literature.

          Tint films

   UV control films


Tools & accessories

                                            Telephone: 020 8441 0449 Fax: 020 8441 4888
        internet                                                                       The quick route to company information

             LOGO                   SITE SCREEN SHOT              PRODUCTS/SERVICES                            INTERNET ADDRESS

                                                              Specialist distributor for large format

                                                                digital colour printing solutions,
                                                                consumables, bespoke software,
                                                               engineering and support services

                                        Sign Supports, Cable & Rod Systems, Acrylic Pockets Light Boxes and Digital Screens


                                                          Suppliers to the trade of PVc framing products
                                                           including ‘STOCKFRAME’, Signmaking Tools,
                                                          Wheelcovers, Tapes and Fixings, Large Format
                                                                  Cutting Mats and Safety Edges.
                                                          Fully e-commerce website offering additional
                                                                   discounts for on-line orders.

                                                                      Trade supplies only.
                                                                Flexible face signage, modular
                                                             sign systems, LED’s, bespoke metal
                                                                    fabrication, acrylic and
                                                                     metal built up letters

                                              Powergraphics designs and manufactures a wide
                                             range of moving and illuminated displays, including
                                         To advertise in the Sign Directions&Web Showcase
                                              their widely known rotagraphics/trivisions their
                                               new and exciting range of curved lightboxes and  sales@powergraphicdisplays.com
                                call Dawn Seager on 0115 9241 507 or email on dawn@dawnseager.demon.co.uk
                                                      multigraphic back lit rollavisions

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                               Working at Height
By Steve Martin and Jamie Cliffe                                                     (top left) Steve Martin is the Managing Director of sign installation and maintenance company Xmo Strata, which has put health and
                                                                             safety at the top of its commercial agenda. (top right) Jamie Cliffe is the Managing Director of specialist health and safety consultancy SMTS.

Falling from height is the most               are aware of the risks.                                is the customer whose site you're on. A                          using fall-arrest equipment.
common industrial accident,                                                                          favourite item of equipment amongst
accounting for 24 percent of fatal            The four key issues are Preparation, Risk              signmakers is the working platform (we                           No one should be working at height
injuries last year. And you don't have        Assessment, Planning, and Equipment.                   see this all the time when we're out and                         unless they are aware of the provisions
to fall from a great height, either -         Here's the checklist you need:                         about) - make sure it has suitable edge                          of the Working at Height Regulations,
the Health and Safety Commission                                                                     protection.                                                      2005. If you don't have a copy in the
says that one of the most dangerous           1. Can the job be done from the                                                                                         company, acquire one from HM
falls is from less than two metres,           ground? That's always the best option.                 3.Is it a safe working environment? If                           Stationers or via the internet.
possibly because the victim has no                                                                   not, can we make it safe? If a safety
time to prepare for the landing.              2.What is the safest equipment to use?                 edge is not adequate,is there a harness                          If you're in a public place,remember that
                                              Does everyone understand how to use                    (a safety belt is seldom acceptable)?                            it is not just your employees that you
Many signs require working at height.         it and have they received the necessary                And is the harness attached to a                                 need to protect - you're responsible for
Those doing this work need to plan it         training? If your employee does the job                suitable hard point?                                             any risk to members of the public,too!
carefully, ensure that they are provided      on a ladder,because you didn't provide
with the correct equipment, that they         a mobile scaffold tower or a mobile                    4.What are the risk factors, and is there                        More health and safety advice next
have the relevant training,and that they      elevated platform,you are at risk,and so               any chance of a fall? If so,you should be                        month

