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Save Big Bucks on Your Car Insurance

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You can save money on your car insurance and avoid being ripped off. Keep reading and I will show you

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Insurance costs continue to rise, and car insurance is no exception. Depending on where you live, you can
expect to see regular and sharp increases in your car insurance premiums over time. There has to be a better
way! Fortunately, there is. Let’s examine several sure fire ways you can save money on car insurance.

<b>Examine Your Policy</b> Is your policy correct? Are you listed at the right address? Even a one digit
variation in your zip code can shoot your rates through the roof. Make certain that everything about you is
listed correctly on your policy. Notify your insurance agent if there are mistakes.

<b>Go Shopping</b> For car insurance, that is. Not all companies charge the same and new companies to
the market may sweeten the deal for you in order to entice you to make a switch.

<b>Change Your Deductible</b> A $250 deductible is fine until you discover that the cost for having a
deductible at this level can send your rates skyward. Instead, think about a deductible as high as $1000 to
save on premiums. Pay for minor accidents out of your pocket – you will come out ahead of the game.

<b>Get Rid of Collision Coverage</b> If your car is worth less than $3000, think about dropping collision
coverage. Yes, you will receive no compensation from your insurer if your car is wrecked, but the savings
you gain by discontinuing collision coverage can be set aside by you as a down payment for your next car.

<b>Pull Policies Together</b> Do you own a home? Do you have life insurance? If so, consider purchasing
all of your insurance policies through one broker as you may be eligible to receive a discount from them for
grouping together your policies.

<b>Get the Discounts</b> If your car came equipped with certain safety and security features, make sure
that your insurer knows about them. Some older model cars do not include air bags as standard equipment,
however if your car has airbags and you aren’t receiving an insurance credit for them, notify your insurer to
have your premium reduced accordingly.

You can also reduce your insurance premiums by taking a Driver’s Education course, by making certain that
all previous points that you accumulated on your license were expunged from your record, and by electing
to purchase a less “risky” car – insurance risk, that is.

By following the tips I have outlined in this article, you can save big bucks on your car insurance. Take
control of your insurance costs and don’t assume that the insurance companies have your best interests at
heart – quite frankly, some do not.

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