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									                  SENATE, 28th February 2011: NOTE OF KEY POINTS

Pending circulation of the minutes of the last meeting of Senate, a note of the key points of
the meeting is given below. As preparation of this note precedes final approval of the formal
minute of Senate’s meeting, the latter will take precedence in any case of discrepancy
between the two.

Fees and Access Provisions – the Vice-Chancellor reflected on the uncertainties
associated with the new tuition fee regime nationally, and on the associated issues of
Widening Participation metrics and investment in outreach and student finance. Senate’s
views on the future level of fees at Bristol were taken.

Visiting Professors – the following recommendations for appointment of Visiting Professors
were adopted for recommendation to Council:

      Professor J Lynch, Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational
       Health, McGill University, Montreal, as Visiting Professor in the School of Social &
       Community Medicine
      Professor A E McFarlane, Director of Public Engagement & Learning at Kew
       Gardens, as Visiting Professor in the Graduate School of Education
      Professor L A R Moore, Director, Cardiff Institute of Society, Health and Ethics, as
       Visiting Professor in the School of Social & Community Medicine
      Professor M J Padgett, Professor of Optics at the University of Glasgow, as Visiting
       Professor in the School of Physics
      Professor T I A Sorenson, Chair of the External Advisory Board of the German
       Competence Network of Obesity Research, as a Visiting Professor in the School of
       Social & Community Medicine

Head of School - noted that Professor N H Brook has been appointed Head of School of
Physics as of 1st February 2011.

Registrar and Chief Operating Officer – NOTED that Dr Tony Rich, Registrar and
Secretary at the University of Essex, has been appointed Registrar and Chief Operating
Officer in succession to Mr Derek Pretty.

Temporary Addition to Ordinance17 – ADOPTED for recommendation to Council a
proposed temporary addition to Ordinance 17 to permit maximum flexibility to act in the
interests of students in the event of industrial action by UCU members, in terms of
progression from one year of programme of study to the next and of graduation.

Student Elections to Senate – APPROVED revision to Senate’s Standing Orders with
immediate effect to permit changes to procedures for election of student representatives on

Deadline for papers for Senate’s May 2011 meeting – NOTED that, owing to bank holiday
constraints, the papers deadline for Senate’s next meeting is Tuesday, 12th April.

Research Excellence Framework Preparations – Professor Orpen reported developments
in respect of preparation for REF 2014.
Dean’s Biennial Faculty Presentation – the Dean of the Faculty of Arts gave an
informative and enjoyable presentation on the Faculty’s achievements and objectives.

Review of Academic Promotion & Progression – the recommendations of the Working
Party on Review of Academic Promotion and Progression were adopted, subject to providing
for one non-professorial member on Faculty Promotion Committees; and to the dean’s right
to exercise discretion in inviting Heads of School to answer questions on individual cases.

Proposed Amendments to Section 8.4 Student Disciplinary Regulations and Sections
7 and 11.1 Examination Regulations – APPROVED / ADOPTED for recommendation to
Council as appropriate.

Proposals of the Working Group to Review the Structure of the Teaching Year –
agreed as a basis for further consultation on a detailed set of proposals.

New Programmes – APPROVED creation of the following new programmes, together with
adoption of associated changes of Regulations, for recommendation to Council:
      MSc in Mathematical Sciences
      MRes in Systems Neuroscience

Programme Titles – change of title from MSc in Advanced Computing (Machine Learning
and Data Mining) to MSc in Advanced Computing (Machine Learning, Data Mining and High
Performance Computing); and of MSc in Advanced Computing – Internet Technologies with
Multimedia to MSc in Advanced Computing (Creative Technology); together with adoption of
associated revisions to Regulations for recommendation to Council.

Withdrawal of Programmes – approval given to withdrawal of the following programmes,
together with recommendation to Council of associated changes to Regulations:
      BA (Hons) Classics with Study in Continental Europe
      BA (Hons) Classical Studies with Study in Continental Europe
      BA (Hons) Classical Studies and Philosophy

Revision to Ordinance 6 (Membership of Senate) – ADOPTED for recommendation to
Council a minor revision to this Ordinance to accommodate change to the title of the
Working Group of Undergraduate Deans with effect from next session.

Please see Senate minutes when available for details of all of the above.
Senate’s papers are available on the intranet at:

                                                                             Angela Milln
                                                                Acting Academic Registrar

                                                                            Ian Dunnachie
                                                                Senior Assistant Registrar
                                                                           10th March 2011

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