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					                              BROAD OAK SPORTS COLLEGE
                                              Hazel Avenue
                                                BL9 7QT

                                           Tel: 0161 797 6543
                                           Fax: 0161 797 1149


Please find enclosed the following information:

      details of how to apply and key dates;
      introduction to the school and the department;
      person specification;

How to apply:

Please complete the Bury Metro application form in full and submit a letter of application; a curriculum
vitae may also be submitted. Applications should be addressed to the Headteacher and arrive at the
school by mid-day Thursday 24th March.

Within your letter of application please include the following:

      Why this post is of interest to you, how you have prepared for this post and how it fits in with
       your career.
      Experience relevant to the post, to include I.C.T., teaching and learning styles and cross-
       curricular work.
      What you see as the role of Head of Maths
      How you would contribute to the continued raising of attainment.
      What you see as the most exciting or challenging aspect of this post.

Key dates:

      Closing date for applications mid-day Thursday 24th March
      Shortlising will take place Friday 25th March
                                       Introduction to the School

Broad Oak is a mixed 11–16 comprehensive school serving the Eastern side of Bury. It is one of fourteen
comprehensive schools serving the town. The intake of the school is traditionally drawn from the East
Ward area of Bury. Eighteen per cent of pupils are from ethnic minorities, the majority being Asian
Heritage: Pakistani. A significant number of pupils come from socially disadvantaged homes: 30% are
eligible for free school meals. There are some thirty statemented pupils.

Since the appointment of the current Headteacher in January 2004, there has been a clear focus on the
core purpose of the school – teaching and learning. New staff have strengthened the core of very strong
staff already working within the school and there is now an excellent mix of age and experience. Our most
recent OFSTED inspection, December 2007 described the school as one that was moving ahead and
made particular reference to the quality of the teaching within the school as well as the attitudes of the
students and the relationships between staff and students. The pastoral structure of the school has been
reorganised, with effect from September 2006, and now has a clear responsibility for the progress of
students in the year groups and will have a focus on reviewing and monitoring of targets for individual

Following the successful OFSTED Inspection we were given a mandate and a clear plan of action to
continue the improvement of the school. Our emphasis within school is focused on providing a quality
experience in the classroom and commitment to staff development is the key to ensuring this quality
provision. Early closure each Wednesday afternoon means there is one and a half hours available for
school-based staff development. This is proving immensely useful. Couple this with the installation of 26
interactive whiteboards and the provision of some 60 laptops for students then it would be fair to say that
Broad Oak is demonstrably committed to providing the best we can to support the learning experience of all
our students.

The school was Bury’s designated Full Service Provider and as such we are very much seen as a centre
for learning within our local community. There is substantial support for the school within the community
and huge potential for further work to make a real difference to the area. Significant work is currently
underway to provide internet access to all our students, in their own home, to ensure that the newly
developed learning platform can be accessed by all and have a direct impact on student learning.

Every member of staff is issued with a laptop. This provides every teacher with access to IT and the school
network as well as the means for registering pupils using PARS software. All staff are now able to access
school data and materials through their own VPN which means work can be carried out off site.

A successful application for Specialist School Status as a Sports College was submitted in October 2002
and this came into effect from September 2003. This builds on our successful School Sport Co-ordinator
Bid and will result in raised self-esteem, improved sports facilities and opportunities and enable the
community to make far greater use of the school. It will also help us to focus on raising attainment for all
students through an emphasis on every child achieving personal bests. Re-designation as a Sports
College was successfully achieved in April 2008 in line with the new OFSTED requirements.

Academic achievement of the school has flourished significantly over the last 3-4 years with year on year
improvement in our examination results. The 2010 results saw school achieve 66% 5 A*-C grades and
47% 5 A*-C including Maths and English. School is looking to further increase these figures and has
robust plans to ensure the introduction of the EBACC qualification will also prove to be a strong measure
for the school. In short, it is an exciting time to join what is a forward thinking and successful school.

