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Associate Professor Protocol


									                               University of Plymouth
                                Human Resources

University of Plymouth
Associate Professor

The titles Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) and Associate Professor
(Reader) were introduced in May 2010 to recognise exceptional achievements
and contribution to: teaching and learning; research and scholarship; academic
management and leadership and/or external engagement, consultancy and
professional practice.

The titles replace Senior Lecturer and Reader titles for academic staff within
grade 9 and have been offered to staff promoted to Senior Lecturer and Reader
through academic promotions or recruitment processes prior to May 2010.

In addition, individuals appointed to academic management or other academic
roles will also be able to use the title Associate Professor, providing they have
previously been through an academic promotions or appointment process to a
Reader or Senior Lecturer (or Principal Lecturer before 1st August 2006) role.

The following protocol for the use of this title has been adopted:

1      Associate Professors are entitled to be addressed as Professor (name)
       and refer to themselves as such in normal discourse.

       The title Associate Professor in……………………..…should be used in
       conjunction with the name on business cards, letterheads, and email

2      Associate Professors should be listed as “Associate Professor (Senior
       Lecturer) / Associate Professor (Reader)” or other relevant title, and
       grouped as such in Faculty and University publications and websites
       where job titles are used.

3      Associate Professors may be given an academic title (e.g. Associate
       Professor (Reader) in (specialised research area) or to reflect a more
       general area of academic activity where appropriate. The actual title of the
       role would need to be approved by the Dean.

Associate Professor Protocol               1                             v2 July 2010
                               University of Plymouth
                                Human Resources

The following is an example of what may be used on a business card, listing in
publications or email signature, or formal introductions at conferences and

       Dr Nick Smith
       Associate Professor in the Sociology of Religion
       University of Plymouth


       Dr Sam Jones
       Associate Professor, Head of School of Public Policy
       University of Plymouth

Associate Professor Protocol               2                          v2 July 2010

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