Talking Textiles

DCP Systems Launches Into Dye Sublimation
DCP Systems has established a new             especially designed to accommodate                     and using hot calender presses for
division especially for dye                   the dye-sublimation process and inks                   sublimation transfer; direct to textile
sublimation and in particular,                too, have improved immeasurably.                       print and oven curing, and direct
textile and fabric printing based             There are also substantial cost savings                reactive dye printing for the natural
around partnerships between                   to be made! “Take a reasonably sized                   textiles used in industrial applications.
Mutoh for dye sublimation digital                                          ,
                                              promotional banner graphic” says Mike                  We are thus ideally placed to provide
printers and Klieverik for heat press         Hardcastle.“On a standard inkjet it will               customers with all of the advice they
calenders.                                    cost around £6 to produce. The same                    need with regard to the selection of
                                              design, printed and calendered on                      the most suitable machine for their
According to Mike Hardcastle,                 fabric, using dye sublimation, costs                   particular purposes.”
Managing Director of DCP Systems,             under £3!”
Dye sublimation printing in Europe is                                                                Mutoh’s Viper is an inkjet printer which
really taking off, because textiles are       Dye sublimation printing provides                      prints on to transfer paper using water-
now becoming such a popular media             stunning media alternatives for                        based disperse dye inks. It offers a                             flag/banner, transferred and heat-set at
choice. He says:“The process facilitates      displays, since it offers a wide range of              specially developed media-handling                               up to 675m2/hr. All available digital
subtle printing effects on a range of         colours, achieves enhanced skin tones,                 feature to ensure accurate and vibrant                           printers with water- or oil-based
fabrics to provide an understated look        and facilitates easy colour correction,                print, for subsequent processing on a                            disperse dyes can be used in
and an invitingly tactile feel.Fabrics also   even on fire rated fabrics.                            calender press. The printed image can                            conjunction with the GTC-range and
hang better than,for example,papers or                                                               be transferred on to all kinds of                                will guarantee optimal results.
vinyls and thus create more                   “Dye sublimation beds down into a                      polyester materials, to produce flags,
aesthetically pleasing banners and            fabric and doesn’t just sit on the                     banners, curtains, murals and                                    Both of these machines can be seen in
displays. For any retailer looking for        surface,” says Mike. “Thus the print                   decorative graphics.                                             action at the up and coming DCP Open
something a bit different, textiles           quality is only rivaled by its durability.”                                                                             Days which are being held at the
printed using the dye sublimation                                                                    Klieverik’s GTC transfer and heat-setting                        company’s Sheffield HQ on 10th, 11th
method is the way to go.”                     DCP is now the exclusive UK distributor                calenders are ideal for producing                                and 12th October.
                                              of dye-sublimation printers from                       environmentally friendly printed fabric,
Once considered a black art, dye              Mutoh and calenders from Klieverik, its                which can be used for decorative and                             For further information visit:
sublimation printing was renowned for         manufacturing partners.            Mike                promotional banners, drapes and flags.                           www.dcpsystems.co.uk or to book
producing huge variations in print            comments:“Mutoh has expertise in all                   The calender delivers higher output on                           your place at an Open
quality, largely due to poor inks. But        of the three methods of dye                            printed fabric, with all types of signage                        Day        event,        e-mail:
now, there are a host of new machines         sublimation: printing to transfer media                fabric including satin, twill and                                roadshows@dcpsystems.co.uk
                                                                                                                                                                            Sign Directions September 06 | 53
   sign directory

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   The Sign Industry's Who's Who

                     Sign Directions September 06 | 55

Sign Directions September 06 | 56
                                                                                                                        The Sign Directions Market Place

                                                                  Manager                                               To advertise on
Omega Signs is a major player within a dynamic and high profile industry. As a result of
sustained growth the company now need to recruit a Manufacturing Manager. We require
a smart, self-motivated and enthusiastic individual who is looking to build a career within
a progressive organisation.
                                                                                                                     these pages contact...
As the successful candidate you will have proven leadership and the people management skills enabling you to
control and run the manufacturing team, as well as having experience in all manufacturing methods and skills
associated with this industry. Key facets of the role include Production Order Analysis and Scheduling within this
jobbing environment.
                                                                                                                        Dawn Seager
Familiarity with lean manufacturing principles and MS Excel are a requirement of the role. Experience within the
Sign Industry would be an advantage, but is not a necessity. An excellent remuneration package will be available
as well as genuine career development opportunities.
                                                                                                                        0115 9241507
Applicants should write, with full CV and a brief summary of your career to date, to Alan Stirling,