As with all schools, all appointments to Broad Oak are central to maintaining the quality of provision. An
outstanding colleague with energy, ability and commitment is sought to join us in our mission to provide a
quality learning community in which each individual is helped to achieve their full potential.
                                  MATHEMATICS FACULTY

The Mathematics Faculty at Broad Oak is one of the most successful faculties within the school.
The team is made up of four specialist mathematics teachers and two other non-specialists who
teach a small number of lessons each. The team has been stable over time and have become
accustomed to making the best use of each other’s strengths.

The faculty is sited in four suited rooms which have recently been refurbished. All rooms have
interactive whiteboards and the faculty has an array of resources which are used by all staff to
deliver vibrant and engaging lessons. Students also have access to the faculty’s set of netbook
computers, wireless linked to the internet and have access to a range of software packages to aid
teaching, revision or research. Text books are available but 10 Ticks and other electronic
worksheets are also used to provide a variety of assessment materials.

In Years 7 and 8 all students are grouped by ability in mathematics and are taught following the
National Curriculum for mathematics. The progress and performance of students is reviewed on
a regular basis. There has been extensive use of assessment and central to the teaching within
the faculty is a clear understanding of Key Stage 3 levels both at student and teacher level.

Since the removal of Key Stage 3 testing, the faculty has moved to a three-year GCSE course.
All students follow courses in Edexcel GCSE Mathematics. The current cohorts in Years 10 and
11 are following the Linear 1380 course and early entry has been a major influence on improving
our results over the last five years. Year 9 are following the new specification modular course
and all students have recently completed the modular examination for unit 1, the data handling
unit. The most able students (Sets 1 and 2) were entered at the Higher Tier for this examination,
with all others sitting the Foundation Tier. We await the results from this in April and are
confident that they will reflect the high ability of the year group.

Results both at Key Stage 3 and at GCSE level have continued to rise with a current performance
at GCSE of 57%, as importantly 3 levels progress for 2011 was 65% which exceeded the targets
set for the particular year group. The faculty has consistently achieved or exceeded the school
targets and is constantly seeking new and innovative ways of improving performance.

This post offers an exciting opportunity for a dynamic leader who wants to use this well-
established platform to further develop the faculty. Broad Oak Sports College is a school which is
progressing at a rate and as such we feel provides the successful candidate with a springboard
for future career development.
                               Broad Oak Sports College
                                  Head of Mathematics Faculty
                                     Person Specification

                        Selection Criteria                                Essential   Desirable
Qualified Teacher Status                                                      *
Recognised Degree or Equivalent                                               *

Proven ability with children across the secondary age range                   *
Excellent classroom teacher                                                   *

The successful candidate will be able to use appropriate
styles in order to:
Secure commitment to a clear vision for the department and the school         *
Lead and Inspire others to work as part of a team                             *
Motivate and inspire students and parents                                     *
Deal sensitively with people and resolve conflicts                            *
Complete all necessary NC assessment, recording and reporting                 *

Communication Skills
The successful candidate will be able to:
Communicate effectively, orally and in writing for a range of audiences       *
and purposes
Manage good communication systems                                             *
Use their excellent ICT skills                                                *

                        Selection Criteria                                Essential   Desirable
Knowledge and Skills
Ability to match children’s needs in terms of curriculum, spiritual,          *
personal and social development
Understanding and awareness of current educational developments and           *
the implications of relevant educational legislation

Personal and Professional Qualities
High levels of motivation and commitment                                      *
Concern for individual needs                                                  *
Ability to think analytically and flexibly                                    *
Work under pressure and meet deadlines                                        *
Prioritise and manage their own time effectively                              *
Achieve challenging professional goals                                        *
Take responsibility for own professional development                          *
Commitment to students’ development                                           *
Tact and a sense of humour                                                    *
Positive attendance and punctuality record                                    *

To raise standards and attainment                                             *
To the happiness, well-being, self-esteem and progress of all children        *
To equal opportunities and inclusion                                          *
To participate in the full life of the school                                 *

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