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The Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

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This article describes how to identify the very best balance transfer credit cards available for consumers.

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What is the concept of a balance transfer credit card? To put it simply, making 0% interest balance transfers
from one credit card to another is a great way of answering the age-old conundrum: how to have your cake
and eat it too. You have nothing to lose — but to gain you have a bundle of money that could have
disappeared while you paid high interests on purchases and loans you’ve made on your current credit
card(s). Sounds like an interesting proposition? It most certainly is! Balance transfer credit cards are there to
save you in the hour of need. And then there are the best balance transfer cards. We call them best for a
reason; flat zero percent interest rate being one of them.

The Basic Advantage of Balance Transfer Credit Cards

However, good things generally don’t last for too long in this world, and 0% interest rate offers on balance
transfers would usually be valid only for short periods like three or six months, after which, normal credit
card interest rates kick in. Still, that is plenty of time to relax and breathe free! Not all credit cards have this
zero percent interest-rate facility though; what most cards do offer is a significantly reduced rate of interest
on balance transfers. Either way, a bargain is a bargain and we the consumers end up saving a little more
than a paltry sum!

Cool Features of Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Furthermore, balance transfers need not only be made from one credit card to another, the best balance
transfer credit cards can be used to pay off most types of financial debts. The bottom line is: you stand to
gain from a balance transfer credit card whichever way you look. So look around for some good balance
transfer offers on regular credit cards or for an exclusive balance transfer credit card, and go for one that
seems to be the most suited for your needs. Also remember that the best balance transfer credit cards have
attractive reward schemes to motivate you - their customer - to use their cards to the maximum capacity!
The Rationale behind Balance Transfers

Often credit card companies are detested by people for their seemingly exorbitant rates of interests. They are
portrayed as financial leeches that suck the blood off us common folks at the least opportunity. That may or
may not be true since all lending banks and credit card companies come under strict federal regulation and
supervision. However, it is time we get back at them and rip them off left right and around, out of pure spite!
What say?

Many smart people in fact come close to doing so by routinely getting new balance transfer credit cards that
usually have a promo offer of a zero percent interest rate for the first year or so, and then they rotate the
outstanding amount from one card to another ad indefinitum. Pretty neat! It may even look like a little con
trick but it is perfectly legal and could be the most logical thing to do for any person trying to make ends
meet. Aren’t we all, by the way? In this turbulent chaotic world, most of us are constantly grappling with a
makeshift existence, and it makes sense that we shift our debt from one point to another if in the process we
also happen to save plenty of dollars!

Choose Your Balance Transfer Credit Card

So what are you waiting for then? Do your balance transfer now! Oh sorry, not right away, because you
need to do some research and shopping around first. Although you may be rest assured that there is, by and
large, no deviousness involved in the offer of zero percent or marginal interest rate balance transfer, you
have to be alert while ordering a balance transfer to an existing card or while picking up your new balance
transfer credit card from among a plethora of names and choices available.

To begin with, you may have spent irrationally on your credit card, but that is not the point; at least now you
can make a very rational choice by carefully assessing and comparing the balance transfer credit cards
available. The keyword is “best,” for nothing less will do!

Basically you have three criteria to take into consideration here, namely, the annual fee of the card, the
transfer fee, and the rate of interest. The best balance transfer credit cards will as zero all these with a few
additional features and incentives to boot! If you find any such, make merry! If you don’t, make an apparent
compromise and go for the second best, but still second to none, and therefore still the best! Transfer your
balance, gulp down a cake and take ample rest.

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