                                                                                                                                         Sign Directions September 06 | 57
  the last word

            Mark Godden declares his support for…

the written word
The Appalachian Trail is a long distance footpath in the USA.If,like me,you           generalise; I think print will be around for as long as there are people to
                                                                                      appreciate it.
live to be outdoors and exploring far flung places,the AT,as it's known
amongst the hard-men of trekking,may be on your to-do list.If you're of               I guess the most immediate threat to the printed word comes from the
                                                                                      Internet. I am a huge fan of the 'net, I'd be lost without it, as would most of
the persuasion that says one tree looks much like another and you're                  us. There's something about print though, that confers a sense of occasion
scared of bears,you'd probably rather stay closer to home.                            upon the words, ideas and news it presents. Print is generally accessible to
                                                                                      most people who have something to say, but there's generally an Editor
Bears are to the AT, what adders are to the UK. We all know they're there and         who sits between the will to say it and the way it’s expressed. The sense of
we're scared of meeting one, though few of us ever do. If you make a bit of           things is maintained, the point made, the contention justified or explained.
a racket as you're walking, bears, like adders, tend to clear off before you
even see them. Lots of AT hikers put little bells on their back-packs and carry       In the global village the‘net has created, you’ll find a lot of global village idiots,
pepper sprays in case the tinkling bell doesn't scare the bear off before the         certainly more than you’ll ever find in print. They range from the
hiker stumbles upon it.                                                               unintentionally entertaining to the outright dangerous and all shades in
                                                                                      between. The ‘net gives everyone a voice and there’s nothing wrong with
Brown bears and grizzlies punctuate the wilderness on the AT and, even if             that.The idea that the World could unite behind an idea and that it suddenly
you don't see them, their presence can be detected by their very obvious              becomes the biggest thing ever, has fascinating ramifications, probably
droppings. Brown bear droppings will tend to have a lot of fruit pips and             discussed, ironically, in print somewhere: “Imagine human behaviour being
vegetation in them and they apparently have a distinctive, fruity fragrance.          modified to the extent that anyone who sees or handles a weapon simply
Grizzlies' droppings are also easy to spot - they have lots of little bells and       can’t,however hard they might try,use it or influence its being used – discuss.”
mangled bits of camp stoves in them and they smell of pepper!
                                                                                      If I can bring this expansive subject to a focus, the B2B arena is continually
I've ‘done’ the AT twice, vicariously anyway, having read and re-read Bill            at war with itself and its customers on the subject of print. There are those
Bryson's ‘Walk In The Woods’. The first time I read it, I really enjoyed it and       who choose to get news straight into the potential reader’s in-box, and
suffered every step of the way with Mr. Bryson. At the second reading                 there are those that take the more traditional route and put ink on paper.
though, it was an excruciating experience in and of itself. The words were            For the sake of completeness let’s not forget the fraternity which covers
the same, in fact the only difference was the medium. My first reading was            both cheeks and peddles an amalgam of the two.
a paperback and my second, was on my computer. I’ve thus had a taste of
the paperless future that awaits us all – or so we’re told.                           The in-box is a piece of prime real estate these days and permission is
                                                                                      needed from its owner if you, the would be broadcaster, are to be allowed
Whenever you see a film where the future of print is characterised in a               to use it. Democracy, of a kind, is seen in action, when someone picks up a
medium such as a bendy screen, small enough to put in your pocket, or a               piece of printed material, looks at the front cover, turns it over and looks at
so-called holographic display, which floats in the mid distance, you also see         the back before promptly consigning it to the bin, without even taking it
the future of other things you enjoy, writ large. And, if you are anything like       out of its polythene bag. Much the same criteria drives the ‘click left delete’
me, you intuitively question them                                                     vote people exercise over the content of their in-box, even assuming you’ve
                                                                                      arrived in the right in-box and made it past the front row of digital
In the no-printed-paper world of our future, we appear to enlarge our                 guardians such as spam filters.
species by closing our eyes and putting an index finger on each of our
partner's temples. Our food arrives in the form of vended proteins, merely            The‘net, the in-box, the bendy screen and the holographic display are no
masquerading as what we currently think of as food and associate with                 different to wood pulp, glue and ink – they’re all simply a delivery
something more than simply keeping our mortal coil intact.The future casts            infrastructure and you’ll have a personal preference for one or the other. It’s
us all as apolitical drones, the only colour in our lives being the ragged ends       content that distinguishes, it’s content that entertains and it’s content that
of inherited memory or therapy induced, generation-spanning flashbacks. It            sells. Garbage is garbage whether it’s slapped between two covers or
looks like a joyless existence without so much as the occasional head-cold,           broadcast to a zillion in-boxes.The reader is ultimately the moderating force
or person with ginger hair to enliven time’s passing. Our individuality is            and that force will probably moderate poor content out of existence.
subdued, every revealing wrinkle erased, everyone and everything is vanilla
flavoured.                                                                            Risking a hard won profile and equity with a whole market by forsaking the
                                                                                      very vehicle that delivered the profile in the first place, is a risky scheme.The
I can't imagine life without a book or magazine to read, or rather I can and I        'net may be a harbinger of change, but the arbiter is flesh and bone. So
don’t like it. Printed matter is high on my list of life sustaining staples and, if   whether you have something to sell, say, look for or learn, don't forget the
literature were edible, I'd probably rank it above food. Conversation also            printed medium. It has been getting the word out for centuries and it will
ranks highly with me and I don't mean instant messaging ping-pong or                  continue to do so for a good while yet!
txting either m8, I mean good organic conversation. I'm not confident
enough on this subject to make a pointed social commentary so I’ll                    Mark -Born To Blog -Godden

Sign Directions September 06 | 58

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